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Abogados Litigacion, more of the same!

Readers probably think we are copying the same warnings over and over again, but no, this is yet again “another” fake lawyer from Tenerife with a slight twist in the name. Abogados Litigacion is again a cold caller who offers … Continue reading

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The Claims Agent, the cold caller who doesn’t do the claims at all…

Several consumers have brought to our attention a cold calling company by the name of The Claims Agent. The person calling on behalf of the Claims Agent explains to the timeshare owner that they can help them with a claim … Continue reading

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Are Graham & Stones from Leeds sending you a cheque?

Some cold callers just don’t make sense when they explain what their call is about. We now have this company calling themselves Graham + Stones and they pretend to be based in Leeds. The address provided is from a Business … Continue reading

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Have you received any call from Barratt Consultancy Service or BCS Costa del Sol?

So many names, so many cold calls, but all with the same (fake) story. Again a cold caller with a story about a claim and money awarded through the court. This time the name used is Barratt Consultancy Service or … Continue reading

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Poets Consulting, the latest cold calling appointment setters!

Supposedly is was time again for a name change, and this time the name chosen is Poets Consulting. New name, telephone number 0190 588 6740 and email address info@poetsconsulting.co.uk They bothered to get a domain name for the email, but … Continue reading

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Beware of the FAKE LAWYERS in Tenerife using the name of Amador Galeca!

Oh yes, if we hadn’t had enough already, we have another name added to the endless list of cold calling fake lawyers offices based in Tenerife. This time the have taken the name of Amador Galeca. The website http://www.amadorgaleca.com states … Continue reading

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Cold calling alert for a company called Stapleton Consultancy!

A company called Stapleton Consultancy of Leeds are cold calling timeshare consumers who have been defrauded in the past. Stapleton Consultancy is offering to recover money, which was lost by the consumers when paying bogus Timeshare resale companies. Surprisingly the … Continue reading

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