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263 Responses to About

  1. Debbie says:

    Please can you help us release from our timeshare – can you recommend any companies to use in the Uk?

  2. trisha says:

    Does anyone know of a connection between Leisure Marketing and Travel Group Administration

  3. Caroline says:

    Hi Richard I was in correspondence with mind timeshare about 6 months ago and sent them my documents but haven’t heard back they asked if we had receipts but we haven’t I’m just gonna go back for my first week and see what happens and see if I can get anything for my money you can try getting in touch with Alberto Garcia of mind timeshare he has been really helpful but as I said we don’t have receipts good luck

  4. Jean says:

    As anybody had any dealings with exclusive club in malta

  5. Caroline says:

    Can anyone help we recently got ****** into joining a holiday club saying it wasn’t a timeshare I have recently found out it is we have paid £1700 pounds for a worldwide holiday but know we are going to have to pay more by upgrading as it stands we can take this holiday but not in the places shown to us can anyone offer advice?

  6. Conroy says:

    i paid £500 to ITRA in respect of them disposing of our time share, with a balance of £1700 payable on confirmation that the time share membership is cancelled on or before 90 days. If the cancellation is not achieved by the 90 days period of ITRA receiving the deeds then the deposit would be refunded.
    We were having problems locating the deeds and so along with the contract to ITRA were not sent. In the meantime my wife had a call from a STEVEN JOHN, a signatory of ITRA on the contract to say as of Friday you will no longer be responsible for your time share, My wife asked how was he able to say that when we have not return any paperwork or the deeds, he said i don’t need it, and that we musn’t talk to anyone, our time share or trust. I was very concerned.

    The next day we contacted our timeshare and Trust that holds the deeds and they were not aware of any requests by ITRA. and on our request were not going to oblige.
    How can we try and get our £500 back

    • Derek says:

      I contacted ITRA within 7 days and requested my deposit to be returned after speaking to my credit card company for advice of recovery. The Credit Card company suggested I writeto them and ask for return of my deposit. I informed ITRA by telephone and also sent an email stating that the person I had dealt with had a final enforcement order obtained by the OFT against her and others whom I believe are involved with the company relating to misleading or otherwise unlawful when selling or marketing holiday club memberships and other holiday based products. The final enforcement order was made in April, 2011.

  7. Jane says:

    I received a cold call this week from someone saying she could help us to get rid of our timeshare (as we are not able to sell it) by putting us in touch with a company called Synergy Corporation UK Ltd (alledgedly based in Cheshire) and that they can arrange to have our name taken off the Timeshare Deeds. I did not pursue it, but am guessing Synergy would have wanted an up front fee. I am not able to find such a company in existence either. Does anyone know what would happen if I simply stopped paying my annual timeshare maintenance fee? Thanks 🙂

    • Neal says:

      seems there are a number of organisation out there who profess to being able to “fix” our problems and all want payment up front: yet you are not guaranteed a suitable outcome…like you we need help!

  8. Neal says:

    Is there anyone out there that can assist all those Diamond Resort owners – how do we get out of these contracts as we are being continually ripped off ? We decided to change from Timeshare to points as it seemed more practical. We were never informed that our maintenance charges (even if we did not take use our points) would accrue to the levels they are today, so there was miss selling. Try and book something and there is nothing available, so you never get anything….seriously this is a xxxx!

    • Bev says:

      I have to say in Diamond Resorts defence they are a very reputable and straight forward company to deal with far better now than they were a few years ago. We and several of our friends have had points for many years and can’t say we have too many problems finding the accommodation we want when we want (we don’t take ours during school holiday weeks when demand is incredibly high) you need to use the “system” properly to really feel the benefit. Unfortunately, they don’t own every apartment or villa in the resorts and accommodation is sometimes limited. they changed their check in days to every day of the week, it’s much easier to book now so if you opt for 5 or 6 dates instead or even 8 or 9, you might get what you want but you can always exchange with Interval International or even put the weeks in the bank and let them sell them to you. The best thing about diamond is that you know exactly what you are getting accommodation wise (we have never been disappointed) and the new beds and pillows that should by now be I all the resorts are fabulously comfy!

      Can I suggest when you next go to a Diamond Resort you attend an update meeting and tell them all you want to know about is how to get the best out of your points. They shouldn’t hound you they’re not allowed to and it might just change your mind about them… Before you ask I don’t work for Diamond and I’m not on commission!!!

      • Derek says:

        I agree with everything Bev says about Diamond Resorts, the accomadation is very good, most of my family have been to various resorts and they have all come home with rave reviews. Yes I would agree that the maintenance has gone up quite a bit but when you see the quality of the resorts I would it is worth paying, I have had points for about 10 years now and I don’t regret buying them.

  9. ann says:

    i have been contacted by timeshare mediation services saying they might be able to get my membership money back from club class conciege. They have made an appointment to come to my home on the 17 january to look at my paper work, but i quess once again it a con.Thanks for the information i will be cancelling this appointment.ann

    • Stu says:

      Hi Ann , this is probably a bit late in the day as just seen your post .
      We were able to get most of our cash back £1500 direct from the credit card co (Nationwide) Just explained it all and sent all info (copies only) got cash back ok .
      They should have told me they will look into obtaining the rest – as we had paid a part of the monies by credit card. I then went to a very legit uk company they got the whole £3000 pounds back for me for an agreed fee of £900 .
      Well it could have been worse eh? Contact us if we can help further – ps you have an 18 month window to get the cash back !!
      regards Stu & Brenda

      • Orshi says:

        Please help I have been co**** by ITRA to solve our holiday club ownership problem we purchased in his February in Mexico we paid £5000…. To ITRA and took out a loan with the Mexican company (£15000) paid deposit of £1800 and paying £300 a month which we cannot not afford…thanks

  10. Roger says:

    I have been called twice by section75 ltd
    on the second occasion i was transfered
    to a woman who claimed to be a lawyer
    she said she could negotiate with my credit card company and get my money refunded all she required was 250 pounds as working capital and on the
    refund of the money a further 250 pounds as full payment. When asked
    how they got my details she said
    i was on a list of known targets. I

    ils she said

  11. Brian says:

    Hi Alberto,
    An amazing SUCCESS!! And all thanks to you guys….. Since we last communicated and took your advice about 10 months ago, our credit card company contacted us on two other occasions asking for more information. In October 2013, they refunded our full outlay of over £6,000 under our Section 75 claim on our credit card payment and our bank transfer payment combined in respect of ILG/DWVC. Brilliant outcome!!
    We are still constantly cold called by scam companies who promise to get our outlay refunded for a fee, but I say to them – that they don’t know the background to our situation, our payments and our problems. They will take all the data, fees and then disappear. Credit card companies would much prefer to talk to the claimant direct.
    We did it ourselves and it has been a long and time consuming haul but very much worth the effort.
    We can’t thank you and your team enough for your help and invaluable advice.

  12. GT2914 says:

    I write to thank customer services and Alberto for their advice, we were scammed by Club Class on Tenerife in 2006, we tried to get our money back from the Credit card co. We were knocked back the first time, but after getting some further advice this site we tried again just a few months short of the six year deadline. We eventually got 66% of our money back (£ 6500 ) which we had written off long ago. We are delighted ! So don’t give up it can be done. Many thanks once again to Alberto and the customer services team.

  13. Delphine says:

    My parents have been contacted by McEwan Fraser with regard to a time sold on their behalf by Club Class. In order to release the money which is about £7000 they want them to pay nearly £2000 for Spanish Taxes. Sounds like a scam to me

  14. Tony says:

    Hi , i have been cold called by Andrew Firth of “Olvedo Toral S. L” , claiming they can get some money back from “reclaim certificate” originaly set up by incentive leisure . All seemed to be going well until he told me that to get the cash more quickly i could apply for an emergency tax code, Now i have to pay 11% of the amount of 21000 euro to the spanish tax office , He has e-mailed me a form( very convincing) fron “Agencia Tributaria” with their account details on it to pay the tax stright to the govrenment , could this be a scam , its all very convincing but they could be his bank details on this form. How could i check to see if the bank details do belong to the tax office yours Tony

  15. lois says:

    I entered into an agreement with viajes turisticos to resell my holiday package. I have since paid out over 5000 pounds via bank transfer and now cannot get any reply from any if the agencies involved. The phone numbers no longer work and i have no reply via emails. Is there anything I can do?

  16. This is a REQUEST from a Consumer:

    Important re- LEISURE MARKETING of Tenerife

    in 2010 we were ripped off by a company claiming to validate our Reclaim Cert on the basis that we purchased Holiday time with Cash back for 3 years. Under Section 75 we have reached a stale mate with a ‘third party’ clause,the problem being that our Credit Card deposit is not in the same name as the trading coy who sold us the holiday, we have to prove an association by documentation to FOS

    We ask has anyone dealt with Travel Group Sl , or its other name Travel Group Administration ( The name on our CC receipt )
    All our correspondence was with and in the name of LEISURE MARKETING both companies use the same Address and contact details
    WE are required to prove that TGA own or are associated with LM and or have one or more common Directors.

    If any one has faced the same Claim problem as us with these TGA and LM how did it get resolved.or by whom to contact to resolve
    If anyone has correspondence with Director(s) names or both company names to show an association such as on behalf or for etc., can you submit a copy to Senor Alberto Garcia for onward submission to us Any help on this matter would be appreciated

    Thank you Bill G

  17. george says:

    beware of excalibur resale company in partnership with breakaway destenations

  18. Pat says:

    I have been approached by a company called Timeshare Refund Network who say they can have my timeshare licenses relinquished in about three months. They will contact my timeshare company and then say they are going to take them to court through Canarian Legal Alliance. Their fee is £900 but it can be paid in monthly instalments. Is this a genuine company and has anyone else been approached by them?

  19. Colin says:

    I received a call this evening from purple tower solutions offering a no win no fee on my timeshare. We have been offered an appointment this month in Exeter. I have read your comments and I am concerned. After reading your various accounts and advice I feel quiet relieved I did.

  20. Tracy says:

    My parents have had a call from Monster offering to sell their timeshare for them. However they have to spend £1500 upfront after reading this site I will be informing them not to. Thank you

    • Paddy says:

      Hi Tracy,
      My mother in law has recently been contacted by Monster Travel. She wants to sell her timeshare and she seems to be interested in what Monster Travel have to offer…..should I stop her. I think she has already paid £1000 towards it?
      Thank you

  21. Sylvia says:

    Hi I hope you can advise us. We were originally sca**** by Etoo and Planet Vacations with promises of clients to buy our timeshare in Madeira but obviously nothing happened. We were then contacted by Rameriz and Ramirez saying that they could take action for us and reclaim our money but we had to pay approx £500 to take the case to court, which we paid. Now about 18 months later they have called and said that we have won our case and been awarded approx £5000 but we have to pay around £300 to the Procurator to get this back. Do you know if this was ever taken to court or is this just another scam?
    Hope you can help. Thanks. Sylvia

  22. Ann says:

    Dont bother with cash back we tried and were told that we had done everything at the right time, but there is no money to pay the cash back. My advice is to claim off you credit card for the full amount under “section 75” saying that the holiday/time share had been mis sold.

    • benjamin says:

      dear ann,i have tried to get my money back through the credit card as you described but to no avail, i have been in contact with tesco bank and hsbc since last october with very little response can you advise. many thanks ben.

  23. Chris says:

    Thanks Ann. We have a Reclaim Certificate and have read in several timeshare web sites that they are meant to be real but apparently I have to send it on a particular date allowing for the Spanish bank holiday.

