Has VRE Travel taken over from Great Getaways Tenerife?

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Many consumers have been asking us this question in the past week as all of them seem to be receiving calls from the company VRE Travel.

VRE Travel explains on this call that Great Getaways Tenerife has gone into receiver-ship and is no longer trading so the £259 the consumers originally paid is no longer valid. But VRE has now taken over the customers and are prepared to honour Great Getaways’ offer for a registration fee of a further £159

We already posted a blog article about VRE Travel in the past, and as it appears they have now found another “excuse” to contact consumers and take money from them.

The link to the previous article about VRE Travel is: http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1JJ

Please be careful with callers like this who turn up out of the blue and start asking for money.

Make sure you know what you would be paying for, and certainly do get the terms and conditions of any purchase you make BEFORE they take the money from you.

If VRE Travel has approached you as well, we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

P.D. It looks like they are now also calling those who paid to Gold Crown Tenerife and Estrella Vacations for a discounted accommodation package. Same pitch as above!

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7 Responses to Has VRE Travel taken over from Great Getaways Tenerife?

  1. diane says:

    Was called yesterday by VRE. When I asked where they had got my information from I was told Signature Haven had gone into receivership and they had taken over their client list. Wanted £199 for 2 weeks. Gave me their website and will call again after the weekend when I expect they will not be so polite.

  2. billy says:

    Have been called three times over past few weeks by VRE who claim that Dial a Break has gone into receivership and they have taken over their business. I asked for contact details for Dial a Break in order to follow up my existing claim with them and VRE not surprisingly said they didn’t have any. They offered to reinstate my 3 weeks banked with Dial a Break and add another 2 weeks, if I paid £199 now. Pretended not to understand why I would decline such a deal. Offered to let me look for Dial a Break and then call again in a few days. I said no thanks. Not throwing good money after bad!

  3. Sara says:

    Just had them on the phone to my gran requesting another £200 odd to take her off the register. Although when I spoke to the guy he point blank denied taking any money or even calling. Cancelled the cc payment from today but want to go through every payment she has made since 2012 to apparently different companies which reside in the same address.

  4. John says:

    Had a call from them today offering a week in Tenerife or 4 nights in Barcelona as compensation for loss of service from Estrella.

  5. Rita says:

    We got a call from VRE, who said they were phoning to take bookings for 3 weeks we had paid for.. We were lucky that we got our money returned from GreatGetaways via credit card. Company. They charged card in Euro not pound which alerted us to their scam.

  6. Bob says:

    Yep i paid money to great getaways tenerife, and had a week in tenerife in September, then got a call from VRE travel saying they’d taken over and would we like to book a Holiday – told them if get back to them. Went into this with open eyes and got 1cheap holiday instead of the four promised!
    Thought this might happen so no shocks.
    On the holiday had to meet with a guy from Parrot travel who tried to get me to pay £13000 to get me out of my CLC contract.
    He was a nice guy (aren’t they always) but new pretty much straight away I want interested

  7. Richard says:

    Pretty sure it was this company that cold called me yesterday as I am getting used to format now I told them sadly I am unable to fly anymore! Well one lie deserves another…
    The person rang off very quickly -job done.

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