European Liquidations the mediators through Consumer Acts in Europe

A very strange cold caller has been detected by the name of European Liquidations.

A company name that exists indeed, but as with several others named and shamed on the blog, they seem to be using the name of a real company but the caller certainly does not belong to the real company!

The person acting on behalf of European Liquidations explains they are mediating through the various Consumer Credit Acts in the UK and Spain, along with The Spanish Civil Code, and they are committed on resolutions for all clients.

They are so much committed; the claims on behalf of the consumer are already done before they contacted him!

To make it all look more credible though, they ask for a signed letter of authority from the consumer and a clear copy of his photographic ID and a recent utility bill for security.

Once the consumer signs this letter and sends us his personal ID, European Liquidations can finalise process.

Strange thing is that this company with address supposedly in London, does not accept any letters submitted by post!

Why would that be?

Instead they provide their email address and other contact details such as Telephone – 0203 384 3999 and Fax – 0872 751 6998

Yet again another dubious caller using an email address without a company domain, which is a free email provider where you set up an address in 2 minutes…

Please note that there are no claims or monies awarded through claims for consumers who have never been contacted before.

Cold calls like the calls from European Liquidations only lead to one purpose and that is to make the consumer pay whatever fee they come up with, prior to the supposed pay out of the awarded money. Once the fee is paid, the consumer never hears back from them.

Do not fall into this trap!

If you have been contacted already by European Liquidations from 02033843999 we would like to have your feedback.

Send us a message through the CONTACT FORM or place a comment on this blog


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Regal Finance Company and the successful claims you weren’t aware of…

A new cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of Regal Finance Company.

A lady called Emma Robinson from the “Security and Fraud Prevention” department explains to the consumer a claim has taken place against companies that defrauded him in the past, and money has been awarded through the court.

Emma from Regal Finance states that funds are available for distribution, the details are as follows:

  • £14,500.00 (buyback value of membership)
  • £2,500.00   (Fees refunded)
  • £7,500.00   (Compensation)
  • £24,500.00 (Total)

But guess what? In order to complete the above transfer it is necessary for legal fees to be paid. These legal fees are a 10% of the awarded amount. But of course who moans about a 10% when you have the promise to receive the rest amount of the other 90%?

Unfortunately the fees cannot be deducted from the awarded money though, so the consumer needs to pay them fist and then Regal Finance will send the money.

Sounds great!

Although Regal Finance Company say they are a registered company and provide details to proof so, the contact details of the “real” company don’t seem to coincide at all with the contact details provided by the caller.

Telephone number used by the cold calling Regal Finance is 01273 358 408 and they use an email address

As pointed out with other dubious companies, the fact they don’t have a domain name and use Gmail,,, etc., is already something that should make alarm bells ring.

Please be careful when receiving this call from Emma or any other employee of “Regal Finance Company” sustaining you have money awarded and need to pay fees upfront.

If you have spoken to them already, please do let us know.

You can reach us through the contact form or place a comment on the blog.

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ALG Asesores Legales (FAKE), and the settlement of the Supreme Court of Madrid

A dubious cold caller has appeared under the name of ALG Asesores Legales. This cold caller claims to be a Legal company based in Madrid.

The agent from ALG Asesores, “Emily Coldrick” confirms that the consumer is entitled to receive a full reimbursement of the money they lost with bogus resale companies in the past.

After the interest shown by the consumers they start to receive emails with documents confirming that the Supreme Court of Madrid has indeed awarded their settlement, and awarded the consumer to a complete reimbursement.

Emily Coldrick kindly rings the consumer to go through the translation of the two Spanish documents (above), and confirms that in order to receive the said reimbursement the consumer has to pay upfront for the Court Administration Fees. These fees amount to €1233,50.

This is actually the first time the consumer is informed about the fact they have to pay upfront fees.

Contact details for this (fake) ALG Asesores Legales are:

Telephone: +34 911013424 and Email:

Please note that there is no such thing as awarded money through Court Settlements you didn’t even know about.

And we are afraid that if you pay the so-called Court administration Fees, you won’t see the money back!

If the fake company ALG Asesores Legales supposedly based in Madrid has approached you, do send us a message either through the Contact Form or comment below the blog.

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The “family” keeps on growing and Abogados AG started their cold calls!

After our article from last week where we tried to present the most complete resume of all company names of the fake lawyers from Tenerife, we have yet again another name to add to the long list.

