1 Response to Warning! Cold calling bogus lawyers office Salas Aviles Asociados!

  1. Nigel says:

    Re my previous email regarding CSL Marketing who are apperently contacting people by cold call, they are connected to a company called Pineshare who are also linked to Lansdown Financial ltd, reg by the FCA.
    They are offering to get back all your initial outlay plus any rental fees you may have paid out.
    No upfront fees to pay as based on a no win/no fee basis. However if they are successful their fee would be £6195, but because they are dealing with three other similar work load claims, they would deduct £2200 from the original fee but plus an IGIC tax(?) of 6.95% on the nett figure.
    This concerns a timeshare at Kololi Beach Club in the Gambia.
    The caller said her name was Rachel Fairburn with phone number 0800 0239032.
    Just wondered if you had heard of any of these names and would you presume it to be dubious?
    Any help appreciated.
    Many thanks

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