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Внимание! Предупреждение о фиктивном агентстве по перепродаже Agencia Atlas из Мадрида

Агентство под названием Agencia Atlas из Мадрида активно контактирует с владельцами таймшера, предлагая услуги по перепродаже членства. На настоящий момент их основным целевым направлением являются  русскоговорящие клиенты. Agencia Atlas объясняет владельцам таймшера, что у них есть иностранный покупатель, заинтересованный в … Continue reading

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Chesterton Consultants, cold calls, guaranteed sales & the upfront fee…

A new company seems to be active lately with the name of Chesterton Consultants. This company, who claims to be based in the UK at Epilson Terrace, West Road Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9FJ is cold calling mainly owners of Discount … Continue reading

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Cold Caller alert for bogus resale Agencia Atlas in Madrid

A cold caller using the name of Agencia Atlas in Madrid is actively approaching Timeshare owners for a supposed resale of their Membership. At the moment they seem to be targeting mainly Russian owners. Agencia Atlas explains to the timeshare … Continue reading

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Have you heard from the lawyers of Eton & Henshaw Services?

A cold calling company using the name of Claim & Recuperation is offering Timeshare consumers the possibility to do a claim against the dubious companies that have defrauded them in the past. This claim is handled by the supposed lawyers … Continue reading

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WARNING! Fake Liquidators of Reclaim Ltd by the name of LOBRERA

Lobrera is yet again another company who is trying to convince people who possess a Reclaim Ltd Certificate, that they are the appointed liquidators. Lobrera is a cold caller and seems to be holding a lot of information about the … Continue reading

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WARNING! Gorman & Harrison Associates are FAKE fee collectors!

This warning goes out for all timeshare owners who have received an email from a company called Gorman & Harrison Associates. This company pretends to be the collection agent for the larger timeshare resorts and demand an immediate payment for … Continue reading

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The company wanted a decision before we left their office!

It’s now or never! If you leave the office, you will lose your chance! … Is what you probably have heard, if you have been attending a promotional sales presentation from a fraudulent company. Fraudulent companies have their clear aim … Continue reading

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