Pas op voor de aanbieding van de nep-advocaat Gonzalo Calderon!

Een nieuwe naam op onze lijst van nep-advocaten en dat is Gonzalo Calderon.

Momenteel lijkt het dat ze alleen Nederland sprekende Timeshare-eigenaren benaderen, maar waarschijnlijk zullen ze ook naar andere nationaliteiten uitbreiden.

In het eerste telefoon gesprek legt de medewerker van dit nep advocatenkantoor uit dat zij een gespecialiseerd juridisch kantoor zijn die rechtszaken doet tegen timeshare-bedrijven.

Gonzalo Calderon werkt op een “No Cure No Pay” basis, dus als de zaak verloren is, hoeft de consument niets aan hen te betalen. Maar als de zaak is gewonnen, is er een betaling van 10% over het toegekende bedrag.

Zij leggen meteen uit dat deze 10% verschuldigd is wanneer de consument de schriftelijke bevestiging van de rechterlijke uitspraak ontvangt.

Zo leggen zij dit uit in hun e-mail: ” Indien de uitspraak negatief uitvalt, te zeggen de vorderende partij krijgt geen bedrag toegewezen, hoeft deze ook niets te betalen, zelfs niet voor de door ons uitgevoerde voorbereiding. Indien het gerecht aan U wel een zeker bedrag toewijst, zijn gerechts- en administratiekosten ter hoogte van 10 % te betalen, maar eerst eens dat U de uitspraak in Uw voordeel zwart op wit voor U liggen hebt. Het aan U toegewezen bedrag staat vanaf dan op een fiduciaire bankrekening van het gerecht op Uw naam als begunstigde geboekt en kan dus niet verrekend worden…”

Oh ja, dus je krijgt een brief / document alsof het de uitspraak is van de rechter en die bevestigd dat er een bedrag is toegekend en dan wordt verwacht dat je eerst deze 10% over dit bedrag gaat storten alvorens iets te ontvangen?

De website van Gonzalo Calderon is slechts 1 maand geleden geregistreerd (augustus 2017).

Er is geen bedrijfsregistratienummer (KvK Nummer) op het web en geen privacyverklaring. Zeker heel vreemd voor een bedrijf dat beweert een advocaten kantoor te zijn die toch zeker op de hoogte zal zijn van de wetgeving betreffende websites!

Contactgegevens zijn: Adres:

  • Calle Fernandez en González, 2, 41001, Sevilla, España
  • Tel: +34 603 371 142 (dit is een mobiel)
  • Email:

Wees voorzichtig als u een telefoontje ontvangt van deze valse advocaat Gonzalo Calderon!

Geef geen verdere persoonlijke gegevens aan hen, aangezien u niet weet in welke handen deze gegevens uiteindelijk terecht komen.

Als u een dergelijke aanbieding ontvangt van het nummer +34 603371142 willen wij graag van u horen.

U kunt dit doen via ons Contactformulier of gewoon een reactie plaatsen op blog.


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Beware of the cold calling and fake lawyer Gonzalo Calderon!

A new name has popped up in the list of cold calling fake lawyers and this is Gonzalo Calderon.

For the moment it looks like they are only approaching Dutch speaking Timeshare owners but of course they will probably extend the calls to other nationalities.

On the cold call the employee of this fake lawyers office explains they are a specialist legal office doing claims against timeshare companies.

Gonzalo Calderon works on a No Win No Fee basis, so if the case is lost the consumer doesn’t owe them anything. But if the case is won, there is a 10% fee over the awarded amount.

They explain straight away that this 10% is due when the consumer receives the written confirmation of the court ruling.

The catch is in the following sentence of their email: “The amount allocated to you will be transferred to a fiduciary bank account of the court, and the fees due cannot be deducted from the awarded amount…”

Oh yeah right, so you get a letter / document pretending to be the court ruling, telling you there is an amount awarded to you, and then you are expected to send the 10% over this amount first before receiving anything at all?

