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When lack of direction and pressure from outside starts to get at you…

In July 2014 we were approached by Stephen Boyd, current Director of TCA and lawyer, who kindly offered us help and professional advice. We decided to go ahead with the conversation as we felt that we were talking to a … Continue reading

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Предупреждение! Компания Nova Travel – мошенники из Мадрида, предлагающие перепродажу Таймшэра!

Данное предупреждение выходит в связи с деятельностью новой компании под названием Nova Travel, использующей технику «холодного» звонка для связи с владельцами таймшера. На данный момент объектом звонков данной компании являются владельцы из России. Nova Travel во время звонка представляется как … Continue reading

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Nova Travel, cold calling Russian Timeshare owners for a dubious sale

A new cold caller has been brought to our attention, and this time the name they use is Nova Travel. Nova Travel looks very similar to other cold calling resale companies we have warned about in the past weeks. They … Continue reading

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Resort Exchange Consultants, a smarter way to charge an (illegal) deposit for a sale

The company Resort Exchange Consultants (RCE) has been mentioned before on this blog, when we actually found their website and already detected some issues that didn’t look right. Recently we have received several complaints about this company, and detected that … Continue reading

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CRP Properties, the cold calling Timeshare Contract Removal Service

A new cold caller on the list by the name of CRP Properties. A company which is targeting Timeshare Owners and offers a disposal service which they call Timeshare Contract Removal. CRP Properties appears to be a registered company and … Continue reading

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Windmill Mediation Services, cold calls and upfront payments for Mediation

Surprising to see how many “Mediation” companies see the light in such a short time and how they all seem to have an extended Client list to cold call and offer their services. This time the name of the company … Continue reading

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The Mediation Consultancy, the cold calling Claims Specialist

A new company by the name of The Mediation Consultancy has appeared on the cold caller list, and is indeed very active lately. This company who presents themselves as specialists in ‘timeshare relinquishment, misrepresentation compensation and fractional compensation/refunds’ is cold … Continue reading

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