Fake and fraudulent lawyers company LEGALIZALOS has not started their activity!

It seemed to be quiet with the fraudulent lawyers from Tenerife, but no, they are still there…unfortunately!

The latest set up or name they are using is Legalizalos.

The agent calling is Alejandra Olada Volindat

As always they have set up a basic website to make it look all genuine https://legalizalos.org a new logo and a new “lawyers” name Mr Manuel Lamaconio Congana

We can assure you this lawyer does not exist and as a matter of fact the surnames are not even real surnames.

Same spiel as before with all the other fake lawyer companies from Tenerife, supposed claim in the courts, no win no fee, the claim goes through and they start asking for money.

First the procurator fee, then the taxes, then they send a cheque in the post that gets lost, then another lawyer handles the case of the stolen cheque, etc, etc.

Contact details for Legalizalos are:

Address: Calle Dr. Miguel López González, Número 4, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife 

Telephone: 0034 822 686 029

Email: uk-proceedings@consultant.com

This is a SCAM!!! Don’t even doubt about it, it is all a big fraud!

If LEGALIZALOS or one of their agents has contacted you with their story about a claim in the courts of Tenerife, please do let us know.

You can send us an email to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or fill in the CONTACT form.


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Méfiez-vous de la fausse facture de notaire de Garcia Roca Notario!

Cet avertissement s’adresse principalement aux propriétaires de biens à temps partagé francophones.

Il a été porté à notre attention qu’après avoir reçu des appels de fausses sociétés de revente telles que Grupo Marcia ou Progreso & Gestion, le consommateur reçoit un appel de Garcia Roca Notario.

Mme Aline Dauban ou M. Alain Longuet, qui travaillerait pour Étude D. MANUEL GARCIA ROCA, a expliqué au consommateur qu’il reprenait les dossiers de la (fausse) agence de revente en faillite.

Ils offrent au consommateur le rachat de leur semaine car l’argent de la vente a été déposé sur des comptes par la société chinoise qui était supposée acheter tout le temps partagé.

Mais, comme le rappellent Mme Dauban / M. Longuet, le consommateur devra s’acquitter de la TVA, l’IVA.

Après l’appel téléphonique, ils envoient une facture qui a l’air vraie mais qui est complètement fausse!


Ils ont créé un site Web pour le rendre plus réel; http://www.notariogarciaroca.com

Ceci a été enregistré le 19 mars 2019, donc il y a seulement 1 mois!

Les coordonnées sont:


Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo, 7 46003 VALENCE (Valence)

Téléphone direct: +34 960 132 685


Si vous avez été en contact avec une société de revente et que vous êtes maintenant appelé par des notaires du bureau du notaire Garcia Roca Notarios, veuillez nous en informer.


Vous pouvez nous joindre en remplissant le formulaire de contact ou en nous envoyant un email customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Beware of the fake notary invoice of Garcia Roca Notario!

This warning goes out mainly for French-speaking timeshare owners.

It has been brought to our attention that after receiving calls from fake resale companies such as for example Grupo Marcia or Progreso & Gestion, the consumer receives a call from Garcia Roca Notario.

Mrs. Aline Dauban or Mr. Alain Longuet, supposedly working for Étude D. MANUEL GARCIA ROCA explain to the consumer that they are taking over the files of the (fake) resale agency which had gone bankrupt.

They offer the consumer the redemption of their week as the money from the sale was deposited on accounts by the Chinese company who supposedly was buying all the timeshare.

But, as Mrs. Dauban / Mr Longuet point out, the consumer will have to pay IVA, Spanish tax.

After the telephone call they send an invoice, which looks real but is completely fake!


They set up a website to make it look all more real; http://www.notariogarciaroca.com

This was registered on the 19th of March 2019, so only 1 month ago!

Contact details are:


Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo, 7 46003  VALENCIA (Valencia)

Telephone direct: +34 960 132 685


If you have been in contact with a resale company and are now called by people from the notary office Garcia Roca Notarios, please let us know.


You can reach us by filling in the CONTACT form or send us an email customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Did you receive a letter from TLS Consultancy & Litigation?

This time it is not a cold caller.

TLS Consultancy & Litigation actually approaches the timeshare consumers by letter and includes a leaflet of their services.

On the leaflet they actually call themselves TLS Consultancy Services.

The letter indicates that this is send to the consumer to inform them about the wind up of ITRA and indicating they are aware of their dealings with ITRA, RA Consultants and/ or CA&M International.

How and where they got the private address details from, is not really explained in a credible way as they say; “Your information has been received as it now has been made public domain due to the nature of the case in question…”

Please be assured that even with the issue of ITRA being wound up, your private and personal details will NEVER EVER be made public domain!!

TLS Consultancy & Litigation offers to claim back the money paid to the above-mentioned companies, by preparing a legitimate defence of the consumers’ claim, including mediation, and they anticipate this process can take approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

TLS Consultancy & Litigation offer a telephone number 0115 7141 9943 which as per the leaflet will be diverted to their legal representative.

On the leaflet there is also another number 0800 133 7814

Missing on all this colourful paperwork is the actual company details such as a Companies house registration number, address, etc.

There is no mention about the legal company acting on the consumers’ behalf and they don’t seem to have a website either.

It seems very strange that TLS Consultancy & Litigation is only targeting the people who dealt with RA Consultants and CA&M International, the people offering claims through meetings in UK Hotels and from their offices in Elviria on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

If you received this letter from TLS Consultancy & Litigation offering you this supposed legal service to get your money back paid to RA Consultants, RA Marbella, CA&M International or anybody else for a timeshare claim or relinquishment, please do let us know!

