Mosaic Exchange Ltd, offering to recover the money paid to Eze Group

A new cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of Mosaic Exchange ltd.

A lady called Ruth Firth cold calls from 0203 745 1086 with the news that the consumer will be able to get his money back from what they paid to Eze Group.

This money is the result of the successful outcome of recent court proceedings against Regency Shore (EZE Group) Holdings SL where the consumer was listed as one of their members.

Ms Firth seems to have all the details at hand, what the consumer paid, when and how.

They do charge a processing fee though of £725.

A Sarah Baker from Mosaic Exchange Ltd reconfirms it all by email send from

The payment includes the fees for Mosaic Exchange, courier service, and translation services. Once the consumer has paid the fees, Mosaic Exchange will be under contract with the consumer to finalize the claim.

All monies will be settled within 10 working days. If the process does not complete within the given timeframe all monies will be returned to the consumer.

In order to make it appear all more official and trustworthy, Sara Baker add that “all monies and procedure are contractually and fiscally guaranteed by our long-standing relationship with the high court in Madrid and the central bank of Spain, this is also applicable to our clients that have an issue with any (EZE Group) dealings and or concerns in Portugal. As we also have a good working relationship with the Portuguese chamber of commerce.”

Oops! Did we not hear this before?

In any case, what this company says makes no sense.

There is no money set aside from successful court claims where a consumer’s name appears on a list and a third party company without registration, nothing is appointed to process the payments to the consumer.

has not been found at the Companies House, not in UK nor Spain.

They don’t have a website and use a Gmail account for sending emails:

Telephone number 0203 745 1086 which could perfectly well be a number purchased over the Internet.

And their address: 1-3 The Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9LH, seems to coincide with a restaurant in London…

If Ruth Firth or Sarah Baker or anybody else from Mosaic Exchange Ltd contacted you with the fantastic story about recovering money from Eze, please do let us know.





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Beware of Legal Izalos or Izalos Legal

Another new member of the group of fake and fraudulent lawyers in Tenerife. The latest name is Legal Izalos or Izalos Legal.

A legal company supposedly set up by Mr. Manuel Lamaconio Congana 28 years ago. It took him though 28 years to set up a website as this web was only registered at the beginning of May.

What more can we say that we haven’t explained already about this fake and fraudulent cold caller?

The first call with the offer to claim on a No win No fee basis, the assurance there won’t be any payment upfront.

They will only take a percentage between 15% and 25% once the claim has been successful, it all sounds great!

Emails are received from the administration person working for Legal IzalosAlejandra Olada Volindat.

But at this stage we know it is all a big lie! The company does not even exist, the names are not even real, and soon the consumer is asked to do a payment of procurator fees, legal fees, admin fees… recovery of stolen cheque and more legal fees…. there is just no end to this scam.

The only end is when the consumer realizes it is a scam, but sad enough many victims only saw this when they already paid thousands of euros!

Contact details on the web for this fake legal company Legal Izalos are:

  • Address: Calle Dr. Miguel López González, Número 4, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Telephone: 0034 822 686 029
  • Email:

Please be aware this is all a scam, and money paid will probably be money you won’t ever recover again!

If Legal Izalos or Izalos legal has contacted you already, please do let us know.


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The strange call from the “self employed” financial advisor from Tenerife

We are not sure if this is a case where the people behind this set up have run out of names or creativity, or if this is an attempt to confuse consumers even more.

But we are receiving a lot of inquiries about phone calls, cold calls from so-called “self employed financial advisors” who pretend to be working out of Tenerife and offering claims.

The claim offered is yet again a No win No fee claim where the consumer will be claiming a refund through the bank of the money paid towards a timeshare membership.

The “financial advisor” offers the consumer a free week’s accommodation in Tenerife, during which the consumer will be meeting with the claims advisor.

The claims advisor will process the paperwork to complete a claim against the Bank.

As far as the caller concerns the bank should be considered liable for lack of diligence in allowing the consumer to make a payment abroad to pay for timeshare which was part of a fraudulent setup.

Incredible but true, the financial advisor also indicates that this claim will only take 1 hour to complete, and the consumer will receive a refund from their bank within 60 days.

Whilst the consumer is offered a free week and all this service apparently for free, he will only have to pay a 20% of the refunded money once the bank has transferred this into their account.

The reason to have this all sorted in Tenerife is because this is Tax-wise more favourable as the consumer won’t be charged any tax over the refunded amount.

Sounds incredible, and obviously it is!

Nonsense about a bank being liable because consumers buy into timeshare, claims processed in 1 hour, and pay outs in 60 days without tax charges.

And not only does this sound incredible, it also sounds extremely familiar.

Although these “financial advisors” don’t seem to be willing to give out a company name, the strange thing is that their own name is very familiar already and used with previous dubious cold callers.

So far we have the following people calling:

Daisy Lewis email:             Phone:0845 621 3304

James Paterson email:     Phone:0845 621 3304

Trish Farrell email:                Phone 0034 911 436 867

Bill:                                             Phone:0845 621 3304

For sure that consumers who were contacted by companies such as Island Breaks, Claim your Claim or Refund My funds recognize the names!