  24. Ann says:

    Don’t bother with cash back as there is no such thing, we have tried everything. Finally contacted the Ombardsman and we were advised to claim the full amount of our money back under “section 75” from our credit card company (although we only paid the deposit on our card the ballance was paid by bankers draft when we arrived home)
    Section 75 is for goods or holidays that had been miss sold, as ours certainly was, we were told that DWVC holidays were much cheaper than you coud buy anywhere else. This was far from the truth.
    I hope this message will be of help to someone. (I have corresponded on this site before)


  25. Chris says:

    I have recently been approached by a cold call company (Zandar Enterprise) who knows when our Reclaim Certificate is due and after asking for £ 2,870.00 they would give us the correct date we should post this record delivery. I arranged a appointment and a rep came out to see me on Tues 20th Feb she convinced me that they would help so I gave he a cheque at this point I was wondering why they would not accept a credit card and after 24hrs thinking about it I cancelled the cheque. All I want to know is the correct date I should send it, can anyone tell me how I work it out? My certificate dated in June 2009

    • Stuart says:

      Quite a few years ago we followed all the correct procedures as far as dates were concerned and received not a penny back as Reclaim said that they did not receive the recorded delivery at the corect time. This has happened to many and we also paid good money to two companies who claimed that they would fight our case and got absolutely no where. We still get pestered by companies who want to sell / exchange / buy our time share for cash up front or compensate us for false purchase. No longer trust any of them, whichmay do a few an injustice but ???

  26. Barry says:

    Dear Sir,

    In November 2011 my wife and I sent all details of our membership with DWVC (ILG) to Heald Solicitors, based in Milton Keynes. This was done on a “no win. no fee” basis but with a fee of 25% plus VAT at successful conclusion. So far, nothing has happened. I have been advised from a few sources that our claim under Section 75 should have been resolved within 3 to 6 months. I have also been advised that, as nothing has been achieved beyond a 12 month period, we can in law extricate ourselves from our agreement with Heald Solicitors.
    Please can you advise, because I am sure, with your help, we should be able to make a claim ourselves.

    Having said that, I was contacted this evening (Cold call) by a company called “European Consumer Complaints” based in Malaga, who have suggested we deposit our information with company called “Solutions” who will charge only 10% for success. There will be some kind of up front fee! I await their information via email.

    I am inclined to leave well alone. Information about our position with Heald Solicitors (apparently part of a group called “verity”) would be useful.

    Please advise.


  27. Marian says:

    The same happened to us too. We keep getting cold calls but not taken any notice, but tonight received another one which sounded feasible. Have to go to meeting at Luton Airtport IBIS Hotel, to dispose of our Diamond points once and for all. Last company Marina Leisure in Spain hasn’t fulfilled the contract and Diamond say we are still the owners. Eureka Property Services are calling back tomorrow to make firm appt. They say no fees at all!! How can they afford to hire hotel and where do they get their money from? Think I’ll continue to persue the Consumer Credit Act 75 route.

  28. Ann says:

    Just come back from tenerife, have been scammed by L A PREMIERE .Too late to get afourteen day cooling off (which they said we didn’t have) but will phone the credit card company tomorrow
    and hope they can save our 1000 pound deposit. But its the last they will get,So could be worse.

  29. pearline says:

    Has anyone heard of a company called Absolute Solucion, they say they can get you out of timeshare problems,their address is in San Salvador and Malaga

  30. alan says:

    i have points with atlas points club, i have tried to sell over last three years without success.i am now concidering giving them back to atlas as i can no longer afford them. has any one tried to do this what was the reaction.what pitfalls should i be awere of.

  31. Jamie biggs says:

    Hi, my dad recently went to Tenerife and was pretty much conned in to a holiday deal with soem grand holiday club at a hotel called flamingo club.
    He has paid 1000 euros up front and has signed a three year deal for nearly 3000 euros for future holidays or some membership to interval holidays. However, he hasnt paid this 3000 but they are apparently requesting a Tesco loan in his name which once funded he is to then pay them!
    All cery dodgy and not sure what made hin sign! Is there a cooling off period and how would I go about helping him to reclaim the 1000 euros!? I will ensure he contacts Tesco and his bank to ensure no funds are withdrawn but could do with help about the contract an how to get refund??

    • Sharron says:

      Yes you do have a cooling off period. How did he pay the 1000 euros did he use a credit card could he could go back to them. Otherwise write a letter direct to the company and send international recorded saying you wish to cancel and want a full refund. Give a date when you want this to happen by and let the know you have sent copies to trading standards in Tenerife. Mindtimeshare will help you as well with this. Good luck I got my deposit back so don’t give up.

      • Jamie says:

        Thanks very much for the advice! Unfortunately the silly fool paid in cash so not protected by card company but will do as you say ad request cancellation.
        How will the website help me further may I ask?

    • Linda says:


      We went to Lanzarote in March this year and got caught by the scratch card scam as well, ended up paying £2500. pounds for the realistix browser suite on our cardit card thinking if it was a scan we would at least get our money back. After the holiday we had to pay £60 to get a log on for the disc and then realsied it was no cheaper than on line holidays. Soon after our return from holiday we had a phone call from the ‘Free Holiday Provider’ and as others have stated they just want more money up front, after one scan we did not want to fall for another so decided to lose the free holiday. We wrote to our credit card company and they came back asking if we had tried to e-mail/phone the company to ask for our money back. We had not as knew we would not get anywhere as our paperwork stated that we had no cooling off period and we had signed this. Because of all the complicated questions asked by the credit card we decided to cut our losses and have just accepted we were stupid and put it down as a lesson learned. We moved the debt to an interest free credit card and our paying back £150 per month now. My partner and I feel stupid and have not told anyone else about this as we feel we should have known better!

      • Nick says:

        Do NOT give up on getting your money back from your credit card company. If you paid by credit card (not, I think debit card), you are entitled to a full refund. Persevere and fill in the forms and email or write to the vendor cancelling and asking for your payment to be refunded. To understand your rights in this matter and, if necessary, get assistance contact the regulatory body , Resorts Developers Association http://www.rdo.org.

      • davey123123 says:

        Do not give up on credit card section 75 you can claim back as the offer you got is under misrepresentation because you can find same holidays online cheaper ,I did same in may when in Tenerife with ora vacations but got full refund off credit card company and off ora as well but had to cancel one off credit card got the one off ora through help of this website and Spanish trading standards only took 2months and got all money back hope you get same

    • Sharon says:

      My husband and I were also dragged into this we got caught and robbed of three hours of our holiday in Tenerife at the infamous Flamingo Hotel but were lucky enough to have not parted with any money. We are concerned however that we gave personal information such as D.O.B etc and are worried now that they could fraudulently use our identities. Has anyone else had the same experience and know if we should be really worried and advise what we can do to safe guard ourselves.

      • Nick says:

        If you did not give them any credit card details or bank details, you have nothing to worry about. They only ask for DOB to ensure that you are “qualified” prospects.

    • Silvee K says:

      Just returned from Lanzarote and the same company are operating there, we paid the 1300 euros deposit and were required to send another £ 2000 on returning home, we did not have any qualms about the deal, but 12 hours after arriving home tired from the flight etc. received a call asking if we had sorted out payment, this gave us alarm bells so did a check on the internet and found a lot of people who were unhappy as what was promised never materialised. We went straight to be bank and cancelled our cards as they had our details and asked a friend who is a retired solicitor to contact them to cancel the contract and return our deposit. We were also told there was no cooling off period. We are waiting for a reply. It would appear Grand Holiday Club and their representavies are not what they appear to be and people need to be warned. We are not hopefull of our deposit being returned but will keep trying.

      • Emma says:

        We’ve just returned from Lanzarote and also fell for this. Did you ever get your money back? Stupidly we paid by Debit Card so are not covered by section 75. Any advise?

  32. peted2347 says:

    We have recieved a phone call from a company called Business Advisory and Marketing claiming to be working on behalf of the Home Office. The company has a legitimate business address in Harrow, Middlesex, but it is a scam, and they claim to have access to the payments paid out to bogus companies, but be aware they request you obtain UKash vouchers to pay for early release costs of those funds as they were put into a 10 year bond. This is a complete scam as the Home Office do not operate this way, be carefull, this company is new to me.

  33. GEOFF says:

    Geoff says: I was contacted today by a man stating he was from Excalibur and he had news that my DWVC holiday club had been sold for £5000. I could gop over to Spain to collect a cheque so long as I pay 21% local Spanish tax ? Or he would do it all for me but I would have to pay an up front fee. I paid a fee 15 months ago and I havenever heard from Excalibur since. They have changed their number and website. They are faudsters and shouild be avoided at all costs. I asked for the mans details. he then said his name was John Wilmhurst ( just happens to be the name of the road I live in ) he sais he was a self employed Completions Officer based at the Hacienda in Central Malaga. Would not give me the address. He gave em a telephone number of 952050367. My phone record shows he called me from 34634123140. Another attempt scam to get more mopney up front. DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN ANYTHING EXCALIBER TELL YOU.

  34. John says:

    I was contacted by The national claims group some months ago regarding regarding claiming my DWVC holiday club membership fee back from ILG.I paid an intial fee of £755 and i received a call today saying that my claim was successful but i need to pay a spanish IVA tax before my claim funds can be released whcih im very reluctant to do have payed out money for my membership and the claims management fee. I tried calling the national claims group today and low and behold the call cant be connected. Have i been scammed again??

  35. Ann says:

    We have been contacted by a company called Morgan Swann based in Milton Keynes.
    They claim they can get our DWVC money back on a no win no fee basis, they will send us a bill for 25% of the money after we have received the money.
    Has anyone heard of this company and is what they say true?
    Please reply.

    • Kathy read says:

      We have also had a call from this company saying the same to us , but once again i have been told that they are a scam as well, we dont know who to trust as we have been caught out so many times before.

      • lenny says:

        i have been dealing with these people for a while and i have had a letter saying they can get me my money back and a amount has been reached we just got to wait and see if it goes into my account will keep you informed

    • Shirley says:

      I have been contacted by MORGAN SWANN & PARTNERS and I must say I am not sure either,my husband and I have been ripped off twice by companies one was called Half Moon Holdings and I cannot remember the name of the other company I have had so many calls from company’s and I am afraid to say I do not trust any of them I have lost all trust in these so called honest people

  36. julie says:

    HELP,we returned the cd to points vacation with a covering letter cancelling the contract.Today they returned the cd to us saying that we had opened and resealed the cd and that we must fulfil the purchase or they will contact a legal british debt collector.I’m getting worried now,do we have to pay up or what????


  37. Sharron says:

    Julie they told me that there was no director in till Monday to deal with my refund but amazingly I got it today. When they rang me and offered me free holidays instead of the refund and told them no I have given you the disc back so I want a refund, as soon as I mentioned misrepresentation which was suggest by Alberto they asked me for my bank details as they didn’t want to refund my card. So Julie I suggest you just keep badgering them with emails and international recorded deliveries. The lady at trading standard in tenerife is on holiday until the 1st August. I didn’t get a full refund but I am going to persue that. But in the end I am grateful for what I did get back and never again.

  38. harry says:

    I had travel and leisure cold call me wanting to sell my timeshare but wanted £150 deposit.
    has eny body had dealings with these people.
    they got no money from me.

  39. davey123 says:

    Sharon if you read agreement it states that you can cancell agreement if you hand gullivers disc back unopened and you say you have it still sealed take photo of it sealed up then post it with letters

    • kate says:

      We experienced the same as you all in Tenerife, we were kept 6 hours, and hubby couldn’t leave till I went back to hotel to get debit card, fortunately we only paid £500, we called them the next day, but they wouldn’t listen and phone went dead. We emailed them telling them they were breaching EU laws also we recognised a guy who had worked for Diamond. We went back to office a few days later giving them the software back unopened, and they gave us a full refund!! They were quite rude and insulting, but we got our money back. We did email the lady at trading standards in costa adeje but she never replied. It was reading all these posts that made us act so quickly so thankyou, but don’t give up we got our money back ourselves!!

      • Iain McRobbie says:

        Hi Kate,

        I’ve been trying to find an email address for Adeje trading standards, as I’ve not has so much as an acknowledgement from the email address listed above, could be she’s inundated with work? One thing which does concern me is that almost every solution to these problems appears to be to claim from credit card companies, the actual scammers are being left to carry on regardless, and apparently untouchable by EU law. Does anyone know if a section 75 claim impacts on credit scores?

    • Sharron says:

      Dave thought I’d let you know I got my refund today it wasn’t a full refund but they will probably say that they have admin charges but I go 90% back so in the whole scheme of things that better than losing it all which is what I thought I had done. Thank you for all your help and encouragement and also to Alberto at mindtimeshare you’ve been great.