Consumers have now started to receive cold calls from a company called:

Abogados AG or Armando Gonzalez Areca

Their contact details are:

The “Modus Operandi” stays the same as mentioned in our article: “Have you received a call from a lawyer in Tenerife to join an upcoming claim?”

Please be careful when receiving such fake offers over the phone and do not submit any further personal details to these companies.

If you received a call from Abogados AG, Armando Gonzalez Areca or any other “lawyers office” promising successful claims, please let us know.

Contact us through the CONTACT FORM or place a comment on this blog

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Timeshare Cold Callers September 2017

Dear All,

Welcome to the month of October 2017!

The new cold caller list is here and we have counted 51 company names this month.

From the 51 cold calling companies, a surprising 18 companies were completely new.

We have to say that some company names are actually taken from real existing companies. This is extra confusing when a consumer is cold called and tries to do a bit of research.

The company name comes up and the consumer is likely to think that everything then might be ok.

Please be careful with this!

The fact a company is registered does not always mean the company is not telling you lies.

So don’t only guide yourself by the fact a company seems to have a registration number and do certainly more checks on contact details, telephone numbers etc.

Special attention to the email address. Most companies nowadays, even those who don’t really have an own website, do have their own domain name (company name). So email addresses ending with,, etc. should be treated with caution.

We also published this week an article with a resume of all the fake lawyers calling from Tenerife and who seem to belong to the same set up. Also known as the “Litigious lawyers” or “Legitimos Abogados”

You can read the article on the following link:

For a full report on the 51 cold callers please click on the link for the PDF:

Mindtimeshare Cold Callers Sept 2017

The new companies detected this month are:

  • Abastar Concursales (FAKE)         
  • ALG Asesores Legales (FAKE)
  • Amador Malodan Galeca                
  • Andrew Lewis Consultancy – ALC
  • Avaglade Law
  • Bias Claims Services                        
  • Cabinet Advice Law Firm               
  • Client Contract Services
  • Colchris Legal
  • Gonzalo Calderon                            
  • Jessica Kiegle Procurador y Notario
  • JP Marketing Associates
  • Paulo Morris Asesoria                    
  • Peter Anthof Gestoria
  • Pratt & Williams
  • The Claim Finders                          
  • Travel 365
  • Vale Financial and Commercial Services (FAKE)

Thanks for all the emails full of information we receive on a daily basis from Timeshare consumers who are approached by all kinds of dubious companies.

Your information is very important!

Customer Care

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Have you received a call from a lawyer in Tenerife to join an upcoming claim?

Sad but true, for over a year now we have been seeing inquiry after inquiry from timeshare consumers who have been approached by fake lawyers supposedly based in Tenerife.

All the offices seem to have the same pitch.

They claim to be lawyers acting in the Tenerife courts, and a claim against your resort is shortly due and you can still join.

The lawyers work on a “NO WIN NO FEE” basis, but soon after the consumer shows their interest this changes to “certain fees due prior to be paid out”.

You name it and they will ask for it, Translation fees, procurator fees, lawyer fees, court fees, taxes due, etc. etc.

If the poor consumer is still holding on to them after paying all these fees (and yes sad enough there are victims who went through these stages) supposedly a cheque is being posted to the victim.

But guess what? The cheque is lost in the post! The victim receives an empty envelope.

This is yet again a follow up on an already very ugly scam, and from this moment the victim is led to believe that a new lawyers company is handling the case of the lost cheque. And yes, one more time some fees are due…

For as much as we have been posting blog warnings over the past year, still at this stage we receive emails from consumers who are actually quiet taken by this all, and find it hard to believe it isn’t true.

Of course, they receive (fake) court documents, pages long explanations on how good and experienced the lawyers are. Names and ID Numbers of lawyers are thrown into the text…websites seem to come out of the woodworks for each one of them and even a copy of the cheque is attached.

Overwhelmed with all this information, consumers don’t always think that it is necessary to double-check any of the details and they just go ahead.

But not only the names of the lawyers don’t exist, or as a matter of fact the whole court claim they go on about…the cheque of the bank, the BANESTO bank is fake as well and this bank does no longer exist. Banesto was taken over by Santander 5 years ago. So nobody will issue a cheque in the name of a bank that no longer exists.

Seen the extend of this fraud, (and the numerous victims counted by us so far) we can only fear the worse on how much money these scammers have really put in their pockets.

