De Bessa Gusmao again a dubious lawyer from Barcelona handing out money.


A new caller on the list. On the list of dubious companies that is, and under the name of De Bessa Gusmao.

This gentleman says he has a lawyer’s office in Barcelona. According to De Bessa Gusmao has his law firm has years of experience in the field of timeshare and related activities.

They have therefor insight into the database of “registered timeshare owners”. This database is not known to anyone, but obviously it sounds credible when you are cold called and you wonder where he or she found your information.


The task of De Bessa Gusmao is to help timeshare owners who have been defrauded by impostors and help these consumers / victims to recover funds. This is done in the following manner:

They shall compile a file on the basis of the information submitted by the interested parties; then they consider the case and decide if there is a possibility to recover funds; if so, the file is submitted to the authorized court.

Coincidentally everyone always has a chance to recover money. And it goes surprisingly quick as well as within a few weeks everything has been processed by the courts and miraculously the consumers will be paid a substantial amount of money.

The amount allocated is from then on in a fiduciary bank account of the court in the name of the beneficiary and cannot be touched. The fees for De Bessa Gusmao are paid directly by the court. But there are other court and administration fees that need to be settled first and cannot be deducted from the awarded amount.

The “catch” in these set-ups is not always easy to discover but because the above is not the first time we hear this, we know what will happen.

Consumers indeed get the “confirmation” that the court has made a positive statement. And sometimes there is also another “copy” of the bank account where the money is waiting until the consumers satisfies the invoice for the court and administration fees.

Once consumers pay these costs via a bank transfer all of a sudden all kinds of tax bills surface, expenses for registration numbers. You name it; there is no end to the payment requests.

Research has shown that there are no lawyer’s offices under the name De Bessa Gusmao, and no lawyer is registered in Spain with this name.

The address in Barcelona is supposedly the Carrer dels Capellans 52, 08002, but this is untraceable and he is calling from a mobile number (0034) 603 251 372


The website itself is and was registered in August this year.

All in all this supposed law firm is certainly not to be trusted and we strongly advise not to disclose any payments to these people.

There are no lawyers who called De Bessa Gusmao and there are no lawsuits done by this office.

If you already received a call from De Bessa Gusmao from his mobile 0034603251372 let us know!

You can email us at or post a comment on the blog.



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De Bessa Gusmao een zogenaamde advocaat uit Barcelona die geld te verdelen heeft.


Een nieuwe beller op de lijst. Deze keer gaan ze onder de naam van De Bessa Gusmao alhoewel ze weer verdacht veel op andere bedrijven lijken en zelfs hun logo op papier hetzelfde is maar dan met andere naam.

Dit heerschap zegt dat hij een advocaten kantoor heeft in Barcelona. Volgens De Bessa Gusmao heeft zijn advocatenkantoor  een jarenlange ervaring op het gebied van timeshare en de daarmede verbonden activiteiten.

Zij hebben daarvoor inzicht in de databasis van de geregistreerde timeshare eigenaars. Deze database is bij niemand bekend, maar klink uiteraard geloofwaardig als je zomaar ineens wordt gebeld en je afvraagt waar ze je gegevens hebben gevonden.


De taak van De Bessa Gusmao is bedrogen timeshare eigenaars  te helpen en de aan hen de door bedriegers afgenomen gelden terug te vorderen. Dit gebeurt op de volgende wijze :

Zij stellen een dossier samen op basis van de door de geïnteresseerden voorgelegde informatie; vervolgens bestuderen zij het dossier en beslissen dan of er een mogelijkheid ter terugvordering van gelden  bestaat; indien ja, wordt het dossier bij het toegestane gerecht ingediend.

Heel toevallig heeft iedereen altijd een mogelijkheid om geld te vorderen. En het gaat nog snel ook, binnen enkele weken is alles al via de rechter beslist en wonder boven wonder krijgt de consument een zeer hoog bedrag uitgekeerd.

Het toegewezen bedrag staat vanaf dan op een fiduciaire bankrekening van het gerecht op de naam van de begunstigde geboekt en kan dus niet verrekend worden. De honoraria van De Bessa Gusmao zijn in deze gerechtskosten inbegrepen daar wij rechtstreeks door het gerecht uitbetaald worden. Maar er zijn wel andere gerechts en administratie kosten verbonden aan de zaak en die moeten apart betaald worden.

