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115 Responses to Cold Caller lists

  1. G.A says:

    suite à votre demande j’ai été contacté en janvier 2015 et le 23 janvier 2015 je leur envoyé la somme de 4850€ avec à l’appui copie de mes charges, certificat d’achat de ma semaine, et photocopie des pièces d’identité. Il m’a fallut également demander une copie du montant de mes charges précédentes à la résidence. Je regrette beaucoup d’être tombé dans le “panneau” comme on dit

  2. Carol says:

    Is “purchaser group” legit. They apparently would put us in touch with “claim solution group”?

  3. Ekaterina says:

    Good afternoon. Please tell me what to do and how to proceed in the following situation? Was a contract of sale and purchase of membership in the club “CLC Club La Costa World resort” from private person to private person through the Agency (Alianzatravel). On hands there are documents confirming payment by the buyer to the Agency the amount of the contract of sale. Was made a mortgage payment (including Deposit) for the transaction, but the transaction did not take place. The buyer disappeared. Is it possible to return the funds transferred to the agent as a mortgage payment and means of payment of sales tax. The payments are confirmed, there are copies of money transfer. How does the return of the mortgage payment in such situations?

  4. Robin says:

    Hi Folks, I have just had a call from a company in Milton Keynes. The male caller knew my name and said he was contacting people who had dealings with Club Class. At that point I hung up, unfortunately before I got the name of the company. The phone number that rang me was 01908 618559.

    Does anyone have information on this number? I have tried reverse directories without success, so I am wondering if this is genuine or a new scammed in the market.

    Any information will be great fully received.


  5. anne says:

    Has anyone been mis-sold holiday accommodation by RCE (Resort Care Europe)?
    I paid for packages for my husband and I but when it came time to book a holiday I was told that we couldn’t travel because we didn’t meet the age requirements. We are too old! NONE of the (aggressive) sales people who sold us these packages EVER asked our age. I was subsequently told that I could pass these packages on to family or friends. That was not what I had planned. My husband and I wanted a holiday.I didn’t buy these holiday packages to give them away.I was mis sold the packages which I paid for.RCE will not, of course, agree to refund my money. So beware.of RCE.

  6. colin says:


  7. Ron says:

    I have been cold called by Taylor Marshall and they followed it up with a letter in which they say they operate on a “No win no fee” basis. They told me that Club Class had been dissolved since 2011 but I am still getting demands for management fees from them. I do not pay any of those fees.
    Is there any hope of retrieving money from Club Class, ETOO, or Leisure Alliance?

    • Fred says:

      I too have been contacted by them. Have you had any further dealings with them? I’m wondering whether they have a scam and what it could be.

  8. proust says:

    connaissez vous la societe ACISCO ATLAS COMPANY qui vient de me contacter pour racheter une semaine a tenerife

  9. Tony says:

    Be aware that a derivative of Fast Line Legals, FastLine Legal Services SL and lawyer Maria Del Carmen, has just advised me that they believe that “I have ample grounds for compensation” from TruValid in the sum of £43,442.00 which they will pursue on my behalf after the advance payment of £1,039.00 for Court, Translation & Notary.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Raj says:

    A woman called me on 1/7/14 and said they had sent me an email on 19 June and earlier in Jan. SaidThey are offering very cheap holidays, we can take 2 weeks together or oneweek at a time twice. We can take these anytime over the next 3 years, that they were offering special cheap rates of only £99+vat for one week or 199+vast for 2 weeks. But this offer is only available today until 5 pm. I asked if it meant I need to pay the money up front. today, she said yes. Then she went into the classic cold-calling company tactics: she will seed if she can hold it a bit longer until the next day and had an pen conversation with’ my supervisor’ who agreed that it would be possible. Then she promised to call me back but also left me a free phone number that I could call back. I asked how they got my phone no and email and she said my time share company have them that. I asked the name of that company and she said that that info was data protected! This was a give away.
    She called on 2 nd July and when I said I did not have time to study their offers, she said she wd call back which she did and was persistent. Politely I declined to take up their offers giving some reason s then she called her’supervisor’ who tried very hard to sell me and finally even had the cheek to say that i did not understand what she was saying!! I ended the conversation. Thanks to your website for alerting me. GREAT JOB AND PUBLIC SERVICE.