Please note that the website of Gonzalo Calderon was registered only 1 month ago (August 2017).

There is no company registration number on the web, and no privacy statement. Surely very strange for a company claiming to be “legal” professionals!

  • Contact details are: Address:
  • Calle Fernandez y González, 2, 41001, Sevilla, España
  • Tel: +34 603 371 142 (This is a mobile)
  • Email:

Please be careful when receiving the call from this fake lawyer called Gonzalo Calderon!

Don’t provide any further personal details to them, as you don’t know where these will end up.

If you do receive such call from the number +34 603371142 we would like to hear from you.

You can do this through our Contact Form or simply place a comment on blog.



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Beware of the FAKE LAWYERS in Tenerife using the name of Amador Galeca!

Oh yes, if we hadn’t had enough already, we have another name added to the endless list of cold calling fake lawyers offices based in Tenerife. This time the have taken the name of Amador Galeca.

The website states this supposed lawyer has been around for at least 25 years, which is really surprising for somebody who’s name cannot be found anywhere, and neither a company registered under this name.

They cold call Timeshare consumers who were defrauded before and explain there is an upcoming court claim where the consumer can join in and claim their money back and compensation as well.

There are no charges to do this, so it all seems very plausible at the beginning.

The real “game” actually starts when the consumer is notified a settlement has been offered or there has been money awarded, and in order to go ahead there are fees to be paid.

Notaries, procurators, translations, you name it they need money for it!

A range of fake documents is produced by email to back up their lies.

For example tax documents often taken from the Internet and although in Spanish they are really from South American tax offices.

All the fees have to be paid by bank transfer, and again there seems to be a wide range of “procurators and notaries” with all kind of “exotic names”.

Contact details for Amador Galeca are:

Office address: Calle de V. Sanz, N14, 16, 38002, Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Freephone: 0800 802 1223


As with most of these fake companies, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the requests for money.

Only when the consumer has paid over and over again and there is no progress at all and certainly the supposed awarded money has not been received…they realise it is a scam.

Please don’t let it go that far! 

If you have been approached by the above mentioned FAKE lawyers office from Amador Galeca, please contact us through the CONTACT FORM or leave a message on the blog.


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Website alert for

Not always a company has to be a cold caller to recommend caution. We also do in those cases where we detect a website or publicity of companies that offer services related to Timeshare but don’t seem to be all that transparent.

This is the case of the website called

The website has been registered only at the beginning of August and they have protected the names of the registrant, which is not something a genuine and normal company would do.

For a website which is only around 6 weeks old, the statement of “having helped thousands of clients who have had their cases upheld and have now been awarded millions of pounds in compensation” seems a bit exaggerated to say the least.

On the same website there is no mention at all about a company registration, no Companies House number, no address, nothing which is actually obligated by law for company websites.

There is no privacy statement or anything, so they don’t really promise they will protect your personal details if you happen to fill in their contact form.

A consumer who spoke to them though, told us that when he asked for their address the person on the phone said she could not provide these details in view of Data Protection!

In the small print they mention: “ are a web-based service introducing you specialist companies and their services within the Timeshare and Holiday club claims sector. do not charge for this facility and are paid by the companies themselves. only refer people to No Win No Fee companies.”

Contact email is CLAIM@THECLAIMFINDERS.CO.UK and the person calling back after the initial inquiry send out to them is calling from telephone number: 0203 455 4602

Please when searching the web and running into websites like this, be careful with the information you fill in and provide to companies / people who are not duly identified.

Filling in forms like this can lead to receiving numerous cold calls throughout the years as your personal details can be passed from one to another.

If you had any dealings with The Claim Finders we would like to have your feedback.




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Leyland Marketing Consultants another cold calling “Appointment Setter”

We have already many names for companies claiming to be sole “Appointment Setters” for other companies, and Leyland Marketing Consultants is one more to complete the list.

