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Synergy Marketing the Corporate buyer that shows up after a resale has fallen through..

A new company has been brought to our attention by the name of Synergy Marketing. This company seems to appear on stage after a Timeshare Consumer has been dealing with another dubious resale company and paid a deposit but then … Continue reading

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Express Claims Europe SL, cold caller offering to claim on your behalf.

So many companies with the same offer, but not all do cold calls! Express Claims Europe does cold call though and seems to have a lot of information about the Timeshare Consumer and the Timeshare Membership he owns.   Express … Continue reading

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Purple Tower Solutions the cold caller with a Class Action Pitch.

It seemed quiet lately with companies cold calling for joining Class Actions, but here we have the latest one by the name of Purple Tower Solutions.  Purple Tower Solutions calls out of the blue to the Timeshare Consumers and explains … Continue reading

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Thomson & Law, the legal Company for Timeshare Disposals.

A new website has been detected from a company by the name of Thomson & Law who claim to offer Timeshare Disposal Services. Doing a closer research on the website from Thomson and Law we quickly notice that they … Continue reading

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Acredo, the dubious liquidators from Cadiz are now called Acrredo.

At first sight you would hardly notice, but yes the dubious liquidators from Cadiz who were acting under the name Acredo have added an “r” to the name Acrredo and cleverly are trying to avoid consumers looking them up on … Continue reading

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Javali Torres, more fake lawyers who call about fake court cases

We cannot be more clear about this, Javali Torres Soluciones Legales is company that simply does not exist. Javali Torres is currently cold calling Timeshare Consumers mainly in UK and Dutch speaking countries. They claim to have been appointed by … Continue reading

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