  11. united43 says:

    anybody heard of alton or oulton alexander, just got cold called from them

  12. Geoff says:

    I suggest that people who get cold callers should get a “Call Blocker” fitted, they cost about £40 are easy to fit and you just press ma button to send them into oblivion. Worth every penny. Geoff

  13. Brian says:

    We were phoned today by RESORT CARE (Sarah and Natalie) Natalie is the Manager. We were told we had 2 weeks in 5 * Accommodation, 3 bedrooms, anywhere in the world for 6 people and this INCLUDED all Air Fares! They said this was because we had been Hollywood Mirage customers. (How did they know this?) We had to reply by 3.00pm to get this offer! Only £398 for 6 people!! We managed to find out they were phoning from Alicante. Watch out their phone number is 0034 965888 . They seem very active at the moment….. BEWARE.

    • Julia says:

      Ever heard of Ns Legal Release ? They have been very persistent and now say they have had an out of court settlement but need 10% before they can transfer the money, this sound dubious to me.

  14. ray and janet says:

    have had a call from full circle holidays this morning about renewel fee they state they are styill in business and can offer better deals than trivago I think they may be trading un der a different name but I don’t know what it is my renewel fee is due tomorrow what should I do ity sounds genuine but I don’t want to get caught out again please advice me asap thankyou

  15. Patrick says:

    Are there any legitimate timeshare resale companies out there that actually get results?

  16. dave says:

    Hi folks i have been contacted by NP legal services by Joclyn Roberts who have said that club class holidays have settled out of court and a soliciter is holding the my money(MEP & F
    no adresse ) but i would have to send there fee first, i sujested that i would put the fee £1.500
    into a english soliciter to hold and when they send my money my
    soliciter would then send them there fee they said that they could not do that as it out of there hands that they had no control, i told her to ring me back middle of feb which gives me a chance to find out more about them 1st they are not at the adresse that is on there heading paper 2nd it is a mobile phone a genuine company do not work from a mobile 3rd they are not registsred in spain 4th a cold call fron spain is againts the law good luck to you all Dave

  17. john says:

    has anyone ben contacted by Justice4 based in Bridgend? Had a call 10 days ago, very wary!!! Says it’s a No Win No Fee BUT …a Spanish lawyer needs to be involved? and he needs payment up front?????

    • Sonia says:

      We have used them to get back (a very small amount) of money from our credit card first before we would entertain using them for our timeshare. They did that ok so we are using them for our timeshare now. My advice would be to call the solicitor they use first to make sure you are happy, he has no reason to mislead you. We did all the checking up on them we could and they seem legit at this stage. We are happy with the service thus far and we are seeing progression (spoken to solicitor, signed power of attorney in a notary and had all our documents translated). We found out that we would need to pay the same if we used them or not so we thought we would rather pay a UK co than a foreign one. It did help that they are only 30 miles away from us too. I am not advising anyone to use them, just that we are happy at this point. We only ended up on here as we promised that we would be honest about our experiences if se saw anyone asking about them.

      • Kath says:

        We have been approached too and have a meeting planned, feeling very wary of this company as they cold call. How much do the solicitors charge to act?

      • Sonia says:

        We were wary of them but they have been great with us (so far) we have been to the notary and signed our power of attorney. We have also spoken to our lawyer (directly) and when asked, they confirmed that they had been paid and the fees were the same as we paid J4. We were shown a sliding scale of costs (depending on your claim). Sorry I cant be any more help but they seem to do what they say. I understand your worry about cold calls but all companies do it (how else would they get to speak to you?)

  18. Derek says:

    Hi out there this is not a reply but a question has anybody had dealings with Travel Connect Software when on holiday in Tenerife since 2010 would appreciate your views.

    Regards Derek

  19. James says:

    No further request for payment was made. On mentioning Mindtimeshare to them they became abusive and terminated the call. They obviously do not like your organization!

