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Help! Which cold calling Claims Company or lawyer can I trust?

After publishing the cold caller list for September 2018, it has become clear that the activity of the cold callers at this time of the year is rising. More and more so called claims companies and “lawyers” are approaching consumers … Continue reading

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Careful with the cold calls from Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake)

A new cold calling and fake Lawyers Company has been spotted by the name of Euroforo Abogados Madrid. There seems actually to be a company in Madrid using a similar name, but the contact details do not coincide. As with … Continue reading

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Did you receive a (cold) call from Warwickshire consultants for a legal claim?

New cold callers in the list by the name of Warwickshire Consultants. A company who claims to be working alongside a registered legal company RSB Legal and who are supposedly running claims against the resorts. Agents who appear to be … Continue reading

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Dear All, Summer is here, the sunny days are back and as we can see this month, a lot of cold callers as well! We counted this month of June 82 active companies and among them there are 19 new … Continue reading

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Windmill Mediation Services, cold calls and upfront payments for Mediation

Surprising to see how many “Mediation” companies see the light in such a short time and how they all seem to have an extended Client list to cold call and offer their services. This time the name of the company … Continue reading

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Attention with Pending Claims and Frozen Assets waiting at Courts to be paid out!

This is one of the times that we do not report about a particular “company” that contacts timeshare consumers, but about a way of approaching consumers, ones who already were so unlucky to have been duped before and are being … Continue reading

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The Refund Action Group and their lawsuit against the Timeshare Industry

The Refund Action Group – TRAG is a cold caller who approaches Timeshare owners about a supposed lawsuit against the Timeshare Industry. Contact details for this company are Telephone 0161 884 0610 and their email address is info@therefundactiongroup.com. Although they have … Continue reading

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ITRA and their “RCI Action Group” now mis- using the name of Mindtimeshare

It has been said before on this blog in numerous occasions, ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action likes to use other names in order to confuse consumers of who they really are. Companies such as Cancelourtimeshare, Long Elmes, Purple Tower … Continue reading

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