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Opgepast voor de valse advocaten Perre Rodriguez in Granada

Er is weer een nieuwe naam op de lijst van ongevraagde bellers en dit keer is dat Perre Rodriguez. Deze Perre Rodriguez doet zich voor als een advocaten kantoor in Granada, die zich bezig houdt met de rechtzaken tegen de … Continue reading

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Perre Rodriguez the cold calling FAKE lawyers from Granada

A brand new cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of Perre Rodriguez. This Perre Rodriguez pretends to be a Lawyers office based in Granada, handling court cases against the larger timeshare companies and contacting the … Continue reading

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Cold Caller List June 2013

Dear All, Please find the updated Cold Caller List for June 2013 This month we have 102 active companies on the list of which 24 are new ones. As we did in May, the format of the report has changed … Continue reading

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Long Elmes & ITRA when you think you have seen it all, they go one step Further!

On a daily basis we receive numerous emails from consumers that have been approached on a cold call by Long Elmes. Cold calls to inform the Timeshare Owner about the supposed “No Win No Fees” case they are running against … Continue reading

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Timesharebarginspain a cold calling timeshare resale Company in Malaga

Timesharebarginspain is a new cold caller on the list. This so called company claims to be based in Malaga. We say so called because there is certainly no such company registered at the Spanish Companies House by the name of … Continue reading

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Servidon SA the Liquidators for Reclaim in Seville.

Yes we have another liquidators office, this time by the name Servidon SA and based in Seville. The pitch and paperwork is actually very similar to others who claim to be liquidators. Servidon cold calls the Timeshare User about his … Continue reading

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Have you been cold called by Sunset Sales in Valencia?

A new cold calling Timeshare Resale Company has been spotted by the name of Sunset Sales. Sunset Sales has the usual pitch of their successful trade with Timeshare Ownerships and the queue of clients lined up to buy from them. … Continue reading

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