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Have you heard from Mr. Barras from Language Services and Solutions?

This cold caller by the name of Language Services and Solutions – LSS seems to be new, although the name of Barras has been mentioned several times before with other dubious calls. But this time Mr. Barras seems to be … Continue reading

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Cashback Europe Certificate holders are being targeted by (FAKE) EYG Abogados.

Again a campaign targeting Cashback Europe Certificate holders. This time in form of a letter coming from a company using the name of EYG Abogados y Auditores Asociados. This is actually the name of a real company but the letter … Continue reading

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Can Bueno Asesor recover the money of your Cashback Europe Certificate?

Cold calling claims company “Bueno Asesor” is approaching consumers who received a Cashback Europe Certificate. Although Bueno Asesor knows the claim failed, they inform the consumer that the reason for the call is that they can now recover the money … Continue reading

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Were you mis-sold a Club Class Membership??

This question coming from us would not be a surprise, and we know the answer to this of course. But is it not extremely surprising that Club Class is asking their members the same thing! Yes, that is right…Club Class … Continue reading

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Have you heard from Gillian Harris Claims?

A strange case has been brought to our attention, and we would like to share the information on the blog in order to prevent others falling for this. After dealing with several resale companies and claims companies, all asking for … Continue reading

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