Euroconsulting, Oficinas National more than a dubious cold caller!


Cold callers Euroconsulting who claim to be based in Madrid, are targeting the German Timeshare owners with very dubious offers to sell their timeshare membership.

The agent from Euroconsulting claims to be working for a company handling Timeshare resale’s with great success, and as a matter of fact they have already lined up a buyer for the timeshare of the owner.

The buyer of the timeshare is willing to pay a large amount of money as they have been looking for this particular membership for a long time, so amounts of over 20.000 euros are discussed.

Once the timeshare owners agree to sell, he receives a confirmation email from Euroconsulting, Oficinas National in Madrid reconfirming this whole transaction.

As soon as the owner sends their bank details and paperwork they can expect the payment of 20.000 euros in a period of maximum 20 days into their account.

But things are not that straight forward, and soon it seems that certain paperwork is missing to finalize this sale. The notary has asked for the “Declaracion Catastral International” which would be like a property registration certificate.

This needs to be requested through the Madrid courts, and there is a cost for this document.

In order to process the request the timeshare owner needs to pay 2900 euros into the account of the judge of the II Madrid Court House, Mr Romero Vicente. Into his private bank account that is!

Once paid this amount, the Banco Central Madrid confirms the receipt and the timeshare owner will have to wait until they produce the document…

Sadly enough none of the above is true and there is no such thing as a guaranteed sale for such a large amount, there is no company called Euroconsulting and no judge by the name of Romero Vicente.

Yet again another ugly scam.

The contact details of this fake resale company are:

Euroconsulting, Oficinas National

IBC, Calle Gran Via 71

20813 Madrid

Telephone +34 910911859 and Fax +34 911820389

Email address

If you have been contacted by this company Euroconsulting we would like to hear from you!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Web Alert for Timeshare Owners Helpline


A new web has been detected by the name of Timeshare Owners Helpline.

The help they seem to offer is with relinquishment and claims against the resorts.

As per the website now would be the best time to “seek advice”.

The advice can be obtained by clicking a bottom to request a “call back”, calling the company directly on 0203 868 8251 or by filling in your name, email and message in a contact form on the web.

In the tab “About us” they state the following: We at Timeshare Owners Helpline specialise in helping people with a variety of timeshare issues. On this website we have tied together our knowledge from years of experience in solving timeshare problems and presented it in a way that is useful to timeshare owners.” 

The above is more less all the information available about this “company” Timeshare Owners Helpline. On the website there are no names mentioned of people or companies cooperating with this website, and neither is there any company identification or registration.

As far as we could see, there is no company registered on the UK companies House by the name of Timeshare Owners helpline.

Apart from the Telephone number there is no office address or a location where they are based.

The lack of the Privacy Statements also leaves the consumers un- protected and the details they fill may not be handled with care and even passed on to any third party company.

Before sending off your personal and private details to a company which isn’t duly identified and has no information on their website, please think twice! You don’t know where these details may end up.


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JK Consultants LTD, the Timeshare advisers from Gibraltar


A company has been brought to our attention by the name of JK Consultants ltd.

This company claims to be based in Gibraltar, on 57/63 Line Wall Road.

Their contact number is a UK number though and as stated this is from the “London office”: +44 745 960 3035 the only details of this London office is the postcode: SE13 7UN

They run a website which is called and which was registered in August 2016. Not in 2013 as the website indicates.

Strange enough this apparent English company is running the website in the German Language. So it is aimed at the German Timeshare Owners.

JK Consultants ltd offer as it seems relinquishments, cancellations of timeshare agreements and disposals. Apart from this they also offer rentals in Canary Islands and Mallorca.

On the website there is a mention of JK Consultants Ltd, director ;Mr. Jürgen Reuter .

The services offered are on a “No win no fee” basis but people can pay by credit card…

On the website, in spite of all the “information” provided, there is no mention of any company registration number or privacy statement.

We place serious doubts with the services offered through this website that seems to lack important information for the consumer, and therefore we certainly recommend any consumer contacting this company to be cautious.

If you have been in contact with Jürgen Reuter or anybody from his team at JK Consultants Ltd. Than please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Timeshare Help Centre, advice from trusted partners but no information?


A new website has been detected from a company called Timeshare Help Centre

The website claims to be specialized in giving expert advice on the options for exiting timeshare. Having brought the best timeshare exit companies together to one place, and their independent advisers can offer the timeshare owner impartial advice on which one offers the best solution for them.

This all sounds great but the website does not really give away any names of the people connected to this company or the names of all these expert companies that can help out.

As a matter of fact there is no company ID at all, no address, no Telephone number, nothing.

By law a company should be duly identified on their website.

People interested in the services Timeshare Help Centre offer are asked to fill in a contact form with their name, Telephone number and email address.

There is no privacy statement on the web that guarantees the consumer his personal details are in safe hands.

Before submitting your details to Timeshare Help Centre please think twice as you really do not know where they go and where they will end up.

In case of problems, you don’t really have anywhere to turn to.

If you have been in contact with Timeshare Help Centre we would like to have your feedback.

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We’ve never done it before, but there’s a first time for everything. We’ve have been asked to collaborate:

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Has VRE Travel taken over from Great Getaways Tenerife?

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-24 a la(s) 12.00.01

Many consumers have been asking us this question in the past week as all of them seem to be receiving calls from the company VRE Travel.

VRE Travel explains on this call that Great Getaways Tenerife has gone into receiver-ship and is no longer trading so the £259 the consumers originally paid is no longer valid. But VRE has now taken over the customers and are prepared to honour Great Getaways’ offer for a registration fee of a further £159

We already posted a blog article about VRE Travel in the past, and as it appears they have now found another “excuse” to contact consumers and take money from them.

The link to the previous article about VRE Travel is:

Please be careful with callers like this who turn up out of the blue and start asking for money.

Make sure you know what you would be paying for, and certainly do get the terms and conditions of any purchase you make BEFORE they take the money from you.

If VRE Travel has approached you as well, we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

P.D. It looks like they are now also calling those who paid to Gold Crown Tenerife and Estrella Vacations for a discounted accommodation package. Same pitch as above!

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Has Anderson Read Consultancy invited you for a meeting?

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-16 a la(s) 16.15.22

Cold Callers Anderson Read Consultancy is approaching timeshare owners with an invitation for a meeting.

The meeting is supposedly for a “no win no fee” proposition to refund all the money paid towards the timeshare membership of the consumer.

The meeting takes place in Redditch, but the representatives at the offices are not from Anderson Read but from RSB Legal / RSB International Group.

These meetings take several hours, and most of the time is of course spent on convincing the consumer how they have been “mis sold” and how they can claim back all the money they paid to the timeshare company.

The claim they offer against the timeshare resort would be on a no-win, no-fee basis with precedes split 70:30 for the consumer.

Consumers have told us that they were informed that this company, RSB Legal has so far recovered over £20m since 2012.

Something that seems a bit unlikely for a company, which was only registered a year ago.

In addition to reclaiming a refund of the costs, RSB Legal offers also to relinquish the timeshare contract but this would involve a fee (~£10,000!).

The consumer can pay £1000 on the day and the balance in 10 days following the agreement. They do mention these costs could be included in the claim as well, so this would be “recovered” in the end.

Taking into account that the consumer is invited in the first place by a company called Anderson Read Consultancy, telephone 0289 5217 211 we really would recommend caution when attending these meetings.

Paying a deposit on the day without taking the time to go through the documents you are signing and the agreement you are committing to is also not recommendable.

If Anderson Read Consultancy has invited you to a meeting we would like to hear from you.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.


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