Het “addertje” onder het gras zit hier best wel verscholen, maar omdat het bovenstaande niet de eerste keer is dat wij dit horen, weten we wat er gaat gebeuren.

De consument krijgt inderdaad de “bevestiging” dat het gerecht een positieve uitspraak heeft gedaan. En soms komt daar ook nog eens een “kopie” van de bankrekening bij waar het geld aan het wachten is tot de consument de gerechts- en administratiekosten voldoet.

Zodra de consument deze onkosten betaald via een bank overschrijving komen er ineens allerlei belasting aanslagen boven water, onkosten voor registratie nummers. Noem maar op, maar er komt geen eind aan de betalingen.

Onderzoek heeft uitgewezen dat er geen advocaten kantoor bestaat onder de naam De Bessa Gusmao, en is er ook geen advocaat geregistreerd in Spanje met deze naam.

Het adres in Barcelona in Carrer dels Capellans 52, 08002 is ook niet na te trekken en hij belt via een mobiel nummer (0034) 603 251 372


De website zelf is en was geregistreerd in Augustus van dit jaar.

Al met al is dit zogenaamde advocaten kantoor beslist niet te vertrouwen en raden wij ten sterkste af om maar enige bedragen over te maken naar deze mensen.

Er zijn geen advocaten die De Bessa Gusmao heten en uiteraard zijn er ook geen rechtszaken via zijn kantoor want ze bestaan niet!

Mocht u al zijn gebeld door De Bessa Gusmao vanaf zijn mobile 0034603251372 laat het ons dan weten!

U kunt ons e-mailen naar of plaats een commentaar op het blog.


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Consulting 1983 Grown, strange name, even stranger offer!


A new cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of Consulting 1983 Grown SL.

The agent of this company cold calls timeshare consumers, and explains to them that they can help the consumer to get money back through a court claim against their timeshare resort or Holiday / resale company that has duped them in the past.

The claim they mention sounds as a guaranteed claim and they already know as well how much the consumer is likely to receive. Amounts in the region of £25.000 are mentioned.

If the Consumer likes to sign up for the services of Consulting 1983 Grown all they need to do is pay an administration fee of £1300

Taking in mind they are going to get you over £25.000, the admin fee sounds reasonable. No?

Careful there! Because we all know that when it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

And Consulting 1983 Grown is not an exception to this rule.

Doing checks on this company we found them registered in the Spanish Company House since October 2016. So just over a month ago.

But that is not the only surprising detail, as the company is actually registered with their activity being the sale, purchase and rental of vehicles. So a Car sale company!

Even more worrying is that there is as well a direct link to another company called Autobahn 2015 SL.

This name might not ring a bell with those reading the blog, but it will with those who were lured into paying other dubious companies such as Tenco Management or Esol Bank, as these companies used Autobahn 2015 as their third party payment provider.

All companies who were cold calling and promising the moon to consumers, guaranteeing claims in court with substantial payouts.

And as it appears now, they have changed to a new name and this being Consulting 1983 Grown.

If an agent has approached you from the company Consulting 1983 Grown with the story about the court claim, and asking for an admin fee upfront, then please do let us know.

Be careful when receiving such calls and do not give out any further private and personal details to such cold callers!

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

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How many timeshare owners have recently received a cold call from the “Spanish Tax Office”, “Spanish Court” or “Spanish Bank”?

Fraudulent companies are cold Calling timeshare owners who have been previously defrauded: Don’t fall for a scam like this.


The Call

When the phone rang, the person on the other end claim to be an employee closely liaise with the “Spanish Tax Office”, “Spanish Court” or “Spanish Bank” to tell you have been awarded a large sum in compensation.

Straight away I knew it was the good old “you’ve got viruses, and we can fix ’em” scam, so instead of the “where’s the Start button on my Linux desktop?” routine I had fun with last time, I thought I’d play along.

We advice you not to trust ever any cold caller, just part from the fact that nobody should be calling you, knowing about your timeshare or frauds you suffered before. This information should not be open to anybody without your permission.

Anything offered during your talks to people like that should be taken with great caution!

There are no court cases and no money is ever awarded to anybody without knowing prior to the court claim taking place.

They are telling complete nonsense and lies, just for the sake of course of getting money from you.

There is nothing here, these people are crooks and for as much as one would love to believe all they say….think about the sad fact that after being cheated out of so much money already, there are still people out there with no scrupulous to want to steal more from you.

