Claim your Claim the latest cold caller with meetings in Tenerife

The company Claim your Claim seems to have started their cold calling campaign and inquiries are coming in.

We are not surprised consumers are confused and start asking us, as Claim your Claim is yet again one of those companies that promise guaranteed money back, but you have to travel abroad to get this sorted.

Claim your Claim says their offices are in Tenerife, in Adeje.

They provide the consumer with a website to see what they are about.

The website is

This website that seems to be registered just over a month ago (January 2018), provides no company details, no company registration number not for the UK nor for Spain, no company address, nothing…

The contact details are a Contact Form to fill in, but there is no privacy policy that assures you they won’t share your private and personal information with anybody, and a telephone number 0845 621 3233

So in reality you are speaking to a person who called you out of the blue, holding information about you that you didn’t provide them with, and all you have is a name of this person, a telephone number, a website that lacks all the legally required information and the need to fly out to the Canaries to be informed further.

Sounds a bit dubious? You tell us!

If you received a call from the agent of Claim your Claim from the number 08456213233 asking you to travel to Tenerife, please let us know.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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99 Responses to Claim your Claim the latest cold caller with meetings in Tenerife

  1. argie says:

    Contacted by Hayley from Tenerife on 0845 621 3299. Gave me the usual we’ll get your money back etc. Said she’s self employed and would pay for accomodation. Was with RCI and Pestana, glad it’s all over and done with, never again.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi, my mum has received numerous calls from a guy calling himself Dave Bentley, he’s been telling her that she can claim money back from her old timeshare but she has to go to Tenerife to sort it out.
    He says that he’s a one man operator and has been doing it for 5 years. The number he called from was,
    08456213299, I am very dubious about this as it all seems a little too good to be true.

  3. adam says:

    Hi I have been contacted by a lady named Daryl South advising they can get our money back for a timeshare we had in Hollywood Mirage number is 98456213299 is this a scam?

  4. Ash says:

    How do we go about getting the “initial” amount paid to these guys using Credit Card? Would a Section 75 of Consumer Credit Act be sufficient? Or do we need to go by any other route?

  5. Bill says:

    Just recently had that same cold call, this time it was someone
    called Amelia Lopez. The conversation sounds exactly the same as you’ve
    Explained. I’m waiting for a return call from her within the next couple of days.
    Lucky I decided to do a bit of research and came across your website as
    I was sucked in and on the verge of agreeing to go out there.
    Many Thanks for your information, saved me a lot of grief 👍.

  6. Kerry says:

    Went and got ripped off again stupidly fell for their load of crap & ended up with a subscription service ee didn’t want and cannot use. We tried to cancel but they are having none of it

    Nothing we can do about it…feel so stupid…they have effectively stolen £4000 from us when we can ill afford it.

    I hate them the unscrupulous th****** bas*****…preying on people who have already been ripped off…Never Again

  7. Lynne says:

    I was told I could claim all my money 14k against Ezy group but would have to travel to Tenerife I’ve already had all my money stolen by Ezy group left devastated they have folded but know way am I being fooled again heart broken pensioner who never got anything from this company only heartache

    • ROGER says:

      Hi Lynne, If you paid Ezygroup by credit card contact your bank and tell them you want to put in a section 75 fraud claim against Ezygroup . They should give a contact number where you can discuss all details with them. good luck

  8. ANN says:

    Been called several times saying they can get our money from Eze Group who they say have gone into liquidation

  9. Susan says:

    Has anyone here managed to get any response at all from RA Consultants in Spain? Very naively I thought that, having been taken to the office of a notary in Fuengirola, this might have been genuine (back in 2017). Apparently not – but have they totally disappeared??

    • Tracy says:

      I was contacted by a kirsty McLeod recently who said I could get all my money back. But would have to travel to tenerife! As my husband suffers with ill health I told her he couldn’t go so she told me to print a form off which she sent to email address and to get my husband to sign it and take photo of it and send it through what’s app before she could send my hotel voucher. My son decided to look it up and found all these comments about it and told me not to send it or go to tenerife as he didn’t want to see us ripped off again as she had already got me to buy flights on my savings account bank card I couldn’t lose that money so I went on who I use regular for short stays in hotels! I found an apartment for my flight dates and booked it so i can still go for a holiday. I have since moved all my money out of my savings account and shut that down. I have since put a block on that number to my mobile but she keeps ringing on landline. I am bloody fed up with these sc***ing a****oles! I dont know how they sleep at night.

      • Hi Tracy,
        Thanks for your comment.
        We have tried to reply by email but there seems to be an error in the address you gave us.

        We posted recently an article on the blog with the description of what
        happens at this meeting, a description we received from another consumer
        who attended the meeting as was as unlucky to sign up for this dubious
        You can read this article on the following link:
        This is exactly what you can expect at the meeting!

