Chambers & Co, the cold callers appointed by Spanish Courts…

Chambers & Co is a cold caller who was brought to our attention some weeks ago and then went quiet.

But it looks like they now are have become more active and over the past days we have received numerous inquiries about Chambers & Co.

The person calling from this company is using (for the moment) the name of Jonathan Miller.

Telephone number used for these calls is a Spanish mobile: 0034 603688636

Mr. Miller explains that the company Chambers & Co has been appointed by the Spanish Courts to contact client who had been defrauded in the past by other dubious companies.

Chambers and Co have all the consumers personal details, which they say, have been supplied by the Spanish Courts.

After the initial call, Chambers & Co supposedly will be contacting the Town Hall / Fraud Office to establish how much has been allocated to the consumer and arrange the release of funds.

On the next call, the consumer is given the great news of the amount he has been awarded, which is around £50,000

There won’t be any charge for the consumer to get this money paid out, but the fraud office in Malaga does require a 3% payment over the awarded amount for a European certificate of funds transfer from Spain to UK.

Please note that this is a SCAM!

There is no such thing as a company Chambers & co in Malaga and appointed by the courts, there is no awarded money and there is no European Certificate for pay out.


If you have received a call from Jonathan Miller or any other person pretending to be working for a company called Chambers & Co in Malaga, and give you a similar story as the one above, please do let us know.

The phone number used is +34 603 688 636 but as this is a mobile; they obviously can change the number for future calls.

You can contact us through the CONTACT FORM or place a comment on the blog.

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The strange call from Gladwell Management Exchange

A dubious company by the name of Gladwell Management Exchange has been brought to our attention.

A Mr. Martin Wilkins cold calls consumers with the story about their supposed dealings with another company, A.L. Associates and Alejandra Llobera.

Both these companies were mentioned on this blog!

As per Mr. Wilkins from Gladwell Management Exchange, the (fake) lawyer Alejandra Llobera has taken the consumers case through the court, and money has been awarded.

Amazing taking into account the consumer never took up the services of this fake lawyer and never gave any permission to be represented in court by this or any other “lawyer”.

The awarded money is now being held in a “secure account” and after paying the relevant fees the consumer can expect a cheque with the awarded amount of around 20.000 pounds

The company details of this cold caller are:

Gladwell Management Exchange, Clarendon House, 52 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3HJ

Telephone: 01865 600465


We have been unable to find a company registered at the Companies house by the name of Gladwell Management Exchange, and on checking the address we were unable as well to find a company based there with this name.

Cold calls are never a good sign and if on top of the cold call it appears that the caller knows actually more about you than they should, including dealings you had in the past with other dubious companies, all alarm bells should be ringing!

If you received a call from Martin Wilkins or any other person claiming to be calling on behalf of Gladwell Management Exchange, please do let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog

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Hardwick Chancery, cold calling with offers to claim

The company Hardwick Chancery has been active with their cold calls for some months now and we are receiving more and more inquiries mentioning their name.

The agent from Hardwick Chancery states that their Head office is based in Gibraltar but the caller is actually in their London office in Greens Lane, North London.

On their website though they display as well an address and the company registration number in Morocco.

Telephone: 0333 3446 212 (London agent’s direct line)

Email and

The caller asks the consumer about their timeshare, if they paid by credit card and explains that the company Hardwick Chancery can do a claim against the resort for mis selling.

Where they explain on their web what they can do for the Timeshare owner, they mention relinquishment, Consumer Act claims and Litigation. “These cases will be conducted by highly professional legal teams either in house or by their many Associate Law Firms.”

There is no mention though on the web or in their paperwork who exactly these legal professionals are.

Paperwork send through to the consumers actually requires the authorization from the consumer to pass their details to third party companies.

Hardwick Chancery insists that all cases whether undertaken by themselves or an associate firm these will be on a STRICT No Win No Fee basis!

There are no Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions on the website.

If you have been speaking to Hardwick Chancery, we would like to receive your feedback.

You can fill in our CONTACT FORM or place a comment on the blog.

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Timeshare Cold Callers November 2017

Dear All,

The cold caller list for November 2017 is here.

This month of November we counted 51 cold callers of which 17 companies are new names on the list.