  20. Lesley says:

    Hi, I have been contacted by a Debbie Tucker from the Breakaway Destinations company re my DVLC membership which we have had for over 5 years but never used. Offered me £8000 but then was told they needed 1890 euro charge on a credit/debit card to act as a “pledge” which would be put back before any other payment was made. I was told it was a U.S company that wanted to buy from me but was not allowed to divulge their name,(big surprise). Told her we had no credit card and did not have enough in bank acc to cover the “pledge”. Big surprise to then find she could not help us unless we had friends or family willing to loan us the money.(it was all lies on my part about cards, just wanted to test her.)

  21. Daf says:

    Here’s a new one. I had a call from a firm called Mallorey-Deschamps who are based in St. Peter’s Port, Guernsey. They’re “liquidators”. Apparently the company that scammed me out of a bond have gone into liquidation and all their assets have been seized. Not only that but my timeshare had been sold by them. So Mallorey-Deschamps now have £6500 for the illegal sale of my timeshare plus the bond, some 1,400 euros. The catch – because the property’s been sold, apparently the Spanish government want the tax on the sale of the property. Apparently Mallorey-Deschamps will send me all the money recovered as soon as I send them the tax so they can pay the Spanish government. I don’t know how much they were asking – the conversation never got that far. As soon as I told them it was a scam, and not a very good one at that, they hung up on me.

  22. Alec says:

    Re information left on 27.8.2013 about carmar international saying that Trevor Williams was going to ring me back on the 29.8.2013 I am still waiting for his call must have seen my last replied to you many thank alec

  23. Ray says:

    I noticed you have Iberian Insolvency Consultants S L, on your Cold Call list. I have emailed this Company and had nothing but help from them, where do you get your information from,and is it correct, as i would not like to think i’m dealing with a xxxx Company. Thank you.

    • Elaine says:

      Are you still dealing with this company and have they got you your money back? They have been harrasing my very old father and asking him to use my mother’s funds. they aske for £5300 and then upped it to 10600 for taxes to the courts.

  24. tracey says:

    hi everyone we have been getting loads of cold callers to the point i ignore phone now or answer saying incorrect number. asking about our reclaim certificate.
    today we were called by by katrina watson
    Redemption consultants services, HACKNEY, LONDON, 02031375946 TRYING TO SAY they could get some of our money back cut a story short, they wanted us to pay money upfront, my husband challenged them on phone to which they didn’t get any where. we did say would get back in touch to which we will not.

    • Geoff says:

      Get a call blocker fitted they are about £40 on the internet, easy to fit, you just press a button and their number is blocked it will block upto 1000 numbers. They are majic, worth every penny

  25. Tony says:

    I am trying to sell my timeshare points and after reading some of your comments, I am being very careful. After a cold call from a company who wanted 1500 pounds upfront (and I am of course not ready for this….), I am in (email!) contact with Confusedabouttimeshare who wants 199 pounds after a 14 days “cooling off period” which are to be reimbursed to me after sale is completed, and Sellmytimesharenow. I have no “offer” from them yet and I don’t want to accuse any of them of anything, but I wonder if anyone would have any “experience” with them… I apologize to the agents from those companies, if you guys are reading this, but you have to understand that we “timesharers” must be very cautious…

    • Bill says:

      I paid them £240 to sell my timeshare but once we had paid them we heard nothing from them, I rang them and they told me that it was on their books and they were doing everything they can but no interest yet. I would never pay any timeshare sellers because once they have your money that’s it.

  26. Chris says:

    We thought we would let the forum know that we have had a final demand for monies which they allege that we owe The Essential Travel Club. I did try to contact E.S.T.C. but they do not return our calls or e-mails. We have taken Alberto’s advice and we will wait for their next letter.

  27. andrew says:

    New cold caller, Sunset Sales rang me today, wanting to sell my Lion Resorts weeks, I’m going to play them along and get as much info about them as I can, then report them to the authorities. I think we should all cause trouble for these bogus ‘companies’ and waste their time. I’ve written off the money I’ve lost, but, I can get some satisfaction from causing these ‘cowboys’ some grief!

  28. Dean says:

    Anyone heard of a company called Sunset Sales? My dad just paid £1,000 to them?

    • andrew says:

      Don’t pay any cold caller anything!

      • tracey says:

        we ignore and let them do the old chat on phone and say see ya now, or ignore phone or say wrong number, yes don’t pay anything.