You can fill in the CONTACT form or reach us by email: customercare@mindtimeshare.com



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Pas op voor de nepadvocaten SS Delgado Asociados uit Granada

SS Delgado of Sofia Sanchez Delgado is de nieuwste dubieuze beller die zich voornamelijk richt op Nederlandstalige timeshare-eigenaren.

Het telefoongesprek van de agent genaamd Dirk Verhoeven lijkt sterk op alle andere vreemde bellers die zich voordoen als advocaten en een vermeende schadevergoeding / claim aanbieden aan de timeshare-consument.

Het bedrijf van Sofia Sanchez Delgado beweert te handelen namens de timeshare-consumenten die hebben vastgesteld dat meer dan 70% van de timeshare-bedrijven frauduleus zijn en dat hun geld kan worden teruggevorderd.

Naar verluidt doet het bedrijf SS Delgado Asociados deze claims op basis van no cure no fee, maar zodra het geld is teruggevorderd en naar een “Escrow Account” is overgeschreven, wordt van de consument verwacht dat hij een juridisch honorarium van 9,2% betaalt voordat hij dit geld kan ontvangen.

Om alles er zo officieel mogelijk uit te laten zien, vraagt ​​SS Delgado Asociados de consument om een ​​machtigingsformulier te ondertekenen om SS Delgado in staat te stellen namens hem of haar op te treden.

De website van dit vermeende Spaanse advocatenkantoor is www.ssdelgadoasociados.com

Geregistreerd op 14 januari 2019 en de website is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.

KANTOORADRES: 8 Calle Solarillo de Gracia, 18002 Granada

Telefoon: +34 604 290 681 (Spaans mobiel)

E-MAIL: info@ssdelgadoasociados.com

Op de website ontbreken het verplichte privacy beleid en bedrijfsregistratienummer.

Let op: dit is een FRAUDULENT BEDRIJF!

Betaal de zogenaamde juridische kosten van 9,2% NIET want eenmaal betaald zal het moeilijk (onmogelijk) zijn om dit geld terug te vorderen.

Als Sofia Sanchez of Dirk Verhoeven u hebben benaderd van 0034604290681 en hebben aangeboden om voor u geld terug te claimen, laat het ons dan weten.

U kunt ons een e-mail sturen naar customercare@mindtimeshare.com of het CONTACT-formulier invullen


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Beware of fake lawyers SS Delgado Asociados from Granada

SS Delgado or Sofia Sanchez Delgado is the latest cold caller targeting mainly Dutch-speaking timeshare owners.

The telephone pitch of the agent called Dirk Verhoeven is very similar to all the other cold callers pretending to be lawyers and offering supposed compensation claims to the Dutch timeshare consumers.

The company from Ms’ Sofia Sanchez Delgado claims to be acting on behalf of the timeshare consumers who have found that over a 70% of the timeshare companies are fraudulent and money can be recovered.

Supposedly the company SS Delgado Asociados is doing these claims on a no win no fee basis, but once the money has been recovered and transferred into a “Escrow Account” the consumer is expected to pay a 9,2% legal fees before he can receive this money.

To make it all look official, SS Delgado Asociados asks the consumer to sign an authorization form in order to allow SS Delgado to act on his or her behalf.

The website of this supposed Spanish lawyer’s company is www.ssdelgadoasociados.com

Registered on the 14th of January 2019 the website is only available in English.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 8 Calle Solarillo de Gracia, 18002 Granada

Telephone: +34 604 290 681 (Spanish mobile)

EMAIL: info@ssdelgadoasociados.com

The website lacks an obligatory privacy policy and company registration number.

Please note that this is a fake set up!

Do NOT pay them the 9,2% legal fees as there is no money recovered through the courts and it will be difficult (impossible) to see this money back once you pay them.

If Sofia Sanchez or Dirk Verhoeven have approached you from 0034604290681 and offered to claim back money on your behalf, please do let us know.

You can email us customercare@mindtimeshare.com or fill in the CONTACT form.



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Egerton Advisory Service and the claims against Eze group

It looks like the sentence against the directors of Eze Group has given dubious cold callers all kinds of “creative” ideas.

One of these cold callers is Egerton Advisory Service.

A woman called Sarah and a man called George Smith are supposedly calling from the company Egerton Advisory.

They inform the consumer that they are named on a list of people defrauded by Eze and that they are entitled to compensation.

He claims the two owners of Eze group who have been charged and found guilty, have now been ordered to pay back ex-customers by the Madrid court. Supposedly the case was transferred from Tenerife where their Head offices were based in the past 10 years to the Madrid courts.

The money was also deposited in the Spanish bank in Madrid and Egerton Advisory is going to sort it all out for the consumers.

The consumer will get all the money back they paid to Eze Group.

After the initial call, a follow up email is received from a Sarah Elliott who states the following:

“Our processing fee is £750 this includes our fees, courier service, and translation services, once you have paid our fees we will be under contract with you to finalize the claim, all monies will be settled within 10 working days. If the process does not complete within the given timeframe all monies will be returned to you the client. 

All monies that you will be receiving are being settled to you by the successful outcome of recent court proceedings against Regency Shore (EZE Group) Holdings SL, were upon you were listed as one of their members. 

All monies and procedure are contractually and fiscally guaranteed by our long-standing relationship with the high court in Madrid and the central bank of Spain, this is also applicable to our clients that have an issue with any (EZE Group) dealings and or concerns in Portugal. As we also have a good working relationship with the Portuguese chamber of commerce.”


Although they are using the name of a registered company in the UK, we have no doubt that this company has NOTHING to do with the actual cold callers.

Contact details for this dubious set up are:


Telephone: 02037452315

If Egerton Advisory Service approached you on a cold call or maybe by letter with the guarantee of obtaining your money back through the Madrid courts, please let us know.

You can send us an email to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or fill in the CONTACT US form.



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