        Well done by blocking the account and booking alternative accommodation, we hope you enjoy your stay!

        kind regards

        Customer Services

  10. Susan says:

    I have had conversations with this company. I originally registered a ‘claim ‘ in Spain in 2017 with a company called RA Consultants, to whom I paid almost £6000 fee for their ‘work’ and a further £900-odd for the Notary, who processed the ‘legal’ part of the claim for mid-sold holiday time products.
    This year, in January, I got a call from Claim Your Claim. As I knew the court case had gone ahead, but I had been unable to have any contact with RA Consultants, I was interested. I was assured that there would be NOTHING to pay until the money was safely in my bank account, and I was about to fly out to Tenerife to start the claim. Apparently it’s another scam.

  11. Chris says:

    I was contacted this afternoon by a John Williams wanting me to travel to Tenerife to start the “claim ” process. Everything mentioned was all very low key , there was no rush, there were no fees up front, there wasn’t much to be earned, even if there were joint names on the timeshare certificate only one person needed to travel…..etc…
    I had picked the phone up by mistake expecting a returned call from a friend, so I just listen to the to the blurb for a while and asked him to email all the details to me and he would ring back next week. So we left it at that.
    Its no doubt a scam to get you to buy holidays you don’t want. In the past I used to get phone calls inviting me over to Tenerife to stay free for a week in a timeshare resort and I had to pay for the flights and transfers. I did it once with another couple and had an extremely enjoyable week but you had to endure half a day being grilled and pressurised in to buying a week or hundreds of points or holidays, cruises you didn’t want.
    If you decide to go along for the ” free ” holiday then best leave your credit card at home !!
    Then there snookered because without the credit card details there’s no business.
    Years ago while holidaying in Lanzarote, we were walking back to our apartment when a couple of girls in a car stopped and persuaded us to go and see a timeshare. Because it was at the end of the day and we didn’t have much money we used to go along to these timeshare sells for free drinks and food, a look around these luxury resorts, sometimes a swim, and the free departing gift which was usually a large radio cassette player, or a tracksuit, 40 euro meal ticket, or a camera… etc..
    We got in the car and It was party time….they gave us a bottle of bubbly and started driving off. After about half a mile the asked “You do have your credit card with or at your apartment ? ”
    When I lied and said “No! “. The car immediately stopped, they grab back the bottle of bubbly and told us to get out of the car and drove off.!!
    So the credit or debit card and their details are essential to any of these transactions or scams.
    So take care and be very careful …..nothing is free !!!

    • anon says:

      These people are disgusting parasites and I have no idea how they sleep at night. They strike me as people who have done something dodgy in England and have therefore run away to Tenerife. We are still in dispute with them but I’m so glad we didn’t take out the £8,000 loan. A lucky escape for you!!!

  12. Hanna says:

    I’ve been speaking with John Williams. Being Christmas I have asked him on a few occasions to call back at a later date. I was so close to booking my flights to Tenerife during the School holidays also when they are not cheap as I would be travelling with my 2 children and I am a self employed single mother. I didn’t have much time to look into this but I’m so glad I have looked! I have ignored all his calls today and I’m wondering if he’s going to try again another day. My timeshare cost me £4000. Why would they put me up in a hotel for a week to get 20% of 4k? Didn’t add up to me!

  13. Rose says:

    We have been contacted by a lady from Tenerife working for ‘Claim your Claim’.
    We are flying to Tenerife in Jan to meet their agent.
    What advice can you offer us please?

  14. Avril says:

    hello we are in Tenerife at the moment needless to say we didn’t fall for this scam. We had a tough fight on ours hands an luckily my husband is a strong man who wouldn’t give in to letting them have our credit card details, had it been left to me who knows as they wore me out from 9am to 4.30pm, i was quite ill after all this. They wanted £8000 from us to register our claim bloody crooks. we also met others in our hotel they have done this to.

    • M W says:

      Good for you we went in November they took 4.000 from our cc saying they had keeper our detail form when we booked our hotel with them these people are scum

  15. Cheryl says:

    Just had a call from this company saying I could get money back from a timeshare.
    Is this a scam?
    She offered free accommodation in Tenerife to sign forms for claim. She said it’s done there to avoid taxes.

  16. Andrew says:

    Has anyone signed and made the first payment and gotten out of it and had their money back? If so how? Please.

  17. Mary says:

    Yes we fell for them as did many more it’s a big scam

  18. ADELE says:

    Having been contacted by claim your claim I was happy to go with my friend for a flights only holiday.
    Having read all the comments below, the one that explains everything gives an entire lowdown on how they were scammed out of £8000.00
    The writer gave this link –
    please also have a look at the following article;

  19. Babs says:

    I had a call yesterday from David Bentley stating we ate entitles to a refund. I was suspicious when I asked him if he had my husband’s number & he said he only had mine! He is calling me back to see if I want to book a holiday to get my refund. Am very confused!!