      • Fantastic news sharron,hope we get our refund soon.Our case is apparently with the directors at the moment awaiting their decision.


      • julieclarke05 says:

        fantastic news sharron.Hope we get our refund soon.Our case is apparently with the directors at the moment.We will continue to fight until we get a refund.


      • davey123 says:

        Over the moon you got refund but you should have got full money back it’s there fault if they have to sort admin out only money you can lose is with exchange rate this is great news for everybody else trying to get refund it can be done .i have just got back from Tenerife this morning and there is still ticket touts all over the place Spanish need to sort this out as it spoils a great holiday

  40. Iain says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as many appears I’ve been taken for mug in Tenerife, promise of cheap holidays and flights, the web site we have access to is not what we were shown by the rep at the Flamingo Club, the “free holidays” turned out to be vouchers for Golden travel who wanted yet more money to process the holidays. Have spoken to Grand Holidays club on the phone several times but to no avail, all we have to show for our money is a log in for Interval International and a time share which we can’t use as they would then hit us for maintenance fees etc. I’d welcome any advice as to how to get out of this mess with at least a bit of my money back. And to think all my life i subscribed to the if it sound’s to good to be true philosophy!!

  41. davey123 says:

    This is same s*** as ora vactions use please read post I have just sent to Sharon on this site also please take advice of customer services on this site they were main reason I got refund back ,give great advice and contact details of people to help you

  42. julieclarke05 says:

    points vacation have emailed me and said there is no cooling off period and we must honour the contract.If not they will contact debt collectors.I have replied that their rep told us there was 14 days cooling off period and we want to cancel.
    However,I have phoned realistixsolutions in London who explained that points vacation are vendors for their software,which we signed for.He said they are a corporate company who rent loads of free weeks from empty accommodation and make them available to their subscribers for between £99-£399 per week.I am still in 2 minds whether to continue with the contract.I just want to know if its for real or a scam.The man at realistix said their software disc has only been sold in majorca for the last 8 or 9 months but has been sold elsewhere since 2005.Someone please help as points vacation are ringing me tomorrow and i want to have reached a final decision by then.

  43. davey123 says:

    Sharon Send your letter to ora vacations local no 8.cc
    Aquamarina playa de las Americas adeje 38660 Tenerife tell them you want to cancel contract and demand full deposit refund as it is illegal to take one they will tell you no cancellation agreement and no refund wrote in contract you must return cd from gullivers and copy and keep all items sent with proof of postage by international signed letter everything they have done is illegal give them 14days to reply if they do not or refuse refund contact Spanish trading standards e mail mariav@adeje.es ,ora will say they are software sellers tell them during sales talk they said they were holiday club also email admin@oravacations.com they will phone tell them you do not want talk about this just to cancel it and refund deposit there is also a web site called t.c.a who have 24/7phone lines with advice your local trading standards will provide standard letter for you to send keep at them with emails ,it was local Spanish trading standards who got my refund hope they do same for you keep me informed hate the way this company scam honest people

    • sharron says:

      Dave thank you for responding so quickly. I don’t hold out much hope of getting money back because they have obviously had lots of claims because I noticed in our paperwork there is a letter we have signed about no cancellation period. Also we were taken to breakfast the next morning and asked to write down comments about how this was presented to us which he near enough told me what to write so him and the guy out on the street would look good (it was mentioned that the guy out on the street had just had a baby added pressure to say something nice) we had to sign this as well how stupid they probably do this now to cover themselves for any cancellations anyway am still going to try. I will send them a letter cancelling and I was going to send the disc back as well which we have not opened. There is maybe one thing in my favour I did mention at the meeting that I had not taken my medication that morning and needed to get back to our resort. I thought we were going to only be there for 90 mins and we were there for 4 hours. We also did not have our phots’s done which other people did toasting champers and happy smile faces I think this is maybe all done to stop people cancelling. Anyway thanks again will look forward to hearing from you with any other tips and if I am doing the right thing.
      Regards Sharron

      • davey123 says:

        What they have done to you is exactly the same as they done to me and I got deposit back they even tried to tell me that they were software providers not a holiday club every thing they say is wrong they must give 14 days cancelation period they can’t take a deposit and using a ticket tout to get you to view hotel is all illegal in Spain which is why Spanish trading standards had my money back for me in weeks you must keep copy’s of everything never send originals and keep proof of posting this is why you send letters not emails to cancel agreement only send international signed letters as they must sign for them when delivered get in touch with t. C.a Internet site they have 24/7 phone line do not talk to ora on phone they wil lie to you and your local advice or trading standards wil provide a letter if cancellation for you that you just need to sign please don’t give up I have getting refund no reason you cant

    • Maria says:

      Correct e-mail address is mariarv@adeje.es

  44. davey123 says:

    Don’t pay him anything if this happened in Tenerife get in touch with Spanish local trading standards email mariav@adeje.es she was personally responsible with getting my money back but please also get in touch with your visa company about section 75 and also with t.c.a internet site also Alberto Garcia on this site first provided me with neccasry information

    • sharron says:

      Thanks for all your posts David I have sent emails to all the people you suggested. I will let you know how I get on.

  45. Jackie says:

    Ann I have had many English companies contacting me. The closets to me was Manchester Airport. I am very aware of these companies following my own unfortunate loss of money to one company, but yes I did manage to claim it all back from my credit card company.

  46. Ann says:

    davey123 which site got your money back? Blue Flag have just phoned again and Gary Thomas now says he is in Tenerife. This makes us suspicous, he is also starting to lower his up front money, he seems desperate to get the trade!!!

  47. Ann says:

    I haven’t had any reaction at all from my last post – which was has anyone been able to claim everything back off their credit including the money paid by bankers draft.
    Is anyone else being pestered by English companies claiming that they can claim everything back for us including the DVWC cashback. PLEASE REPLY we don’t know what to do we are both in our 70’s, please help!

    • davey123 says:

      Never pay any money up front to get your own money back ,if you paid deposit by visa card you can claim all of the money paid under cash claw back scheme or section 75 ,your local trading standards or citizens advice will help with this there is also a site called t.c.a which you can e mail or phone 24/7 who will advice and help you hope you get money back if you need anymore advice please get intouch

      • sharron says:

        Hi we were pressured by the sales people at ora vacations we only paid £1000 deposit by debit card. Who do you email to send cancellation letter in 14 days we will have about ten days left after this posting if you could give me the information I need I would be very grateful Dave.
        Many thanks Sharron

    • lenny says:

      dont pay any money up front but i have been dealing with a firm called MORGAN SWANN & PARTNERS they didnt want any money but they say an offer has been made and when i have the money then they want payment so i will see what happens but so far so good

  48. julieclarke05 says:

    Thanks davey,i have emailed them and withdrawn from the agreement.Found out they are brokers for rci,they have same business reg number.Have asked for deposit to be refunded as it was obtained illegally but dont hold out much hope.Have threatened to report them to european consumer service if no refund within 7 days.Just glad we didn’t part with another £3500!

    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks again for your message.
      As far as we know, Points Consultants is not a broker for RCI.
      Let us get all the information and we get back to you by email.
      Always better to use the post for cancellations and make sure the letter is send by recorded delivery.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • davey123 says:

      Please take all and advice given by this site they got me total refund deposit as well with there help other wise think they would never have given refund if you paid by visa you can put in a section 75 they were also going to claim money’s back through oras bank but had to inform them they have already paid up please keep in touch about claim so other people don’t give up hope

  49. davey123 says:

    This company sounds a lot like ora vacations in Tenerife theres a feature on this site about them they give you disc and tell you how cheap your holidays will be but when you try and book you rarely get days you want or place and you can normally find cheaper on line .check the blog on ora vacations tell you no deposit refund and no cancellation this illegal the same as ticket touts normally promise laptop money or holiday won always holiday you need to check them out you only have 14days to cancell

    • Thanks Davey,
      Sounds indeed very familiar.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • thanks davey,have emailed them withdrawing from agreement and threatening them with european consumer centre as they were illegal to take a deposit during cooling off period.Also found out they are brokers for rci,they got same business reg number.given them 7 days to refund our deposit but doubt we’ll get it.Better to lose £500 than another £3500 though.Lesson learned,don’t trust these people.

  50. julieclarke05 says:

    Just returned from Alcudia,Majorca.We did the scratchcard thing and to cut a long story short we ended up paying £500 deposit and £3500 to be paid on return to uk.The company is Points Vacation SL and they sell you a disc called realistix browser suite,concierge edition. have you heard of them? Are they a genuine company or just another of these horrible sc*****s.In two minds whether to cancel as only signed on 15th june.help please anyone. Thanks Julie.

  51. Ann says:

    We are now being called by British companies claiming they can get all our money back from DWVC plus the cash back which we put in a claim for in May. The companies are Verity Claims Ltd from Newport Pagnell who say there is no upfrount fee they take out 25% + VAT of the money they recover (which we pay them afer the money has gone into our account.) The other company is Blue Flag Travel Solutions based in Manchester I spoke to a Gary Thomas he says we have to send £500 up front as this is law. Because we paid the deposit on our credit card they both say we can claim all the money back even though we paid the bulk of the money when we got home by bankers draft.
    Is this possible or is it just another scam?
    Please reply
    We have had a reply from the cashback claim in Spain saying that our claim was correct but we have to wait for the result of a court case that went to court on 25th January this year.
    Both of the companies named above say that DWVC or the company that took them over went into liquidation on 25th Jan 2012 and it is because of this that we can claim.
    But can we claim the whole amount on our credit card?

    • lenny says:

      if u get a call from MORGAN SWANN AND PARTNERS give them a go but dont pay any money up front i didnt and i am waiting on the money going in my account see what happens

  52. lucy says:

    having spent the last two days trawling thru spanish companies and google to locate an address for Camilla Harford of Obrero Gracia supposedly spanish liquidators(?)after receiving a phone call to say they could help us get our money back, have now come to the conclusion that they are also scammers on the loose!!! .as i have now found your site, it mimics word for word what another of your readers have been thru.we too have been sent e-mails and phone calls telling us the money would be in our account in 10 days (nope!) we needed an N.I.F. number which is on the back of the certificate (nope!). we now have to go to cadiz to register the sale with the spanish tax man.(nope!)blah, blah, blah, you obviously know the rest but please let other buyers know of this company’s name so they can be forewarned……..its just another scam!!!

  53. Moortgat Arlette says:

    I had an appointment in Brussels on June 16, 2012 with LTXP. I had to pay an entrance of € 5.852.80 and they would pay me € 20.000 for my 2 weeks (26 and 27) only in 36 months (not weeks) sorry ! What do you think about this ?

  54. Moortgat Arlette says:

    I had an appointment in Brussels on June 16, 2012 with LIXP. I had to pay an entrance of € 5.852.80 and they would pay me € 20.000 for my 2 weeks only in 36 weeks. I suppose this is an arnaque and that I have not to pay this ! Thank you for your urgent answer

  55. Don arsenault says:

    can you help with a mexico fractional ownership scam?

  56. S.Walsh says:

    Finally, got my credit card co to repay money I paid to Resort Servie Care on the basis that I had a recorded delivery letter returned from their UK address, the website has disappeared, my e-mails have been returned/ ignored, the telephone number is no longer available etc..so even if I decided to take up the offer of further weeks of accommodation, which I did not want, I would be unable to book through them. The claim for repayment is under the TS section 75 (false sale of goods/ as I was sent a certificate for something that I am unable to take up). It has taken some time as, I was initially refused because I did receive a certificate Of course Cred card will attempt to recover the cash from RSC but ????

    • ed says:

      when did you purchace ? we paid £299 in aug 2011 but have not received any vouchers or correspondance from them .no one answers the phone .wondered if card co would go back that far to reclaim moneys .total sc** .

  57. alan says:

    Hi, to all those scammed by ora vacations in tenerife,we too were scammed in march but after waging an internet war against them,we have recieved our money back from Ora without having to goto our credit card company. Please spread the word about how they are scamming people holidaying in tenerife,they need to be stopped and put out of buisness!!!

