We have been asked many times by consumers, about the Mindtimeshare Association and also about the credibility of our Association.

Please find below a selection of links to articles and publications where Mindtimeshare is mentioned or the work done by the Association Mindtimeshare.



  • March 2015, European Consumer Centre in Norway warns on companies contacting timeshare owners as a result of the 
recent Spanish Supreme Court decision on timeshare contracts in perpetuity(Norwegian text) – VG Forbruker 

  • March 2015, BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours – Timeshare and Business Rates Reviews.Interview with Alberto García. (The subject on timeshare starts at minute 01:36 into the program).

  • January 2015, guest post on blog Timeshare Crusader

  • November 2013, MindTimeshare officially party to the ‘Kaiser’ prosecution procedures

  • July 2013, Canaria Journalen

  • July 2013 Comprendes Gran Canaria, German, Voyager raid (No longer working)

  • July 2013 Daily Mail, Paula Beatson & Voyager

* March 2013 The Timeshare resale menace goes on, Ana Tims, The Guardian

  • March 2013 Action Services International, Anna Tims, The guardian

  • August 2012 RDO Enforcement Reports An Increase in Scams

  • December 2011, Liveshare Travel Magazine, Resort Servie Care Warning

  • March 2011, Record year for Enforcement

  • November 2010, Record year for Enforcement

  • June 2010, RDO strengthens links with ECC network

  • April 2009, RDO defends the timeshare industry on Radio Canarias

  • November edition RCI Ventures, Page 11


5 Responses to Credibility

  1. Denise says:

    Charles Ashworth are supposed to be helping us reclaim our money back. We have had no corresponds from them since the 6/8/16. Should we be unnerved by this. Are they a reputable company.

  2. dave says:

    Anyone heard of Access Legal Services in Marbella ?

  3. lemoine says:

    pourrions nous avoir en FRANCAIS merci

    • Cher Monsieur / Madame
      Nous ne disposons pas d’un haut-parleur français de l’équipe.
      Mais vous pouvez nous écrire en français et nous utiliserons un traducteur internet.

      Customer Care

  4. Pat says:

    As previous message…left without my e/m address.
    Is there any way of selling DRI points, in an honest,reliable way.
    I am a widow in my senior years and I would be grateful for any helpful advice.

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