The strange case of Mr. G Flynn, liquidator of Monster Rewards SL.

A consumer who bought into Monster Awards years ago has brought a very strange and worrying letter to our attention.

The letter is sent out by the supposed appointed liquidator of Monster Rewards SL by the name G Flynn.

Although Mr. Flynn goes in detail about the liquidation itself and all the supposed options for those consumers affected, on the letter there is no information about Mr. Flynn’s company or indeed his professional body.

This seems to be a very unusual behaviour from an appointed liquidator.

Normally a liquidator who contacts affected consumers would provide straight away all the details of his company, contact details including address and telephone number and registration numbers.

But in this case the only contact details supplied are an email address of

This means that Mr. G Flynn does not email from his own company email, but instead he uses an email set up through a domain name ( belonging to Monster Rewards.

Doing research at the Spanish Companies House (Registro Mercantil) we are though unable to find any indication that Monster Rewards SL is in liquidation.

So far the company appears with status “ACTIVE” and if it was officially in liquidation, then the appointed liquidator would place a notification on the Spanish company register.

What we do know is that at the UK companies House, the company ABC Lawyers has applied for liquidation, and the previous name of this company was Monster Rewards Ltd.

Going back to the letter without letterhead or any other company details of the liquidator Mr. G Flynn, it continuous to explain to the consumer that, Monster Rewards clients may have a claim to be pursued against Monster Rewards.

This seems more than strange, as when a company goes into liquidation and there is an appointed liquidator, his sole commitment would be to wind up the company and liquidate its assets for the benefit of its creditors.

But not only that, G Flynn also suggests to the affected consumer that they could opt for a refund claim using the company Addlington West Group Limited based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, which is actually close to Monster Rewards’ Stratford-Upon-Avon office.

Mr. Flynn explains that Addlington West Group can help the consumer to recover money under the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and if anyone is interested in making a claim then they should email,

This is a very unusual approach for a supposed appointed liquidator and why would you email him instead of the mentioned company? Sharing consumers private information is ruled by the Law on Data protection and it makes no sense Mr. Flynn would “share” the information with a third party company.

Research on the mentioned company Addlington West Group shows they registered in September 2018 and the sole director is Mrs Christina Theresa Taylor.

It appears that Mrs Christina Taylor is the spouse of a Mr David Taylor and Monster Reward clients may be familiar with this Mr Taylor, as he worked as the office manager and sales person in Monster Rewards York office in the UK.

So possibly Mr. Taylor sold the consumer the Monster Reward package and now the company of his wife will help the same consumer with a refund claim based on proving mis representation! That seems odd not to say the least.

Seen the above, we certainly place a big question mark next to the letter of “Mr. G Flynn” the appointed liquidator of Monster Rewards in Spain.

It is not clear at all who Mr. G Flynn is, what company he works for and his connections with the mentioned company in liquidation, Monster Rewards.

If you received mentioned letter, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us with a copy of the letter.



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1 Response to The strange case of Mr. G Flynn, liquidator of Monster Rewards SL.

  1. Mike says:

    I have received a folio from AWG West Group saying they can act on a no win no fee baisis to help me achieve a refund on my Timeshare in spain. Is this yet another sc** of some sort? Being no win no fee it seems there is no risk. Is that correct?

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