    • sharron says:

      Hi Alan we have just returned and luckily we have only paid a £1,000 deposit by debit card. what do you mean you wagged an internet war and got your money back. How did you do this and what do we need to do to let other people know about this s***

      Regards Sharron

  58. marie says:

    Hi i have just been approached by itra claiming they can get me compensation for maintenence ive over paid in the past i dont no were they got my details they are claiming no win no fee but i have to fly over to spain to give them the power of attorny to act on my behalf has anyone else been approached

  59. Arnold Scott says:

    Hi from another reseller and as I have had a ffew of them on the t/p I can not remember which one -sorry

  60. Arnold says:

    I have heard that Beauregard have gone bust. Is this correct and can you help with name of liquidator and t/p no Rgds arnold

  61. Stuart says:

    They called us today and we told them that we were happy to let the week lapse. Anyhow, we have another 12 months before our next Bonusweek is due to papse and if they were part Of the same group they should kinow that.

  62. Stuart says:

    That was part of the deal that Resort Servie Care were offering and payment lead to a deliver of a further voucher for another week’s accommodation.

  63. Sheila says:

    Has anyone been approached by a company called “The All Inclusive Club”? They offer to renew some weeks we bought from Bonus Week Breaks which have time lapsed for £99.00 per week. They maintain this will pay for all accommodation anywhere we want to go, even in the UK, for 2-4 people for the next 3 years. Sounded dodgy to me !


    • Hi Sheila,
      Thanks for the comment.
      We just had the reply prepared to your email message about this company.
      This will be send out later.
      This company is connected to Bonus Week Breaks.
      Caution is recommended!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  64. Stuart says:

    Was approached by King Fisher the other day. Told them that we did not own anymore. just thought that you may blike to know that bthey are still going,

  65. Ann says:

    Is admin@consumermatters.com a genuine company? they have offered to get our money back from our DWVC holiday scam in 2008. We have sent them the details with bank numbers and credit card numbers blanked out about 10 days ago, they said they would phone us the next day to tell us whether we had a claim or not. We heard nothing until this morning when we had an email saying that their computers are down and they will contact us when they are up and running.
    My last comment on here never appeared I am begining to wonder about this site as I can never find the same thing twice. Come on please make it easy for us.

    • Hi Ann,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The previous one you placed under the article about Zel Consultants, maybe that is why you couldn’t find it back.
      But we did reply to you by email as well on the 2nd of May.
      Have you seen our blog about Consumer Matters?
      Please have a look. We don’t really like they cold call.
      Let’s see what they tell you when their computers come back on.
      I they ask for money, please let us know.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Ann says:

        Still heard no more of Consumer Matters, what are these companies hoping to gain as we did not send any money.
        We are constantly being called by people desparatly wanting to get our money back for us.
        We have tried to claim off our credit card ourselves under ‘section 75’ the credit card company turned us down as they said that the transaction did not have insurance with it.

  66. Martin says:

    This company is another that has popped up contacting us via cold calling.
    http://www.timeshare-relief.co.uk be warned.

  67. PETE&JOY says:

    Half an hour to late! I found out from your website about VIVA CONNECT. My wife and I are OAPs who are now in hot pursiut of our 1600+euros to be refunded ASAP. BE AWARE, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE CONMEN-SHYSTERS……..ETC!

  68. S says:

    Is there any legitimate way of getting rid of our Diamond resorts membership? We have continued to pay the maintenance fees as a) I don’t believe Diamond would let us off so easily as taking our membership back due to unpaid maintenance fees, even if it meant us getting no money back and b) it was part of our new holiday membership deal that they would take it off our hands and, until recently, I believed this although now I know differently.

    • Hi S,
      We will reply to all your comments by email.
      But please note that it is always recommendable to speak to your resort first to make sure it is or isn’t possible to hand it back.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  69. ken says:

    have recently been called several times from someone called scott brown of financial associates
    ltd of luton checked with local trading standards in luton they warned me off so beware ken h.

  70. Alan says:

    Having read all of the comments on Resolved claims @ Mindtimeshare reporting no negative feedback can anyone confirm any positive results from this company ?

  71. Martin says:

    Today I was telephoned by Carla Webster from Financial Associates Ltd.
    She is claiming that her company can reclaim back all of the money that I had stupidly previously lost to companies claiming to be able to sell my timeshare.

    To confirm that she and her company is genuine she provides the name, address, phone number and company registration
    Financial Associates Ltd
    Phone: 01183-282856
    Company Registration Number: 04974251

    I am requested to ring Ownership Advisory Line on 020-3286-5384 to confirm that Financial Associates Ltd is genuine, and also to contact Companies House.

    Financial Associates Ltd is, it would seem, genuine but, what I of course cannot verify, is whether Carla works for them.

    Anyway, I am told that I’ll get my money back in a cheque next Wednesday, sounds good.
    However, I first need to purchase 5 x £100 Ukash vouchers from my local Paypoint.
    I will then provide some (not all, I was later told 10) of the digits from each 19-digit voucher code to prove that I have purchased them. They apparently will not do anything with these vouchers and I can redeem them after I’ve received my cheque next Wednesday, delivered by DHL.

    Talking to Ukash support, it seems that the left-most 9 digits of the voucher code define the country, so I can guess which 10 digits they’ll ask for.

    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your detailed explanation on what has happened.
      This whole UKASH story is new to us and of course if you don’t know the “trick” behind the digits, it is easy to cheat the consumer and claim he is protected.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  72. scammed2012 says:

    My wife and I have just returned from a holiday in Tenerife which when we booked was classed as a promotional holiday rental thus we were asked to attend a presentation. This we did and it seems like many others were drawn into the web of a SCAM. We were offered a holiday membership by ORA VACATIONS and were given a fantastic deal and exclusive use of Gullivers Internet Browser. To further attract us we were offered 6 free weeks holiday accommodation from their brochure. We’ve paid a deposit of £2,500.00 on our credit card.

    Stupidly we should have looked into this further before signing up but as you will have read from previous blogs they are very persuasive and ensure you that you get the money back within 3 years through cashback europe.

    How can we recover our deposit?

    • britt says:


  73. Has anyone heard of Excalibur.com. wanting €995 retainer, to sell your timeshare/holiday club membership, within 8 weeks??

  74. George Cowie says:

    I had a cold call from Superior Resorts Resales offering me 2 weeks holiday at any resort for £99 because I had paid a lot of money in maintenance fees and they wanted to give me this offer to offset all the maintenance fees. Their telephone number is 08701 922 190. website http://www.superior-resorts.com Have you heard of them?

    • Hi George,
      Thanks for your message.
      This sounds like a new one! Let’s see if there are more consumers reading the blog who received a call like you did.
      Thanks for the information!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  75. P.S. says:

    Yet again, twice in one day – another firm, Castle something, wanting to know if we wanted to sell our timeshare. The girl was obviously very new to the job and reading from a script because I told her it was a holiday club and she kept asking questions like how many weeks, and when those weeks were. I kept my cool and we left it that she would talk to her superiors who would see what they could come up for me. I await with interest to see if they have any different twists on the usual scam. I will as usual try and get as much information as I can out of them without paying anything, but it is another name to add to the long list!

  76. Gian says:

    Hi my parents-in-law have been scammed by Holiday Rentals Direct. Can I request some information on trying to recover some monies.


  77. P.S.T says:

    Me again, I must be at the top of the list of guillable owners. I received a call from Jenny James of La Vida Viva this week about reselling my holiday club, initially they said ILG but I corrected them to DWVC. Anyway they claimed to be holding presentations and how much did I want for it. So I gave them a figure and surprise surprise they phoned back today with a ‘guaranteed sale, cash buyers’ who would put 30% of the price down which would be held in a holding account. Almost as an aferthought having described how a courrier would come and collect my membership papers and the money would be paid to me then (though there is a 14 day cooling off for the buyers so the whole things would take 28 days) they then asked for a holding bond of €1200 which I could pay by Visa or Mastercard. Well I said while the offer was good I was in dispute with my credit card company since they had refused me a claim under section 75 and it was suspended at the moment – Ok it’s not true but it seemed like the only way I could get rid of them. They offered to reduce the bond to €800 but I said I just didn’t have that money. I left it that I would try and talk to my credit card company and they will phone back on Monday. Their phone number is 951 191 004 which sounds like a Spanish one to me and the way she was talking she seemed to be at a resort somewhere.
    I know it is a scam because the script was pretty well indentical to others who I’ve spoken to, even the amount of the bond is arpound the same.

  78. Wozzer says:

    Heads Up!
    Another lot of con artists called me this morning – “Blue Chip”
    – They claim to be organising sales presentations to parties wishing to purchase DWVC memberships form the folks (like me) who were daft enough to buy one.
    The lady would not give any details, simply stating that she was “telesales” and if I was interested, she would pass on my details to “sales dept”.
    – One to look out for I would imagine – They obviously have access to the stolen database files from ILG to have obtained my Ex-Directory phone number….

  79. jackie says:

    I am so pleased for you. We all need to be really careful.
    I have tried to sell my timeshare through one of the offical site’s from the list of RDO, but no joy as yet.

  80. gr8esc99 says:

    It is regrettable that we have only recently discovered this site as over the past eleven years my wife and I have experienced nearly every possible situation described on these very pages. Every time we believe it’s possibly over, something else happens that disturbs our peace of mind. This is usually in the form of another cold call from those that either took advantage of us years ago or others claiming they can offer us an escape from this nightmare. The latest of these calls concerned the payment of membership arrears along with the threat of employing debt recovery services. Interestingly enough we had notified them over three years ago that we no longer wanted to be members and payment would cease. Whoever it is that rang up said they had never received our letter! Strange how these people never receive correspondence which places them at a disadvantage (Complaints involving reimbursement of monies paid, RECLAIM certificates etc. etc.) while we as consumers always have to comply with their requirements (if in doubt refer to contract small print, although a powerful magnifying glass may be required). One thing that never changes however is the need for them to receive money, whether obtained from the original scam at a huge cost or the sums required for on going assistance to help us resolve the situation we find ourselves in or reclaim monies already lost. Typically, any further sums of monies are always wanted up front before they will lift a single finger to do anything. We are completely at our wits end and simply looking for someone we can genuinely trust. Any faith we had in people we do not know or have never met face to face (where we can at least make a judgement call) has been totally eroded away. Even now writing this reply fills us with dread regarding putting our faith to the test once again. We would also like to take the opportunity to give anyone out there who may believe they are beyond being taken in by these unscrupulous characters that pass themselves off as a legitimate business, you are wrong. The techniques they employ beforehand to draw you in, then during presentations and afterwards when following up are nothing short of mind blowing. The best piece of advice we can give you is never get involved in the first place. If it simply looks too good to believe, then it certainly is so walk away. Far better to do that than live with the financial and emotional cost later, along with a sense of deep injustice that there appears nothing you can do to actually escape the horror show other than write it all off down to experience and move on with your life. Fortunately we paid the deposit by credit card, so we are about to attempt one final throw of the dice regarding recovery of our loss using section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Clearly with the amount of time that has elapsed since this first began we do have concerns as to whether we will be successful, however we are determined to try and any assistance or information you can give us will be gratefully received.


    E. S. C.

  81. P.S.Tingle says:

    I hope this is the right place to give this warning. I have recently been contacted by carmar international advisory about reclaiming money paid to DWVC and such like. I haven’t seen their name appear in your website so maybe they are a new firm of con-artists. Their address is in Fuengirola. I have copies of their introductory letter sent on 23/02/2012 if you want me to forward them let me have an email address.

  82. Helena says:

    Hello. My parents have been on vacation to Tenerife and meet a salesman from Ora Vacations. They are now about to buy membership with this company. I’m trying my best to convince them this is a s***, but they are blown away of this fantastic opportunity. 😦
    Do you know if http://www.oravacations.com and http://www.ora-agency.com are the same company? They are located at the same address, but the web sites don’t tell my much about their business.
    The cd my parents got is called Gulliver Holiday Software. Do you know if this company is the same as Gulliver Travel Associates (GTA)? I don’t think they have paid anything yet…
    Please, help me with arguments against this membership. I don’t want to see my parents disappointed.

