Beware of FAKE procurators called Alberto Imdenise or Procuradores Imdenise.

It’s that time of the month again where the group of fake and fraudulent lawyers come up with the new names in order to avoid bad publicity for the company names used so far.

This time they seem to be sticking to LitigaLa or Litigalo for the initial contact but the name of the procurator has changed and latest one is Imdenise Procuradores.

Well procurator…. the name is for the bank account holder and to disguise this is an individual, they give this person the role of procurator.

So this time an Alberto Imdenise is providing his account number and getting involved in this scam.

The website set up for this purpose is

Registered on the 13th of March 2019

Contact details as per web:


Address: Calle Dorazno 11, Edificio Corala, Oficina 231C, 38002, Santa Cruz, Tenerife.

No telephone number as usual.

The procurator is introduced to the potential victims of this fraudulent set up after assuring them there is a court claim going through a Tenerife courthouse, and money will be awarded.

The claim is on a NO WIN NO FEE basis but once the money has been awarded in the court there is a procurator fee to be paid.

Strange enough this cannot be deducted from the awarded amount and needs to be paid upfront.

What can we say that we haven’t explained already?

Have a look at the range of blog warnings we have so far:

Please make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

If you received any phone call about a court claim please let us know. Cold callers do not announce Court claims!

You can fill in the CONTACT form or send a direct email to


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European Consumer Claims, a new company or not that new?

This week we have started to receive inquiries about a company called European Consumers Claims.

First it looked like people got the name wrong, then we thought it was a new company and then we realized that no, they are not that new at all.

The company European Consumers Claims is certainly not new, and it is just a matter of changing words as up till now they used to call themselves European Claims Centre or European Claims Chamber.

The fact that yet again they are changing their name seems to be a very strange development.

It doesn’t really seem to be logical that a company, who supposedly work hard to get their brand name out there and  build up a good reputation, then changes their name to start all over again.

Unless the reputation is not that good and feedback online is negative.

You certainly don’t want your new and potential customers to read this…

European Claims Centre changed their name into European Consumers Claims with the Companies House last year April.

It only has been recently though when they have started to use this name with the actual consumers.

The director mentioned is Mr. Andrew Charles Cooper, who was also director of many other companies mentioned on this blog such as Bridge View Consultants, Club Class Concierge, etc.

Years ago the company ECC was actually called ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action).

Recently the High court in the UK has wound up ITRA. (

ITRA hit the British press many times before the wound up and in the following article you can read how they were working:

On the picture in this article you can see Mr. Andy Cooper, who is the same person mentioned as director of European Consumers Claims at Companies House.

For as much as the company ECC wants to appear “independent” from all the above mentioned names, and the staff telling consumers they haven’t got anything to do with ITRA or Club Class Group, the records of company house registration do not lie.

If you are speaking to ECC about a possible claim against your resort, ask yourself why a company who claims to be reputable and successful doesn’t stop changing names.

For as knowledgeable the staff may sound at their meeting, keep in mind you are not talking to their lawyers

Even after sitting through a meeting of hours and hours, no lawyer has seen a glimpse of your paperwork when they start asking you for money.

If you are interested in a possible claim against your resort, remember that only a genuine Lawyer can assess your claim, and you don’t need to exit the timeshare before claiming.

Do your homework, get the facts right, get a professional assessment, and then you decide if you want to go ahead…and up till that moment, don’t pay a penny!


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Have you received a call from O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions?

A new and very active cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions.

The agent “David” and “Amber” from O1C Solutions seem to be targeting for the moment all consumers who previously purchased a Club Class Membership.

The Consumer is informed by O1C Solutions that they are still a member from Club Class and unpaid membership fees, which have built up to a substantial amount.

This debt has to be paid now, or the consumer faces legal recovery proceedings in a Spanish court.

Luckily O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions can help out as they are offering legal services.

Cold callers are never a good starting point, but when they also offer legal services it seems rather strange.

