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Timeshare Cold Callers for the month of June 2017

  Dear All, The new cold caller list has been put together and we have counted 57 cold calling companies in the month of June 2017. From the 57 companies there are 14 new names on the list, which we … Continue reading

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Corente SL from Seville, the latest fake liquidators on call.

It looks like there is another company name to be added to the list of cold calling “liquidators” of Reclaim Ltd. This time the name used is Corente SL. Corente SL pretends to be a company acting on behalf of … Continue reading

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Attention with Pending Claims and Frozen Assets waiting at Courts to be paid out!

This is one of the times that we do not report about a particular “company” that contacts timeshare consumers, but about a way of approaching consumers, ones who already were so unlucky to have been duped before and are being … Continue reading

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Martin y Asociados, the cold calling fake lawyers from Barcelona

  The company Martin y Asociados is a fake cold calling lawyer’s office. They initiated these calls some days ago, and they seem to have a lot of information at hand about previous frauds of which the consumer has fallen … Continue reading

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Business Advisory & Consulting Ltd, cold callers on behalf of the Home Office?

The case of Business Advisory & Consulting Ltd is one of those where the entire cold call seems to be very dubious, but the setup is very well elaborated that it is easy for a consumer to fall for this! … Continue reading

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RCB Associates from Torremolinos, helping out with settlements

This new alert goes out for a company called RCB Associates which claims to be appointed by the Spanish Court. They cold call timeshare consumers who have been defrauded in the past, and explain that there have been court cases … Continue reading

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