    • David says:

      Got stopped by same company and paid 1200euros deposit on7/5/12 went back next day to cancel agreement and was told cannot do this as no cancellation agreement and could not get deposit refund must take 3 weeks hols instead ,this company are total s*** artists won’t let you walk away to think things over with out leaving deposit ,but this is illegal by eu law so sent international recorded letter to cancel and demand deposit back ,also got in touch with visa card company to reclaim deposit off ora vacations bank as covered under section 75 consumer trades act will let you know how this goes ,if you check there prices and check site prices for holiday offers no difference so you pay thousands of pounds for nothing hope you talk family into cancelling this agreement total waste of space and money

  83. Ann Mitchell says:

    Resolved claims contacted us by telephone we thought it was just another scam because you do not expect honest companies cold calling. They mentioned a figure of £5000 as far as I can remember saying that we did not need to send any money up front as they work on a no win no fee basis. They would take 25% plus VAT. They said they would put the details in the post which we received this morning.
    They are asking for
    A/ A signed copy of authority to allow them to pursue a claim on your behalf for the full amount of the transaction and not just the deposit.

    B/ A copy of the bank statement showing where the final payment was taken from your account as without this the lender will assume that their liability rests at just the deposit.

    C/ A copy of the DWVC / Club Class membership contract

    D/ A copy of ILG / Club Class sales invoice.

    E/ A copy of the Relinquishing ownership document where ILG / Club Class agreed to take a time share or points in part exchange.

    F/ A copy of the letter from the liquidator informing that ILG had not disposed of your timeshare or copies of maintenance fee demands that have been received since ILG / Club Class were supposed to have taken ownership of your time share. In the event that neither exist we will need details of the time share or points that were taken in part exchange as we have to have received conformation from any operator that ILG / Club Class ever made contact with them.

    G/ A copy of the cash back certificate as this could also be an issue depending on the promoter concerned and form part of any claim.

    H/ A copy of the credit card statement which shows where the deposit was charged to your account or copy of the receipt for the deposit issued by ILG / Club Class.

    On receipt of the above information your claim will be audited and dependant on your circumstances maybe allocated to a solicitor to pursue compensation. Neither ourselves or our solicitor’s will ask you for any upfront fees because we work on a “no win no fee” agreement with yourselves, You will only be asked to pay ourselves a fee of 25% +VAT when you are made an offer of compensation from the lender concerned.

    Liz Castle
    Resolved Claims Ltd
    Does this read that when we are made an offer of compensation we will have to send money to release the money? or am I reading too much into this?
    We have never had a time share only a DWVC Holiday Membership that we have never used due to it being no cheaper than the travel agents.
    Our Cash back is due in May this year is there any chance of that working?
    What are your thoughts on this as we don’t know what to do. We gave £7500 for our Holiday Membership.

    • Wozzer says:

      I did exactly the same as you – Bought a DWVC membership that we have never used due to it being no cheaper than the travel agents.
      I sent in our cashback certificate and have now had back a letter saying that I got everything right, that the claim is valid, but as there is ongoing court proceedings concerning the misappropriation of funds, nothing will happen – i.e. no cashback.
      Like you, we paid £7500. I have pursued my credit card company under section 75, but have had my claim rejected. However, I haven’t given up yet!
      Avoid Resolved Claims and any other mob who ask for money, they are all con artists.

  84. Ann says:

    Please answer my question I cannot see it on the forum.

    • Dear Ann,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Regarding the companies you are asking about, Resolved Claims we do not have any negative feedback from consumers and we will send you more information by email.
      Holiday Rentals Direct though we certainly do NOT recommend as they charge an upfront fee for a resale that never seems to happen. You can see the comments on this blog with the article about Holiday Rentals and the numerous comments from other consumers.
      A more detailed email will be send out to you shortly.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  85. rabbaxter says:

    hirab here new scamers on the block called inversion refund services trying to get ure money back forure certvicate dwvc section 75 want 395 upfront dont be coned i was coned by iclg for thousands of pounds ipaid by bankers draft cant get my money back this company is in leeds there phone number is 01618500827 be warned

  86. jackie says:

    No. But had a call yesterday from a company called sterling they said they had a buyer for my timeshare who had come in with an offer of x amount. To secure the sale I would have to pay £900.00 to ensure I did not back out. Obviously I refused. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any contact from this company.

  87. Pam says:

    Has anyone had contact with JRG Equity Release SL? They have a website which looks too new and too basic which raised by suspicions straightaway, despite having a UK customer service contact telephone number. They had all the details of my Reclaim certificate, saying they had the portion I had sent off for registration (read it to me, not the other way round) so sounded quite convincing. After the spiel, it turns out they want Euros 900+ for legal fees for us to get the return of 68% of the Reclaim Certificate value with the other 32% going to the Spanish Government in VAT and taxes. Know it is probably a scam but wanted to know if anyone else had had contact….?

    • Hi Pam,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Looks like a new one but not to be trusted as the 900 euros legal fees gives them away!
      There is no Spanish Government involved in this and taxes….all this through a company nobody has heard off?
      We will be emailing you more info, but please don’t pay these people a penny!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  88. Mr Alex says:

    I have been contacted by Mrs Amanda A Gray asking to purchase my Club Class Concierge (sapphire) membership. Shaw Auction House has achived a confirmed sale. The detail was sent by e-mail from Mccullagh & Co, 1 Canada Square, London, E14 5AA. who request a Legal Exchange document cost 210.00 + 42.00 vat. Have you herd of this lady or company.
    Alex Page

  89. Stuart. says:

    I really thought that I was now hardened against cold calling requests for money and wonderful benefits. BUT I have been scammed by Resort Servie Care. I was called by a person who claimed that they were representing the Gift company and if I paid £199 this would cover my flights to any destination that we intended to visit, this sounded great and with more chat I agreed. They also saaid that for £99 extra they would upgrade my accommodation to half board ..Wow..bells should have rung..too good to be true..I have informed the bank about claiming refund on fraudulent selling as the Gift company and Extra Time on line deny any connection and it states so on their web site..Now got a statement saying that I have acquired 2 further weeks of accommodation and 2 city breaks ..NOT WHAT WAS agreed. I have said to my wife ..do not ever let me do anything like that again..Just absolute con merchants ..this is the worst case of misrepresentation that I have encountered and should have recorded the conversation!! Now have to wait another week to see if they will refund to the banmk.!! and then could be longer as the breaks are at anytime and they could say that it is I who did not take up the deal . Clever eh ??

  90. jayne says:

    I have just received a phone call from phlegal. They are claiming that they will represent me in spanish court against dwvc for a fee. Are they trustworthy?

    • Hi Jayne,
      Search for the article we wrote about this company and you will see that we do not really recommend this company!
      We will also send you more info by email.
      Whatever they say, don’t pay money upfront
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  91. Mrs Betty Russell says:

    I have been ‘ripped’ off by Half Moon, and after a number of letters requesting a refund. According to their contract I should have 80% refund on cancellation. Can you suggest anything? I see that some credit card agencies will refund. Help!

    Mrs B Russell

  92. S.Walsh says:

    Decided to cancel the appointment with a rep from “Good Buy Timeshare” When the contact called to confirm the day before she did not like this one bit. She hasselled me on nad off for a number of months, saying that there was no other way to dispose of timeshare and if we did not do this we would be stuck with it for life and our family when we were gone. I eventually told her that we were no longer interested and put the phone down. She called back and left a message to stress how rude I was and threatened now to black list us with our resort and tell them not to consider us moving anywhere or let any sale / exchange go through. She implied that anyone who did not take up the offer was extremely foolish as they had a special arrangemenmt with the resort and she was “fed up” with these people who did not understand what they were stuck with, thought they could sell it for a few k etc..

    • Dear Mr. Walsh,
      Thanks for sharing this with us.
      Incredible how these people become rude on the phone to a customer! Have they not had any training? Or maybe is the stress to high for getting commission on a confirmed appointment?
      Certainly not good publicity for a company.
      When companies like this state they have arrangements with the resort, best thing to do is to actually call the resort…in 99% of the cases they won’t even have heard of this company!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  93. S.Walsh says:

    Have a look at “Timeshare Juice”

  94. S.Walsh says:

    First Place to go would be the resort itself. All these cold call groups, Itra etc..bang on about the fact that what you signed up for was for perpetuity and your children, estate will end up paying for it etc.. I am not sure about the legality of this ?? There are supposed to be companies that wioll take it off your hands for zero..and be responsible for future maintenance payments, they probably have swap arrangements with Thompson Hols or other groups. Fractional ownership is the latest thing and if you do that with another time share owner they may take the others that you own.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the tip!
      Yes a lot of times consumers forget that maybe by calling the resort there will be a solution to their problem.
      Always try first!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  95. Kathleen Jackson says:

    DON’T DO IT! We had exactly the same problem. Stuart Tristram kept in touch but there was little he could do. Last November Viva Connect contacted us and gave us the same speil that you received. I did send the money by credit card but panicked, realising that it was probably a scam, and refused to sign the contract. They pestered us for a while but then I stopped answering the phone. I was lucky – the bank honoured our credit card and I got the money back, but it has taken from November until the beginning of this week (23rd January) to get it sorted out. They do sound so convincing but I suggest you walk away. Good luck!

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for your comment and the advice.
      Great news to hear you got your money back.
      Very pleased for you!
      Kind regards

      Customer Care

    • S says:

      I had a company coldcall a few years ago, who for a fee of £250 paid on that day alone, would get our cashback S.A promised amount back without waiting the 59 months, as cashback s.a. had gone into liquidation or so I was told. I stupidly paid it and sent copies of all the relevant paperwork – returned to us unopened several weeks later! How could I have fell for that? Probably the same way most people here do – out of desperation! Now my 59 months are almost up – have I any hope of getting any of the money back from cashback s.a.? I am seriously doubting it. I will then have to be totally wary of any further coldcalls from companies offering their assistance. Is there a list of companies who do this to avoid? The whole holiday clucb membership topic makes me feel sick to my stomach, although I am getting hope now I have discovered mindtimeshare.me. Have I put my faith into it too easily? I have written that £250 off as a bad loss, amongst lots of other money.

  96. Chris Gradwell says:

    I am utterly confused with all this. Luckily I have not been scammed but actually how do I go about disposing of a 1 week gold any time with heritage resorts? We have had it about 9 years and do not use it as we should. where can we go and not get ripped off? Can we actually release the ownership and have no more commitments to it?
    Chris Gradwell

    • Hi Chirs,i recently gave mine away….

      I went onto the facebook page of my resort and simply asked if anyone wanted it, and got rid almost at once, took about 8 weeks to finalise.

      I guess you could try the same, assuming your resort has a web site or forum, or even a facebook page, I would not trust most of the so called resale companies out there.

      Stay clear of those mentioned already on this and other sites and forums.

      Good luck

  97. Bare in mind that with a banker’s draft you may not be covered, whereas with a credit card the credit card company are legally obliged I believe to help you should this be a scam.

    I’d be asking for further proof before handing over any money, sounds like a con to me.

    if Leeds is not too far maybe you could meet face to face, see what kind of set-up they run etc.


  98. SWalsh says:

    I would check them out first, check website, etc , companies house listing and reports. Is there any possibility of them providing you anything in writing confirming that they will repay the money, even an e-mail might be enough. If they are based in Leeds why Spanish Law? Also get confirmation that this amount will be the one and onley payment. How is it caculated, 1%? If they have already recovered the money how is the cost worked out , is 1% standard? Havew a look on some forum sites

  99. Brian & Pam Fox says:

    In 2003 we went to a presentation in Tenerife and bought into DWVC/Timelinx on the promise of all or a percentage of our cash back. This was through a CASHBACK S.A. certificate. We waited for the 59 months to pass and sent in our certificate to claim our money. We received a letter telling us that our claim was successful and called the claims line…….No Answer. We have had no contact since apart from a Stuart Tristram saying he was trying to get to the bottom of it. It turns out that the owner of the company had disappeared with the money and had been caught by the police and prosecuted, his name is Larvin. Still having no joy we decided to draw a line and realise we had been conned.
    Out of the blue we got a call from “Timeshare Disposal Ltd” in Leeds saying the the administrators in Spain had recovered most of the money and they had been instructed to act as agents to put the money back in our pockets. We confirmed our details with them and they called back today confirming our claim as valid. We would be getting £7996 back within 2 weeks but because of Spanish law the legal fees would not be taken from the £7996 but had to be paid up front. They require £802 by bank transfer and not credit card as they are not allowed to take credit card details. They will call us back tomorrow (Thursday 26th January) to go through the process so we would appreciate any help and advice you can give us.
    Obviously we do not want to send any money but it is tempting if we can recover our money.
    Kind regards
    Brian & Pam Fox (Hull)

  100. Stuart says:

    “Goodbye timeshare”. I have read some comments on some sites..anyone any further experience?