  20. Peter says:

    I also had a call yesterday from someone called David Bently, to come to Tenerife to claim back my money, think I have been scammed.

  21. John says:

    Got a call from them today and they new that I was a member of Los lobos holiday company. The guy said that Los lobos had gone bust and would I go to Tenerife to sort out my refund.

  22. David says:

    My parents were about to be duped by these people, having already losts thousands to similar set-ups. Fortunately I intervened and put a stop to it.

    Did a bit of digging on one of the email addresses used, Whilst they’re hiding all of their info now, they didn’t used to:

    Registrant Name: Beata Kramoris
    Registrant Organization: Global Leisure & Spa S.l
    Registrant Email:
    Registrant Address: Cif: B76634633 , Avenida De Los Vientos, Residencial Franzac, Local A-4,, Adeje, Santa Cruz De Tenerife, 38670, ES

    Naturally, are also hiding all of their registration information. No legitimate business would ever do this.


    “Formed in 2003 as an Anglo/Polish entity, their head office is based in the Eastern European city of Krakow.” – reassuring.

    It looks like they are about to excercise their right to reply:

  23. Bernadette says:

    I have been called. Booked my tickets to go and am now very worried

  24. Andrew says:

    They phoned today and offered to find hotel for me. Don’t think I’ll be going.

    • May says:

      Don’t go it’s very up setting to think how many people a day are been scammed we was at a meeting with them,feel sick when we got back to hotel thought my money had gone back on my card no they had take 4.500 euro we was lucky phone bank with in the hour the money was pending shut my account down looks like l am ok but many people have lost thousands and end up still having to give them more don’t do it please

  25. Joan says:

    This is the email I received from claim the claim after saying I wanted more information:-

    Thank you for taking the time to discuss your history with me; I appreciate you helping me understand your situation. As requested, please let me clarify what was discussed on our call –

    The operation, as should be with all claims companies, is on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. Up to 7 nights free accommodation in the South of Tenerife. There is NO timeshare accommodation options used, so you will not be pestered whilst you are here. The accommodation that is provided is more than adequate (You also have the option of paying towards a more luxurious stay, if you wish)  We can help you book your flights, or you can book your own flights, whichever is easiest for you. Once your flights and accommodation are arranged, we will then arrange an appointment with a claims consultant. This appointment will be to discuss all aspects of your claim. Any questions you have will be answered. Your claims consultant is an expert and they are there to hold your hand through this entire process. All claims will be settled in full into a bank account of your choice, within a maximum of 60 days (Through our third party associates). Once your claim money has been paid in full, you will receive a bank transfer form for the agreed 20% (for all work undertaken)

    Why Tenerife? There is an option of not coming to Tenerife to be able to claim your money back. Of course this avenue would mean higher taxation implications to you!

    Some of our existing clients have attempted to go down this avenue, but the companies concerned have FAILED, and those clients have come back to us!

    100% success rate is only achieved with Knowledge, understanding, and long term commitment.


    Negative Press – To reiterate, as you can imagine, the holiday industry (Timeshare/Vacation clubs/ Holiday services) are classified as the 3rd largest SCAM in the world. The industry doesn’t wish to see their clients relinquish their contracts, as the maintenance that is paid annually (By you) is what keeps them actively progressing. The Timeshare industry works very, very hard to dissuade their clients from moving forward with claims companies. Do not fall prey to their words, and get back what is rightfully yours, in full!

    Please also note that there is nothing at all to book or buy whilst in Tenerife!

    As always, please let me know if you have any further questions that I can help with, I would love to help.

    In the meantime, I look forward to speaking with you very soon,

    Kindest regards,

    Louise Robertson

    Business Development Manager 

    Claim Your Claim 

    • Rose says:

      Claim your Claim (Wendy Lewis) have called us and the story we have been told in UK is identical to given to Joan (above). WE have booked flights with Ryanair and our own hotel – hopefully we are not beholden to CYC in any way. The hotel will provide us with an airport shuttle service so again no need to ask CYC for this refund. I have come to the conclusion that despite being attracted into the scam, we can simply ignore their offer of service, and have a week’s holiday in the sun. Fingers crossed.

    • Susan says:

      Yes, I’ve had this same email. Thank goodness that I found this site.

  26. Grahan says:

    I’ve received calls from Claim your Claim. They were supposed to send me an email with all the details but each time they phone they state that the email has been sent but I’ve not received it.
    I’m expecting another call so I’ll ask about company office registration number etc

  27. Alex says:

    Hi, I have just received a call from ‘Claim your Claim’ today and insist I should fly out to Tenerife whereby I buy my flights and they will provide accommodation and pay for my claims expert.
    Even tho’ I no longer have the timeshare they say I should still get back the purchase price.