Why? Because they are so criminal and vile that they think that because you felt for it before you might fall for it again.


Leave your comment below or write us to  and we will inform you more detailed and withut commitment



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Cold caller warning for H.B. Legal Consultants


Only just detected but with a name like HB Legal Consultants we feel it is important the consumers are made aware of this dubious company straight away.

H.B. Legal Consultants are cold calling Timeshare consumers with the story of court claims against their resort. Claims that are about to finalize and money will be awarded shortly to all the “victims” among which the timeshare owner who didn’t know anything about this claim.

Strange story obviously and we can assure you all that there is no such thing as claims coming up soon with a guarantee of awarded money and consumers included in those claims without any knowledge.

The agent from HB Legal Consultants is not asking for any money in this first “round of calls” but we have no doubt that some kind of tax or fees will come up before the consumer can be paid out.

The email address from HB Legal Consultants is

If you have received a call from this company H.B. Legal Consultants with a story about claims against resorts, we would certainly appreciate your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Mini Break Away, Flybuy generator from the Easy Consulting Group

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-24 a la(s) 11.59.27

As mentioned in other articles posted on this blog, there are many company names of so called fly buy companies who all seem to be part of the same group, the Easy Consulting Group. (

One who seems to be active lately is the Mini Break Away.

Mini Break Away has a nice looking website and contact number apparently in the UK: 0800 014 6380

They also quote an address in the UK as being: Riverside View, Thornes Lane, Wakefield, WF4 5QW

With offers from companies such as Mini Break Away it is important you know what is expected from you, and you have a good read through the Terms and Conditions PRIOR to paying for this offer!

Clause 18 leaves no doubts: “As a couple, you will be required by the resort, hotelier or marketer to attend an exhibition showcasing ways for you to improve your future holidays and lifestyle. ….”….Failure to do so without good reason will result in you paying the full rental cost for the accommodation”

The question we receive often from consumers about why they keep on receiving calls from companies with all these kind of offers, when they haven’t asked for these calls, may be answered through another clause on the website:

“Unless we have your express consent we will only disclose personal data to third parties if this is required for the purpose of completing your transaction with us. This is of course subject to the proviso that we may disclose your data to certain permitted third parties, such as members of our own group, our own professional advisers who are bound by confidentiality codes, and when we are legally obliged to disclose your data. You authorise us to contact you with future promotions”

Please be careful with any cold calls and any offers that sound too good to be true.

Companies selling you services and items over the phone have the obligation to provide you with the full information on such product and offer before they take the payment. They also have to explain clearly what the cancellation procedure and period would be.

Doing your research is never a bad thing and if the offer is only valid n the day, there and then, we would say it is better to let it pass.

You better be safe than sorry!




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Hot Weeks, fly buy company part of the Easy Consulting Group.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-16 a la(s) 16.15.22

So far we have many inquiries from consumers who have been approached in the past year by the company using the name of Hot Weeks.

We already posted an article about them (Link, but as they continue active it is always good to “refresh” the memory.

Hot Weeks used to mention on their paperwork their supposed address in the UK; EBC Third Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH. From which they were using the Telephone numbers: 01633 928 032 and 0800 0146 370 or 0239 365 0118

But when visiting the website from Hot Weeks it is mentioned that they belong to Easy Consulting SL, a registered Spanish based company.

With the address of Ametler Amarg, 10, Alfaz Del Pi, 03580, Alicante, Spain

Telephone number: 0034 966 860 550

Easy Consulting is not an unknown company and as a matter of fact we have published several articles about them and the connected companies. Because sure they do use a lot of company names! (

Not only is Easy Consulting known with us, the ASA – Advertising Standards Authority has ruled now twice against Easy Consulting.

One in connection with the company The Ultimate holiday Package ( and the other one in connection with Direct Resorts International (

Two companies who are exactly the same as Hot Weeks, same offer, same way of (cold) calling consumers and same way of apparent “lack” of information prior to taking the payment.

Before taking up an offer from a cold calling company who makes an offer that appears to be too good to be true, please do your research!

Offers for discounted accommodation are nice, but before taking your credit card out make sure you have received the full terms and conditions of such offer and a list of the destinations and availability-

This needs to be in your possession BEFORE paying, not after!

If you received a call from Hot Weeks or any other company with great discounted accommodation offers, please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


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