  101. Stuart says:

    Anyone had any dealings with Goodbye Timeshare, they are sending a rep next week for a house visit. Anyone had success at time share disposal which was financially worth while. We have no intention of providing an up front fee.

  102. Can you tell me how to go about claiming the fees back from credit card company

  103. SUSAN LUCAS says:

    We found United online through a web search, We were subsequently telephoned and they said they would find us a buyer. a few days later we were contacted again and told a buyer had been found and we would need to pay a guarantee of £1330 which would be refuned plus interest on completion. We signed contracts and returned them and were told they would be in touch after the new year. We received an email stating they would be in touch for bank details in a few days. A week later I rang to find out what was happening and was told they were unable to get in touch with the buyer either by telephone or email and that as of last friday a default notice had been sent.
    In the meantime they had been in touch with their agent who had arranged with their client to purchase the timeshare to enable the sale to go through. TS Marketing telephoned this morning stating that this has to be in person and so he was arranging flights and accommodation to Benidorm where we would sign papers etc and be refunded the cost of the flights and accommodation. It was a fluke that a cousin visited and when we told him what was happening he went home and did some searching and found your site, We now feel we have also been scammed. What do we do now can you help us.

    • SUSAN LUCAS says:

      To update you on the above. We have received refund of money paid from credit card company. We are very relieved.

      We sent copies of all correspondence and also reported it to action fraud and also to trading standards and trading standards spain.

  104. Mr S Varley says:

    I have just been cotacted by a company called ” We buy your timeshare ” who have offerd us £6000-00 for our Club Class Elite membership claiming they are not a re-sale company and want to purchase our membership for themselves and that if we agree to sell , their legal company called Hacienda or something similar will contact us next week are they to be trusted or is this just another scam ?

    • Lorraine says:

      I was also contacted by We Buy Your Timeshare on 5th January, 2012 and then had a call from Natalie Blom from Hacienda Services. I was also offered £6,000.00 for DWVC Membership. But because of Spanish taxes I would have to pay £900.00 in cash at a Western Union Transfer Office of which she gave me the address of the nearest office. I was to pay this cash transfer to Florentina Liliana Seceleonli the Official in Malaga today 10th January, 2012 then I would receive a bankers draft on Friday for £6,000.00 and a return of £900.00 plus charges within 3 weeks. As I am writing this she has called again, tongue in cheek I told her I could not raise the cash. She said she will have a word with Florentina and see what she can do and give me a call back in the morning. Doubt she will ring. But lets see how long I can keep this up. Not paying anything, already been scammed by Half Moon Holdings, unfortunately it was a Debit Card.

  105. Glyn says:

    Unfortunately we fell for the patter which was very slick. We were made an off of £6900 for our holiday club membership and told they had a customer and the money was sat their waiting. We reluctantly paid a deposit believing that if the deal was as they promised completed within 5 weeks we were covered against fraud etc through our credit card. We were told that both us and the buyer had a 14 day cooling off period which had passed without problems. But as soon as the completion date arrived they said the buyer had changed his mind and wanted a better package. They told me the new deal would give me an extra £4000 but I needed to pay a bigger deposit. I refused saying if contracts had been signed the 14 day cooling of period had passed how could the buyer change the deal. It was a take it or leave it situation so I refused to pay more. I was originally told the contract we signed did did not fully apply to us because they already had a buyer and were not marketing the membership this was obviously a lie. So learn at my expense….. I am fighting to get my deposit back through our credit card company.

    • jackie says:

      Glyn I hope you get on well with this. I did by sending all the information that the company had sent to me plus all the e-mails I had sent to them, along with the information I had provided Actionfraud.gov.uk.

      I hope you have some luck.


    • Hi Glyn,

      Thanks for your message.
      Which company was it that took the money from you?
      Have you obtained the refund from your bank?
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  106. Jackie says:

    Just to let you all now, that following my complaint to my Credit Card Company with regard to United Online I have had my account refunded with the £1600.00 that they took as a retainer.
    I had sent my Credit Card Company copies of all letters recieved by United Online, and all letters I had sent to them, plus I had also contacted actionfraud.gov.uk and lodge a complaint.

    There is hope for you all.

    Regards and good luck

  107. Mrs Jackie Morgan says:

    I to have fell into the hands of these people (United online) paying a fee of £1630.40 to them on the 8/8/11, because as they said they had found a buyer for my timeshare. It then became apparent that the buyer could not move forward with the purchaser.. Then we were told that another company had found us a buyer (TS Consultants) however in order to move the purchase forward we had to meet face to face with them and bring with us all documentation. We would need to travell to Benidorm at our cost (which would be paid back to us on our arrival at the meeting). We spent a further £500 on flights, hotel accomindation, taxi’s to and from airport and hotel to meeting only to find out that this to was a lie. I have reported all of this to actionfraud.org.uk. I have tried contacting both companines to get my money back, sadly TS Consultants does not return my phone calls, and United online’s phone number is always engaged and i get no responce to my e-mails.

    I am unsure of how to get any of my money back, and would love advice with regard to this, as well as any information anyone can give with regard to a legitimate site that deals with timeshare re sale.

    • Dear Jackie,
      Thanks for your comment on this blog.
      We will send you more information by email today.
      You did the right thing reporting these people to Action Fraud, the more complaints they receive the better as they need to be stopped!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  108. graham edwards says:

    I should not have done it but I paid a holding insurance of £1800 to Beauregard marketing,could not find anything wrong about it at the time.i have just been contacted by them for £1600 legal fees,told them to take it out of moneyfrom buyer,they refused and said sale would not go through.I now see that if I cancel Iloose all my money,Ineed advice please.

    • Graham, please do not part with any more money until your sure, if you paid the £1800 on your credit card you maybe covered I say maybe becasue you still have to prove the scam, so gather all the info you have ready for that.

      > What clause if any do you have in the contract about the initial payment, does it say non-refundable?
      > Ask them why the legal fees were not mentioned initially, i presume that is the case?

      Also I would contact this company and ask them for proof of a sale or details of the buyer, i’m not sure they will comply but it’s worth a try.

      Sorry if this is not much but I’m not too up on legal matters, but have been scammed on numerous occassions so can usually sniff the buggers out.


    • Dear Graham,
      Thanks for your message
      We are very sorry to hear you have paid this company a holding insurance of £1800
      We will send you more information by email and let’s see if you have a possibility to recover your money paid.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  109. KP says:

    Hi Mindtimeshare, I saw a Webpage from you about NETTIMEBROKERS.COM, who had suddenly appeared on the Web. The URL appears to have been set-up on Oct 23rd 2011 (See URL) http://www.dailychanges.com/hostnine.com/2011-10-23/
    I started to realise, that I had probably become involved in an Internet SCAM. Your concern about this company and advice to avoid them came too late for me! I have been dealing with them since November 2nd 2011. Their website said they offered a different type of “Service” because they did not want any money from the “Reseller” (Me) to process my Timeshare sale, as they would claim all the costs from the “Purchaser” by adding 14% to the Sale value. After giving them my initial details, 2 Days later, they phoned to say they had found a buyer and I was being offered far more, than the asking price. They told me that the Monies would be exchanged by the end of November and the transfer of details would be completed within Three months. They said, that for the Sale to continue, they needed to receive £1295 from me, that would be put into an VISA/MASTERCARD Account to guard against me defaulting on the delivery of the documents. Upon completion of the sale, the money would be returned. I stupidly paid this via a Creditcard. To my annoyance, it has appeared on my card from a Company called “Odyssey Consultants, Palma” as a foreign transaction where I was also liable for £35 of exchange charges! They said the Contract would be sent in 7-10 days. I’m still waiting for it. As soon as the creditcard transaction appeared on my account, I contacted my Creditcard company, but they don’t seem to want to know until after the End of November: When the whole transaction should have been completed.
    The 0845 075 5850 and 0203 137 6903 phone numbers are those, that I have been contacted via.
    I also have a list of people’s names who I’ve already spoken too: Katie Stephens, Sally Stokes, Dave Cooper and a lady called Louise who called me on the 0203 number and said she had taken over from Katie.
    I hope you can help, as I don’t know where to go next.

    Keith P.

    • Hi Keith, if you paid by credit card, then contact them and let them deal with it, i got all my deposit back, and they are now looking into the rest as that may also be covered under your credit card agreement.

      You will have to prove that this is a scam of sorts in order to get any money back.

      Well worth a call to them in any case.

      NEVER trust anyone who asks for money up front….SCAM alert if they do, no matter what ever reason they give, we have had them all from “It’s insurance”, to “processing anf admin fees”, just say no, not interested, I know it’s very appealing when someone calls and says they have a buyer, but timeshares are worthless at the moment, we have been trying to give ours away and have had no luck, and that’s where these degenerates come in, they prey on you like animals, knowing how much you wnat to get shut of it, you’ll do almost anything,i know we have been through this on more than one occassion………

      Ask yourself this, if you never contacted them how in the hell did they get your details, simple answer they pass your info round like the daily paper, so you’ll no doubt get more of them trying similar approaches, so be wary all the time.


    • Dear KP,
      Thanks for your message.
      We are really sorry you found this blog too late and have already paid these people.
      Let us email you more information and see how we can help with a refund claim from your credit card / bank.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  110. Terry says:

    Just been contacted by Transfer Services Direct Ltd
    With aview to relinquishing my timeshare week

    Our service comes with a written 100% guarantee that we will transfer the timeshare weeks/points from your name along with any future liabilities, providing all maintenance fees are paid up to date
    But on searching the web I came upon the writeup here
    seems another scammer usng a virtual address who will go into liquidation in a few months and I will still be liable for timeshare management fees

  111. Was contacted by Viva Connect who wantwd to buy our Full Circle Membership but wanted £780 to proceed Asked if this could be taken from the balance but said no

  112. I have been trying to contact ITRA and Club ClassConcierge for several days now with no response as yet.

    So if anyone has been able to contact them could they let me have the details please?


    • C.W. Gardner says:

      Hi Gary,

      For what it is worth the only contact details I have for ITRA are as follows. All of the leter headings I have show a huge coloured logo for I.T.R.A. but they are running under the name of :-

      Transparent Consultancy Services
      Colne House (2nd Floor)
      Colnbrook High Street
      SL3 0LX

      Tel 0208 9521000
      e-mail slough@itra.net

  113. Mike Kite says:

    Have just been contacted by Solutions Group, Anna Stevens on 02031377214 asking for an up front payment of £399. They will then act on my behalf to recover money paid to ILG in 2008. They presented as a specialist in consumer claims. They will be getting back to me in a couple of days. I am very wary of any up front payment as I don’t believe in throwing good money after bad having read of others through your site. Anyone else aware?

  114. Sorry meant Club Class Int……

  115. Cancel,Club Class no longer exist as a company they went bust a few weeks ago, please get you money back, dont fall into the same trap as we did.

  116. C.W. Gardner says:

    We were invited ( and pestered) to attend ITRA in Slough yesterday and were given a very convincing presentation about the “Class court action” that is being prepared against RCI and asked to fill in some forms to include us in a no win-no fee court case. Now I suspect that was all a smoke screen
    We then were suckered into asking about their scheme for disposing of our timeshare points. Yes, I freely admit that here on Sunday morning that we fell for it!! as we are heartily sick of the hassle of owning a timeshare that we have never used and never will. We filled out various forms relating to Club Class Int who were going to buy our timeshare and take over those “in perpetuity” maintenance fees for a one off payment of several thousand pounds…Seemed like a way out at last.
    But this morning I thought about it and did some research on the Internet and discovered your forum along with a few other sites. and lo and behold , Club Class International is in receivership as of last August!!! Large smell of rat here.!!!
    We have not paid any money as yet, so I am writing an e-mail cancelling the agreement and also requesting our ownership certificate to be refunded inmmediately.

