Have you been notified by the Oficina Judicial Andalucía about awarded money?

The latest cold caller which seems part of the fraudulent set up using names such as Juzgado de Primera Instancia, Malaga Courts, Malaga Juzgados, etc.

A lady called Lorena Morales claiming to be acting on behalf of the Juzgado de Primera Instancia (Malaga Courts), contacts consumers and breaks the news to them that they have been awarded money through a claim against their resort.

Of course, the consumer wasn’t even aware of being part of this claim, but who cares?

Lorena does not only have good news, but she also explains that unfortunately, Customs and Exercise have placed an embargo on the transfer as the amount awarded is over £200,000.00.

In order for the embargo to be lifted £2000 insurance must be placed with the lawyers to ensure that the funds are not going to be used for illegal purposes. This will then satisfy the Anti-money laundering legislation established as part of the 2017 Hague Securities Agreement.

So Lorena kindly includes an invoice for the once the £2000 payment and as soon as the Oficina Judicial Andalucia receives the money the settlement will be released within 3-5 working days.

Strange enough the invoice is for a bank account in the UK. Which governmental institution uses bank accounts in another country?

Lorena Morales is calling from a Spanish mobile 0034 604 190 953

She uses an email: awardcompli@malagajuz.com

The domain name “Malagajuz.com” was set up last week and is certainly not an official domain from any Spanish governmental institution.

Please note that the story of the awarded money through the Juzgados de Primera Instancia in Malaga and the payment to the Oficina Judicial Andalucia is a SCAM!

If Lorena Morales or any other person contacted you with the story about them acting on behalf of the courts in Malaga, awarded money and an embargo through the Oficina Judicial Andalucia, please let us know the soonest possible!


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After several years of warning about a continuous scam from the FAKE lawyers in Tenerife, we were very happy to announce at the end of June that the police had raided the premises and taken arrests.

The police statement explained that for the moment only 3 people had been arrested, 6 more have been charged but they could not be detained because they reside outside Spanish territory or do not know their whereabouts.

In the past week, we have received again worrying emails from consumers who say they spoke to a company called Legalizalos.

The emails they received have again the same “trademark” from these fraudsters.

Fake names of the staff such as Alejandra Olada Volindat, Mr. Armando Suletare Dolenas, Juan Montoya Hernandez, Angie Correh Rabido, Emilio Coleba Gorrin, and Svetlana Ruben Skirah

Emails used are: legalizalos@consultant.com and uk-proceedings@consultant.com


TelephoneTenerife: 0034 822 686 029   


These people might not be in Spain right now, but they continue to have access to these email accounts and are still trying to scam consumers out of their money.

If a lawyers company from Tenerife has contacted you, let us know straight away!



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Watch out for the fake lawyer of Salas Perez Asociados from Granada!

We received this week several requests about the background of a so-called law firm in Granada.

The name is Salas Perez Asociados and the so-called lawyer is one M.M. Salas Perez.

Mr. Peter van Rheenen from Salas Perez Asociados from Granada is cold calling timeshare consumers.

The excuse that he uses to explain that he has the personal data of this timeshare owner is that this data comes from the Timeshare Register.

Pure nonsense and of course this register does not exist at all and would be illegal given the law of privacy and data protection.

Peter explains that there are many lawsuits against the various resorts including the resort where the consumer has their membership.

The timeshare owner is offered to participate in a current indictment, which is about to go through the courts.

It takes Peter van Rheenen less than a week to call back again and confirm that the judge has ruled against the resort and ordered the timeshare company reimburse almost the full amount the consumer paid when purchasing the membership.

The only thing the timeshare owner has to do now is paying the legal costs of 9.2% over the awarded amount.

The consumer must transfer this payment to a fiduciary bank account where the resort will also deposit the money.

The bank account is in the name of Mrs. Louiza Ochan, the supposed fiduciary officer.

To make it all come across as credible, Salas Perez Asociados set up a website in April this year: https://salasperez.com

Contact details of Salas Perez Asociados are:

  • Address Avda Constitucion s / n, 18001 Granada
  • Telf +34 604 290 625
  • Email info@salasperez.com
  • Fax +911988587

The above company is a scam. If you deposit the money in the name of Louise Ochan we are afraid that you will never see this again, so DO NOT PAY!

