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Newsletter – June 2015. It’s high time Spanish & British Authorities join forces to close down bogus companies.

This is not a time for blaming ones because they say the crime is committed in Spain and others because offenders and victims are Britons. Hundreds of European timeshare owners are being cheated on a daily basis and it seems … Continue reading

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Minimum information to be provided by a business

Often ‘dubious’ companies targeting timeshare owners are presented under a simple trade name, a website with a phone number and a virtual address. It is obvious that what behind this lack of transparency there is an obvious objective. We would … Continue reading

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When lack of direction and pressure from outside starts to get at you…

In July 2014 we were approached by Stephen Boyd, current Director of TCA and lawyer, who kindly offered us help and professional advice. We decided to go ahead with the conversation as we felt that we were talking to a … Continue reading

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Has Phoenix Mediation Services offered you Mediation to recuperate money?

During the past weeks we have heard a lot about companies offering “Mediation” to Timeshare Consumers and one of the active companies dealing with this seems to be Phoenix Mediation Services. Phoenix Mediation Services is a cold caller. A cold … Continue reading

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Contract Debt Recovery from Fuengirola, another dubious Claims Company

Cold caller by the name of Contract Debt Recovery has started their dubious activity since a week or so. They cold call Timeshare consumers and as always they already seem to know a lot about their history and their unfortunate … Continue reading

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Cold Caller List – October 2014

Dear Mindtimeshare readers, Another month has gone by and another month filled with active cold callers and apparent new companies. In the month of October 2014 we counted the activity of 102 companies and among these there were 26 New … Continue reading

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Timeshare Regulation, the all-round cold caller from Tenerife.

There are cold calling companies such as Timeshare Regulation who seem to offer all kinds of services, including those not even mentioned on their own website. Timeshare Regulation is at present actively cold calling Timeshare consumers who had for example … Continue reading

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