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Were you mis-sold a Club Class Membership & do you want a REFUND??

  Many Club Class members have found an email in their inbox with the on the subject line the above question. Who doesn’t think they were mis-sold by Club Class? So yes, they all want a refund! But reading on … Continue reading

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Claims Direct Now, another dubious website for a supposed claims company

  Lately it seems that there are more and more companies setting up websites where they guarantee a refund claim for anything people purchased, and are bragging about their “success rate” in refund claims. A company like that has popped … Continue reading

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The clock is ticking…. Are you still on time for a refund claim?

  2015, a New Year and a new beginning. Although we all know that the best thing to do is always look forward in life there are moments when it might be “recommendable” to look back. For many years several … Continue reading

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Simple Solutions, the latest “solution” Company for your refund claims.

In the past we had a couple of cold calling companies who all seemed to belong to a group of companies called The Solutions Group. After what appeared to be a quiet time without any cold calls, we are now … Continue reading

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Have you been contacted by Carlton Hill Consumer Action Group for a refund claim?

Carlton Hill is a new claims company that has started recently with a cold call campaign. They present themselves as a “Consumer Action Group” made up by retired and semi-retired experts within banking, financial and law.  In the cold call, … Continue reading

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Can I claim under the Consumer Credit Act Section 75?

Although we provide information about refund claims on a daily basis, we thought it might be useful for all our readers to have all the facts in one article. First of all, we need to point out that the Consumer … Continue reading

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