2 Responses to Carter & Price, paying out money awarded through claims in the Spanish Courts.

  1. Gordon says:

    I was intrigued by your email relating to another dubious company – Carter Price. I live in Cheltenham and was curious why a company would want to set up here some 1800 km away from where the action is in Spain. Cheltenham is a respectable town in the heart of the Cotswolds (UK). Perhaps to give credence to the UK consumers who have been conned in the past by other rogue companies!!
    My investigations show that Carter Price is another dubious FAKE operator. Not a company, probably a one man/women fraudster operating from home.
    Jessop House is a prestigious office block housing four companies – respectable local solicitors and national financial services all LLP/PLC. When I called in yesterday the concierge had never heard of Carter Price and there was not a mailbox service company in the building.
    Other incorrect claims – the postcode GL50 3SP relates to St James House, a residential block of flats and the telephone code 01242 is correct for the Cheltenham area but the 650 part of the number is the local exchange for Winchcombe a small town some 18 km NE of Cheltenham. I would assume mail is held at the post office for personal collection.
    Definitely a FAKE to be avoided at all costs.

  2. Kath says:

    Hi I live in Cheltenham and I’m pretty sure that the Carter price address of Jessop house is a rented office building. There are businesses there and Jessop house provide short time rental with someone in reception answering phones

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