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Infinitus Resorts, the New All-Round Holiday Club for Fly-Buy, Rental and Resales

Infinitus Resorts describe themselves as the leading online resource for buying, selling, and renting timeshare, and at the same time they present themselves as Exclusive Owners Club, offering fly buy accommodations and a kind of holiday club membership. They also … Continue reading

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Cold Caller alert for fake liquidator Segovia Insolvencias

There seems to be no end to the display of names of companies that claim to be the liquidators of Reclaim Ltd. We add to this list the name of Segovia Insolvencias. Yes, Segovia Insolvencias says they are the liquidators … Continue reading

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Have you been contacted by CRREO the liquidators from Cadiz?

Cold calling CRREO presents themselves as a liquidator’s office based in Cadiz in Spain. CRREO seems to have a lot of information about the Timeshare consumers Cash Back or Reclaim certificate. And they claim that these companies have gone into … Continue reading

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