And the pitch, because that is exactly the same as well.

They didn’t even bother to change the follow up email and simply changed the email and telephone number, but the text is a copy and paste job.

Please don’t fall for this “tempting” free week in Tenerife with just 1 hour of your time filling in forms…. because it is just not going to happen!

If you want to know what is really going to happen you should read the article we posted with the complete description from a consumer who attended this meeting:

What really happens at the meeting with Claim Your Claim in Tenerife?


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Be aware of the so-called Recovery Scams!

Every month we see it again on the cold caller list, the amount of cold calling claims or legal companies offering consumers to recover their money.

Money consumers paid towards dubious holiday clubs and other fraudulent companies.

When someone contacts you out of the blue saying there is some kind of government “fund” available to compensate you for the dubious holiday club membership or timeshare you purchased, most likely you have become the target of a “refund” or “recovery” scam.

With most of these cold calls the timeshare owners are contacted by someone impersonating a government official or pretending to be working for a legal company appointed by the (Spanish) government or Court House.

The scammers convince the consumers that the government has set up a fund to recompense people who were cheated by various timeshare companies; often the amount to be refunded is more than the victims originally paid.

All the potential victims have to do is pay an amount of money to cover various fees and taxes, and the refund will be sent to them.

But we can assure you that there are no individual lawyers or other “officials” designated by the government to contact victims after a court claim has taken place.

The very authentic documents shown to you are all forgeries.


Do not send any money, no matter how convincing they are or how much you want it to be true!

It might sound harsh but Scam artists buy and sell “sucker lists” with the names of people who already have lost money to fraudulent companies. These crooks may call you promising to recover the money you lost for a fee in advance

Many consumers might not know that they have been scammed by a bogus holiday company or other timeshare related scam.

But if you have unknowingly paid money to such a scam, chances are your name is on a “sucker list.” That list may include your address, phone numbers, and other information, like how much money you’ve spent responding to bogus offers. Dishonest companies buy and sell “sucker lists” on the theory that people who have been deceived once have a high likelihood of being scammed again.

If you are the victim of this kind of scam, please report this with the police / Action Fraud immediately.

Although it might be too late for you to get your money back, but eventually it might help obtain some sort of justice in shutting them down/getting some of them arrested.


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Platinum Services and Administration, cold callers with the old story about Compensation claims…

Sometimes you just wonder if they really think people are still falling for this.

But we suppose they do…

If not why would a company like Platinum Services and Administration start a cold calling campaign to ILG/ DWVC and Club Class members?

The cold call from Platinum Services and Administration is regarding the company Incentive Leisure Group (ILG) or Club Class. The caller from Platinum Services and Administration explains to the consumer that they can get their money back through the courts in Malaga.

The caller assures it will be a no win no claim but then also explains that there is a 10% commission charge with an upfront cost of £339 which if the claim is won, the consumer would get back.

So how do they think a no win no fee works?

Platinum Services and Administration is a recently set up company (November 2018) with address at Calle Lope de Vega, 60, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain.

Telephone number: 0034 951122027 and 0034 951122320


A follow up email is received from a lady called Brigid O’Sullivan. That seems to be a familiar name to those who have been contacted by Litigation services in the past.

That could be a coincidence, but looking at the website from you can see this is an exact copy of the website from and it looks like they could be the same people.

As mentioned previously in other blogs, cold calls are not really a good sign.

With the current law on data protection anybody cold calling you should come up with a very good explanation on how they got your personal and private details.

And no, we can assure you there is no such thing as an open register where your name is published for companies to take note! Or Clerks at court houses providing lists of names.

The company ILG went into liquidation in the January 2011, after the sudden dead in a traffic accident of the owner in August 2010.

Club Class stopped selling over 7 years ago, and most of the Club Class companies have been wound up.

There are no court claims and no companies are instructed by courts or governments to approach people out of the blue offering to join these “claims”.

If Platinum Services and Administration has contacted you already please do let us know.

You can email us at or fill in the contact form.



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David Deacruzo Oval Procuradores, fake and fraudulent!

Two new fake procurators detected on the same day. The fraudulent lawyers set up from Tenerife does not seem to slow down.

The latest name used for “procurator” is David Deacruzo Oval, which is the account holder of the bank account where they request the consumer to pay the procurator fees.

To make it all appear more genuine and believable they created the website:

A very similar website to the one mentioned in another publication from today which is about Lucas Ofalquem Procuradores.

Same logo, just another name.

Contact details:

Address (fake): Calle marina 11, Edificio Aguilas, Oficina 311D, 38002, Santa Cruz, Tenerife.

No telephone but that is to be expected as this David Deacruzo Oval is just the person providing his bank account for these fraudulent payments and he is not really going to talk to his victims.

If you received the bank details from David Deacruzo Oval Procuradores, you should certainly let us know.

Do NOT pay as there are no court claims, there is no awarded money and all people involved in this are telling lies.




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