Cinnamon Marketing selling Club Vesta memberships in Tenerife

Several timeshare consumers who were approached in Tenerife over the past months have brought the company Cinnamon Marketing to our attention.

Initially they were stopped in the streets and given a scratch card by a so-called OPC.

As we know, you always are a winner! And the timeshare consumers ended up in a presentation with Cinnamon Marketing before they could receive their “prize”.

In this meeting they were presented with a Holiday Club called Club Vesta

Club Vesta offers a 4 Years holiday club membership that entitles to 8 free weeks and another free week in Marbella for around £4,000.

Besides the holiday club membership, which entitled to great holiday discounts on accommodation and cruise holidays, the consumers are also promised a disposal of their current timeshare membership, which is actually the main selling point, in convincing them to purchase the Club Vesta Membership.

Cinnamon Marketing claims to be working with a firm of solicitors in the UK, who could help the timeshare owners, to get them out of their timeshare membership.

They even showed the consumers several copies of letters on headed paper from their own timeshare company to named people, stating that they were no longer liable for maintenance payments in their weeks.

Although they pitch the consumer over a membership with duration 4 years and sometimes even longer, they do ask for a payment on the day as a deposit.

Please note that The Timeshare Directive stipulates clearly that the purchase of any holiday product with duration of 12 months or more should have a 14-day cooling off period, without any money changing hands!

We heard from the consumers they were assured that they only needed to pay a deposit of £1,000 on the day – as a special offer, which they explained, couldn’t be re-offered or they would be accused of harassment.

When consumers question Club Vesta about their membership and the attached services of relinquishment of their timeshare, Club Vesta indicated that they had nothing to do with the timeshare cancellation, matter that has to be resolved by Cinnamon Marketing SL.

Company and contact details are:

Club Vesta: Office 10, 48 Moorgate Rd, Rotherham S60 2AW, Company Registration Number: 153,360, Registered Address: 1 Mapp Street, Belize, Tel. 033 0323 0497.

Cinnamon Marketing SL, Avda Adeje 300, 38678 Adeje, Tenerife. Spanish Companies House info: Cinnamon Marketing SL, CIF: B76697630 Avda Adeje 300 – Urbanización Cielo, Puerta R-5, 38670, Adeje

If you have been through a meeting of Cinnamon Marketing and would like to share your experience with us, please send your feedback to or leave your comment on this blog


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Is Ricardo Zanino Asesoria looking for your lost cheque?

For months we have been reporting the dubious set up in Tenerife, by the name of Legitimos Abogados or Juan Luis Partalabo.

Luckily many people found the blog warning on time, and a lot of consumers realized on time they were about to fall for a scam and lose a lot of money.

Sadly enough there are people though who did pay. First it was the procurator fee, then the taxes and finally the good news cam through, a cheque was on their way.

The consumer even received a copy of this cheque, which was given out by the BANESTO bank in Spain.

Please note that this bank was sold to SANTANDER over 6 years ago and there is no such bank in Spain any longer by the name of BANESTO.

So the cheque is fake!

But as the people behind Legitimos Abogados never seem to have enough, they just go on with their cheats, and confirm to the consumer that the cheque was posted.

Indeed a couple of days later the consumer receives an OPEN envelope with NOTHING IN IT!

When the consumer calls Legitimos, they are informed the cheque must have been stolen, and they assure the consumer they will put this in hands of the police. And surprise….the cheque was stolen indeed and cashed in.

This is where the consumer is then passed to yet again another company, Ricardo Zanino Asesoria.

Contact details: Email and Telephone 0034 922 985 459

These people will now go to court on behalf of the consumer to claim back the money that was stolen! They write to the consumer stating they are the people appointed by the Santa Cruz First Instance Court nº6, to deal with the misplacement of the funds that arose through misappropriation and false encashment of their cheque.

Their lawyers will start to work on this straight away, but in order to do so they do need a “remuneration fee” of over 650 euros.

Not to “worry” though as they can claim this back together with the money of the stolen cheque!

And there they go again….please send the money to the bank account of Mr. Ricardo Zanino


Ricardo Zanino is not a lawyer, not a legal professional or company…this is all fake and lies!

There was never a cheque send to anybody and if there ever would be, a cheque from a bank that does no longer exist cannot be written out in the first place and certainly not be cashed in!

If you are sadly enough already dealing with the bogus company called Ricardo Zanino Asesoria it is because you already paid a range of fraudulent companies money for court claims that do NOT EXIST.

Stop right here with paying anything further and contact us as soon as possible!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Bronfman & Fritton Legal, dubious cold callers with a dubious pitch!