If Peter van Rheenen or Louiza Ochan has already approached you from Salas Perez Asociados, please let us know as soon as possible.



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Opgepast voor de valse advocaat van Salas Perez Asociados uit Granada!

Opnieuw hebben wij verschillende aanvragen over de achtergrond van een zogenaamd advocaten kantoor in Granada.

De naam is Salas Perez Asociados en de zogenaamde advocaat is ene M.M. Salas Perez.

De heer Peter van Rheenen van Salas Perez Asociados uit Granada belt eigenaars van een Timesharing zomaar ineens op.

Het excuus dat hij gebruikt om te verklaren dat hij de persoonlijke gegevens heeft van deze timeshare eigenaar is dat de gegevens uit het Timeshare Register komen.

Klinkklare onzin en uiteraard bestaat dit register totaal niet en zou illegaal zijn gezien de wet van privacy bescherming.

Peter, legt uit dat er veel rechtszaken lopen tegen de verschillende resorts waaronder ook het resort waar de consument een lidmaatschap heeft.

De eigenaar van de timesharing kan nog net meedoen aan een lopende aanklacht.

Het duurt ook nog geen week voordat Peter van Rheenen opnieuw terug belt en verteld dat de rechter bijna het volledig betaalde bedrag ter terugbetaling heeft gevorderd van het resort.

Het enige wat de timeshare eigenaar nu moet doen is de gerechtelijke kosten van een 9,2% over het uitbetalende bedrag.

Dit moet de consument storten op een fiduciair bankrekening waarop ook het resort het geld stort.

De rekening staat op de naam van mevrouw Louiza Ochan, de fiduciair ambtenaar.

Om het allemaal geloofwaardig over te laten komen heeft Salas Perez Asociados een website opgezet in April van dit jaar: https://salasperez.com

Contact gegevens van Salas Perez Asociados zijn:

  • Adres Avda Constitucion s/n, 18001 Granada
  • Telf +34 604 290 625
  • email info@salasperez.com
  • Fax +911988587

Bovenstaand bedrijf is een oplichterij. Als u het geld stort in de naam van Louiza Ochan zijn we bang dat u dit nooit meer terug gaat zien, dus BETAAL NIET!

Mocht u al zijn benaderd door Peter van Rheenen of Louiza Ochan van Salas Perez Asociados, laat het ons dan zo snel mogelijk weten.




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T&M Mediation Group, another blast from the past…


Not sure what to think of companies that appear in 2014, then vanish, make a short come back in 2016 and then you don’t hear from them until they start to cold call again in 2019!

T&M Mediation Group or TandM Mediation Group have started to cold call and are actively offering claims services to timeshare owners.

The cold call is followed up by an email where they explain that “T&M Mediation group are working on behalf of the members of your holiday club and are here to offer a NO WIN NO FEE service to claim back the money that you so rightly deserve…”

They insist the consumer should have used a credit card for at least one of the payments to their resort, which suggests they are going to do a Consumer Act claim. This is actually confirmed in the copy of the agreement.

All T&M Mediation Group needs from the consumer is some forms filled in with all the details of their timeshare purchase, and send the copies through by email or even pictures through whassap to get the claim going.

A lady called Jane Mazzone who presents herself as the managing director signs the correspondence they email to the consumers after the cold call. Previously the correspondence was signed by Jade Mazzone.

Contact details: tandmmediationgroup@europe.com

Telephone: 0034643946663

Their website https://www.tandmmediationgroup.com which was registered at the end of June 2019 (6 weeks ago), states they are legal specialists since 1998.

In spite of being legal specialists the website does not comply with the law and does not display any company registration or details. Neither is there a privacy policy.

If you received a cold call from TandM Mediation Group or T&M Mediation, offering you a claim, please do let us know.


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Are you also waiting for Solutions Group to finalize your claim?

Lately, we have seen the unexpected “comebacks” of companies that were active years ago. Companies you would have thought had vanished, but no, they are still here and they still think it is acceptable to string people along and ask them for money for services that won’t be delivered.

One of these companies that never seem to vanish completely is The Solutions Group or Section75. Contact details are: Tel: 020 3137 3970 and Email: info@section75.eu

Based in Tenerife, C/ Luciano Bello Alfonso, Nº5, Oficina 1, Las Chafiras, 38639, S/C de Tenerife, Spain

For many years they keep on popping up on our cold caller lists and their creativity is endless when it comes to explaining consumers their services.