    Just exactly how are these charlatans allowed to operate and rob people of their money within the UK???

    • As we fell for the same scam, as a matter of interest which company is now selling this?

      As I suggest below, Club Class Int no longer exist as a company so you are being well and truly scammed, callthem back and ask them about this and see what they say, and please let me know as they own me £7,000.


    • Dear Mr. Gardner,
      Thanks for the information.
      Please let us know if there is any problem with cancelling the agreement and we will help you further.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • C.W. Gardner says:

        Thanks everyone for your support, I hope it will save others a wasted journey and maybe a lot of cash.
        The Company running this was ITRA, which I notice is registered in Gibraltar.
        I refused to make a credit card payment at the time of the “consultation” and opted for a bank transfer on Monday, which gave me the time to do some digging.
        Needless to say we made no bank transfer and on Monday, instead we sent a recorded delivery letter to ITRA in Slough cancelling all of the forms that we had signed and enclosing a stamped addressed envelope for the return of our Ownership certificate. Leaving that certificate was my one big mistake I think and that might involve some work to recover, although it is virtually useless!
        My wife and I both realised when we looked at the copies of the forms that we signed that we had in fact dated all of them 29/Nov/2011 and not Oct. Believe it or not an entirely innocent mistake.
        BTW, I used my Blackberry to make a sound recording of the whole consultation process ( almost 3 hrs!!) which might come in handy as a lever.

        I will give ITRA until the end of this week and if I have not seen my certificate returned I will let you know and seek your advice. Either way I will keep you updated here on this forum.

      • C.W. Gardner says:

        It is now 1 week since ITRA (Transparent Consultancy Services) received a recorded delivery letter cancelling all proposed action and requesting the return of our original ownership certificate.
        We enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for its return, but so far have not received the certificate or any communication whatsoever from them.
        Can you offer any advice as to what my next moves should be. I suspect phone calls/emails will be a waste of time, as will further recorded deliveries. Maybe Slough Trading Standards?
        C.W. Gardner

    • Jenny says:

      We have been asked to attend a meeting in Slough tomorrow they have said they are trying to get 30,000 signatures so they can take action against the perpetuity contracts. I am so glad I checked online and we certainly won’t be wasting our time now. We to have been scammed by a holiday club who took our money and said they would buy our time share. We still have our time share with Petchey and don’t know how to get rid of it.

      How do these people sleep at night?????

  117. gail says:

    iv been contacted by beau regard marketing solutions 2day they say they have a buyer for my 70000 rci points they recon theres no upfront fee… they are phoning back on friday to let me no more about the sale has any1 had any dealings with this company ???

  118. Worried Parents! says:

    Help! We also were scammed by ILG and their Reclaim offer and have been contacted by Red Rock recently about getting 72.5% of the cash back voucher. Having been worried sick about all this for the past few years and with no way out (that we could see) Red Rock’s offer seemed like a lifeline. After much searching on the internet (the name I was initially given was “timeshare-disposal.com” or I would have found Red Rock on this blog much sooner) we paid over the legal fees and signed a Contract. Now, we have been contacted about a VAT charge of 2110 euros which we cannot pay and funnily enough, the “cooling off” period is now from the date of the Contract and not “within fourteen days from receipt of Contract, as mentioned overleaf” – we are truly worried. The date on the top is 03/10/11 however, the date we received it was the 10/10/11. Can anyone please tell us how to proceed? Is there anything we can do as we realise that the legal fees are probably lost, but we cannot afford anymore expenditure!.

  119. Kate Jackson says:

    We have recently been contacted by Viva Connect who say that they have a buyer for our DWVC membership. Since my husband had a severe stroke in 2005 we have not been anywhere obviously. Stupidly I sent then 1,295 Euros upfront and received the contract which I have not returned. The money was taken from my credit card. Today I received a phone call from them stating they have a completion date of 25th October. I’m at my whit’s end. Please advise asap.

    • Dear Kate
      Thanks for your message
      We are really sorry you paid Viva Connect, and we are afraid that the 25th there won’t be any sale either.
      We will send you the information on how to proceed by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  120. Hi Like Stuart earlier, we too have been dupe doubt of a lot of money, the latest one by a well known scam company (or so it seems now) Club Class Concierge, we went to a meeting last year in which we were told they would purchase our timeshare from us for £7000.00, and like fools we believed them, paid up and 15 months later our maintenance is due and we still have the timeshare. Our timeshare is with a company in the USA called Bluegreen, so god knows how we will ever get out of it, if at all.
    £1200.00 per year for maintenance is far too much when you consider we have not been able to take a holiday with them for a number of years, and all they do is threaten you with legal action if you don’t pay up on time, it’s damn ridiculous in this day and age that companies can still get away with it.
    Surely there is something we can do to get out of this situation, my wife is really ill from all the worry and debt we are in, and still they cold call us, the latest being Jessica Samson from Brashar Litigation Services, thank god I took time to read your blogs, that’s money they won’t be getting off me now.
    Jessica told me something which I assume now is a complete fabrication, she said that any timeshare sold after 1996 (which includes our) was sold illegally, and we have the right to send back all the paperwork and pull out at any time, does that sound correct, how do we know or how would we find out?
    Any help or advice on what we can do to get our money back or get out of the timeshare industry would be much appreciated.

    • Dear Gary,
      Thanks for your message.
      At least you didn’t go for the offer of Brashar Litigation and saved yourself the money and the grief!
      Regarding Club Class Concierge we will send you the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  121. Stuart says:

    Have had similar situations ourselves, which makes you wonder if they are all hand in glove. We have never retrieved any cash which was paid out in front, we are unaware of any progress towards a settlement of the pay outs we have made so will not pay out anything upfront ever again.

  122. Michael Chilton says:

    I have been foolish enough to fall for the slick talk of both Excalibur-Marketing AND Breakaway Marketing Solutions !

    I paid Excalibur-Marketing a ‘Security Deposit’ by credit card back in March this year but nothing came of the proposed sale of our DWVC ownership. I was then approached by Breakaway Marketing Solutions and I even more foolishly believed their line about Excalibur-Marketing and have ended up paying them a deposit, again by credit card, and most recently an up-front fee for Notary costs etc by direct transfer from my bank account !

    Within a little over a week I was telephoned by an outfit calling itself Brashar Litigation Services (who give an address in Mijas Costa, Malaga Spain and only a mobile phone number) who said that both these organisations are bogus and that they could act on my behalf on a ‘No win – No Fee’ basis to take them to court and retrieve my expenditure and a proportion of what was proposed as a sale prospect either through the court or ‘more likely’ by an ‘out of court’ settlement. Needless to say their approach really has served to arouse my suspicions, as it does seem just simply ‘too good to be true’.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your message.
      Looks like your name is on a list they are sharing between them!
      Glad you found the blog.
      We are going to send you all the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  123. martin Campbell says:

    Holiday Rentals Direct!
    Hi my 82 year old father and I have been a victim of this company!
    I was cold called!
    They had ALL my details of my CLUB LA COSTA membership!
    I was compleatly taken in and my father had the “insurance fee” taken direct from his bank account after I convinced him it was a genuine deal!
    Now i feel so bad about what I have done to my father and the living night mare I am going through!
    I have reported to CIFAS and Action Fraud UK.
    This is now beening dealt with as a crime and is now being investigated!
    To ANYONE reading this blog Do not deal with this company “Holiday Rental Direct”
    I received the usual contract and sent it back!
    All I have now is all the e-mail evidence and a letter from Holiday Rentals Direct witth a till recept of the deposit vthat they claim they collected from the buyer!
    The till recept is from “Banco Popular” for 1,195euro!
    If the buyer “Mr X” has been to a presentation and paid up front it would appear he is allso a victim!
    M J C

  124. Ade says:

    Yeh.. that is the favourite one. I don’t know about you, but the area you had on the reclaim form to copy EXACTLY was far to small to get everything in. So they were on a winner before you even sent the form back!
    I fortunately had my weeks sold on, they were red weeks with quite a good company. My parents first had their week in April. They bought into the timeshare whirliegig of scam way back in the 70’s in fact I believe their site was the first in Europe., but it was and still has very good facilities. BUT EXPENSIVE compared to the deals you can get shopping around for a normal holiday!!! The maintenence fees were £408 in 2009 for a week, but anywhere in the world.
    But getting back to my query, I still smell a rat… I’m not sure whether to give them my NEI number or passport number, which is what they want instead of the NEI number if it can’t be found. Can anyone from Mindtimeshare throw any light on the subject????

  125. Stuart says:

    Not heard anything. Would be wonderful. They claimed that we messed up the process and sent things at the wrong date etc..etc..contested this and then paid Fuengirola services to sort it out which of course they never have!!

  126. Suart Walsh says:

    We have been ripped off a number of times. The ranking order is Reclaim, DWVC/Timelink and Fuengirola Services. I would hate to total the £k that we have wasted , admittedly sometimes through gulability but usually due to being too trustful, and optimistic. We have learned over the years that you need time, patience and much forward planning to make use of any form of timeshare/points etc..
    We are still owners in various formats ie:two resorts and RCI points and have membership in a number of “holiday clubs”. We are warned that our timeshare is worth zero. The latest trend is that we can pay x number of thousands (comparable to a good number of years of inflation linked maintenance fees) and our timeshare will be taken off our hands and sold on elsewhere, otherwise we are passing on a legacy of debt to our family and / or be taken to court for non payment of fees.
    How this industry continues to find ways of attracting more cash from the public who would probably have been better using a reputable travel agent all along..
    If there are any tips about how we could reclaim some money from Reclaim or Fuengirola Servics without spending another penny then bring it on.
    stubie do

    • Ade says:

      Hi have any of you received a call from Cashback Reclaim? Saying they want to send you the balance of your reclaim, all they need is the NIE number to satisfy the Taxman in Spain. Repayments in the next two weeks. Please reply as soon as posible.

    • Hi Suart,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We can certainly help you with advise on how to reclaim payments you have done to these companies in the past years.
      We will be sending you the information by email.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  127. Caz says:

    Any one had any dealings with Heritage Marketing ?

    • Hi Caz,
      There is an article on the blog about this company, please have a look.
      We don’t have much info yet but we would like to have all you can give us so we can continue to inform other consumers.
      Please let us know.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Phillip says:

        I have a heritage timeshare will Spain implementing the directive help me get out of my timeshare as they took a upfront deposit and did not give me any cooling of period before asking for full payment help

  128. i have been aproached by a gentleman called peter moore from hm holdings asking me to sell my holiday package for 40000 pounds but have asked me to pay 1395 euros for transfer fees i gave my bank detailes can they go into my bank and draw money out without my concent

    • Dear Thomas,
      Thanks for your message.
      Just to be sure, why not call your bank and tell them what happened and make sure they cannot access your account?
      Better safe than sorry!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  129. Peter Cochrane says:

    i was recently contacted by Realm Travel services advising that they had found a buyer for my three weeks in Tenerife.

    They took £1279.20 as an upfront fee into an escrow account to cover the the event that i failled to meet the terms of the sale agreement. The 14 day cooling off period passed with neither myself (seller) or the buyer pulling out of the contract but no credit funds arrived.

    Upon chasing the credit funds they advised that they had chosen (not in contract) to give the buyer further time as they were struggling to get funds together. A futher 14 days later the buyer pulled out claiming they could not get funds together.

    Realm advise that under the agreement they have to find a second buyer or pay up. They advised that a corporate buyer was found offering a greater value for the three weeks however they would need a further £1900 to complete the transaction. They advise this £1900 is a holding fee to an escrow account of the coporate buyer to cover the costs of a notary agreement.

    They advise notary agreements are standard sale contracts used in coprate buyer transactions as opposed to private sales. The buyer would pay this but wanted to hold a retention of the costs, again in case i renaiged on the contract.

    At this point i refused to pay any further funds and searched the internet further finding this site.

    In summary.

