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Great Getaways Tenerife, the latest fly buy generator on the web

Great Getaways Tenerife is a new company with a new website The nice pictures and great resorts on offer surely will attract those who are looking for a nice relaxed holiday in the sun. But looking past these lovely … Continue reading

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So what about the company “Law of Timeshare” we found on the web?

Many times Timeshare owners are surfing the web in search of companies that can help them with resale, rentals or other issues related to their timeshare. There are of course thousands and thousands of websites around with all kinds of … Continue reading

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Extra Time Online, bonus-week offers from a familiar provider

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:
With the holiday season starting and consumers keen to book a cheap holiday, the Fly-buy week providers are very actively calling consumers for their “special offers”. One of those bonus-week offers come from a company called…

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Beware of the cold calls from the Fake RDO in Singapore!

It has been brought to our attention that timeshare owners living in Singapore are receiving calls from a company claiming to be the RDO Offices in Singapore. RDO has no offices in Singapore or outside Europe as a matter of … Continue reading

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The Owners Association that cold calls on behalf of the lawyer Ramon Mesa Gorrin

Over the past week we have been receiving notifications from consumers who are receiving calls from people claiming to be calling on behalf of the Owners Association. Owners Association is supposedly a group of Timeshare owners, united in a claim … Continue reading

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The long awaited news has finally arrived! We know it has taken for more than 2 years and this has surely taken a lot of our patience and the patience of the victims, but it seems to have finally paid … Continue reading

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Timeshare Exit and Release, the guaranteed resale at exhibitions in Poland.

A new company called Timeshare Exit and Release has come up with yet another twist to the “guaranteed sale” and how to ask for an upfront fee without calling it a deposit. Timeshare Exit and Release contacts the timeshare owner … Continue reading

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