Gr8stays and their connection to Legal Representatives and Claims SL

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Only recently Gr8stays did a mailing to Club Class members to advice them about their possibility to claim a refund for the money paid towards their Club Class Membership.

Based on a possible “mis selling” which Gr8stays detected, they advised the members that they could try for a refund under the Consumer Act.

Although not confirmed as yet, at the same time of this mailing we have detected a small change as well on the website from Gr8stays, where all of the sudden a mention is made about a company called Legal Representatives and Claims SL.

It is only the name that is displayed on the web: Legal R&C SL, and the registration number CIF B93434728

No link or any other mention to what this company supposes for Gr8stays and their members or what they do.

Checking on the registration number it is confirmed that Legal R&C SL was registered at the Spanish Companies house in October 2015.

Shareholder Justin Gilson and Administrator Fernando Sansegundo Cebrian.

Two names which will certainly sound very familiar to those who have been receiving correspondence in the past years as Mr. Gilson was on the letters / emails chasing the annual fees and Mr. Sansegundo Cebrian was the previous administrator of Eurafric the current company chasing up the annual fees.

Once more it sounds a bit surprising that yet again another company has been set up by the Club Class Group of companies and for the moment it is not very clear with what purpose.

Suppose time will tell and we can only say, Watch this space!

About mindtimeshare

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8 Responses to Gr8stays and their connection to Legal Representatives and Claims SL

  1. rich says:

    We to fell in to the trap 2012 they keep asking for membership payments ignored all we tried for a refund against credit card through a solicitor.
    They took up the case but failed to win because they took the deposit trough a company called imagen sinarca it has no tracable assocition with club class so we were refused a refund!!
    I would strongly recomend that you try a no win no fee solicitor they take around 20% thats better than nothing

  2. Gary says:

    We have to this morning received a Final Notice regarding our supposed membership fees of £760, however as a gesture of goodwill(that’s a laugh) they will accept £380 as a one off contract
    release fee. Letter signed by one Maxwell Hamilton Clubclass & Leisure Alliance. Collections Department Manager. Letter Headed as EURAFRIC I tend to think EUR A PRICK would be more appropriate. Letter sent to our old address we moved from 2 years ago. There are not getting a penny; We dealt with one Tenerife Completions a Ross Davies, ring any bells. They are not getting a penny, we have previously received three threatening phone calls, all ignored. When are the authorities going to do something about these clowns and put them in prison with the rest of
    the crooks of Leisure Alliance Companies.

  3. Gordon says:

    No this isn’t an April Fool joke. This morning I have received a FINAL NOTICE from EURAFRIC purporting to be Club Class and Leisure Alliance. Maxwell Hamilton – recognise the name? – Collections Department Manager. He would like me to pay him £665 in subscription arrears. He knows he’s on a loser so he has offered to close this matter for a one off release charge of ONLY £380. Nice of him! I have 21 days to make the payment.
    Excuse me whilst I put this junk mail in the shredder.
    Until the next time, best wishes, Gordon

  4. paul says:

    They are all at it now! Or are they the same business under different names? OR is it genuine??

  5. Sandra says:

    This man Justin Gilson definitely was with Club Class years ago. I have spoken to him on more than one occasion together with femail staff regarding the price of membership fees which were getting towards the two thousand mark. Suddenly that was dropped and one appeared for £300. odd. We have not heard from them since probably because we are over the age of 75 now. At one point (2010) ? we received letters from Daniels Silverman threatening us if we didn’t pay they would take further action (baylif’s). We still didn’t pay.

  6. BEWARE says:

    The timing of their registration of this new so called “Legal Co” and the fact that the two names are existing !?! employees of Club Class/Leisure Alliance – is unbelievable!!
    Especially as I suspect neither of them are Solicitors or the like …..

  7. Joan says:

    I received an message about this but as I had previously received one asking for membership fees I ‘binned’ it! They never give up do they!

    Sent from Windows Mail

  8. Susan says:

    just to let you know we still get demands from Leisure Alliance demanding annual subscriptions to accountants the name I do not have to hand . We had a full refund from Club Class thanks to a Trading Standards Office in our local town and we have been told to ignore these demands which we are doing.This may help others.Susan

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