So we did a bit of research on this new company.

Their website was set up in January 2019.

The web is only available in English and they only have an English contact number.

They point out that the company is registered at the Spanish companies house, which indeed they are, and which indicates they company address is in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol.

Company registration was done at the end of February 2019, which means that right now they have been active for 3 weeks. (

Not the 30 years of experience they claim to have on their website!

Unless they had a different company name…

Contact details for O1C Leisure and Legal Solution are:

Telephone number: +(44) 2039185945

If O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions have contacted you as well about your Club Class membership or any other matter from the past, please do let us know.

You can CONTACT US through the web or send us an email to

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LitigaLa Grupo LO S.A, the latest version of Litigalo or LitigaLaw

They are either running out of creativity or names, but the latest creation of the Fake and Fraudulent Lawyers in Tenerife is called LitigaLa Grupo LO S.A

Different name, same scam, same fraudsters.

LitigaLa Grupo LO S.A is using still the same contact details as Litigalo:

Names mentioned of the supposed staff taking care of the preparation of the documents for the upcoming hearings are a Mr. Daniel Bames and Manuel Olbas Vinillos.

Follow up email is signed by María Álvarez Fernández.

Sad enough there are still consumers falling for this scam, and a lot of people are actually quiet taken in by the callers from this fake set up.

Often the question arises about “what is the catch? It is a no win no fee?”

Well it isn’t and anyway, they are NOT lawyers, there is no claim, there is nothing!

Once they have the consumer’s confidence, they announce the court claim has been heard, money has been awarded and all you need to do is pay the procurator fee.

And from there on the requests for money won’t stop until the consumer realizes it is a scam, after having paid substantial amounts over and over again.


More information about the names used by the Tenerife Fake lawyers on the following link:

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by email for more information or help.

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The strange cold call from the company Legal Asset

A dubious cold call is received from a company called Legal Asset.

The caller presents herself as Lucy Peters acting on behalf of the company Legal Asset.

Lucy Peters informs the consumer that a certain amount of money has been earmarked for them as a result of a court ruling in Spain.

The caller ID shows withheld on the telephone but when asking for the contact details, Ms Peters provide the following number: 0203 475 1852.

As the money awarded has come through a court claim, the consumer is expected to pay for the court fee in the amount of £1,500.

Once this court fee has been paid the consumer will receive the payout within 24 hours.

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer and as these matters are being handled by a Mrs N. Brown the consumer is given a bank account in her name…

When asking for more company information, Ms Peters all of the sudden comes up with an address and company registration, but we have no doubt that they are using the name of a genuine company to appear trustworthy when in reality they have nothing to do with this real company!

The entire story of court claim and awarded money is not backed up by any documentation, nothing! They seem to expect the consumer will just take their word for it and run to the bank to pay the £1,500

If you received the call from Lucy Peters working for Legal Asset, please let us know.

You can CONTACT US through the blog form or send us an email to


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Litigation Services, will they ever stop their cold calls?

Litigation Services is a company we already wrote about in 2014, but they are one of the few that continue their cold calls and their empty promises

At first sight it all looks in order. The company presents a nice website and they display their Company Registration number B93268936

What most consumers don’t know is that this company is registered as being active in the sector of “Construccion y Desarollo” which means Construction and Development. That seems of course extremely strange for a supposed legal company…

Other cold calling “legal” companies, such as Delta Litigation; Fast line Legal Services and Legal Prosecutors used the same company registration number.

A nice and plausible agent from Litigation Services contacts the consumer by cold call, and explains they are doing a court claim against a company that has defrauded the consumer in the past.

Strange enough they seem to “concentrate” their cold calls on consumers who had dealings in the past with companies such as KPTA – Key Property Town Advisory and Ramirez and Ramirez, who actually offered them a similar claim as well.

They also cold call consumers who fell for a real estate fraud such as the duped owners who bought through Instant Access Properties, Inside Track and MRI MacAnthony Real Estate in Marbella.