Consumers who paid them in the past to join a supposed “Class Action” against different dubious holiday companies are now finally receiving news.

The claim seems to have been presented in the courts.

But, with such bad luck that it had to be postponed again or adjourned as Julia from Solutions Ltd explains…

Reasons for adjournment:
A) 2 defence parties reported ill and unable to attend.
B) Insufficient disclosure of offshore funds – further time granted.

But not to worry, a new date has been set by the courts in 2 months time.

Reason enough it seems for Solutions to advise the consumer that they are now reaching the next stage, which is for the collection team to take over and prepare for the final hearing.

Can you smell the money already? Waiting for years, and you are almost there…

Julia takes the opportunity to reassure the consumer and she also kindly sends them 2 documents related to the claim.

The first document is what they call an ‘authorization to proceed’. She speaks very lightly of the document in the email, and simply explains that the consumer should sign it and return either by post or even with an email reply stating yes, we “opt-in” it seems to be enough.

What she doesn’t explain is that in the document the consumer is given 2 options, opting in or out. Which you are free to do as per the law, but it also says that by signing you understand that opting out could result in costs and penalty fees.

The document, in any case, does not seem to hold any legal binding; there are no company details, no details of the supposed court claim, nothing. It only refers to “Solutions” which could be anything or anybody…

The second document is even more interesting. It is the supposed notification from the lawyer handling the Class Action, Mrs. Ana Martinez Castillo.

The only company details are a bad-copied logo of a company called Castillo & Castillo Abogados.

There is no address, no company registration, no reference number or anything related to the supposed claim she refers to in her letter, there is NOTHING!

She actually starts the letter with Dear Solutions…This cannot be serious!

Please if you paid Solutions years ago for whatever claim or whatever refund payout they promised you, it might be too late to get this back.

But do not pay them any further money based on a word document signed by Julia with no surname and a lawyers letter with no details at all apart from a simple logo.

If you find yourself in the situation described above, please let us know.


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Timeshare Cold Callers Month of July 2019


Dear All,

The month of July counted 34 cold calling companies in total. Among the 34 we have 11 new company names.

For a complete list of the cold callers please click on the link:

Cold Callers July 2019

The 11 new company names are:

  • ABC Solicitors
  • Castillo & Castillo Abogados
  • Claim Support Line
  • Consumer Action Line
  • Expert Mediation
  • Fast Disposal
  • Girni Real Estate
  • Luxury Linx travel
  • Prestige Resorts
  • Resort Link Concierge
  • Timeshare Advice Helpline

Most of the cold callers seem to be targeting consumers with offers to claim in the courts against their resorts.

Please always ask where they obtained your personal and private details. Your details are not open to the public and there are no registers you can access and pull out names of people who own timeshare!

We published as well an article about a set up that seems to have been running for years.

Around 2015 they started with calls to mainly Carpe Diem members and offered them to recuperate their money through the courts as the company had been dissolved.

Initially, the consumer had to pay a small admin fee, and then another one, and soon they found themselves in a spiral of upcoming fees and unexpected taxes, etc.

There is a range of company names involved, the main ones being A&L Services or A and L Services, and Tenerife Experts.

You can read the article on the following link: https://wp.me/p1kmoi-3zV

If you are a victim of these fraudsters, and maybe you are still in contact with them, please let us know.

Another Cold caller that needs special attention is the one from the claims in Tenerife.

They started off with Island Breaks, Claim your Claim, Refund my Funds, but of course, we suspect too many consumers did their homework and said no to their offer after reading about them on the Internet.

So now they don’t use a company name and it is all presented as “independent financial advisors

Just be extra careful when you do receive a call from somebody claiming to be working alongside financial advisors in Tenerife and inviting you to come and discuss your claim on a trip to Tenerife. Names used by the people calling are among others: Daisy Lewis, James Paterson, Luz Periz, Trish Farrell, Bill, and Fiona

Please note that it makes no sense to travel all the way to Tenerife to discuss a claim. The free week of accommodation is included in the money they charge you for the holiday product they actually sell you at the sales meeting in Tenerife, and no claims have ever been done by these people!

Thanks as always for all the messages and inquiries from consumers, making us aware of the cold calling companies and providing us with information about the new ones.

Have a great month of August!


Customer Care


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