    • Darren says:

      Don’t go it’s a scam tricked me out of 1000 pound would have took 2500 but didn’t have enough on card ask hardly any questions about your timeshare then suck you in as a travel agent asking you to use them to book holidays in future when you get your money back go on TripAdvisor they use planet travel amongst others

  28. Joan says:

    I received a call yesterday from this company saying I could claim my money back but would have to travel to Tenerife.

  29. Thomas says:

    I have had a call. 11/10/18. I gave my timeshare back years ago and they say I can get compensation if I go to Tenerife.

  30. Mike says:

    I have just received a call from CLAIM YOUR CLAIM and not really sure what to think of this. They don’t ask for any money upfront just after you receive your claim money they want 20%.has anyone actually went and seen them and received any money or been conned cheers cheers

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment.

      We tried to reply by email but the message bounced back.
      If you want more info by email, please send us your correct address.

      In any case, apart from what we already explain here on the blog about Claim your Claim, please also have a look at the following article;
      Although the consumer mentions another company name, they are the same people and same way of working.

      This is exactly what you can expect on the day you attend this meeting.

      Kind regards

      Customer Care

    • Susan says:

      Clearly no money has yet been paid back as some of these messages are more than 60 days old – by which point the writers should have been the happy recipients of lots of money! I haven’t seen any joyful messages yet…,,

  31. Goforit says:

    Just had a call from a Ms. Emma Berg stating she was calling from “Mediation Services” advising me that the European Supreme Court had made a change in legislation releasing E31,000,000,000 to compensate those taken in by timeshare scams including those locked into “Perpetuity Clauses”. Mentioning in particular “Club Class” who got their claws into me. When asked how she got my details, She advised that signing a contract with Club class liberated them to sell my details. I asked if she had a contact number :- 0845 6213233, also a web site :- claim your On their website they mention they’ve been in business since 2003, yet the web site was only launched 18/1/2018. Hosted by that well know diy brand A search here on “Mindtimeshare” confirmed by suspicions and lead me to this page.

    • Susan says:

      I’ve been dealing with Emma Berg, too. I’m so glad that I’ve found this site as I was about to go to Tenerife.
      I’m really stuck now. I’m guessing that this money is never going to come to me!

  32. Michael says:

    I received a call yesterday promising results and, as you say, guaranteed if I travel to Tenerife.
    What should I do?

  33. Martin says:

    Yes received a call today giving all the information and times and dates lady was very pleasant but not really sure if this a sc** or not just wondered if anybody else has had any luck with this company.

    • Hi Martin,

      Please have a look at the following article; which is the story from a consumer who attended their meeting in Tenerife, but for a company called Island breaks, which was the name the company Claim your Claim was using before.
      This is exactly what you can expect on the day you attend this meeting.

      Think the lucky ones here are those who didn’t take up their offer!

      Customer Care

  34. Reg says:

    Just received a call and did not answer it

  35. Pauline says:

    I received a call from claim your claim yesterday date 12/9/2018 saying I could get a full refund on my holiday timeshare

  36. alison says:

    I have had contact from this company saying they could get my timeshare payment back . Can you tell me us this yet another scam

  37. Caroline says:

    I received a call from a rep called Lisa today re a holiday company called Club La Costa saying I was eligible for a possible refund from monies I had paid to them going back 8/9 years ago.
    I asked them to send me details via email which I have yet to receive.
    Is this a swiz?

  38. Tony says:

    Well just received call ‭from 0845 621 3233‬ and promised to get all my previous timeshare money back and after travelling to Tenerife they basically tried to sell me something with a discount off of what I lost into a new sc** timeshare.
    Please anyone else don’t fall for it just tell them to Pxxs off and don’t waste any time or hard earned cash

  39. Paul says:

    Yep just same got sc***** wanted to sell me another timeshare, Did not get me a penny back and wanted to sell me a better deal.
    Basically if you want to get ri**** off again just speak to these new ri**ffs on the block

  40. g s says:

    I have received a call

  41. Tom says:

    We got a call today from them. We happen to be going to Tenerife in November this year and she said they would get us our money back. We sold our time share at Dona a Lola two years ago and had to pay nearly 4K for the pleasure. The said they would get us our money back as it was sold to us in perpetuity?

  42. Alan says:

    I’ve just been co****. After reading through there contract properly I find there’s no cooling of period. Do not use.

  43. Richard says:

    I was contacted by a Scottish lady by the name of kirsty mcloud asking us to travel to tenerife for a consultation regarding membership of eeze group.

  44. Jane says:

    Just got back from Tenerife after meeting with Claim your Claim. So convincing. Has anyone ever had money back from their services.

    • michelle says:

      im wondering jane, have you received any of your money back yet? thanks

    • Deborah says:

      have you ever received your money back? we’re going out Feb and have read all kind of things . is it worth your time or just another scam?

    • Jim says:

      We have had two calls telling us to claim before brexit. He assures us we have no money to give – no claim no fee.
      Daily we receive calls about our timeshare.

