Money Reclaim Expert following up the Operation Storm…

A dubious cold caller has been spotted by the name of Money Reclaim Expert.

A name, which apparently has been copied from a real company who has nothing to do with these cold callers!

The FAKE Money Reclaim Expert cold call timeshare consumers who have been defrauded in the past, and they claim that after the operation Storm on the Costa del Sol, money has been awarded to the victims.

And Money Reclaim Expert (fake) are the ones who can get you part of the awarded money by claiming through the Spanish courts.

Obviously Money Reclaim Experts (fake) know about the consumer’s dealings with a fraudulent company in the past, which is suspicious already as this is not something that is public knowledge.

Telephone number from this fake Money Reclaim Expert is 0844 202 8999 and email address:

Once the consumer has shown interest in recovering his money, Money Reclaim Expert sends a confirmation letter and surprisingly a copy of court ruling where the money has been awarded straight away.

The consumer is not only awarded the amount he lost with the fraudulent company in the past, there is also money in compensation and interest fees.

All the consumer needs to do to get this money transferred to his account is paying the court fees of 795 euros.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a fake company and if you pay the fees you will lose this money.

There are no court payments and certainly not if you were never made aware you were included in any court claim by the authorities!

If you have been approached by this FAKE Money Reclaim Expert who is calling from 0844 202 8999 then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


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Caution with cold calls from the company Genova Mierlem (fake)!

A new cold caller hits the lists by the name of (fake) Genova Mierlem.

Once again a case where fraudsters are using the name of a real existing company, and not only the name, they also bluntly copied the address and logo.

But the truth is that the ones cold calling under the name of Genova Mierlem are not from this office and their email address and Telephone number 0034 95 1650 498 are certainly not from the real company!

It should always ring a bell when a supposed legal company does cold calls, but when they ask for information by email or fax and insist their offices cannot receive post, you know for sure something is completely wrong!

The caller from this fake Genova Mierlem, states they are the liquidators of Reclaim S.A., which is a lie.

They also say they have been successful in claiming back money for consumers who were holding a Reclaim certificate from the assets seized at the liquidation of Reclaim S.A. and surprisingly they also got money back for those who had their certificate redeemed as failed!

Everybody is a winner!

If the consumer wants to have a go as well and get Genova Mierlem to do the claim on their behalf, all they need to do is fill in the claims form and submit back to them by email or fax.

They insist there won’t be any charges for this service of (fake) Genova Mierlem.

A story we have heard quiet often already and all that changes is the company name.

The end to this is that when people submit indeed their details, they are told they have been awarded money but…there are fees to be paid, or taxes, or the money is blocked in an account and penalty fees are due….

Any payment you can come up with, and no, it cannot be deducted from the awarded money. So please Mr. Consumer send us the money …

Guess what? Those who indeed fell for this and paid never got any money send to them and sadly enough realized too late they were a victim of a fraud.

If this fake Genova Mierlem has contacted you already from 0034 951 650 497, please do let us know.

You can email us at or leave a comment on this blog.



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Abogados Amable & Garcia and UK Claims don’t touch them with a barge pole!

The latest cold caller name that has been brought to our attention is a so-called lawyers office by the name of Abogados Amable & Garcia and a connected company UK Claims.

Very familiar pitch on the cold call, about an upcoming court case in Tenerife, and the possibility for the timeshare owner to join the case. Because coincidentally the case is against the company the consumer dealt with in the past.

The agent from the lawyers Amable Garcia is calling from Freephone: 0800 802 1829 and they also have another number in Tenerife: 0034 822 680 055

Follow up emails are received from: and

They also set up a website where the consumer can read about the success story of both lawyers running this company Mr Juan Hernandez Amable and Armando Ignacio Garcia.

Nevertheless in the follow up email the consumer receives after the first exciting cold call, they mention actually a lawyer by the name of Ramon Quemon Cremul.

Abogados Amable & Garcia claim to be offering to join the court case on a no win no fee basis, but soon the consumer finds himself with on-going requests for money, ranging from admin fees, legal fees, procurator fees…you name it, they need money for it!

Research has shown that this company by the name of Abogados Amable & Garcia does not exist and the mentioned company registration numbers in the correspondence are all fake.

Neither are there any lawyers by the name of Juan Hernandez Amable, Armando Ignacio Garcia or Ramon Quemon Cremul.

Once more we have to insist that this is a bogus set up, who is calling with the one sole purpose to get your money and disappear!

If the agent of Abogados Amable Garcia has approached you already please let us know and please DO NOT PAY THEM A PENNY!

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog


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#Timeshare Cold Caller list for April 2017

Dear All,

The latest Cold Caller list is here!

April 2017, with Easter week included produced a list of 72 cold calling companies of which 10 companies are new names on the list.

For a complete list of the 72 cold calling companies please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Cold Callers April 2017

The 10 new company names are the following:

Please be careful with any cold caller.

