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Navarrete SA the fake liquidators from Granada

A fake liquidators office is brought to our attention, by the name of Navarrete. Strange detail on this company is that at some point they seem to have made a mess or confusion with their name and used Navarette as … Continue reading

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 Has insolvency specialist OLMEDA sent you an admittance form? 

Olmeda is the latest cold caller that contacts consumers who have dealt with other companies and claims to be able to recuperate the money lost. Until now we received reports from consumers who had dealt before with Incentive Leisure Group, … Continue reading

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Galdarres, the latest (fake) liquidator for Reclaim Ltd.

Cold caller by the name Galdarres pretends to be the liquidators for Reclaim LTD. Their unsolicited call is targeted towards those who hold a Reclaim Certificate and were unable to recover any money from this scheme. Galdarres claims that Reclaim … Continue reading

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Warning! Segurola S.A. Fake liquidators!

Yes another cold calling fake liquidator has seen the light, this time by the name of Segurola SA. You can leave the SA out, as this company is certainly NOT registered anywhere in Spain and actually does not exist at … Continue reading

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Cold caller warning for the fake insolvency specialists Legarda.

A new company has started their cold calls under the name of Legarda and they are claiming to be the appointed liquidators for Reclaim ltd. This pitch is certainly not based on the truth as the official appointed liquidators are … Continue reading

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Carmona Martos, the fake lawyers from Granada.

A new cold calling lawyers office has been spotted by the name of Carmona Martos. Carmona Martos approaches the Timeshare owners on a cold call to tell them that they can try to recover the Cash Back money they are/were … Continue reading

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Opgepast voor de valse advocaten Perre Rodriguez in Granada

Er is weer een nieuwe naam op de lijst van ongevraagde bellers en dit keer is dat Perre Rodriguez. Deze Perre Rodriguez doet zich voor als een advocaten kantoor in Granada, die zich bezig houdt met de rechtzaken tegen de … Continue reading

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