    1) £1279.20 out of pocket.
    2) I complied fully with my part of the original sale contract.
    3) Cooling off period had expired (i.e they should/could not pull out after this time!).
    4) I understood that they had the funds off the original private buyer and just hold it during the cooling off period to then release to seller after 14 days so how could it be that buyer didnt come up with funds when the sale agreement had been signed and cooling off period been and gone.
    5) Realm cover their costs via me paying up front a £1279.20 retainer, new coporate buyers wanted to take a retainer to cover notary agreement costs (refused to pay), what reassurance/comfort do i get ?
    6) I am selling yet the proposal is i pay out up front c£3k.

    Realm advise that quote “they cant get blood out of a stone” (refering to the orignal private buyer) so had to let original buyer walk away and that they had continued to fulfil their part of the sale agreeemnent by finding a new buyer therefore as i wont pay more (in fear of further loss) i am breaking the contract thus losse my £1289.20 cost!

    Please can you help me get my money back.

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for this testimonial.
      It is very unfortunate to see that you paid them the money, and on top of it they pretended to get more money out of you.
      We are sending you an email with all the information.
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  130. Alan Childs says:

    I have received a call this morning from a Deborah Jones from UK Holiday Consultants, saying she was based in Barrow-inFurness, Tel. 01229 346001. She said she had a gentleman with her at her office who is seeking to buy holiday club memberships. I previously had a DWVC membership for 5 years with Incentive Leisure Group, and was fleeced of £4000. This membership ran out in 2009, and myself and my wife even went to Mijas Costa in Spain to find DWVC/ILG in 2009, only to find an abandoned office, and all the locals said they had done a runner.
    Deborah Jones told me ILG were taken over by Personal Travel Group, and that our membership had been extended to 2014, despite not receiving any notification of such from them. Deborah Jones went on to say the gentleman buying memberships would pay us £6995, providing they can have a signature from myself via UPS courier to my home, or by sending paperwork, which I told her I had lost or destroyed. She then said a transfer would be done via a solicitors’ bond, and it would be the solicitor that had my bank account details, not her.
    I then had the sense to check it out on google, and found your website blog, which confirmed what I already suspected, that it is all a scam.
    I wish I could get the £4000 cashback money I parted with in 2004, but know it’s extremely unlikely. I just wanted to post this to make others aware of the scams going on. Deborah Jones, if that is her name, sounds very convincing on the phone. Be warned, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

    • Dear Alan,
      Thank you very much for sharing this with us!
      It is very worrying to see how much information they had on your membership.
      Your membership extended and you weren’t told? yeah..
      Glad you found the blog, no need to lose more money on this one!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

    • Clare says:

      I was contacted by Deborah Jones this pm she said that she had a buyer for some software that I bought in Tenerife 2 years ago. (Connexion 6) allows you to buy cheap holidays, flights etc. when they show you the demonstration it looks amazing and the holidays are so cheap. Once you have signed up and they have your money they send you the software. I have never found a cheaper holiday/flight on this. IT’S A CON. Not happy with conning me once they are now trying to do it again how cheeky are they!!! She rang to say that she had corporate gentlemen with her in the office and he was very interested in buying this off me. I would have to give her 1,395 Euros which she called devolution and once the client was happy that I was going to sign over my contracts he would put into my bank account £8,000 and then my initial 1.395 would be reimbursed into my account. Also along the way she mentioned something about a courier coming to my house. What A CON!!!!!! These people are evil and should be stopped!!!! Dont be fooled by these offers, they will just take your money and you will have nothing to show for it……..

  131. frank fairhurst says:

    i was cold called by uk holiday consultants the other day unfortunaly i sent them £1395 on my cc i have since read your reports and now realise i have been scamed can you help me get my money back

    • Dear Frank,
      We are really sorry to hear that you have paid these people the upfront fee for the supposed resale.
      We will be emailing you with further information on how to proceed to get this money back!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Cathy Williams says:

        I was contacted by Holiday Rentals Direct and paid them an upfront fee of £1395 for ‘legal’fees. I was promised that it would be refunded in 3 weeks once the ‘buyer’ for my Club Class membership. Foolishly I entered into the contract then received the terms and conditions a few days later in the post. The terms and conditions painted a very different picture about the deal. It stated that the company can keep the money until my membership is sold. So this throws doubt as to whether there was ever a buyer in the first place. They also state that should you decide to cancel the agreement they can keep 25% of the money paid up front. So either way they get to keep some of your money. I sent the contracts back UNSIGNED and contacted my credit card company. The good news is that I got my money recharged back to my card. Holiday Rentals Direct can still challenge this and that they got the money fair and square but as I wasn’t told about the terms and conditions before I handed over my money and I didn’t sign the contract they probably wouldn’t challenge the decision. Why would they need to if they continue to scam other consumers in the same way?
        I have today bee contacted by another company about my cashback voucher. I am remaining cautious but am willing to listen to an advisor tomorrow who will let me know how I can submit a claim to the Spanish Government to get my cashback amount of £13200 since the company have gone into liquidation. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

  132. pere says:

    Sorry for my bad eglish. Just today morning I have recived a telephone call from PARAMOUNT MARKETING talking about my timeshare. They told me that NOW it’s impossible to sail any poperty, but, can help me for not payed the mantenence. They asked me for my e-mail adress, and this afternoon I have recived an e-mail in wich they invinted me at your offices for a week-end with a 2 free nights -with breakfast- on an hotel. They put a telephone number who begins with 952— I suposse that it’s in spanish Costa del Sol.
    That’s open a little y eyes. I’ts too dificult for my go at the south, but, after read your adverstisement, I don’t say anything more at this people. Of course, I’m a timeshare owner.

    • Hi Pere,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We are sending you more information.
      You can write to us in English, Spanish, Dutch & German, just in case one of these languages suits you better.
      Kind regards & thanks for participating in the blog.
      Cusotmer Care

  133. jules47 says:


    It would be a great relief if that is possible.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  134. jules47 says:

    Back in 2003 in Majorca we were persuaded to go to a sales presentation by World & European Promotions on behalf of Full circle Holidays. A very lavish presentation & we paid a deposit of £1500 with a balance becoming due a month later of £4490 with the promise that 80% of total paid would be placed in an investment account with Retrieve LTD.A redemption Cert. which could be sent to retrieve after 50 mths & we would get our investment back within 3 months. Did we – No!!!
    We were then contacted (Sept 2010) by “Ultimate Finding Company” offering to re-sell our time share and a payment of 1200euros (as an indemnity ins.) was paid & we would get this back on completion of the sale.
    Nothing happened and in Feb 2010 Excalibur Marketing Corporate who had supposedly taken over the Sales events for ULFC contacted us promising a faster resale & asking for a deposit for admin fees of 1690 Euros. No Sale materialised and our full circle holiday club had become an Essential Travel Club membership. We tried phoning excalibur and asked for the two deposits back but just told it well sell!
    What idiots we have been & all that money thrown down the drain.

    • Dear Jules,
      Thanks for your message.
      We will be sending you information by email and let’s see if you can recover some of the money paid at least!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

      • Eileen Washer says:

        This sounds like a company that we dealt with a few years ago called Full Circle Management, we paid them an amount on my credit card and later we discovered that they were about to go into liquidation at the time that we attended their presentation. Fortunately our credit card company replaced the amount that we had paid so we were not out of pocket and we still had our points with Diamond Resorts. Later we contacted them and they released us from membership.

  135. Sharon L says:

    I sold my timeshare well I say sold loosely!!!! to a reclaim company Incentive leisure I had a call from a compampany Viva Connect who wanted to buy My dwvc membership which I stupidily believed and handed over money and now find I am a member of another holiday company Continent Connections!!!!!!! Claim Specialist Group have contacted me I havn’t sent them anything yet . I am at the end of my tether and this situation is making me ill!!!!! I cant sleep I cant eat Please can anyone give me any inforation how I can can get off this rollercoaster before it sends me to an early grave!!!!!!!! thankyou

  136. Sharon J says:

    How great to find this website and all your comments….. We today have received a cold call from Odyssey today to purchase our timeshare .. we are very aware of these type of cold call companies and the way they want deposits upfront etc etc… such a scam! I am sure like most of you there is always hope of a decent company that do in fact want to buy and are interested in what you have!

  137. J Shaw says:

    Having been caught by Incentive leisure and their Reclaim scam ( believe they are now are out of business) we are constantly being phoned by various firms claiming they can get our money back. The latest today was Red Rock Marketing stating they were working on behalf of the the official receivers for ILG and we could recalim 72% of he money. I waited for the guy to go through his spiel and ask for money then told him I knew it was a scam and no way was I going to pay any money up front. This must the 6th firm that ‘s rung us luckily I’ve been wise to it. Wish I’d been so savvy when we were scammed by ILG

    • Dear Mr. Shaw,
      Many thanks for your comment on the blog. We just placed a warning on Red Rock marketing on the blog as they are very active at the moment.
      Luckily you didn’t pay!
      Kind regards
      Customer Care

  138. paul says:

    we have been called my simple time share who have said they have a buyer for our time share but there need £1,395 for a retainer and we would get it back once all the paperwork was done ,told them we would come to they office with the paperwork and when they hand over the money we would sign our deeds . This they say is not done because of legal points aaaahhh

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you didn’t fall for this!
      Legal points force them to take a deposit upfront? That’s a new one!
      What about NOT LEGAL taking deposits? They should know if they know about laws…
      Customer Services

  139. Mrs Daphne Vine says:

    I had a call from Halfmoon to day about our reclaim to see if we will take half our reclaim this year and half next year. She is going to call on monday about 6. 30pm. I have a dictorphone and I am going to see if I can tape our conversion. I will not be taking up her offer though.
    The reclaim is for designer way vacation club. Not good
    Regards Mrs Daphne Vine

  140. aileent says:

    haf moon holding got in touch with us and asked to buy our DWVC club membership they sent us a contract that we had to sign and send back, we signed them and sent them back they asked for a holding fee of 600 euros and they said that the fee would be put back into our acount with in three weeks , we have beentrying to get in tuch with then with no success, could you please help and advise us on what we could do next, A we realise now that we have been scammed Thank you Aileen

  141. john urquhart says:

    can you suggest who can help me reclaim money i believe has been defrauded from me by club class concierge
    i live in scotland

  142. ian arthur says:

    What can i do, when i was offered a purchase of my membership,from dwvc, paid up front after receiving a contract and checking them out, they seemed to be genuine, but all these reports, were not on the web site when i checked out the email i was given, it put me straight onto hmholdings site, with no reviews, only compliments, but there we are, so what is my position on this, and could hmholdings in Spain be held responsible for this

  143. Rajendra Naik says:

    We signed over our timeshare to ILG who were supposed to pay the maintenance fees but ILG went into administration in January 2011 and now the maitenance company is threatening court action for 2 years maintenanve payments.

    Where do we stand in the English courts if it goes to court?

    At end of tether, pleae advise

    • Gaz Jones says:

      Rajendra, we experienced exactly the same as you and from my experience your contractual relationship with ILG has not altered so I dont believe the english courts will offer you any respite. We wrote to ILG and explained the situation and they agreed to waive the late interest and allowed us to pay the arrears over 6 months by DD (a small consolation I know). More importantly, however, because we paid our fee to ILG by credit card we were able to recover this amount in full from our credit card company under the Consumer Credit Act 1975.
      Hope this helps & Good Luck 🙂

      • Dear Gaz,
        Thanks for your comment! Very helpful indeed.
        It is so good to know that people do get their money back as this shows the other consumers that it does pay off to do the refund claim based on the Consumer Credit Act 1975.
        Kindest regards
        Customer Care

      • Gaz Jones says:

        Sorry I meant we wrote to Diamond Resorts about the arrears (not ILG!!)

      • K Goodwin says:

        We were scammed by ILG too. They were supposed to have bought our timeshare with Diamond and pay all the maintenance from then on. We sent them our certificate but they did not pass it on and so in Diamond’s eyes we still own our timeshare and are liable for maintenance. I have been cold called by Paramount Marketing who say they will dispose of our timeshare at a cost (wouldn’t say how much or how they got my name). Having read all the blogs I see they are also a scammer.

        Who can we trust to sell our time share?

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