Platinum Services and Administration, cold callers with the old story about Compensation claims…

Sometimes you just wonder if they really think people are still falling for this.

But we suppose they do…

If not why would a company like Platinum Services and Administration start a cold calling campaign to ILG/ DWVC and Club Class members?

The cold call from Platinum Services and Administration is regarding the company Incentive Leisure Group (ILG) or Club Class. The caller from Platinum Services and Administration explains to the consumer that they can get their money back through the courts in Malaga.

The caller assures it will be a no win no claim but then also explains that there is a 10% commission charge with an upfront cost of £339 which if the claim is won, the consumer would get back.

So how do they think a no win no fee works?

Platinum Services and Administration is a recently set up company (November 2018) with address at Calle Lope de Vega, 60, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain.

Telephone number: 0034 951122027 and 0034 951122320


A follow up email is received from a lady called Brigid O’Sullivan. That seems to be a familiar name to those who have been contacted by Litigation services in the past.

That could be a coincidence, but looking at the website from you can see this is an exact copy of the website from and it looks like they could be the same people.

As mentioned previously in other blogs, cold calls are not really a good sign.

With the current law on data protection anybody cold calling you should come up with a very good explanation on how they got your personal and private details.

And no, we can assure you there is no such thing as an open register where your name is published for companies to take note! Or Clerks at court houses providing lists of names.

The company ILG went into liquidation in the January 2011, after the sudden dead in a traffic accident of the owner in August 2010.

Club Class stopped selling over 7 years ago, and most of the Club Class companies have been wound up.

There are no court claims and no companies are instructed by courts or governments to approach people out of the blue offering to join these “claims”.

If Platinum Services and Administration has contacted you already please do let us know.

You can email us at or fill in the contact form.



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23 Responses to Platinum Services and Administration, cold callers with the old story about Compensation claims…

  1. Peter says:

    Received a cold call from Olivia Saunders re reclaiming a payment to ITRA. Very polite and knowledgable, all they require is a registration fee up front and then 10% of the reclaimed cash, however, a bit of online research points to this being another SC**.

    • Dan says:

      Same person called me and even advised me that there were some negative posts online and to basically ignore any negative comments as they were written by other companies. I played a long but have not received anything in written form as she promised. If i do i will pass on as another time share fraud.

  2. David says:

    Still doing their rounds. My wife got called by Olivia Sanders saying we can now claim compensation. My wife said that it is the same lady who called us from another company called O 1 C Legal solutions almost 2 years ago. As soon as these people start to say we have to pay up front we know they are a sc**. Most are extremely clever and convincing and even use names of lawyers. We always ask the question, how many successful claims can your company verify you have handled that resulted in a victim being paid compensation? The answer varies, but it is always full of waffle and never ends with them supplying proof. My local advisor told me once they have your name they will keep calling pretending to be another company. I hope that the authorities eventually do arrest these people and we can see real justice done. We have been told never to pay these cro*** upfront no matter how they want the payment as they are professional croo**.

  3. Vera says:


    We have been contacted from Platinum Services and Administration by Rebecca Lawrence regarding our failed propertry through Inside Access. Rebecca soundded very convincing and seems to have extensive knowledge of the company. We did pay the administrative fee and also sent Notarised copies of our ID to the company. I got worried after this in terms of how our personal documents could be used especially abroad. We are now coming to the conclusionn that this now a sc** as after the money and the documents were sent we have not heard from the company despite asking for a follow up.

  4. Steve says:

    Had a call telling me I was to receive back money that I was conned out by timeshare release but I have to pay £1700 upfront. This is the third time I have had dealings with Spanish con artist but this one will not get anything after reading these comments

  5. John says:

    Have been approached by Platinum Services. Does anyone know for sure that this is legit?

  6. Nick says:

    Just a quick note to you to say I was contacted by Cathy McDonald from Platinum Services.a.couple of days ago. She was offering to help me claim €5500 in exchange for £230 + vat to cover the registration fee. It was because of my dealings with a time share company in Gran Canaria in 2008. No idea how she got my details but she was very convincing.
    Just a little bit if online research has brought up your site and others warning of the sc**.
    Fortunately I haven’t taken up her offer neither did I lose any money in Gran Canaria.

  7. Thomas says:

    Is this a c**, from platinum service and Admin who contacted me today.(help)

  8. derek says:

    I have been contacted by Sheila Hampton Senior Legal Advisor who had all my details and explained what had been going on with EZE group. She was remarkably informed and provided me with answers to all my questions. Registration fee requested to lodge my claims with the courts, full indemnity and asked I pay via my credit card to give me the protection and confident this was legitimate.

