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Caution with cold calls from the company Genova Mierlem (fake)!

A new cold caller hits the lists by the name of (fake) Genova Mierlem. Once again a case where fraudsters are using the name of a real existing company, and not only the name, they also bluntly copied the address … Continue reading

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Is Ricardo Zanino Asesoria looking for your lost cheque?

For months we have been reporting the dubious set up in Tenerife, by the name of Legitimos Abogados or Juan Luis Partalabo. Luckily many people found the blog warning on time, and a lot of consumers realized on time they … Continue reading

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Do Spanish banks cold call and hold money in accounts for you without you knowing?

Maybe the questions sounds strange or funny, and asking if a bank would have money for you without you even knowing the bank existed, certainly sounds very dubious. But when you are called by a lovely lady telling you she … Continue reading

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Outlet Viajes Online, another dubious offer for a holiday club membership.

Cold caller Outlet Viajes Online has started to contact consumers who own a holiday club membership or even a DVD, which supposedly provides discounted travel. For all these memberships the company Outlet Viajes Online has buyers lined up! And these … Continue reading

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Cold Caller List – January 2015

Dear All, As at every start of a new month, here we are again with an updated report on the cold callers and other “Dubious” companies that have been active in the month of January 2015. We have counted 87 … Continue reading

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