Nobody has though any knowledge of any claims against the above mentioned companies!

Consumers are informed they can join the claim on a no win no fee basis, but they do need to pay for translation services and a so-called “legal report”. These costs are between 400 and 1750 euros.

They use a third party company called Klik & Pay for these payments, which is a credit card payment but as the money goes through the third party, the payment is no longer protected in the same way as with a direct payment. So when consumers realize after many months that there were no translations, no claims, nothing, and they try to get the money back, it results in an impossible task.

Going back to the website of Litigation Services, they present their “team”.                 And Administrator; Daniel Calle, Customer Services; Emma Jayne Kiernan and the Assistant of the lawyer; Jorge de la Mata Perez.  Nobody has ever spoken to these people directly, or even received correspondence from them.

The same goes for the lawyers who supposedly are connected to Litigation Services.

The company JLC Legal Services is mentioned, with a lawyer’s registration number.

No records of such company are found, and eventhough the lawyer’s number is a real number, who can say this lawyer is really connected?

Contact details for JLC Legal Services are supposedly the same as the contact details of Litigation Services:

Address: Calle Coronel Ripolet, Edificio Santos Rein 3-A, 29640 Fuengirola

Telephone +34 951 120 266 and +34 951 247 133 Fax: (UK Number) 0871 2668118


All the communications seem to go through the people who call first, among which we have seen names such as Brigid 0’Sullivan, Caroline Clark, Samantha Lee, Gerald Sinclair, etc.

Whenever consumers ask the agent from Litigation Services who the connected lawyers are, they don’t ever seem to mention JLC Legal Services at all. When asking if they can speak to the lawyer directly, this never seems to be an option.

Even emails sent from the consumers directed to the lawyers, are replied to by the staff of Litigation Services.

One of most surprising issues as well is the fact that litigation Services sends the consumer an itemised breakdown of all moneys they can claim.


Included in this breakdown are the money paid to other dubious companies, the money paid to holiday clubs or timeshare, and even the money paid that was “promised” by the precious companies as a pay out! Amounts that were taking out of the blue and nothing to do with the amounts paid.

How on earth can you claim in court an amount promised by a fraudulent company?

The translation of documents, although not an unreasonable issue when taking up legal services in a foreign country, are never justified with any copy of the actual translation. There is no name of the sworn translator who did the job, or an invoice with full company name and VAT etc.

Last but not least, Litigation Services also claims that they have already a long range of cases won in the courts.

When asking for documented proof of such successful court claims, they refuse to provide these based on the data protection law, as they cannot disclose the names of the claimants. Asking them to delete the claimants’ names is not an option.

Funny how the Data protection law seems to work for them when they don’t want to provide these documents, but they completely ignore this law when cold calling in the first place!

If Litigation Services has contacted you as well, please let us know.


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Timeshare Cold Callers February 2019

Dear All,

February was a “short” month but still there was time for 46 Cold Calling Companies to actively approach consumers and among the 46 companies there are 7 new company names.

Main activity of these cold callers continues to be the supposed claims against resorts, legal services and the Fake Lawyer group in Tenerife.

For a complete list of the cold callers from February 2019 please click on the following link:

Cold callers Feb 2019

The 7 new companies added this February to the list are_

We cannot insist enough to be extremely cautious when you receive a cold call.

With the current Data Protection it has become illegal to make cold calls, and certainly you would not expect such calls from a supposed genuine legal company.

With regards to those consumers who are looking for clear and correct advice about claims against their resort, please be informed that such information is not to be found at meetings in hotels, 3 day stays abroad or even at home with so-called “legal advisers”.

Genuine legal companies do NOT cold call!

If you want more information about possible claims, have a look at our Claims Info page:

Always do your homework, and always double check before making any payment to cold callers for as much as they sound “genuine”.

Have a superb month of March!

Customer Care


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