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“I wish I would have found the Mindtimeshare blog earlier….”

How many times have we not seen this comment on the Mindtimeshare blog? And even more times in the emails we receive from consumers that contact us directly. We from the Mindtimeshare Customer Care team are working against the clock. … Continue reading

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Timeshare Relief and Unleashed Deed Services Ltd appointment for timeshare disposal..

You may have been called already by Timeshare Relief, as they are cold calling timeshare consumers who are looking to dispose of their timeshare. In order to do this, Timeshare Relief will have to make an appointment for you to … Continue reading

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Tour Mundial, dubious timeshare Resale Company in Seville

A very dodgy company has been brought to our attention this week called Tour Mundial who claims to be based in Seville. Tour Mundial’s agent Stephen Purcell cold calls timeshare consumers throughout Europe and has the usual guaranteed sales pitch … Continue reading

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Leisure Alliance, another Club Class Membership looking for fees..

The month of March has certainly been busy for the Customer Services Departments related to Club Class, and their latest mailing for fees has been the one for Leisure Alliance. Leisure Alliance, kindly remembers the consumer his membership is … Continue reading

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Zes Enterprises Ltd, cold caller for Reclaim money and timeshare relinquish..

Another cold caller on the block with a name to remember, Zes Enterprises Ltd. This company cold calls timeshare consumers and tells them they can get a 75% of the value of their Reclaim Certificates. They claim the money to … Continue reading

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Extra Time Online, bonus-week offers from a familiar provider

With the holiday season starting and consumers keen to book a cheap holiday, the Fly-buy week providers are very actively calling consumers for their “special offers”. One of those bonus-week offers come from a company called Extra Time Online who … Continue reading

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Palma Immo, una nuova società di rivendita sospetta

Da alcuni giorni, stiamo ricevendo diversi messaggi da proprietari di multiproprietà che ci chiedono sull’affidabilità della società Palma Immo 2000 s.l. I dati di recapito che appaiono sui documenti ricevuti dai consumatori sono i seguenti: C/ Angel Guimera 34 – … Continue reading

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