Careful with the emails from the FAKE Banco de España!

Dear Consumers,

Please note that this FAKE Banco de España continues sending out these emails asking innocent consumers for money in order to get a refund. There is no such thing as money awarded in the Spanish courts to consumers who have no idea there was a court claim at all.

The Bank of Spain has nothing to do at all with court claims either as if the Bank of England would be writing to you about a court claim. It makes no sense!

These people have been doing this now for several years and they need to be stopped.

If you receive one of their emails asking you for money and promising substantial refunds, please do not pay them a penny. You will not see your money back!

In the past, they used the email address: which has now changed to

Official entities do NOT use email addresses from Gmail or Yahoo!

Telephone numbers used: 0034 603 142 583 now recently 0034 602 576 406 both Spanish mobile numbers.

If you have received this email recently, please do let us know.

You can reach us by email:

The email from the fake Banco de España looks as follows:

From: BDE BancodeEspaña <>
Date: 3 December 2020 at 10:05:52 GMT


We wish to inform you that we have tried contacting you via telephone call as we have received a notification from the court in Malaga, Juzgados de Malaga, Calle Fiscal Luis Portero García, 0, 29010 Malaga, Spain.

Translation of notification:

‘The bank of Spain wish to inform you that we have received a document from the court of Malaga, Juzgados de Malaga, Calle Fiscal Luis Portero García, 0, 29010 Málaga, Spain, regarding a compensation claim from the director of the company “European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, CMC Accounts, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

In your case it showed that you had paid money into the account/s of the company/s  mentioned above.

May we inform you that your information was found amongst their bank statements as having paid them money.

This may have been done by credit card, debit card, Western Union, money gram, bankers draft, Ukash vouchers, etc. May we also remind you that they traded under many different company names, if you have paid any other company it is most likely linked to these companies as they have changed company name’s frequently.

These companies claimed to be investment companies, mediation companies, litigation companies, resale companies, share holding companies, lawyers, etc.

The document states that the director of the aforementioned company has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering in Europe.

The Judge at the court hearing ruled that all remaining funds in accounts linked to the aforementioned company is to be divided equally amongst claimants, as there was insufficient evidence of how much each client of theirs had paid, as they traded under many different company names, they used many different payment methods and many different bank accounts.

May we inform you that we have heard from other victims of fraud that they have been contacted by third parties in other countries, claiming to be courts, or companies that can claim money back, this information is incorrect, please may we advise that you be very careful with whom you deal with and if any company or any third party asks for your credit or debit card details, DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO THEM. Since 2011 it has been illegal for anyone to request that information and take payment when the matter has anything to do with timeshare.

In the case of MR XXXXX contact number XXXXXXXX total of £27,793 is due to be remitted as there is sufficient evidence that the named victim mentioned above was found victim to fraud.

Issues surrounding money laundering problems in Spain mean that amounts over €10,000 are to be revised for money laundering and fraud purposes.

Having run all checks against your payment it has been approved as it has been classed as a ‘compensation claim’ and will be sent directly to you from the courts.

Spanish tax laws dictate that amounts greater than €10.000 relating to compensation payments are subject to  tax payment which must be paid in advance of authorisation being granted to release your funds.

The tax is refundable if you are not a resident of Spain.

If you are a resident of Spain, the tax is not refundable. The tax payment is 4%.

If you are a pensioner or over the age of 65 the tax is lowered to 2%.

If you are a British resident you are not liable for Spanish tax and therefore this is classed as a temporary payment which will be refunded to you within 14 working days of receipt.

The amount payable is £1,087.67.

The amount payable if you are a pensioner is of £533.80.

Upon receipt of funds we will apply for the necessary authorisation on your behalf, this is a formality after-which you have two options to receive your payment, either bank transfer, this takes 24/48 hours to clear in your account or you may be paid via cheque, we do ask for you to allow for a week for the cheque to arrive as it will be sent from Spain.

Please note that should you decide to proceed and claim your compensation you will no longer be able to take any further legal action against the aforementioned director of the aforementioned companies.

Should you require any further clarification you may reply to this email with any questions you have, if proceeding you will need to inform us in advance which method of payment you prefer.

You may contact your case handler on the following number 0034 602 576 406 please ask to speak to the English department.

If you wish to receive via e-mail information on how to protect yourself against fraud please notify us.

Please find the website of the bank of Spain below, you may also find this by typing Banco de España or Bank of Spain in google.

Banco de España

With kind regards.


Bank of Spain, Banco de España.

Calle de Alcalá, 48, Madrid, Spain, 28014.




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8 Responses to Careful with the emails from the FAKE Banco de España!

  1. ANON says:

    Hi I received the message from Banco De Espana as others and when I question the so called English speaking person, she had all my details, my work number together with my home number. And also the person from Juzgados de Malaga. They kept saying you have to pay so much to this person and that person. In the end I wrote to the President of Banco de Espana and since then the person has not replied to any of my emails (February 2021). This all started in June 2020. There was a post from yourselves and I questioned them about it they got a bit annoyed. Now the person who is supposedly to be working at Juzgados de MalagA has not responded either. It would help me if you would help me by furnishing the address of the court in Malaga, so I may write a complaint to the Dean of the Malaga Bar Association. As I believed that these two persons were truly from legitimate companies, I have foolishly parted with quite a lot of money as some of the other people who have posted their stories. They even threaten to take court action against me when I mentioned that they will sc****** and will be reported in the media.

  2. Patricia says:

    Welcome Back and Merry Christmas.
    I received a very similar letter from the fake Banco De Espana on 25/11/2020. I just ignored it because I could not see my bank collecting money for the Inland Revenue. It is only one of three sc** e-mails I had that month. Do you want a copy? It is slightly different to the one you have.

  3. Colin says:

    Merry Christmas and thank you

  4. Don says:

    Hi, Petra it is very reassuring to know you are there to help us when needed Don

  5. John says:

    Welcome back. John

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