Please click on the following link for a complete list on PDF of all the 51 cold callers:

Mindtimeshare Cold Callers November 2017

Most of the cold callers are companies who promise all kind of “guaranteed claims” and all seem to be very experienced and qualified legal professionals with a range of successful cases behind them. Please don’t take the word of a cold caller for granted!

Your personal details should not be accessible to anybody.

The 17 new companies added this month of November to our growing list are:

  • AABAC Administradores (FAKE)
  • Abogados Canarias
  • Claim Tracers
  • CTS Consulting
  • Easy Steps
  • Escrow Finance
  • European Claims
  • Gladwell Management Exchange
  • Graham + Stones
  • Hardwick Chancery
  • Liberty Contract Services
  • Poets Consulting
  • Promotora Group
  • SPS Claims Consultants
  • The Timeshare Ombudsman
  • Timeshare-Refund
  • Wilson Capital Ltd – Wilson & Co

As always a big thank you to all the consumers who have taken the time to write to us and send us all kind of documents and information on the cold callers.

May we take this opportunity to wish all our followers and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!

Customer Care

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The growing list of the Tenerife FAKE lawyers! Abogados Canarias is the latest!

The list of names is getting longer and longer and the latest one we have added is Abogados Canarias.

Yet again a fake lawyers company, cold calling innocent consumers and promising all kind of court claims.

Contact details for this new set up are:

Telephone: 8008021662 and 822680088


Their website is

The (fake) name of the lawyer supposedly attached to this company is Manuel Cilavoz Varintos

There is another email they use after the initial contacts which is


For more information about their way of working and all the names used so far, please have a look at the article we posted on the blog with a list of names and contact details:

If you have received calls from the above or any other lawyers office in Tenerife claiming to have an imminent court case which you can join, and asking you for procurator fees etc. Please contact us!

You can fill in the CONTACT US form or just place a comment below this article.


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Did you receive a call from Contract Advice Bureau?

The most recent entry on our cold caller list is the company Contract Advice Bureau.

This recently detected company – – seems to be offering a timeshare disposal service.

Although it claims by phone to timeshare owners that they operate from Cavell House in Norwich, in fact the website provide us with a very different address, 101 Rose Street, South Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 3JG, which it is in fact a virtual company address.

Telephone from Contract Advice bureau is 01603 858 730 and email address

Although they state on the web they are UK based and registered, so far we have not been able to find this registration with the Companies House in the UK.

On their website which was registered in May 2017, there is no Company Registration number, no Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.

As with all cold callers, we always recommend consumers to be careful.

If you receive a cold call, ask for more information and don’t provide any personal details to anybody.

If you have spoken to Contract Advice Bureau from 01603858730 about their services, please let us have your feedback.

You can contact us through the CONTACT FORM


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Are Graham & Stones from Leeds sending you a cheque?

Some cold callers just don’t make sense when they explain what their call is about.

We now have this company calling themselves Graham + Stones and they pretend to be based in Leeds.

The address provided is from a Business centre based at 97 The Headrow, 1st Floor, Leeds, LS1 5JW

But we cannot find any company by the name of Graham Stones there.

Graham + Stones cold call Timeshare consumers from the number 01134931253 and explain they are holding a cheque with money, awarded through the Spanish / Portuguese courts to the consumer.

Strange the consumer had no idea about any court claim, but he, Graham Stones wants to send £12,000 so why complain?

Graham + Stones follows the call up with a confirmation email. This email is send from the email address

The confirmation states the following:

“1) All monies owed will be released in full to you by Personal Cheque.

2)Amount due to you is £12,000 this is released to you with your Holding Deposit (NOT PAYED) of £1,900.

3)Once all paperwork has been signed and returned to us, the surety will be released back to you in full.

We would also like to extend our company and fiscal guarantee to you which we hold with the Bank of Spain and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. This means that all business is backed and covered with these two fiscal entities, as well as ourselves.

As a courtesy to you the client we will also inform you, that within 1 calendar month of finalised business your details will be legally struck from any timeshare related data bases we have access to.”

How’s that for a great service? You get money awarded without even asking for it, and then in the same go you are released from any further cold calls in the future as your data will be deleted…just like that!

We have been unable to find any company registered by the name of Graham + Stones

There are no court cases in Spain or Portugal where you are included without even knowing this!

If you received a similar dubious call from 0113 4931 253 Graham & Stones, than please let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on this blog

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