A complete new cold caller has started really strong this week. The name of the company is Bronfman and Fritton Legal.

They are cold calling timeshare consumers with yet again a very dubious pitch about claims, awarded money, resale of the Timeshare membership and “please send us a fee and we release the money”.

We heard it all before, and as with all the others, again this Bronfman and Fritton seems to be a very dubious company and certainly to be treated with extreme caution.

They don’t have a website, and the email address they use to submit emails to consumers is

They quote a Companies House registration (06701040) but we were unable to trace this number and neither could we find a company with any name like Bronfman & Fritton or similar.

Contact number is: 0203 7402661 or 0203 1371949 and their address as on their paperwork: Suite 26, 22 Notting Hill, London W11 3JE

As mentioned above, they pretend in their calls that they have a buyer for the timeshare membership or that the consumer has been awarded money through a court claim.

But in order to get this money released, first the consumer will have top ay a fee. This fee is around the £750

Most unusual thing is though, that when a consumer says no to this “fabulous” opportunity, they send an email with a document stating the following: “ We understand that you do not wish to receive the refund of £2X,XXX due to yourselves for your own specific reasons.”

Then they ask the consumer to sign a disclaimer with several points among which the consumer declares “We also understand that we may not engage a third party to claim this refund in the future.” And “We the undersigned agree that we have read the Company Disclaimer and hereby relinquish my rights to obtain the refund amounting to £2X,XXX due to us.”

Surely this is meant to scare off those consumers who maybe have a doubt this all might be true….and after reading such “serious” disclaimer may still chose to pay them the fees…

PLEASE do NOT pay Bronfman and Fritton Legal any money!

If Bronfman and Fritton Legal have contacted you from telephone numbers 02037402661 or 02031371949 please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.






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GR8STAYS offering Consumer act claims against Club Class, the world upside down!

We have been saying this for a long time now; these people don’t really know what to come up with next.

The latest mailing from Gr8stays (Pronounced Great Stays) is this time not because they want to make you believe you owe them a yearly fee or you have to pay to get out of this dubious club.

No…, the latest mailing is (believe it or not), a concerned letter because they have noticed that you aren’t making use of your entitlements and are not benefiting from the “considerable” outlay you paid to purchase the ownership.
(Note…you own nothing here, it is a membership!)

Gr8stays wonders that maybe you feel the membership was improperly sold or mis represented in any manner and they kindly would like to offer the opportunity to take part in a probe which their legal team is currently conducting, through which you could receive a considerable percentage refunded of your initial purchase outlay, if successful of course and even better with interest accrued as well if applicable.

This so called legal team of Gr8stays have began trialing this scheme since January 2016 and to date they have achieved numerous successful refunds…

This all on a no win no fee basis…but only available to those who paid by credit card…and if successful Gr8stays wants a 40%.
So why not those who paid with another payment method? Surely in a “trial” in court the judge won’t make a difference between those who paid with one method or the other?

Or are we maybe talking about a Consumer Act claim with the Credit card company, which consumers can do themselves for free?

Does this not sound like Leisure claims? What happened? Maybe better not using the name Leisure alliance / Leisure Claims seen the fact Leisure Alliance was wound up as well last month?

If Gr8stays is a “membership level” for what before was Club Class, if they do a refund claim, are they claiming against themselves?

If they need to explain to the credit card provider the mis representations and mis selling of the product, will they need the story of the consumer or would they already know, as they were present at the purchase in the way of being the seller?

So a Discounted Holiday Club as Gr8stays pretends to be has now a “legal” team going to trial?

Based where? In their “offices” in Gibraltar or the ones in Washington, USA where they are registered?

This is the world upside down and nothing; nothing can really surprise us any longer from these people!

Just beware…

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Silverpoint, so what will happen next?

Many owners of Silverpoint resorts have been caught by surprise with the news that Silverpoint has withdrawn from the RDO, as they no longer sell timeshare.

News like this comes like thunder in a clear sky and obviously creates stress and worries with the Silverpoint members.

If you are a member from Silverpoint and you have doubts about your membership PLEASE do not fall in the hands of bogus companies or opportunists, promising the moon and taking advantage of your worries.

We have heard already from Silverpoint members how they have started to receive emails with offers to claim, cancellation of their membership etc.

Many of these offers come from companies who actually expect a substantial upfront payment before initiating the process of the claim or delivering the services they say they will deliver.

Before paying anything, please think twice, do your research and please do not hesitate to contact us for independent and upfront advice about your membership.

You can email us at or fill in our contact form


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Have you received a cold call from Lage Garcia for a service through their lawyers?

