Mindtimeshare sets alarm bells ringing for legal services “cold callers”

I have been telephoned a number of times by people offering legal services. Is this allowed?



Data protection have been in the news plenty recently, partly because of Facebook’s troubles and partly because of a new regulation coming into force in the UE last May 2018.

UE imposes requirements on any business that handles the data of UE citizens, and one of these requirements is CONSENT. Consent that can’t be passive. You need deliberate clear option that can be withdrawn at any time.

A claim company need to get explicit permission to call and to hold data about timeshare owners.

Neither solicitors nor anyone working for them are allowed to telephone timeshare owners offering their legal services.

These ‘dubious marketers’ making cold calls in relation to timeshare schemes infringe the General Data Protection Regulation (UE GDPR).

It is estimated that 300.000 european timeshare owners have received unsolicited contact about their timeshare since 2010.

Dubious claim companies have caused real distress to timeshare owners.

We advice timeshare owners who may have been affected to be vigilant and to ask the company to remove their details from the list and to reort cold calls to the ICO (if the company is British) or the “Agencia de Proteccion de datos” (if the company is Spanish).

Have you been cold called by a claim company?

If so, let us know about it.  Fill in the CONTACT form or email customercare@mindtimeshare.com

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Procuradores Gonzalez, more fake companies in Tenerife!

These people seem to produce company names and websites every day, and we will continue to report every single one of them.

So BEWARE! This one is using the name of Procuradores Gonzalez, and supposedly run by the procurator Mr. Alfonso Emilio Gonzales.

Website for this fake company is www.procuradores-gonzalez.com a domain registered in November 2018.

No telephone, no privacy statements, no company registration, no nothing!

Address: Calle Rogano 11, Edificio Farata, 305F, 38002, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Email: procuradores-gonzalez@europe.com

You probably run into this company after talking to one of the many Fake Lawyers companies in Tenerife who approach people on a cold call and offer claims and compensation pay outs.

Claims done on a no win no fee basis, but then when you supposedly have been awarded money, these procurators appear on the scene as they do need to be paid before you can receive the money.

Please note that this is all a scam, and there is no claim, no money and certainly people like Alfonso Emilio Gonzales are no procurators!

If Procuradores Gonzales have been sending you their information and an invoice for their fees, please do let us know.

You can fill in the CONTACT form or email customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Procuradores Alinas, part of the Tenerife Fake lawyer set up!

Another fake procurator has been spotted and this time it is Procuradores Alinas.

This company supposedly set up by a Mr. Miguel Cioban Alinas, has all the looks to be part of the Fake Lawyers set up in Tenerife.

The website www.procuradores-alinas.com set up at the beginning of October is actually identical to the one reported yesterday from Carlos Imgran Procuraduria.

Yet again the same text, same pictures, same menu, same lies.

All that changes is the (fake) name of the procurator and the fake office address: Calle Las Guarras No. 2, Edificio, Tijeras, 269, Santa Cruz, Tenerife


If you have been speaking to a lawyer in Tenerife who supposedly is going to do a claim for you through the courts, or who has already confirmed the claim was done, beware!

If now you need to pay the procurator fee and they send you details of Procuradores Alinas and the account of Miguel Cioban Alinas, please note that this is a scam!

Any money send to this set up will be impossible to recover!

If Procuradores Alinas have already been sending you their information, do let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Fake Lawyers Tenerife diverting the case to Carlos Imgran Procuraduria

It is more of the same, but we do think it is very important consumers get to know all the names involved the soonest one pops up.

This time it is the so-called Procurator office of Carlos Gabriel Salva Imgran.

He is supposedly the procurator that is taking care of the consumers claim in the Tenerife courts and who needs his fees paid before the awarded amount of money can be transferred to the consumer.

Mr. Carlos Imgran has even a website set up www.procuraduria-imgran.com a domain that was registered at the end of November 2018.

The email used for Carlos Imgran Procuraduria is procuraduria-imgran@europe.com

There is no telephone number for this office as all correspondence is by email.

They do display a (fake) address on the website;  C/Metas 3, Edificio Aldesa, 197B. Santa Cruz Tenerife

The contact with Carlos Imgran Procuraduria commences after the consumer has been cold called by the fake lawyers office of Abogados Litigacion, about whom we already posted a blog warning. (Abogados Litigacion, more of the same!)

Please note that this is all FAKE and FRAUDULENT.

There are no court claims as these offices do not exist, the people use fake names, fake addresses and after you made a payment, many more payment requests will follow.

If Carlos Imgran Procuraduria has already been in contact with you for a payment, please let us know.


Email: customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Has your compensation claim been through the Court of Justice in Thailand?

You wonder who makes this stuff up, but really these calls are received and these kinds of stories are given to innocent consumers!

A new cold caller pretending to be working on behalf of the Court of Justice in Thailand is contacting consumers who have been defrauded in the past.

The explanation on why they are calling from so far is because it is Thailand where the arrested fraudsters supposedly transferred the money they took from their victims. Now these victims have been awarded repayments through a civil case.

The person calling from the Court of Justice in Thailand is called Gamon Chujan.

He explains though that there are some implications to get the money transferred to the UK and it seems there is something wrong with a “Cross Boarder Compliance” Document.

Gamon Chujan writes:

“As disguised your Cross Boarder Compliance document has not been drawn up nor submitted to the European Court of Justice nor the Asian International Court of Justice, the two bodies that must sign off the Cross Boarder Compliance document as verification of the judgment. 

In the Kingdom of Thailand foreign judgments are not enforceable with out a Cross Boarder Compliance document, therefor it is essential that one is obtained. 

The lawyers here can draw up a Cross Boarder Compliance document with in 3 working days of payment and here after the settlement can be legally released. 

Payment can be made by Western Union or Xpress Money. ..

Sincerely we haven’t got a clue what he is talking about, but the bottom line is clear, they want money, they want it upfront and through Western Union or Xpress Money, as court houses do…. NOT!

Civil Clerk Gamon Chujan has as contact details:

Telephone: 0066 886 165 336

And email: bcc@clerk.com

Please note that this is all a SCAM!

Do not provide these kind of cold callers with any further personal details from you, as you do not know whom you are speaking to and where these details end up.

Do NOT pay them!

And if any cold caller pretending to be working on behalf of a courthouse in any country approaches you, don’t trust them!

Has Gamon Chujan from +66 886165336 the Court of Justice in Thailand already contacted you? Please let us know!




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Timeshare Cold Callers – November 2018

Dear All,

The latest Cold caller list for November 2018 has been elaborated.

We have counted 57 Cold Calling companies of which 13 companies are brand new.

Main activity among these cold callers is again fake legal services and claims.

For a complete list of all cold callers please click on the following link:

Cold callers November 2018

And here are all the new names that were added to the cold caller list in November 2018:

  • B Olmo y Asociados
  • Court of Justice Thailand
  • Hayden Solutions
  • La Litigacion Española
  • Legalidades Tenerife
  • Mc Bain Legal Consultancy
  • Mediterranean Translators
  • Patrimoine Optimum
  • Rodrigo Hoya Asesoria
  • Royds Withy King (FAKE)
  • Sanchez Garcia y Asociados
  • Slater & Gordon
  • Switched on Legal

One of the publications we have done this month is about the actual court claims in Spain against the different Timeshare resorts.

If you are interested in a claim, and want to know if you actually qualify to do a claim, please have a look at the following link https://wp.me/p1kmoi-3gX

Do not hesitate if you have any questions or doubts, we are here to help you.

As always many thanks to all those consumers who are keeping us up to date with all the cold calls and offers they receive throughout the month.

Customer Care


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