The contact details for this company are: telephone number 0121 314 3990

Website: and Email: or

This cold calling marketing company pretends to be acting on behalf of different legal companies, and the agent calling discusses the claim as if they have a certain legal qualification.

In the follow up email they send out to the consumers after the initial cold call, Leyland Marketing Consultants states the following:” We here at Leyland Marketing Consultants are a claims validation consultancy, whose role is to establish which timeshare and point owners are eligible for compensation, due to the mis-selling of timeshares. We are predominantly dealing with Time Share members for the potential breach in their contracts…”

But on their website they actually don’t mention anything of the above at all! This is how they explain who they are: “From Leyland Marketing Consultants we offer an honest and ethical approach to sales and marketing but at the same time ensuring that persuasion and influence tactics are used to their fullest. With over of 50 years of combined marketing experience at the head of the company, we know how to make your business the best it can be.”

Both calls and follow up emails are very similar to the pitches we have seen before from other companies, and surprisingly all consumers have their claim validated as possible.

No consumer has ever been turned down!

The supposed claim to recover the money paid to the timeshare resort will be on a 25%/75% split and in order to join this claim the consumer needs to attend a meeting.

As always we recommend consumers to be extra cautious when receiving cold calls from companies stating they are legal professionals or connected to legal companies.

If you have been invited to this meeting already by Leyland Marketing Consultants please let us know.

You can reach us through the Contact Form or by placing a comment under this article.

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Bias Claims Services the legal company appointed after the police raids…

A cold calling company using the name of Bias Claims Services has started their active call campaign in the past week.

This company approaches consumers who have been defrauded in the past, mainly by bogus Timeshare resale companies.

The employee of Bias Claims Services knows everything about this unfortunate fraud, to the extend that they can tell the consumer the exact amount of money paid and to which company.

Apparently Bias Claims Services is taking a large group of bogus companies to court on behalf of numerous victims…

The employee Jane Davis explains to the consumer that they are on a list of victims provided to her company to contact. According to her the case is going to Court for hearing on the 17th November in Madrid and involves some 500 victims and over £1000.000 in money.

To back up this fantastic story they give the consumer links to the articles about the police raid son the Costa del Sol this summer (,

Good news is that the Spanish Government are paying all their costs in the matter but the consumer would need legal representation at the hearing and Bias claims Services can offer this, against a payment of course!

Contact details of this company are: CC Los Jarales 1, Suite 122, de Mijas, Malaga, Spain

Telephone number +34 951 203 873

Email: and

First of all, there is no such company registered at the Spanish Companies House by the name of Bias Claims Services.

There is no such company doing any group claim against a large group of companies, and certainly the Spanish government is not involved in such claim and paying for the costs…

Obviously if the company does not exist, neither are there any lawyers / solicitors doing any claims!

If a consumer is identified, as a possible victim of a fraud by the police, the consumer would be contacted by the court directly through an official communication in Spanish, duly translated by a sworn translator and by recorded delivery post.

The victim is notified of the possibility to claim against the company / people who defrauded them and is asked by the court to notify if they have intention to do so and appoint a legal representative.

If you have been approached by Bias Claims Services from 0034 951203873 please let us know through our Contact form or by placing a comment on this blog.


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Timeshare Cold Callers for the month of August 2017

Dear All,

Please find the update on the cold callers, which have been brought to our attention during the month of August 2017.

Obviously not everybody took a summer break as we still counted 42 cold calling companies of which 9 companies are highlighted as new ones.

For the complete list of the 42 cold callers, please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Cold callers August 2017

The new company names are as follows, and for 6 of them we have already published an article on the blog as well:

If you are contacted by a cold calling company with offers related to your Timeshare or Holiday Club Membership, please let us know.

The more details you can give us the better, so name, telephone number, website and details of their offer.

Many thanks in advance

Customer Care

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