Another very strange caller, this time under the name Lage Garcia. We do not know or “Lage” is the first name or last name because really, this is not even a Spanish name.

Lage Garcia presents itself as a law firm in Madrid.

A complete Spanish firm that does have a lot of Dutch-speaking staff!

According to the person calling on behalf of Lage Garcia is their job to help defrauded timeshare owners to recover funds paid to bogus companies.

This is done as follows:

Lage Garcia compile a dossier on the basis of the information submitted by the interested parties; Then they study together, with fellow lawyers from the office, the file and decide whether there is a possibility to recover funds; if yes, the file is submitted to the court.

If the decision is negative, saying the claimant is not assigned compensation; they don’t need to to pay a fee, not even for the preparation undertaken by Lage Garcia.

If the court is assigning a certain amount to the consumer he will need to pay court costs and fees .. The amount allotted to the consumer is then recorded as a fiduciary bank account of the court in the name of the consumer as a beneficiary and cannot be touched until the fees are paid. Fees cannot be deducted from the awarded amount though…

Well how good does that sound again? Comforting? Trustworthy? Not really!

Because research has shown that there is no such office called Lage Garcia and certainly not at the address in Madrid which is faulty and in complete!

The contact information for this fake law firm is a Spanish mobile number: +34 603 2374 598, email address

The so-called address of their office Calle De Las Hileras 28013, MADRID go and look for this office in a street in Madrid without a number!

People beware of this type of calls. They are cheaters, they are crooks and all they want is your money!

There is no court case, no lawyer in the name Lage Garcia and if you deposit money into the account of this type of scam artists we are afraid that you will not see this back again.

If you already have been contacted by an employee of Lage Garcia ringing from 0034 6032374598 or another number with the above story, please let us know.

Send us an email via or put a comment on the blog.

Nederlandse versie:

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Heeft Lage Garcia u al gebeld voor een service via hun advocaten?

Weer een zeer vreemde beller, deze keer onder de naam Lage Garcia. We weten niet eens of “Lage” de voornaam is of achternaam want echt, dit is niet eens een Spaanse naam.

Lage Garcia stelt zich voor als een advocaten kantoor in Madrid.

Een compleet Spaans kantoor dat wel heel veel Nederlands sprekend personeel in dienst heeft!

Volgens de persoon die belt in opdracht van Lage Garcia is het hun taak om bedrogen timeshare eigenaars  te helpen en de aan hen de door bedriegers afgenomen gelden terug te vorderen.

Dit gebeurt op de volgende wijze :

Lage Garcia stelt een dossier samen op basis van de door de geïnteresseerden voorgelegde informatie; vervolgens bestuderen zij samen, namelijk  de collega’s advokaten van het kantoor, het dossier en beslissen dan of er een mogelijkheid ter terugvordering van gelden  bestaat; indien ja, wordt het dossier bij het toegestane gerecht ingediend.

Indien de uitspraak negatief uitvalt, te zeggen de vorderende partij krijgt geen bedrag toegewezen, hoeft deze ook niets te betalen, zelfs niet voor de door Lage Garcia uitgevoerde voorbereiding.

Indien het gerecht aan de consument wel een zeker bedrag toewijst, zijn gerechts- en administratiekosten te betalen.. Het aan de consument toegewezen bedrag staat vanaf dan op een fiduciaire bankrekening van het gerecht op de naam van de consument als begunstigde geboekt en kan dus niet verrekend worden. De honoraria zijn in deze gerechtskosten inbegrepen daar wij rechtstreeks door het gerecht uitbetaald worden.

Nou hoe goed klinkt dat weer? Geruststellend? Te vertrouwen? Niet echt!

Want bij onderzoek is gebleken dat er helemaal geen kantoor bestaat die Lage Garcia heet en zeer zeker niet op het adres in Madrid!

De contact gegevens voor dit valse advocaten kantoor zijn een Spaanse mobile nummer: +34 603 2374 598 en email adres

Het zogenaamde adres van hun kantoor is Calle De Las Hileras 28013, MADRID ga maar zoeken in een straat in Madrid zonder nummer!

Mensen pas op met dit soort telefoontjes. Het zijn bedriegers, het zijn oplichters en het enige wat zij willen is uw geld!

Er is geen rechtszaak, er is geen advocaat in de naam Lage Garcia en als u geld stort op de rekening van dit soort oplichters dan zijn wij bang dat u dit niet terug zal zien.

Mocht u al zijn benaderd door de werknemer van Lage Garcia, bellende vanaf 0034 6032374598 of een ander nummer en met het bovenstaande verhaal, laat het ons dan weten.

Stuur ons een mail via of zet een commentaar op het blog.

English version:


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