  45. doug says:

    I was called by the same people , explaining it was like PPI and that they would collar the banks for the money, not the time share as the bank is responsible for loaning the money to a company miss selling their product, my reply was why have’nt the companies doing PPI got on the band wagon in came thye Spanish law thing sounded very convincing nearly had me fooled after reading comments here well it speaks for it,s self. Thank you.

  46. Anon says:

    Yes we have heard from them we have booked flights but we are beginning to to regret we did .
    Can you help ????

    • Maggie says:

      Hi did you go and get your refund
      D. We can’t decide Togo or not for our £3.600′ any help would be gratefully received

      • Goforit says:

        If you paid by credit card less than 6 years ago you can submit a section 75 claim to your card company without cost. These people contacting you are trying to take more money.

  47. Andy says:

    Please note…..there is no law passed by the eu courts that have made it possible to reclaim your money…. IT IS A SC**!!!! If the European courts passed this law would it not cover you in the UK… A country currently covered by the EU…. Do not deal with this company… WILL Lose!

  48. ron says:

    claim your claim are ringing me back in the morning to arrange a free holiday with them to help me make a claim against club la costa for miss selling..all of your comments are ringing huge alarm bells at present.i have been pursuing my claim against club la costa now for 18 months through sarah waddington solicitors but its taking ages. i got ripped off for £5,000 last year by a firm called rsb legal who i had to report to the police in warwickshire.for the same sc**.they wanted money upfront for legal fees in spain and dissappeared with my cash.any advice ?

    • Susan says:

      Yes, I got scammed with RSB legal too. Fortunately I stopped the main payment as common sense returned to me on the train home, but there was still £1,000 non refundable.

  49. David says:

    Called me today usual offer can get money back for 20% fee have to travel to tenerife to get this assistance
    Free accomodation
    Website very vague no company registration number or contact address
    Suspect latest sc** to get you to buy something in tenerife

    • Andy says:

      Sc**! I worry about people sometimes….. If someone said to me you have to travel 3000 miles to meet with a specialist and register your claim in the country your purchase was made in………… I would say go f### yourself! Id rather not travel to the place i lost my a## ALL COLD CALLS ARE SC***!!!!

    • Geraldine says:

      I had a call last week in a similar vein from a lady called Wendy Birstell (or something sounding similar) its only from reading on this site that I narrowly avoided being sucked in! She offered me a choice of 3 different free 1 week accommodation and they would send a taxi to take us to the “consultant” which we had to pay for. Once there we would be reimbursed for taxi ! and then complete forms to start our claim. On first call was considering going just for free holiday, but having read article on Island Break Sc** I realised it was another sc**. previous sc**s purporting to get my money back were with Key Properities. So I was a bit wary. This was for Club Class holiday purchased in 2005! I told her I would have to speak to partner before continuing. She rang me back following day after I had done the above checks. I let her waffle on for a bit and then confronted her with what I had found out. She was very indignant and said she could 100% guarantee to get me my money back and that sites such as this were belittling genuine companies, Needless to say I told her I was declining her offer and she said would remove my name from list! I should never have been on a “list” in the first place. I never gave her my mobile number, but she found it from somewhere, probably a breach of data protection act as well as trying to sc** me! They used the same number 0845 621 3233. Just hang up if you get a call from these people.

  50. Edwin says:

    Telephone call from this company saying they could get over £8,000 back for a 20% fee from the collapse of company Eze Group but I had to travel to Tenerife to sign the legal documents. Having experienced time share and EZE group sales techniques I have declined on a number of occasions to take up their offer of free travel and accomadation as nothing in this life is free. Reading all the comments from other people I certainly will not be flying to Tenerife as their guest.

    • Andy says:

      If you bought with eze group within the last 6 years do a section75 claim yourself through your bank…only valid if you paid deposit on your credit card… Not debit card and it must have been over 100….. Google it!! Stop listening to these liars that say you can claim no matter what…..

  51. Kevin says:

    Received a call from the above company [Julie] today tel 08456213233, stating we had an earlier conversation about getting our money back fro Club Class. Apparently were were to go to Tenerife. When l queried this conversation, which we never had she hung up. Rude or what.

  52. john says:

    Is it possible to make a claim against Eze Group ???

    • Chris says:

      Received call from Claim your claim (Wendy Lewis). Claiming to get us compensation for time share from club la costa in Spain. We gave it back to them about 5 yrs ago and no longer have any paper work. Wendy told us that wouldn’t be a problem. We would have to go to Tenerife to put in the claim. I informed her that I would do some investigating, as I was very doubtful about it all. She said she would ring back in a couple of weeks. After reading all the comments I definately know what answer she will get if she does ring back. Thank you, it has been really helpful.

