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The timeshare resale offer of ‘Holiday Ownership Estates’

A new timeshare resale company has been brought to our attention this week by name Holiday Ownership Estates. Holiday Ownership Estates are ‘cold callers’, approaching the consumers already with all their details in hands, and offering the sale of all … Continue reading

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Newsletter – June 2015. It’s high time Spanish & British Authorities join forces to close down bogus companies.

This is not a time for blaming ones because they say the crime is committed in Spain and others because offenders and victims are Britons. Hundreds of European timeshare owners are being cheated on a daily basis and it seems … Continue reading

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Cold called from ‘Reclaim Rights Plus’ on behalf of Spanish Courts?

Another new cold caller that has appeared during the past days is Reclaim Rights Plus, and again we have here a company that pretends to be acting on behalf of the Spanish Courts. Reclaim Rights Plus cold call timeshare owners … Continue reading

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Gueliz Presta Services, société de revente basée à Marrakech

Cette alerte aux consommateurs sort pour les entreprises de revente Gueliz Presta Services basée à Marrakech et avec un pitch (argument commercial) très semblable lorsque elles contactent les clients avec des appels à froid. Gueliz Presta Services contacte principalement les … Continue reading

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Incredibly!!!! Yes.

Investigators suspect fraudster still targeting elderly for scams – but, incredibly, say they can’t afford to prosecute after savage cuts. This is what the Mail on Sunday reports about Frank Madden: Frank Madden is well-known for a number of … Continue reading

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The latest website from ITRA is closed!

Only a couple of hours after publishing our article on this blog about a new website launched by the ITRA group the link no longer seems to be working. This raises the questions about what actually was the intention … Continue reading

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The cold call from Sky Breaks, which turns out to be The All Inclusive Club

Recently we posted an article on the blog about a Fly Buy company called Sky Breaks. This company is actively cold calling timeshare owners and offers different Accommodation packages at various prices. One of these offers is for example two … Continue reading

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