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Gr8stays and their connection to Legal Representatives and Claims SL

Only recently Gr8stays did a mailing to Club Class members to advice them about their possibility to claim a refund for the money paid towards their Club Class Membership. Based on a possible “mis selling” which Gr8stays detected, they advised … Continue reading

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Premier Resorts & Services launches a new web for Fly buy Holidays.

A new website has been detected with offers for promotional accommodation. The website is and the full company name appears as Premier Resorts & Services. It looks like the web is still under certain development, but with what is … Continue reading

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Were you mis-sold a Club Class Membership & do you want a REFUND??

  Many Club Class members have found an email in their inbox with the on the subject line the above question. Who doesn’t think they were mis-sold by Club Class? So yes, they all want a refund! But reading on … Continue reading

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VRE Travel or Vacation Rentals Europe on a cold call campaign!

This week we have heard several times of cold calls received from VRE Travel. Cold calls to timeshare consumers who are invited for a 3-day break in the UK including breakfast. Although the agent of VRE Travel does not really … Continue reading

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Do Spanish banks cold call and hold money in accounts for you without you knowing?

Maybe the questions sounds strange or funny, and asking if a bank would have money for you without you even knowing the bank existed, certainly sounds very dubious. But when you are called by a lovely lady telling you she … Continue reading

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