Most of the callers are nicely sounding individuals who have a great sense of convincing the consumer into paying for something they don’t want or even know what it is, or invite you to meetings to discuss issues that sound too good to be true from the start.

Always do your research and just drop us a mail with the details of the company that called you and what they offered, so we can send you more information as well.

Customer Care

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FHA Marketing cold calls and an invitation to meet up with their Claims Assesors.

A new cold caller that has been highlighted over the past week is FHA Marketing.

This company has started a very active call campaign and we received numerous inquiries asking who they were.

FHA Marketing is though yet again another company, which is cold calling on behalf of another company using the name of RSB Legal who has meetings in Redditch and Manchester.

Sounds familiar? Of course it does, because long before we had the calls from FHA Marketing there were other companies cold calling as well for the same invitation.

Anderson Read Consultancy, Warwickshire consultants, Taylor Marshall Associates, Charles Ashworth Consultants and Harwood Jones Consulting.

All these companies invite for a meeting to discuss a so called “No win No fee” claim against the resort or exchange company.

After the initial contact by phone, the timeshare consumer is sent an email to reconfirm their appointment. The subject of the email is: RSB LEGAL APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION LETTER- Redditch Office.

But once at the meeting they actually ask the consumer for money upfront for administration fees etc. so we don’t really understand their perception of “no win no fee”!

So far we have not heard of any consumer with a successful claim done by “FHA Marketing” or their “claims assessors”

Email address for FHA Marketing are: or and website

If you received a cold call from FHA Marketing or attended the meeting in Redditch or Manchester, please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.





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The European Claims Chamber, another “ECC” company linked to ITRA

This week the European Claims Centre and ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action have increased their group of claims companies and brought to live a new name, which is European Claims Chamber

The European Claims Chamber has been mentioned to us for months now, as consumers who took up the services of ECC or ITRA were told their paperwork was handed over to this European Claims Chamber. Strange enough the company has only been registered officially a couple of days ago.

On the 25th of April 2017 the new company was registered at the Spanish Companies House.

Address: Camino de las Cañadas 1, Edif Buendia. Oficina 11, 29649 Mijas, Malaga, Spain

Telephone numbers are for UK: 0203 670 4610 and for Spain 0034 951 562203


Their website is:

The company presents itself as a claims company for Timeshare Claims. Something ITRA and ECC has been doing for the past years but this time it looks they have finally decided to take on board a team of lawyers.

Question will be of course, will the invitations been done again by cold calls to the timeshare owners? Cold calls from Timeshare Release, Timeshare advice centre, Victoria marketing, The Refund Action Group or maybe a new one as well?

Time will tell…


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Cinnamon Marketing selling Club Vesta memberships in Tenerife

Several timeshare consumers who were approached in Tenerife over the past months have brought the company Cinnamon Marketing to our attention.

Initially they were stopped in the streets and given a scratch card by a so-called OPC.

As we know, you always are a winner! And the timeshare consumers ended up in a presentation with Cinnamon Marketing before they could receive their “prize”.

In this meeting they were presented with a Holiday Club called Club Vesta

Club Vesta offers a 4 Years holiday club membership that entitles to 8 free weeks and another free week in Marbella for around £4,000.

Besides the holiday club membership, which entitled to great holiday discounts on accommodation and cruise holidays, the consumers are also promised a disposal of their current timeshare membership, which is actually the main selling point, in convincing them to purchase the Club Vesta Membership.

Cinnamon Marketing claims to be working with a firm of solicitors in the UK, who could help the timeshare owners, to get them out of their timeshare membership.

They even showed the consumers several copies of letters on headed paper from their own timeshare company to named people, stating that they were no longer liable for maintenance payments in their weeks.

Although they pitch the consumer over a membership with duration 4 years and sometimes even longer, they do ask for a payment on the day as a deposit.

Please note that The Timeshare Directive stipulates clearly that the purchase of any holiday product with duration of 12 months or more should have a 14-day cooling off period, without any money changing hands!

We heard from the consumers they were assured that they only needed to pay a deposit of £1,000 on the day – as a special offer, which they explained, couldn’t be re-offered or they would be accused of harassment.

When consumers question Club Vesta about their membership and the attached services of relinquishment of their timeshare, Club Vesta indicated that they had nothing to do with the timeshare cancellation, matter that has to be resolved by Cinnamon Marketing SL.

Company and contact details are:

Club Vesta: Office 10, 48 Moorgate Rd, Rotherham S60 2AW, Company Registration Number: 153,360, Registered Address: 1 Mapp Street, Belize, Tel. 033 0323 0497.

Cinnamon Marketing SL, Avda Adeje 300, 38678 Adeje, Tenerife. Spanish Companies House info: Cinnamon Marketing SL, CIF: B76697630 Avda Adeje 300 – Urbanización Cielo, Puerta R-5, 38670, Adeje

If you have been through a meeting of Cinnamon Marketing and would like to share your experience with us, please send your feedback to or leave your comment on this blog


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