    • penny says:

      Last year my Mum did the same thing but she paid on a Visa card. If you pay by card you can get your money back but act quickly. She got her money back as she didn’t get the service she paid for. Hope this helps.

  29. Tom says:

    Hi all,
    Had letter from Reclaim asking for my Bank details has anyone experienced this. I sent email stating that I would not pass my bank details and that they should send cheque to my address.

  30. martin says:

    Why is that you have been riped off aswell from halfmoon holdings

    • Tracy says:

      So glad I read through this site can’t wait for Millie from Half Moon Holdings to ring me back tomorrow. Once bitten twice shy.

      • matthew says:

        Hi all. i have Millie Langtry calling me back later today as well!! how awful as she sounds so credible?! she wants 1400 euros…! how can we all lobby official bodies to stop this company ripping off unsuspecting people…Matthew

      • Martin says:

        Hi tracy this is matin i paid halfmoon holdings with my credit card 1300 euros last nov i spoke to my card company capital one and they in investigated the claim up till now they claimed the money bak the european states under section 75 the credit card company have to reimburs that money to you if they refuse that right then contact the ombusman and they will point you in the right direction it worked for me

  31. Tracy says:

    So glad I read through this site can’t wait for Millie from Half Moon Holdings to ring me back tomorrow. Once bitten twice shy.

  32. karen says:

    I have received several calls from the above company offering me a free holiday in tenerife,if I can pay a booking fee of £99 for an appointment with their salesman who will buy my club class holiday membership! Are they a genuine company??

    • rose says:

      no I have sent money they say it is so as we don’t pull out of the deal and will get it back when the sale has been completed the only way to get it back is claim of your card we have lost £ through club class up grades I put the phone down when I get these calls now

  33. ALAN says:

    Be very aware of a company calling themselves BUYING IN PARADISE. They guarantee a sale and offer a definite completion date which THEY say guarantees you will receive payment. Of course they want an up front deposit, which they call a legal indemnity payment, which will be returned in full upon completion. I wonder !!!!

  34. Joyce says:

    Sophie Walker, Sunny Reservations just called. Has £4.800 already banked for our CCC platinum membership. Naturally needs 1400 euros for something or other to complete the deal. She is about the 15th scammer who. Has called us. Once bitten, (or twice) we certainly will not pass on any cash to anybody. Said I would check the company out and asked her to ring tomorrow. Will she or won’t she? Have a good list of names and companies if needed for other unwary persons.

  35. Jean says:

    We have been scammed on numerous occasions by several of the above so-called companies. I’m glad to say that we no longer answer the International Calls. They are very persistent but it saves a lot of heartache.

    Jean & Stewart

  36. Tim says:

    No, we havent heard of them but steer clear of OTS or you will lose your deposit etc. they do not appear to reside in Zurich.

  37. Jane says:

    Has anyone heard of MM Consultancy?

  38. mrs c says:

    a company called Xpress resales cold called me offering to sell my club class membership they rang me back today to say they had someone in their office willing to purchase it.After fees they said i would recive £4,300 but were needing £995 that i would get back on completion by paying with a credit card

    • TERRY says:

      please dont do! Ihad a similar call from holiday rentals .i stupidley paid out £1000
      for there srvices with a promise of £5000 , what happened , they went bust only recentleyi have got my money back, not off them but off my credit card co. after as lot of of answers and questions. it does not stop there ,as 3 different companies one called excalibur have promised me the same . believe me its a sc**!!!
      mine was also club class membership ,beware i am in dispute with them

    • Martin says:

      Dont part with any of your money its a scam

  39. Roland says:

    I have been co**** by Key Property Advisory not recently but a few years back it cost me 1800 euros at the time and another £100 to get documents signed by a notary. The so say lawyer at the time working in Malaga was Arturo Lopez Epin who was very difficult to get hold of and eventually disappeared. Can anyone tell me is there a way to get rid of your timeshare. Like June above I have two weeks at the Mirage in Tenerife in points.

