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Cold caller alert for LEGAL office Juridico Cuatro Asesores (FAKE) from Madrid.

A supposed lawyer using the name of the company Juridico Cuatro Asesores has started cold calling Timeshare consumers and for the moment it looks like he is targeting mainly Dutch and German speaking owners. There is a real company by … Continue reading

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Timeshare Atonement, de allernieuwste valse advocaten uit Madrid

Er is een nieuw bedrijf op de lijst gezet deze week onder de naam Timeshare Atonement. Op dit moment lijken ze zich voornamelijk op Nederlandstalige timeshare-bezitters te richten, maar dit kan natuurlijk nog veranderen. Timeshare Atonement biedt de consument aan … Continue reading

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Timeshare Atonement, the latest fake lawyers based in Madrid

A new cold calling company has been detected by the name of Timeshare Atonement. At present they seem to be targeting mainly Dutch speaking timeshare owners, but this can change of course. Timeshare Atonement cold calls the consumer in order to … Continue reading

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Timeshare Cold Callers June 2018

Dear All, The cold caller list for June 2018 has been elaborated. This month we counted 50 cold calling companies of which 10  new companies. For a complete list of the 50 Cold Calling companies please click on the following … Continue reading

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Have you heard from Peninsula Legal Agents?

A new dubious legal company has been detected, by the name of Peninsula Legal Agents. This cold calling “legal” company seems to be targeting for the moment Dutch / Flemish speaking Timeshare owners. The person calling is Robert Vermeulen. The … Continue reading

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Have you received a cold call from Progreso & Gestion (fake) with the offer to sell your timeshare?

A new cold calling Resale Company has been spotted by the name of Progreso & Gestion (fake). Progreso & Gestion (fake) contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer … Continue reading

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Cold Caller alert of FAKE lawyer De la Rubia Benitez from Madrid.

There is not much information available on the cold calling lawyer De la Rubia Benitez, but with the few details we have we can say this is not to be trusted! Lawyers do not cold call consumers, and certainly not … Continue reading

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