    • Sandra says:

      We have been sc***** by Eze group for £8,000 and Monster £7,000 all we wanted to do was get rid of our timeshare! The promise es we received we’re believable and we were sucked in we are both retired and it was our pensions we used. They don’t care who they get money out of we are in our 70’s for god sake. When is the European law courts going to deal with these people??? Where do we go from here we have no idea. Then 4 weeks ago claim your claim called us and offered their fantastic solution but we are so scared to accept any other form of ‘help’ from anyone to get our money back. Has anyone any idea how to deal with this? We don’t use credit cards so it was debit cards which some of the money was a gift from our 92 yr old mum. We are both intelligent people and can’t believe we’ve been scammed twice. Hope these people who still continue to call us and thousands of other hard working people burn in hell. European law courts is who we would like to see deal with this now it’s gone on far too long and it hurting people so bad please someone help us all???

      • Susan says:

        Did you manage to get rid of your timeshare? After being assured by various companies that it would cost me a lot of money, it cost me nothing at all. I wrote to Club La Costa, explaining that, as a widow in my 70s, I just couldn’t afford to keep paying the maintenance. I had a nice letter back, saying that if ever I wanted to rejoin they’d be glad to see me, but that they had now released me from my contract. I also had a week with Infinity: they needed a letter saying that I was not able to travel due to disability, but also released me from my contract.

      • ROGER says:

        Hi Sandra, I have just replied to Lynnes post March 7th 2019 at 9:55 re. Ezygroup as how to try and get your money back. GOOD LUCK

  53. Chris says:

    We were contacted by Claim Your Claim last week and were given exactly the same information as Andy was given. They tried to get us to book flights on the spot which we declined saying that we needed to confirm holiday dates with our employers. The lady we spoke to said that unfortunately they couldn’t help us because, as I had explained, we had bought our timeshare second hand through an English based company. She then said her manager had heard what she’d said and wanted to have a word with her. When she came back on the line she said that he (her manager) had told her that their had been a very recent change in the law and second hand purchases were now covered too. I checked at work with a Spanish colleague that confirmed that Tenerife have the same tax laws as mainland Spain and would be dealt with as if it was a Spanish Company. Reading read Andy’s comments (thanks Andy) we will not be booking flights to Tenerife or having any dealings with this company now or in the future.

  54. Lena says:

    I have received a call just last week from ClaimYourClaim informing me that we can get a refund from a ClubClass Timeshare that has been mis-sold to us I feel as though I am being hounded to book flights to travel to Tenerife. Now I have read all of the feedback. I would like to Thank You All as this has made up our mind and we will definitely not be travelling to Tenerife!

  55. Kevin says:

    I received a call this week from claim your claim regarding a claim to be made against monster travel & club la costa which we were members of. I did wonder if this was yet another sc** especially when he mentioned having to go to Tenerife. Any infomation on this would be appreciated.

  56. ken says:

    sounds very much like my experience with eze group/regency shores and an employee who gave her name as JACKIE.

    • Tim says:

      My Claimyourclaim call was about Eze Group. Having stupidly paid a lot of money to them twice for something I neither really need nor could save much money with, CYC promise to get that back, however I paid (i.e. not dependent on section 75 of a credit card payment), however long ago, and wherever it was as the banks have apparently admitted to being in the wrong to process the payments to such a dodgy group. There is a huge fund, allegedly, put by for this claim.
      Before Christmas, there was a high court judgement about them in which found they were guilty of improper sales techniques but I haven’t followed that up. But we have to go to Tenerife ‘for tax reasons’. Andy has put us off….

      I guess you didn’t’t take up their kind offer?

  57. Andy says:

    There is no need whatsoever to travel to Tenerife to claim money back, if it is even possible at all.
    There are no laws in Spain that allow you to claim money for a mis-sold timeshare.
    The only intention this company has for your visit to Tenerife is to make you spend more money as per the comment below.. So the advice for your husband Joan is only travel to meet them if you want to spend more money on timeshare!
    Anybody who wants to try and recover money on a mis-sold timeshare which in itself is almost impossible to prove can do it themselves via a section 75 claim, however this is only applicable if the initial payment was done on a credit card…. There are also statue of limitations here in the Uk that only allow claims from purchases within the last 6 years…. So if you have purchased beyond those 6 years you CAN NOT claim back any money….
    PLEASE do not fall for there lies, ask yourself is a free holiday worth the risk of losing potentially 8 or maybe 16 thousand pounds.
    If you do fall within the 6 year time period you can do the claim yourself via applying to your credit card provider for a section 75 claim… Follow the link below for help on how to do this.

    • Joan says:

      Thank you Andy
      My husband has cancelled his flight to Tenerife after I researched this company and saw your remarks(at the moment trying to get flight money back from Ryanair but that’s another story)

  58. Andy says:

    Andy thank you for the advice . We were just waiting a call back to book flights !! Sorry you lost out but you have done a lot of people a favour with your post

  59. Joan says:

    My husband has been to go out to Tenerife in may by this company your opinion would be helpful

    • Tim says:

      My Claimyourclaim call was about Eze Group. Having stupidly paid a lot of money to them twice for something I neither really need nor could save much money with, CYC promise to get that back, however I paid (i.e. not dependent on section 75 of a credit card payment), however long ago, and wherever it was as the banks have apparently admitted to being in the wrong to process the payments to such a dodgy group. There is a huge fund, allegedly, put by for this claim.
      Before Christmas, there was a high court judgement about them in which found they were guilty of improper sales techniques but I haven’t followed that up. But we have to go to Tenerife ‘for tax reasons’. Andy has put us off….

