Gr8stays and their connection to Legal Representatives and Claims SL

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Only recently Gr8stays did a mailing to Club Class members to advice them about their possibility to claim a refund for the money paid towards their Club Class Membership.

Based on a possible “mis selling” which Gr8stays detected, they advised the members that they could try for a refund under the Consumer Act.

Although not confirmed as yet, at the same time of this mailing we have detected a small change as well on the website from Gr8stays, where all of the sudden a mention is made about a company called Legal Representatives and Claims SL.

It is only the name that is displayed on the web: Legal R&C SL, and the registration number CIF B93434728

No link or any other mention to what this company supposes for Gr8stays and their members or what they do.

Checking on the registration number it is confirmed that Legal R&C SL was registered at the Spanish Companies house in October 2015.

Shareholder Justin Gilson and Administrator Fernando Sansegundo Cebrian.

Two names which will certainly sound very familiar to those who have been receiving correspondence in the past years as Mr. Gilson was on the letters / emails chasing the annual fees and Mr. Sansegundo Cebrian was the previous administrator of Eurafric the current company chasing up the annual fees.

Once more it sounds a bit surprising that yet again another company has been set up by the Club Class Group of companies and for the moment it is not very clear with what purpose.

Suppose time will tell and we can only say, Watch this space!

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41 Responses to Gr8stays and their connection to Legal Representatives and Claims SL

  1. Douglas says:

    I have just looked this thread up as I have been paying my annual £50 fee religiously to firstly club class, then Gr8stays. Having just paid £110 for the next 3 years, I checked my credit card statement to find the payment went to European Consumer Claims, where alarm bells rang! I have only ever used club class once, and have not been able to use “this membership” for a number of years.
    Am I doing wrong?

  2. Anne says:

    I too am being hounded again by LRC for back lying money. I refuse to pay anything. I wonder how many of us out there, are in the same boat, and still being pursued by these nasty sc***ers.

  3. Linda says:

    I am being hounded by Gr8stays I also was tricked into club class still have my certificate from them never paid How can I get my money back any idea`s would be grateful for advice. Linda

    • Brian says:

      Received yet another letter from Legal Representives and Claims SL, for non_payment of outstanding annual subsciption fees for £570 + late payment charges £495. It is the same letter I have received beforem many times. Needless to say I shall file it in the out tray(bin).

      • Anne says:

        You should contact a no win no fee . I did that and they took it to the Ombudsman who agreed it was missold . For past number of years I’ve been getting letters requesting subscription fees I’ve just ignored . There is nothing they can do . Just trying to scare . Just ignore . Anne

    • Paul says:

      Hi Linda have you got anywhere with issue

    • Pete says:

      My elderly Mother is still being hounded by these people too, phone call after phone call and letter after letter, they are unreal no morals at all, I tell my Mother to ignore it but at her age she worries. I think now it has come to the point where I need to have her number changed and her post re-delivered to me, crazy situation but they just don’t give up after ripping her off for over 8 grand,

      • Laura says:

        We have had many letters but our first phone call arrived last week. It was left on our answerphone as we were out. Phillip Hall threatened £10,000+ fees and court costs, told us five times that we could go to court but wouldn’t win because we signed a contract and that if we chose to ignore the communications again, things would proceed to court within 6 months. I intend to call him and say a) we had a contract with a now-defunct company and not with Gr8stays; b) our contract stipulated no annual fees UNLESS we chose to use the facilities in the year, and c) if he thinks he can win, bring it on! I will give him an end April deadline by which I want either court summons papers or something in writing to tell us they’re dropping action against us. I’ll keep you updated!

  4. louise says:

    We have just received a letter from LRC telling us that we owe subscription fees of £570 & £400 late payment fee’s, if we do not pay they are threatening to take us to court. As we are both 70 and pensioners we are a little concerned as what to do. Can anybody offer us advice .

    • Wendy says:

      We too have been hounded by LRC saying that we owe £380 plus £495 in charges. I have ignored all these letters. Last week we had a registered letter which I signed for (not knowing what it was until I opened it )and that they are taking me to court. I have now had a message from Spain left on my Answer phone saying that I have to phone them straight away regarding this. Can anyone advise me what to do

    • Denise says:

      We have yet again received the Final Notice. I still have the original contract wth Club Class which clearly states that failure to pay the subscription results in contract cancellation. Shred and smile. Rogues everyone of them.