    • Margaret says:

      We have been getting pesky calls since April from the so called Key Resorts and have told them repeatedly to quit it. We have 2 e-mails from them which we shall be sending on. The 2nd last call we go said we could have a holiday in the Canaries for a family of 6 for only £500.00. [that was including flights] I told them to put it in an e-mail, which they did. They got me really angry when they called back next morning and the young sounding man told me that wasn’t a very nice way to speak to anyone. We also have had problems with Resort Properties in Hollywood Mirage and lost many thousands of pounds. We tried to get rid of them though a company called Connect 6.Eventually got sorted out thanks to R.C.I. but of course that came at a price too. We are happy with R.C.I. as they have been really upfront with us and I really cant praise David Gilbert at Sunset Beach Club over the last 3 years as it was him who eventually got Resort Properties of our back.

  40. June says:

    I have been contatced by Suisse They are offering perpetuity claim, and want me to sign Power of Attorney. Thecharge being $430.00 for Admin Fees etc Translation Notary stamp. Want to send DHL to collect signed documents. THEY MUST THINK I AM MAD!!!

  41. Anne says:

    Anyone heard of Leisure Marketing who conned us out of a lot of money also a company called ZE Consultantcy who contacted us recently re the previous company saying they could get some of out monies back.

    • Sandra says:

      I have been contacted by ze consultancy been advised to avoid another sc** as they want money up front again hope this helps regards Sandra

  42. warren says:

    Offerd us £7.500 then asked for a further £800.00 for spanish taxes upfront what a cheek or should i say cheats when we refused they put the phone down the company is called excalibur we have allready paid them £1300 so called a returnable deposite.

  43. lorraine says:


    • steven says:

      Just had the same type of call from them, waiting for them to phone again to tell them where they can stick their offer.


  44. R C says:

    Just had a phone call from resorts Europe saying we can have a holiday at a 5 star hotel for 2 weeks for £199 because we hae diamond resort points I believe this is a scam and did not take up the offer. This is just to make other people aware of another company

    • Joan says:

      I also received a call from these people , but they claimed to be connected to RCI. I was told that I had won a competition ; however when I asked if I had to pay to claim my ‘prize’ the caller became evasive

      • Hi Joan,
        Thanks for your message.
        Could you tell me the name of this company?
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

      • Sylvia says:

        Recently I have received three phone calls from RCE offering to extend my holiday for only £199 pounds .when I refused they said it would cost me &199 pounds to cancel, WhenI said ,I had nor seen this in writing, they put the phone down

    • caroline says:

      what was the name of this company as I have stupidly got caught and lost not only the cost of their offer to but flights for my family return, and it was Diamond reports they said I was staying at until I got in touch with Diamond myself and they said we hadn’t been booked by the sales company at all.

  45. Pauline says:

    Official Transfer Services, Zurich

  46. warren says:

    is greenges 2005 a scam company

    • benjamin says:

      i have been conntacted by greenges they told me that they could get monies totelling £95-000 this was because the companys ooffered me the selling price for my timeshare in a contract but they wanted 1-400 euros up front which i refused to do

  47. Marion says:

    Just been contacted by phone for the second time by a company calling themselves Reclaim Cashback. They say they can get my money back from the liquidators but I have to pay £ 290 up front. I told them to send me information in the post they refused. I told them the Liquidators would contact me if I was owed money! I will not part with any money up front. Has anyone else been contacted by this company? Why is there not a legal team in this country dealing with it? Or is there? Marion

  48. Elaine says:

    I din’t realise there were so many companies using the same line and conning people out of their money. I have just lost quite a large amount of money because I believed what they told me. They are called Simple Property Marketing Solutions. The only simple one was me! Be warned.

  49. Chris says:

    I have been contacted by Greenges – Stewart Newman and a Mr Harrison – and have sent them papers relating to fraud by Selling Time and DDE, on the understanding that there would be no upfront payment. Now they tell me I have cast-iron case to recover money, and they require £850 to translate my papers into Spanish for the Courts. I have refused them three or four times but they keep coming back. I have no intention of paying any money, but I thought you might like to know that theyre still hard at work.