    The process and approach seemed to be very lawyer like and i hope this isn’t another scam.

    • Sheila says:

      Hi Derek, I think it is another one of those “oh so polite lawyers” that are on the “sc**” AGAIN. I have just had a phone call from Ana Segal saying that they could get the money back from EZE group but I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen. I have had quite a few of these sc****s on the phone. Another company, very convincing, was going to make sure that our timeshare had come to an end. I told them that it had in fact come to an end, but they said that this would not be the case and if I paid them £500 they would make sure to finalise our timeshare. Of course I didn’t hand over any money, this time, and actually received written proof that our timeshare had come to an end. So be very aware of any cold calls. I know it’s been more than a year now since you wrote this but I hope you are happy, safe and Covid free. From Sheila xxx

    • Gill says:

      Just something my hubby pointed out: if you pay for a dodgy item using you credit card then try to claim back when it is false, is the cc company really going to give you your money back when you gave it away quite happily? He thinks not.

      • Hi Gill,
        In order to claim a refund, you need to prove misrepresentation which in the case of this company is easy. They tell people they are going to claim but in reality they charge a fee for “admin”, “registration” or a feasibility report. They also include supposed claims against companies that disappeared years ago, and against which you cannot claim.
        Kind regards,
        Customer Care

  9. john says:

    I was contacted by platinum services to clame back £18000 pounds paid the £239 registration fee now thay want £2,383.70 for solicitor fee up front they said will get it all back when clam goes to court

    • Jane says:

      Yes we have done exactly the same and also paid £230 for a notery. We have been emailing them about when we will receive money as it being going on for nearly 2 years. We have been patient due to covid but it’s now becoming a joke. They do reply but always make excuses blaming courts for holding it up.

  10. Mick says:

    I was contacted by Amelia Reynolds from Platinum Services and Administration S.L with a no win no fee story but then had to pay a fee of 289 plus tax to reregister the claim as a civil claim in the Malaga courts. This was for Eze group collapse and they say I was guaranteed money back and then they invoice me for their 10% commission after I receive it. They sent me a few documents which tried o answer some of the scam questions to convince me they were genuine. Names on letters were from Edith Summer and Rebecca Lawrence, senior claims advisor. I spoke with Amelia and she sounded very convincing and not hard sell. Having googled various Eze group links it all looks very suspicious. Has anyone paid the commission fee by visa yet? Thanks Mick.

  11. ken says:

    I have been contacted by platinum services an promised full £7900 back from Eze group/ regencyshores, anybody else heard from them? ken

  12. Guy says:

    I have been contacted from Edith Summer and Catriona Hannington regarding Instant Access, all sounds plausible, other than the fact I know that asset tracing failed to find a pot of gold from Jim Moore to compensate investors. So why now this pot of money in Spain happens to appear…

    • Chris says:

      Hi yes I too am in the midst of a so called compensation claim through the court in Malaga re Instant Access my contact is indeed Catriona Hannington how did the get all my info?
      yesterday i got the rub aka send us 1250 pounds to process your claim court cost, notary, and translator. after smelling a rat i found you guys and confronted her over the phone she told me this site is the con and they are getting an injunction to close it down regards Chris

  13. Julian says:

    Rebecca Lawrence contacted us about Instant Access Properties. When the letters came through, she guaranteed that the 1600 euro fee would be won back, which set alarm bells ringing. It does seem to be an elaborate scam for a relatively small sum – many phone calls and emails. Have declined further contact

    • Tony says:

      I too have been contacted by Rebecca Lawrence about Instant Access Properties. The suggestions made were that I could be in line for substantial compensation through the courts, in excess of £80k. In order to proceed I would need to pay a refundable upfront fee of 1,756 euros.

      • Feza says:

        Hi Tony . I have also been in touch with Rebecca Lawrence and told my claim would be 69,000 pounds but will have to pay 2000 towards the filing of the court papers. I’ve told her of similar stories without success and was in no position to throw more money at it and would willingly pay more in commission but no money up front.
        What was the outcome of your dealings with Rebecca

    • Neil says:

      Hi Julian, I too have been in contact with Rebecca Lawrence and have asked many questions and in most part have had them answered, except for not being able to contact anybody that has won! and I too think its quite elaborate for such a small amount of money in my case 1600 euros, what do we all think? is it worth a punt or leave well alone?

  14. Don says:

    Hi Petra, Kathy MacDonald went from Litigation Services to Platinum without batting an eyelid. She was probably sitting in the same chair. Don

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