      • Anne says:

        Denise I have a about 8 lette from them . They then sent me a letter supposedly From a legal  Company saying we owed subscription charges. Which turned out to be from same address . I won my money back I paid to Club  Class from the Ombudsman. Ignore these letters and please do not worry . They are disgusting just chances thinking people frightened will pay up . Ignore   Anne 

  5. Dave says:

    We are being hounded by gr8stays and now this company for membership fees supposedly for £165 owing. After the con of the original full refund of fees paid if we followed certain steps. ( which we did to the letter). LRC say we now owe £660 In late payment charges. I know if I pay them they will find another reason to hound me for more money. It is very stressful.

  6. Peter says:

    Had one of these demands from LRC today, 8.8.18, usual threats the letter looks like it has come off a home printer? We recovered most of the money paid to Club Class using a section 75 reclaim some time ago now. We have never signed anything to do with Gr8stays and have told them repeatedly that we never asked for and don’t want one of their memberships. I too have spoken to Justin Gilson several times and by e mail, again quite some time ago, probably 6 or 7 years. He was the person who offered to “try to reclaim my payment to Club Class” but of course wanted payment up front to do so without any guarantees. Gr8stays offered to put my supposed membership on their resale market, but again wanted money up front to do this. I told them great take anything we owe out of the sale and forward the rest to us. Ha! Ha! fat chance and none, there is absolutely no resale value, given their record who would give money to Gr8stays. We made an error ever getting involved with Club Class but I remember one of their main selling ploys was offering the same accommodation as ‘Time Share’ but without annual fees.
    Peter August 8th 2018

  7. kathleen says:

    Hi I also have been having these letters and I no longer have anything to do with Club Class as I got all my money back. So I also have been ignoring these letters last came dated 14/06/2018. Can any one tell me if they have a legal right to demand this money ie. £750 annual subscription fee plus late payment charge £400 total of £970. I am now getting worried

  8. frank says:

    i to have recieved a demand for back fees of £475 plus £495 late payment from LRC in conection with gr8 liesure alliance even though i canceled my membership years ago do they ever give up another one for the bin

  9. Dave says:

    I too have received a letter marked urgent from LRC representing Gr8stays asking for a payment of £770 and the letter is unsigned


  10. Anne says:

    My husband and I have been getting pestered from this LRC . We purchased a club class holiday . We used it once for a flight same price as anywhere else to Thailand . We never used again we were lied and conned. We contacted the Ombudsman who agreed we had been missold this . We received money back to the bank . They are now on trying to get subscription arrears from us plus large late payment charges . I contacted them and told them in no u certain terms we are pensioners And to take us to court we can’t pay the outrageous charges they are trying to get off us.

  11. John says:

    Has anyone noticed they have used an identical Mnemonic “LRC” to an existing UK Debt Recovery Company, that way when someone looks for LRC the first thing which came up for me was Legal Recoveries & Collections, a bona fide company, rather than this sh** Legal Representatives & Claims. I don’t think this will be accidental, I think it is a deliberate ploy to frighten some victims into thinking it is genuine and now using proper legal means to get what they say they want.

    • Ann says:

      Yes John I have. I received my final notice today. They’ve got no chance we are pensioners with no savings. The address on the letter is in MihS Costa, Malaga.

  12. Susan says:

    Hi. I have written to you before about g8stays LLC. We have now had a letter from LRC demanding money we have not paid g8stays money since 2015 a annual fee. We have never signed anything to do with g8stays LLC. We are a little worried as we have lost three thousand pounds to Greenges. Many thanks

  13. LS says:

    It’s now May 2018 and we’ve just received a demand from LRC for fees. They say that, to avoid more invasive action and consists, we need to pay up within 14 days….. We won’t be paying.

  14. robert says:

    Agree we have had letters
    before but dumped it in the usual place. This time from both gr8stays
    and LRC just a total pain in the rear

  15. Del says:

    Just received letter. Without prejudice, demanding £970 subscription and admin charges on behalf of Gr8stays LLC (whoever they are!). To pay in 14 days with accompanying instructions to pay. We moved 3 years ago and only this letter has found us for the last two years from old address. I intend to file in the bin. Thanks for great posts

  16. pete says:

    We had one of these letters today asking for money even after telling them several years ago my Mother was now elderly and with medical conditions that made it impossible for her to travel, they still send threatening letters, is it best to just ignore them or reply telling them again of the situation with my Mothers age and health

    • pete says:

      another letter from these lovely people shred or not shred its pretty annoying as they never ever paid back the money back sc** they were running and kept 4 grand of a pensioners money

