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Did you receive a call from Contract Advice Bureau?

The most recent entry on our cold caller list is the company Contract Advice Bureau. This recently detected company – http://www.contractadvicebureau.co.uk – seems to be offering a timeshare disposal service. Although it claims by phone to timeshare owners that they … Continue reading

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Dial a Break, the latest cold calling Fly buy Operator from Tenerife.

  This week we have been made aware of a new Fly buy company who seems to have started their cold call campaign recently. This company uses the name of Dial-a-Break. Dial a Break has a very elaborated website http://www.dialabreak.comContinue reading

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Sky Breaks, the UK Flybuy Company from the Spanish Easy Consulting group.

Sky Breaks is not an unknown company, and has been around for some time now. They do discounted holiday accommodation for Timeshare owners. Recently they seem to be very active on the cold calling and we have also heard from … Continue reading

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Resort Care Europe, a tale of confusions and misunderstanding…

RCE or Resort Care Europe is certainly not a new name on this blog, and we have dedicated already several other articles to this company and connected ones. But as RCE – Resort Care Europe continues their activities we feel … Continue reading

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Signature Havens – a safe haven for holiday makers?

  Signature Havens is not a totally new fly buy company as we already knew about them in June 2014, although they seem to be more active from September onward with cold calling. Signature Havens, supply a contact telephone number … Continue reading

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