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After 3 years the Spanish National police has taken action against the criminal set up of the FAKE lawyers in Tenerife. This news was published yesterday after the Spanish police gave out a communication. Mindtimeshare published recently an updated list … Continue reading

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Another name for Fake lawyers in Tenerife, Lizaloz Abogados. BEWARE!

A new company name has been detected for the fake lawyer set up based in Tenerife. Looks like they are running out of names as they started with  Legalizalos, Legal Izalos and now it is Lizaloz Abogados… Lizaloz Abogados has … Continue reading

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Warnung! Der Anwalt Jose Suarez vom Ministerio de Justicia ist NICHT echt!

Eine unaufgeforderte gefälschte Anwaltskanzlei wurde mit dem Namen Jose Suarez entdeckt. Dieses Büro, das angeblich von Jose Suarez geleitet wird, meldet sich bei Timesharing-Verbrauchern und teilt ihnen mit, dass sie von den spanischen Gerichten Geld erhalten haben. Die Geschichte ist, … Continue reading

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Warning! Cold calling lawyer Jose Suarez from Ministerio de Justicia is FAKE!

A fake cold calling lawyers office has been detected by the name of Jose Suarez. This office, supposedly run by Jose Suarez is contacting timeshare consumers telling them they have been awarded money through the Spanish courts. The story is … Continue reading

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Did you receive a call from Arley Associates (fake) to recover money paid to WTC Admin?

A cold calling company using the name Arley Associates is contacting consumers who previously paid to WTC Admin. A Mr. Paul Lambert from Arley Associates explains the consumer that the Class Action claim they joined through WTC Admin has been … Continue reading

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Consumer Action Line, a cold calling timeshare exit company

A new company, Consumer Action Line has been brought to our attention by consumers who received their cold call. Explanations on how, where and when they obtained the consumers private and personal details to make such cold call are not … Continue reading

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Resort Link, accommodation offers without any terms or conditions

The latest cold calling fly buy company is Resort Link or Resort Link Concierge as most of the agents present themselves. Apparently the caller from Resort Link explains to the consumer that they are contacting them with regards to a … Continue reading

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