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Cold Caller List – September 2013

Dear All, Please find below the updated Cold Caller list for the month of September 2013. With 108 active companies of which 26 new ones detected in September, we are convinced everybody is “back from holidays”. Please be careful when … Continue reading

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Price Cooper Finance, the company that pays back the money from resale scams.

The company called Price Cooper Finance is cold calling Timeshare owners who have been duped by dubious resale companies. Price Cooper Finance is calling from 0203 397 8259 We have no address and neither are they registered at the UK … Continue reading

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Have you been contacted by Business & Tax Strategies?

The company Business & Tax Strategies cold calls timeshare owners that have been defrauded by Timeshare resale companies. Business & Tax Strategies say they are acting to reclaim the defrauded money, and as a matter of fact they have already … Continue reading

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Did you receive an email or letter from Swift Release Claims?

A new claims company has been brought to our attention by the name of Swift Release Claims. This company does not do cold calling, but they do seem to have the email address and home address of the customer, which … Continue reading

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Belardes, cold calling liquidator from Huelva..

Yet again we have a cold calling Liquidators office, this time by the name of Belardes. They mention on the paperwork Belardes SA which would mean they are registered in the Spanish Companies House. We have checked the registered and … Continue reading

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ITRA – Timeshare refund scheme bosses pay up to thanks to “might of the Mirror”

This morning Andrew Penman from the Daily Mirror published another article where The International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA) / Club Class are yet again under the spotlight You can read the full article on the following link: The article … Continue reading

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Sotorrio, the latest “Liquidators” office cold calling from Huelva.

We have a new cold calling Liquidators Office from Huelva, this time by the name of Sotorrio. Sotorrio contacts those timeshare users that are in possession of a Reclaim / Cashback Certificate and they tell them the Reclaim company has … Continue reading

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