Consumers always ask us, why does the police not act?

And actually part of the answer is quiet simple. Because not all victims report this to the police and probably this is why the police has no idea of the actual extend of this scam.

With this article we are not only trying to “refresh” the information on the names used so far, we also want to ask all victims to step forward and report this to the police, to Action Fraud and if travelling to Spain, to the Spanish police.


Fraudsters survive based on the shame and embarrassment their victims feel when they realize they have been defrauded and avoid telling anybody about this, not even the police.

If you have been approached by any of the below companies, or maybe a new one with yet again a different name but similar stories and contact details, and you haven’t contacted us yet, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

You can contact us through the Contact form or place a comment on this blog.

List of  company names used:

Litigar Abogados & Manuel Amas Conde Emails: & Websites: &

Emilio Leyes Catillianos & Litigious Lawyers / Litigious Abogados 

Blog: Contact details: Telephone 0800 862 0102, Email Web and

Legitimous or Legitimos Abogados & Juan Luis Partalabo 

Blog Telephone 0034 822 250 496
 Email: or and the web

Abogacía Española & Fernando Roleba Holaci or Ramon Quilon Climol

Blog Email: Telephone 0800 802 1758 and Web:

Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria

Blog: Telephone 0034 822 250 498 and Email:

Abel Garcia S.A. or Abogados Abel Garcia

Blog Email: or Telephone: 0034 822 680 048 and free phone 0800 802 1 778 Web:

Ricardo Zanino Asesoria Blog: Email: and Telephone 0034 922 985 459

Abogados Amable & Garcia and UK Claims

Blog: Email: and Telephone: 0800 802 1829 and 0034 822 680 055, Web:

Daniel Marco Yariz Procurador

Blog Email and Web

Abogados Amador Ganeca & Amador Juandoz Ganeca

Blog Telephone 0800 802 1891 and 0034 822 680 036 Email: and Web

Armando Gareca Abogados

Blog Email and Web Telephone Freephone 0800 802 1 885 and 0034 822 680 067

Amador Galeca Abogados

Blog: Email, Telephone: 0800 802 1223 and Web

Ivani Birka Asesoria Email


Paulo Finucie Asesoria Email


24h notificaciones 


Paolo Morris Asesoria

Jessica Kiegle Procurador y Notario



Abogados AG or Armando Gonzalez Areca

Website Freephone: 0800 802 1487
 Tel: (0034) 910 601 672 Email: and

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Beware of the cold calls from a company Abastar Concursales (fake) about your Cashback Certificate.


This cold caller was detected early September 2017.

Abastar Concursales (fake) seems to be approaching consumers who are holding a Cashback Europe Certificate.

Although the consumer claimed the money from the certificate and didn’t receive anything, Abastar Concursales as the liquidators of Cashback Europe state they can now claim again.

The consumers, as creditors of Cash Back Europe, just need to fill in some claim forms and select if they want to be paid out by bank transfer or cheque.

Once they submit the forms, Abastar Concursales will process the claim and get the money to the consumer.

But after some days the consumer receives a letter from Abastar Concursales stating the bank are querying payment as it is over 1,300 euros.It turns out that the consumer needs to pay Spanish tax and is offered 3 different options to do so.

Of course the options of travelling to Spain, queuing up at a Tax Office for hours, or appointing a lawyer who needs to get it all translated and will ask for silly money…are not really the options one would look for.

So the offer from Abastar Concursales to fill out the necessary forms and appoint a fiscal who will sent a tax bill to pay tax office direct, sounds like the best choice.

Don’t you think so?

The consumer is sent all kinds of documentation with their names and numbers, and a name of the supposed fiscal, a Mrs. Elizabeth May Helme who declares to be the legal representative of the consumer.

Although it all looks very official, we can assure you that the forms are downloaded copies of the Internet, filled in without making any sense!

The consumer is asked for around 3000 euros of “tax”, to be transferred into a bank account without an account holder’s name.

Contact details of this FAKE Company are:

Telephone: 0034 95 165 0497 Fax 0034 95 165 0498 and email

Please be careful with cold callers. We cannot stress enough that you do NOT know who is on the other end of the line.

So refrain from providing them any further information about you, do not fill in any forms with personal details, and do NOT pay any money!

If you already received a call or letter from Abastar Concursales (fake) about claiming your money from the Cashback certificate, please give us your feedback.

You can reach us through the Contact Form or place a comment on this blog


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