  50. brian says:

    we been cold called by moncasa gestio sl they told us they hav a buyer for our times share they sent all the contracts and a letter fom a bank saying they hav payed the money into a bank and i at to pay in 450 pounds then i will get all the money back in 2 days time i looked them up on the web and found out it is a scam

  51. Andrew says:

    Elderly neighbour cold-called 02/11/2012 by “Susan Watts” of TRINITY, Apartado de Correos 11001, 07010 Mallorca, offering £5,000 for her 1 week timeshare in Spain, and asking for £907.50 advance payment by international transfer to an account in Palma for “administration fees”. Letter was received from Trinity with details of account to which advance payment is to be transferred (IBAN: ES67 0061 0180 6101 0605 0119, SWIFT: BMARES2M), but no description of service to be supplied or Terms and Conditions. Neighbour has been target of multiple Timeshare scams in the past, including one by KPK Marketing, Kensington High Street, London. Interesting to note the UK contact number for Trinity is identical to the one used by KPK Marketing: 0845 303 2794. Trinity is obviously operating a Timeshare resale scam specifically designed and targeted at the elderly. Makes me feel sick!

  52. stephen says:

    has everybody been contacted byblue chip then to be pass over to a company that trades in theuk calling them self windsor consultants in newcaslte ne11 onq 01916542039 .should one think this all so be a scum.

    • Marion says:

      Have just been contacted by blue chip and I smell a rat

      • Lynne says:

        I have been contacted by Blue Chip SL tel 08448114363 trying to sell my diamond points with a retainer of 948 euros. i asked for their details to be emailed to me and i checked on line to confirm their details. I soon discovered that my suspicions were correct and that this was a sc**.I replied by email to this effect and told them not to contact me again.

  53. Alan Moffitt says:

    There is an ad in the Daily Mail from ‘’ offering no win no claim assistance with timeshare problems. Are they just another ‘scam’ company?
    My problems started 4 years ago when I answered an ad in the Daily Mail from ‘Etoo’, who have been proved to have been fraudsters linked to those other fraudsters the ‘Club Class Group.

  54. lynnehendry says:

    Hi I have just been contacted today by Timeshare Refund Network asking me about selling Hollywood Mirage on a no win no fee basis told them I had no paperwork at hand so they are ringing back at 4pm at least that gave me time to check your system for cold callers and for advice

    • June says:

      I have 2 weeks in Beverly Hill, Unable to sell. Gave back to Club, but they refuse and keep sending me invoices, I am over 75, canot travel, Feel I was missold.
      Been scammed twice. Don not know what the answer is. I keep getting calls from holiday companies/solicitors all offering me a way out. All scams.


  55. Margaret says:

    Hi, I noticed in the cold callers list for September, a company called Madrigal but no information relating to it. Has anyone else been contacted by them? We have had a series of phone calls telling us that we are “guaranteed” our money back as reclaim have gone into liquidation! Just when you thought you had heard it all, now, apparantly we should have an NIF number which will allow us to be paid out! This information is supposed to be contained in the terms and conditions on the reverse of the voucher. Can’t understand this as the same terms and conditions state that any disputes will be governed by gibralter law.

    Anyone else been called by them and if so what happened?

    • Josephine says:

      We went through the whole reclaim with this company and parted wih a consderable sum of money.We were told our claim had succeeded but we would have to pay spanish tax but as we do not have a spanish account they would process the tax for an additional fee. I smellled a rat and declined to pay……… we are out of pocket and well and truly scammed

  56. racarter235 says:

    I have received a ‘signed for’ letter today from a company called Avon Client Services Limited run by from Trinity Place, Midland Drive, Sutton Coldfield B72 1TX. Tel: 07512048859, offering £20,195 for my RCI Points. Well over the top!! The letter came from the Administration Manager, James Ashworth. Anybody else heard from them? Have Googled them, no joy as a completions company. Have been scammed once and managed to get all my money back from the bank. Not likely to do this again without a thorough check on the company and never going to give out a fee first!

  57. Del says:

    A friend of mine has been contacted by a company called Official Transfer Services (OTS) from Zurich, Switzerland. Letter signed by a Paul Davenport. They have offered him £5,170 for his week in Gran Canaria. They do not want any money up front and when the money is in my friend’s bank account they will send a Courier to collect the Ownership documents.
    Sounds too good to be true. It MUST be a scam but what is it? Does anyone know?

