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Palm Travel Solutions, cold calling resale company from Jersey

A new cold caller to add to the list, Palm Travel Solutions based in St Helier in Jersey. They cold call consumers claiming they have sold their membership. Strange story indeed taking in account the consumer didn’t have any previous … Continue reading

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The dubious resale from West Management that turns into a purchase of Odyssey 7

We already wrote an article about the dubious resale company West Management  but we found it necessary to extend the warning as we have received serious complaints. West Management is a cold calling resale company that seems to be mainly … Continue reading

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Prime International LLC cold caller with a guaranteed rental agreement

A cold caller from the States by the name of Prime International LLC approaches timeshare owners from all over the world and offers a rental agreement for their timeshare. It all sounds great, the property will be rented out with … Continue reading

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Consulting Inmobiliario Gilmar, a fake resale offer using real company names!

A very serious issue has been brought to our attention this week. It seems that timeshare consumers are receiving cold calls from a company called Consulting Inmobiliaria Gilmar. Consulting Inmobiliario Gilmar explains to the timeshare consumer that they have a … Continue reading

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Professional Services International and Access Legal, more companies with ITRA connections!

Have you received a call from Professional Services International or PSI about a possible compensation claim against your timeshare company? Well a lot of timeshare consumers already have in the past weeks! Professional Services International is cold calling timeshare consumers … Continue reading

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Destinos Turisticos SL, dubious Travel agent dedicated to dubious timeshare resales

A new cold caller this week is Destinos Turisticos Sl, which started cold calling a couple of days ago and seem to be busy ever since by the amount of complaints we have already received. Again a company that gives … Continue reading

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Bufete Canillos Lopez and Verde y Navarro another dubious fake lawyers set up!

Yes we have another one, another supposed Lawyers office cold calling timeshare consumers about the fact the Spanish Government has set aside money for them and they are only 1 step away to cash this in! This one step always … Continue reading

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