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  1. Andy says:

    Is sussex advisory consultants a “CON”.

  2. Chris says:

    Contacted by a James Watson from Martinez notaries on a cold call .Claiming to pay us monies owed if we pay?£907-50 .from Calle Cuestra No 7 Fuengirola 29640 Malaga.Presume scam . Advice please thank you

  3. ROBERt says:

    Hello just received another call from the banco de espana requesting further payment of £1088 for translation services this is on top of a similar payment for taxes following a letter almost identical to the one on your website. I was a Club class member and have had several attempts over the years to get the money back but this is the last time . I thought this was genuine. I don’t suppose there is a chance of recovering the payments I have already made. Look forward to your comments

  4. Douglas says:

    Hi there! just received your e-mail regarding timeshare reclaims. I am a lapsed member of club class(gr8tstays) still getting demands for membership fees and former owner with silverpoint in Tenerife is there any chance I might have a claim against them

  5. susan says:

    Hello, We have had a lot of dealings with Scams trying to get money back from their promises with not a penny.( UK) without luck. We have been contacted by Athens Greece SUPREME CIVAL AND CRIMINAL COURT OF GREECE TO DO WITH CLUB CLASS ETC. Ramirez & Ramirez. They need payment for Taxes. We are desperate to believe someone who are for once to be truthful, and receive the large amount we are entitled to. This is ll with the total being refunded. Have you come across them or heard about it.

  6. Philipe and Michelle says:

    My partner received a very convincing phone call last week about a time share she had previously owned but was never able to use. She has been sent a voucher for The Aguamarina Golf Apts. in Tenerife for 10-01-2019 for a week. She has since purcheased flight tickets for the two of us.
    please advise

  7. Shirlery says:

    I was contacted by a company called Resort Management a few years ago, who offered me cheap holidays, I declined there offer but kept receiving calls asking for money to cover holidays that I have not take,. Howevr it went quite for a while but in the past few weeks I have been receiving calls fro a new company called Direct Getaway, they are demanding money to pay for holidays (not taken) its almost on a daily basis, they are asking for Credit Card details, how many cards do I have, what banks do I use, how much money do I have in my accounts? If I don’t pay they will sent a debt recovery company to collect money. It appears that this company is listed as a sc***** how do I get rid of them.

  8. Mark says:

    Could you please comment on my ..mail .. do you know of them .. is the company correct or not .. Thank you regards Mark

  9. neil says:

    Have had letters and phone calls from Agobados Canarias of 4Calle de San Francisco, Santa Cruz De Tenerife claiming that they are part of a class action against individuals in the timeshare industry. I cannot find the company on the British Consulate list of English speaking lawyers in Tenerife.
    I would be interested to know if they are a legitimate company?

  10. Michael says:

    Hi, a company has appeared on Facebook called Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd -they are linked to:
    County Leisure Corporate Events Ltd
    Advocate Legal Ltd
    I think they are dodgy – are they known to you ?

  11. Colin says:

    Had calls from Amable Gracia been court now wanting Procurador fee 601 euros to proceed even thourgh no win no fee !
    Promising between £7500 & £11000

  12. michael says:

    I wonder If you can help me, I was one of the people who was robbed in this scam by so called Incentive Leisure group.
    I have been contacted by Reclaim Assistance Ltd in the UK telling me about my case which I have been awarded a sum from the Spanish court after Operation Tormenta (Storm.) They have given me some details what to do etc like swift code and a
    bin number, for me to pay into this bank in Malaga spain but I have to pay 995 Euros first before I can get the money what I had been awarded. Can you advice me please.

  13. allan says:

    just had a call from Indigo Solutions about our time share in Crete which we gave up years ago, looking to retrieve some of the assets we lost. They were adamant that I look at a government web site dealing with document legalisation. I have not given any details of bank etc as I am very sceptic. They want to ring me again tomorrow Anyone dealt with this lot before?,

  14. Paul says:

    Just made payment for so called 4 weeks in Club La Costa of which I am a member @£60.00 a week paid via Visa. Rang CLC they informed me it is a possible scam! The company is called Resort Management Ltd with U.K. tel of 08458627782 or 0034965888121. Can you note for investigation as they knew all about my personal information with the CLC club.


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