    • Hi Del,
      Cold callers are never a good sign.
      No money upfront, but they will send a courier. Most probably they will ask for a payment for this courier or any other fee to be paid like tax or notary.
      We have seen cases where they asked for £12 to pay the courier, but £1200 was taken off the card! The Courier never arrived…
      So please be careful!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Pauline says:

        We also had a phone call from this company (Paul Davenport) in October, stating they had sold our timeshare ( as we had been on line looking to sell), and needed a security of £1800 to be taken from our credit card, and upon completion ( when the deeds were collected from us) it would be refunded, they sent us a contract to sign for the sale. As we did not hear from them we contacted them in December to find out when the deal would be closed. Surprise surprise they advised us that the purchaser had pulled out, and a company under their umbrella would be contacting us today re this sale. To sum up we have a amount outstanding of £1800 which they will now hold until our timeshare is sold, which could be anything from 1 month to 12 months. Any advice please.

      • Hi Pauline,
        Thanks for your message.
        We can certainly help you further!
        What is the name of the resale company?
        Kind regards
        Customer Care

    • Tim says:

      Got that far also. It remains to be seen whether they deliver.

    • Tim says:

      Did he sell the timeshare? Did it go through? Ours fell through at the last minute…surprise, surprise! Now been putin touch with Infinite Comapny who probably is not to be trusted either.

  58. Enquiry20121023 says:

    John Wells phoned and mentioned RIOCC who would be able to dispose of my time share.
    He emailed a form and ref no which I am to complete and he will ring tonight

  59. Joan says:

    We seem to have been scamed again by claimsinspaindirect, based in terremolinos, they told us they had 12.000.00 euros being held for us ,but we had to pay uf front the court costs to release the money. They said that they had already won the case in court, but we had to pay 500 euros to release this money. We paid this but now we can only get an answephone reply on their phone number. Can you please tel us if any one else has had dealings with this company, Yours frustrated Joan

  60. derek says:

    Hii was scamed by carlto consultants and lost my money of £1398 they also came back
    for another £995 so i was well and truly shafted by them

  61. William says:

    I have been contacted once more by GREENGES 2005 SL, LOPE DE VEGA 60, ARROYO DE LA MIEL, 29631, MALAGA, SPAIN.
    C.I.F – B92652288
    They appear to be genuine but one has to be so careful.
    They want to join a joint action on ILG…Reclaim and state that all correspondance will be in Spanish so all documents need translation at a minimun cost of £850 payable after exam of docs by Lawyer then 15% of any monies recovered and paid direct to me.
    Question… Has anybody dealt with them , are they above board and genuine Legal Adinistrators and to be trusted.

    Also i have been contacted by JD Knight assoc of the UK on the same basis of assistance at a fixed fee on Section 75, again Oliver Knight seems above board but they have only been trading for 3 months has anyone heard of them and is their any track record…
    as amatter of interest i asked the Greeges coy if they knew them and they stated that they were a Scam coy???
    Look forward to your comments on both to assist me make some decisions

    • Jackie says:

      Hi my husband has been contacted by greenges on tuesday and I also had 3 phone calls off excalibur one after another on Monday We managed to claim the money paid to excalibur through the credit card company.I don’t know whether to trust them or not.
      Timeshare recommend using your own solicitor to claim monies originally paid.

  62. Ray says:

    Buisness Consulting Services from Mijas Malaga contacted me regarding selling my Club Class Saphire membership any info

  63. Brenda says:

    I was called by Excalibur yesterday (9th October) offering me £8,400 for my CCConcierge.
    He said his name is Lee Ward, had clients sitting there with him in his office.
    All I needed to do was give him my credit card number so he could hold £1,399 from it just incase I delayed in sending the the documents for the new owners!!
    Ofcourse, I smelled a rat!! I told him I don’t use cards or cheques.
    He’s calling me again today to see if I’ve talked my husband into using HIS card for the transaction.
    i’m going to have a bit of fun with Lee Ward when he rings today!!
    Another name within Excalibur is Sally Hansen, she contacted me the day before Lee Ward, to see if I wanted to sell my CCConcierge, I said I did then wham! Lee’s on the phone with buyers in his office the next day.
    I was duped by CCConcierge into paying out £5,000 a few short years ago, money down the drain as far as I’m concerned……’s not going to happen a second time!!!

