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Mindtimeshare…so what will happen next?

  It looks like not many people actually noticed the news in February 2017, where the RDO announced that they were not extending their agreement with Mindtimeshare. As mentioned in their publication: “Following a strategic review of how it carries … Continue reading

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The long awaited news has finally arrived! We know it has taken for more than 2 years and this has surely taken a lot of our patience and the patience of the victims, but it seems to have finally paid … Continue reading

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The Finger and the Moon…

When a wise man points at the moon, an idiot looks at his finger. This proverb, usually attributed to Confucius, contains a double meaning. It warns the inquiring to expect to be personally attacked for their observations and thoughts, but … Continue reading

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Cold called from ‘Reclaim Rights Plus’ on behalf of Spanish Courts?

Another new cold caller that has appeared during the past days is Reclaim Rights Plus, and again we have here a company that pretends to be acting on behalf of the Spanish Courts. Reclaim Rights Plus cold call timeshare owners … Continue reading

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Compelling reasons why you should join our Facebook page

  As a follower of Mindtimeshare Blog, we would like to inform you about our Facebook Page: Facebook is not just another way Mindtimeshare use to connect with consumers affected by fraudulent or dubious companies. Our Facebook page is the … Continue reading

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Minimum information to be provided by a business

Often ‘dubious’ companies targeting timeshare owners are presented under a simple trade name, a website with a phone number and a virtual address. It is obvious that what behind this lack of transparency there is an obvious objective. We would … Continue reading

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La Botiga Immobilien, the latest timeshare resale fraud from Barcelona 

Once again a new resale company has appeared on the scene, La Botiga Immobilien. So far we have only heard from German timeshare owners who were contacted by cold call and offered to sell their timeshare at very high (unrealistic) … Continue reading

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