  17. Pete and Maureen says:

    We received a letter this morning (13/3/2018) from LRC,(without prejudice, it makes you laugh) acting on behalf of their client GR8stays and advising us that unless we pay the outstanding unpaid subscription fees and admin charges within 14 days of the date of the letter (7/3/2018) there will be further costs and more invasive action!
    They attached a further sheet of paper from Gr8stays listing the different ways in which to pay these outstanding fees etc.
    I did pay attention to the company address on both the letter from LRC and the Gr8stays sheet and funnily enough they are the same except that LRC are in room 4B and Gr8stays in room 6B. LRC has an 0203 telephone number and a website while Gr8stays has a 0034 number and a .com website. I think LRC must have an office in the UK or they set up the website and phone number to look like they are in the UK.
    Well bring it on we are ready for you.
    Pete and Maureen

    • pete says:

      this company is shocking they took 8 grand off my mother promising 4 grand back after 4 years, did this happen NO and now they want nearly 800 quid from her for something she can’t even use

  18. Anthony says:

    They are still at it. Received this morning my usual notice from Gr8stays. However this time with a letter from LRC. Once again this will be filed in the recycle bin. I never signed to say I would pay for ever but there must be some who pay up or surely they would stop trying. If anything happened to me and my wife got this she would probably panic!

    • Gordon says:

      I’m a few days behind you. I have received the standard letter today (dated 28/02/2018) this time from LRC relating to my accrued debt for lapsed subscription and charges. Apparently I have been a member of Gr8stays since 2013!!! News to me. Unlike previous letters from various companies this letter was unsigned. See my log below – 01/04/2016. It’s been quiet for two years. I wonder which company next years letter will be from?
      Note – If the letter is undelivered it will go to c/o Spring, Greenford, UB18 7ES. Probably a mail box facility.
      Until the next time.

      • Mark says:

        Same hear received a letter from LRC, same old S–t if I did not pay up within 14 days, to avoid futher costs and more invasive action.

  19. john says:

    What should you do if you receive a letter from Legal Representatives & Claims about alleged outstanding annual fees for Gr8stays?

  20. rich says:

    We to fell in to the trap 2012 they keep asking for membership payments ignored all we tried for a refund against credit card through a solicitor.
    They took up the case but failed to win because they took the deposit trough a company called imagen sinarca it has no tracable assocition with club class so we were refused a refund!!
    I would strongly recomend that you try a no win no fee solicitor they take around 20% thats better than nothing

  21. Gary says:

    We have to this morning received a Final Notice regarding our supposed membership fees of £760, however as a gesture of goodwill(that’s a laugh) they will accept £380 as a one off contract
    release fee. Letter signed by one Maxwell Hamilton Clubclass & Leisure Alliance. Collections Department Manager. Letter Headed as EURAFRIC I tend to think EUR A PRICK would be more appropriate. Letter sent to our old address we moved from 2 years ago. There are not getting a penny; We dealt with one Tenerife Completions a Ross Davies, ring any bells. They are not getting a penny, we have previously received three threatening phone calls, all ignored. When are the authorities going to do something about these clowns and put them in prison with the rest of
    the crooks of Leisure Alliance Companies.

  22. Gordon says:

    No this isn’t an April Fool joke. This morning I have received a FINAL NOTICE from EURAFRIC purporting to be Club Class and Leisure Alliance. Maxwell Hamilton – recognise the name? – Collections Department Manager. He would like me to pay him £665 in subscription arrears. He knows he’s on a loser so he has offered to close this matter for a one off release charge of ONLY £380. Nice of him! I have 21 days to make the payment.
    Excuse me whilst I put this junk mail in the shredder.
    Until the next time, best wishes, Gordon

  23. paul says:

    They are all at it now! Or are they the same business under different names? OR is it genuine??

  24. Sandra says:

    This man Justin Gilson definitely was with Club Class years ago. I have spoken to him on more than one occasion together with femail staff regarding the price of membership fees which were getting towards the two thousand mark. Suddenly that was dropped and one appeared for £300. odd. We have not heard from them since probably because we are over the age of 75 now. At one point (2010) ? we received letters from Daniels Silverman threatening us if we didn’t pay they would take further action (baylif’s). We still didn’t pay.

  25. BEWARE says:

    The timing of their registration of this new so called “Legal Co” and the fact that the two names are existing !?! employees of Club Class/Leisure Alliance – is unbelievable!!
    Especially as I suspect neither of them are Solicitors or the like …..

  26. Joan says:

    I received an message about this but as I had previously received one asking for membership fees I ‘binned’ it! They never give up do they!

    Sent from Windows Mail

  27. Susan says:

    just to let you know we still get demands from Leisure Alliance demanding annual subscriptions to accountants the name I do not have to hand . We had a full refund from Club Class thanks to a Trading Standards Office in our local town and we have been told to ignore these demands which we are doing.This may help others.Susan

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