    • Hi Brenda,
      Thanks for letting us know.
      He “only” needed the card number…yeah right!
      We will email you some information about Club Class, maybe we can help in that matter.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • martin says:

      hi brenda my name is martin i had a lady on the phone yesterday asked me about the sale of my time share points, i had a company who rang me 4 wks ago to sell my points and also had a buyer for them some russian, any how i was supose to get a large some of mony for these points they sent a contract out i sign it sent it back gave them my credit card no and they had there fee was £975 wen i rang my credit card company they had taken £995 off the card there for i went on the internet banking and found out they atcherly had taken £1006.33p i informed the credit card company they put the payment in dispute which is still pending and like a fool the lady from half moon holdings told me that this inspiration company had gone in to addministration and they had this company removed from the web site the land line no isnt working at all, but this company said they had taken over there for she had all the infomation on this company and the some of money involved weare she got this info from i do not no verry convinced she was told me they are from spain i read a few articals on the net about this company which i led to belive payed them £1300 for an insurance to get the whole of my money back and the sale of my points and it turned out to be a boguse company, rang my credit card company to nite and they put that payment in disput so there for i were verry lucky to stop the paymet been cashed as it takes one to two days before the can get there hands on it

    • Tom says:

      My wife was alled by Karen Morgan – they had a client who wanted to buy a timeshare – the client would pay the fees etc no cost to us. She would phone back later
      I did a search of reverse phone calls to trace 08712311241 and was directed to your site.
      Karen phoned back and I aksed her who she worked for “Excalibur Sales and Marketing” I then told her that I knew all about the company and that you are all con merchants who will be asking for transfer fees etc
      “How did you know the name of our company” she asked with a rather aggrieved voice
      “Ah you might well ask” I replied.
      She rang off!

      • Rosemary says:

        Karen Morgan has just rung me about selling my timeshare with the same sales pitch. Two years ago i was conned by the same company. When I said this to her she tried to say it was a different company, but when I said it was the same she gave Blue Chips address as being a sister co. and offered to add on my payment to the money she was going to give me for my timeshare. When I refused to give her any money she asked what I wanted to do. I said when the courier comes for the contract to fetch me a cheque. She has gone to talk to her manager. I am still waiting for her to call back ha ha.

  64. Philip says:

    We have been approached by Professional service international offering us on a no win no fee basis offering us commpensation in respect of miss-selling and offering ways and means of opting out of the contract. We suspect that this is a scam to get us to change to yet another time share. Has anyone any comments?

  65. robert says:

    has anyone been contacted by a company called the “all inclusive club! based in alfaz del pi in alicante, spain. they are threatening to take me to court because I said I thought they were a sc** company, any ideas?

    • margaret says:

      been done by them as well phone at least 3 times a week to add another package big con merchants wish they would take me to court to stop their scams

  66. rena mcl says:

    been called today from Blue FLag Solutions, can get rid of timeshare, by relinquishment, and looking into section 75 for money back. any comment please

    • Daphne says:

      Avoid avoid avoid! I have had a similar offer today. Reminds me of a previous horrendous experience that I won’t forget in a hurry.

    • Meah says:

      We are going through them at the moment and they have done what they said they would but just has a call from credit card company re: section 75 and still ssay we cannot claim this money back. Sent them an e-mail and awaiting a call from them, so will keep informed.

    • Roz says:

      I have also just been cold-called by Blue Flag Solutions. I suspect a scam, just anyone know anything about this company?

  67. Ian says:

    I have been approached (cold call) by MUNICIP.-MALAGA-No/679 (acting for TD Claims) to say they can get almost 17,000 Euros back for me. They want almost 600 Euros first. I am sure it is a scam but thought they could be added to your list of scammers! (Unless of course someone thinks they are genuine!!)

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for letting us know.
      They have all the looks of belonging to the list….
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Tim says:

        No but it sounds like they may be a new name for Official Transfer Services (OTS). Did he pay a third party like HFI? If so he may have difficulty getting his money back. Suggest to them that they advise their credit card company now rather than later.


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