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Superior Resorts is it really a promotional holiday offer from RCI or your resort?

It is not the first time we mention Superior Resorts on our blog as we already published an article a couple of months ago: But due to a recent increase of inquiries and complaints we have decided to do … Continue reading

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Class Action UK from Devon working in connection with ITRA!

Class Action UK – is another Class Action scheme recently launched and operating from Devon, Exeter. Class Action UK would have been set up by the Timeshare Disposal specialists Devon Based Associates Limited, “firm of specialists consultants who have … Continue reading

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The tricky resale offer from European Solution Services..

A new urgent alert goes out for a company called European Solution Services based in Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Consumers particularly owners of Holiday Club Memberships such as Travel Connect / Connections 6 and Designer Way … Continue reading

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Mindtimeshare TOP 10 Visits and Inquiries, week 30 2012

We would like to introduce to you a new weekly update, of the 10 most visited blog articles in the past week and also the 10 companies on which we received most inquiries in the past 7 days. Interesting to … Continue reading

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Haben Sie bereits von Silva Hernandez den Rechtsexperten aus Madrid gehört?

Vielleicht haben Sie einen Werbeanruf erhalten, einen sogenannten „cold call“, von einem der Mitarbeiter von Silva Hernandez, einer angeblichen Anwaltskanzlei in Madrid. Diese behauptet Gerichtsverfahren gegen Unternehmen abzuwickeln die Geld zurückfordern sollten, im englischen Sprachgebrauch wie folgt bezeichnet „Reclaim companies“. … Continue reading

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Holiday Marketing Solutions – HMS a resale company in Switzerland

A new cold caller has been brought to our attention with the name of Holiday Marketing Solutions. This company HMS cold calls timeshare consumers and notifies them they have buyers waiting to purchase their membership. And not only a buyer … Continue reading

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Who changed to a Diamantie Travel Membership?

Have you changed your original timeshare membership for a Diamantie Travel one, in order to get it sold? Unfortunately we are receiving more and more complaints about this dubious travel club called Diamantie Travel. It seems that after the Timeshare … Continue reading

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