  60. Andy says:

    Below is a description of the meeting you will undertake should you take this company up on there offer… Island breaks is the former name of claim your claim. Still trading at the same office in Adeje Tenerife.

    description of events is a resume of the emails we received from consumers who have travelled to Tenerife taking up the invitation of Island Breaks.

    An invitation to attend a meeting where they will discuss a refund claim, from money paid to other companies in the past.

    If you ever wondered why on earth you need to travel the whole way to Tenerife to discuss a claim supposedly done through the Consumer Act, which is a UK Protection law, don’t miss out on the testimonial given below.

    “At the beginning of 2017 we were cold called from a woman from Island Breaks claiming that her Company specialised in reclaiming back money spent on miss-sold time-share.

    She said that her Company could guarantee to get all my timeshare money back within 60 days from the date of the submission. They worked on a no win no fee basis and only charged 20% on the successful completion of my claim, once the money was in my Bank account.

    All we had to do was to accept their invitation of a free week holiday in Tenerife for my wife and myself. They would pay for the accommodation, half board and Airport transfer; I would have to book and pay for our own flights.

    Too good to be true I thought what was the catch I asked, “no catch” she assured me all we needed to do was to attend a 3-hour meeting in Tenerife and hand over copies of any documents. Why Tenerife I asked? “Because of the tax laws in the UK” she said if I made the claim in the UK it would be classed as a Capital Gain and we would be charged at least 42% tax.

    We specifically enquired would we be asked to pay any monies up front in order to register our claim etc. or be asked to buy any other form of holidays or time-share etc. She assured I wouldn’t and that all we would be required to do would attend a meeting with an Advisor in Tenerife in order for them to process our claim. I asked her to confirm this in writing, which she did via an email see, copy attached. I thought what the hell it’s a free week’s holiday in Tenerife at least so I accepted.

    So we travelled to Tenerife and waited for our appointment.

    A representative picked us up from the hotel and drove us to what I thought was a remote town. As we were driving he told us a story about his boss, he said he had a timeshare in Spain and was also swindled, he tried to surrender his timeshare and get his money back but couldn’t. Then while on holiday in Spain he met this girl from Poland who just happened to be a lawyer. After being with her for a few days he told her about his time-share, she said that she could get his money back for him. To cut a long story short she did and he was so happy and so angry with the timeshare Company that she and her partner set up a Company in order to help others with similar problems.

    The representative took us to a café opposite their offices and ordered us drinks while he had a look at the documents I had brought with me. He then took the documents away to be photo copied and came back with a form, which he filled in and asked us various questions. He went away again and later returned with a woman who was supposed to be the head of claims / Office manager.

    She said that she had read our time-share agreement and it had been miss- sold to us and that she would take on our claim.

    She went away and the representative then took us to the other side of the road where the offices were situated. There were 5 shops in a row all next to one another and all travel Agents with different names all owned he claimed by the same owner and his girlfriend who had offices in Poland.

    He showed us around and he took us into one office where there were 4 members of staff were sitting at their desks. He introduced us to each one stating that they handled the claims on a commission only basis. There were files all over the place and lots of letters from various banks saying that they accepted the claim and were refunding monies to peoples Bank accounts, which were blanked out. One staff member claimed that the quickest they had completed a claim was within 33 days and they hoped to beat that record. I asked each staff member what was their success rate and each said 100%, each claim they made was successful.

    Then we were taken to the office of the representative where he explained that the real business was travel and that their Travel Companies could offer us holidays at a guaranteed discount of 30%. He went onto say that “when not if” they got us our money back wouldn’t we be interested in booking our holidays through them.

    He continued with his talk going over the same thing over and over again saying so you don’t want your money back and you don’t want cheap holidays?

    Then another representative came into the room and went over the same thing again avoiding any direct questions. He said you have to pay £4,000.00 now by credit card (so you are protected) and further £4,000.00 in a month’s time.

    I asked what was the money for he said the first £4,000.00 was to register my claim and the second was to process it, I protested saying we were assured that this wouldn’t cost us anything. He said it doesn’t you will be contacted back in the UK by a person who will arrange for £8,000.00 loan to go back into your Bank. You can then pay off your credit card and the £4,000.00 so you haven’t used any of your own money. By the time the first payment was due you would have your claim money back and you could pay the £8,000.00 back, when I asked who was responsible for the loan he avoided the question.

