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Leisure Alliance, another company from Club Class wound up!

It was announced already over a year ago, but finally the wound up has taken place of the company: LEISURE ALLIANCE PLC (Company Number 6258) Registered office: PO Box 1137, 2nd Floor Allied Buildings, Francis Rachel Victoria, Mahe, SEYCHELLES For the … Continue reading

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NCLA a timeshare reseller who is asking for upfront fees.

Although lately all cold callers seem to handle claims and court cases, every now and then a cold calling timeshare resale company pops up, like this one called NCLA. NCLA calls from 0203 868 6059 and claims to be based … Continue reading

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Have you received a (cold) call from (fake) Reclaim Assistance?

A dubious cold caller is active in the past weeks under the name of Reclaim Assistance. It seems to be yet another case of a dubious set up using the name of a genuine UK Companies House registered company, but … Continue reading

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MK Services the latest cold calling legal office from Berkshire

Another self-declared claims / legal company has appeared on the scene and through cold calls they are offering their services to timeshare consumers who have been duped in the past by dubious resale companies and others. MK Services is once … Continue reading

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Mindtimeshare…so what will happen next?

  It looks like not many people actually noticed the news in February 2017, where the RDO announced that they were not extending their agreement with Mindtimeshare. As mentioned in their publication: “Following a strategic review of how it carries … Continue reading

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Web alert for

Surfing around the Internet can take you to websites that give you more questions than answers. This is the case with the website which “pops” you straight into a company website called Legal Prosecutors Limited. As this name Legal … Continue reading

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Allied Services, a new Legal company cold calling timeshare owners…

A cold caller has been brought to our attention this week by the name of Allied Services. This supposed legal company is approaching timeshare consumers and offers them claims against resorts and “compensation”. Their website looks full of information … Continue reading

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