    By this time, we had been at their offices for over 7 and a half hours. Before they agreed to drive us back they wanted us to sign various documents some were to confirm our hotel and refreshments that we had had but 3 documents were for holidays that we didn’t ask for or want. I didn’t have my credit card with me and thought I could get away with not paying but they already had my credit card details on their file from when I booked the flight, which I thought, was illegal anyway.

    We had been overwhelmed by it all, felt pressured and intimidated into signing several documents, which were not properly explained to us. We were stranded in what I thought was the middle of nowhere, it was dark, it was gone 7pm and we had been there since 12:30pm. It was like being hijacked taken to an office and forced to hand over your money and Bank details. I felt the easiest way out was to comply with their request go to the police and cancel the payment the next day.

    The next morning, I phoned my credit card company to cancel the payment they informed me they couldn’t the payment had already gone through, I then went to the hotel reception and told them that I thought I had been defrauded. I asked for the nearest police station and at that point the office manager phoned me and said she about to pop in to see us at the hotel. We met in reception I told her about our fears. She asked to discuss it in private so we went to our room. I told her of my concerns and she placated some of my fears. I gave her a list of our concerns, which she said she would take back to her boss.

    The next day was contacted by the owner of the company who assured me that everything was genuine and above board and asked if he could send a car to pick us up in order to discuss our concerns further. I declined thinking that we had a couple more days to go and we would be flying home and where I would be able to deal with the matter more easily, which I have been trying to do ever since.

    We ended up signing and committing to an Accommodation Contract with Planet Sunlight Travel SL for the amount of £4,000.00. The amount is divided in the agreement between the accommodation at £2,500.00 and a so-called Subscription Application for the sum of £1,500.00. Accommodation we didn’t want or need.

    We have to pay a further £4,000.00 for Subscription for Exclusive Service, which we never asked for to Travel Home Adventure S.L and an 7 Island Experience S.L. Application Number for the sum of £4,000.00.

    None of the agreements or documents relate to a refund claim

    We were not informed or explained at all why there were so many different companies and agreements involved.

    According to their example we pay £4,000.00 by credit card and £4,000.00 cash payment, which is then financed by a £8,000.00 Bank loan.

    At the meeting we questioned where does the £8,000.00 come from? But I was told from their bank and further question about who was responsible for the money were avoided.

    It wasn’t until the next day when we met with Debbie again and asked her more questions, that she made it clear that we were responsible for the loan and its repayments.

    So what happens to the £8,000.00?

    Apart from paying the above, I was told that £8,000.00 was placed in their HSBC Hong Kong Bank over a five-year period where they got interest at the rate of 12.9%. We would be able to draw from it at the rate of £2,000.00 per year in order to pay towards any future holidays we might wish to book with them!

    Why and how did we fall for it? Well these people are very convincing and I did think that they were genuine and a part of me still hopes that they are.

    But hey if it walks like a Duck, quakes like a Duck it probably is a Duck

    • Linda says:

      We also went, but taking a printed copy of your meeting Andy, which our ‘claim expert’ didn’t want to look at when we showed him. Sadly our experience was virtually the same. However, they have now upped the ‘fees’ to £10,000 dividing this into two lots of £5,000 – one which you needed to pay on credit card for registering for Tenerife tax and the second £5,000 for ‘accommodation’. Again with this mysterious bank ‘loan’ that would some how be ‘at no cost to us’! We said no thank you and reminded him that we’d shared our distrust of the whole compensation process at the beginning of the meetings, saying that if money, other than our ‘claim’, was mentioned we’d be leaving. To their credit they didn’t bring out another person to try and convince us – I think my husband had made it very clear we would not be giving them our credit card details – and after a brief ‘leaving’ of us to arrange transport back to our hotel, he returned and took us back himself chatting as if the last few hours hadn’t happened. Thankfully we had booked our own flights, so they didn’t have our details that way either.
      Though this was a waste of half a day, we did enjoy the rest of the week and weren’t bothered. Now back in the UK we’ll see if that remains the case.
      Did you ever get any of your money back Andy?

  61. Peter says:

    These A####holes running these companies, are probably the same A####holes who co**** people into buying this product in the first instance.
    Just been to Tenerife and it is good to see these people have been taken off the streets with their ‘ prize winning tickets ‘

    • Al says:

      It sounds like you could claim in relation to this clause in the Timeshare Directive:

      Consumers should have effective remedies in the event that traders do not comply with the provisions regarding pre-contractual information or the contract, in particular those laying down that the contract should include all the information required and that the consumer should receive a copy of the contract at the time of its conclusion. In addition to the remedies existing under national law, consumers should benefit from an extended withdrawal period where information has not been provided by traders. The exercise of the right of withdrawal should remain free of charge during that extended period regardless of what services consumers may have enjoyed. The expiration of the withdrawal period does not preclude consumers from seeking remedies in accordance with national law for breaches of the information requirements.

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