Have you been awarded money through the Greek Court of Cassation?

In September 2016 we warned for the first time through this blog about a fraudulent set up called Minfin-gr, Court of Athens or the so-called Supreme Court of Cassation, Areios Pagos

Although they seem to keep a low activity, we have to insist that these fraudsters are still active and every now and then we do receive inquiries from consumers who are still in contact with this set up.

Over the past 18 months they have been using different names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Their documents, always full of stamps and official logos, are becoming more and more elaborated, but are all FAKE.

The story of this bogus set up is that there was a court claim against the holiday club or Resale Company that took money from the consumer, but the claim was done in Greece as the money from the company was located in Greece.

A story that doesn’t seem to make sense at all, but for some reason with their apparent “professional” attitude on the phone and all fake elaborated official documents, there are consumers falling for this.

The consumer has been awarded money supposedly but needs to pay taxes, court fees, and whatever fee they come up with as long as the consumer keeps on paying.

Payments are requested through Money-Gram or Xpress Money in the name of the “officer” at the courthouse of Tax representative.


So far we have the following details on this fraudulent set up:

People calling: Anna Bakas and Lorena Artino,

Telephone numbers used: +306955852399, +30 2111988686, +30 2111 983 589,

+30 695 511 7625

Emails: minister@minfin-gr.org  athens@minfingr.org athens@areiospagos.org


Names for the payments: Buci Hider and SIMOS KARAPIPERIS SKARVELIS

If you have been in contact with any of the above-mentioned people or somebody claiming to be calling from Greece about money awarded through the Greek Court of Cassation, please be aware that this is a SCAM and let us know!

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on this blog

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Claim your Claim the latest cold caller with meetings in Tenerife

The company Claim your Claim seems to have started their cold calling campaign and inquiries are coming in.

We are not surprised consumers are confused and start asking us, as Claim your Claim is yet again one of those companies that promise guaranteed money back, but you have to travel abroad to get this sorted.

Claim your Claim says their offices are in Tenerife, in Adeje.

They provide the consumer with a website to see what they are about.

The website is https://claimyourclaim.com

This website that seems to be registered just over a month ago (January 2018), provides no company details, no company registration number not for the UK nor for Spain, no company address, nothing…

The contact details are a Contact Form to fill in, but there is no privacy policy that assures you they won’t share your private and personal information with anybody, and a telephone number 0845 621 3233

So in reality you are speaking to a person who called you out of the blue, holding information about you that you didn’t provide them with, and all you have is a name of this person, a telephone number, a website that lacks all the legally required information and the need to fly out to the Canaries to be informed further.

Sounds a bit dubious? You tell us!

If you received a call from the agent of Claim your Claim from the number 08456213233 asking you to travel to Tenerife, please let us know.

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Have you received cold calls from Thierry BERTRAND from Property Leadership based in Marrakech?

This alert goes out for a company called Property Leadership which is a timeshare resale company, based in Marrakech and with a very familiar pitch but with a small change.

Property Leadership contacts consumers mainly in France and Belgium and offers to buy their timeshare. In order to sell the timeshare, the owner does not have to go to Marrakech.

Property Leadership explains to the consumers that there is already an agreed sale price and the price is surprisingly high for the sole purpose of convincing the consumer of the good deal.

In order to process the sale, there is a small problem.

When the consumer bought, there was no obligation to attend a notary office for the sale.

But this has changed and as you have to register with a notary, pay fees and the Cadaster (NOT TRUE).

The fees have to be paid in a 70/30 split with the buyer.

Over an amount of 24.000 euros which the buyers are paying for the week (!!), the taxes are around 7000 euros and the buyer pays 4900 euros en the seller 2100 euros.

Once paid, the timeshare owner will receive the full amount of the sale in 48 hours in his bank account.


Contact details for Property Leadership and their contact person Thierry Bertrand are:

Address is Blvd Prince Allal Fassi Inmueble Yassine, 40000 Marrakech (Maroc) and telephone number 00212 604 217 437;

email: thierry.bertrandleadership1@laposte.net or contact@propertyleadership.com

The website is http://www.propertyleadersip.com (Not activated)

Please note that companies that cold call you, obviously got your contact information and membership details through an illegal source and when they offer a guaranteed resale requesting you to pay upfront fees … they are not trustworthy!

Have you been contacted by Property Leadership with the number 00212 604217437? Please, let us know.



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Avez-vous reçu des appels de la part de Thierry BERTRAND de Property Leadership basé à Marrakech?

Cette alerte sort pour une société appelée Property Leadership qui est une société de revente de biens à temps partagé, basée à Marrakech et avec un terrain très familier mais avec un petit changement.

Property Leadership contacte les consommateurs principalement en France et en Belgique et propose d’acheter leur multipropriété. Afin de vendre le multipropriété, le propriétaire n’a pas besoin d’aller à Marrakech.

Property Leadership explique aux consommateurs qu’il existe déjà un prix de vente convenu et que le prix est étonnamment élevé dans le seul but de convaincre le consommateur de la bonne affaire.

Afin de traiter la vente, il y a un petit problème.

Lorsque le consommateur a acheté, il n’y avait aucune obligation d’assister à un bureau de notaire pour la vente.

Mais cela a changé et comme vous devez vous inscrire auprès d’un notaire, payer des frais et le cadastre (pas vrai).

Les frais doivent être payés dans une division 70/30 avec l’acheteur.

Sur un montant de 24.000 euros que les acheteurs paient pour la semaine (!!), les taxes s’élèvent à environ 7000 euros et l’acheteur paie 4900 euros au vendeur 2100 euros.

Une fois payé, le propriétaire de temps partagé recevra le montant total de la vente dans les 48 heures dans son compte bancaire.


Les coordonnées de Property Leadership et leur “CHARGÉ DE CLIENTÈLE” Thierry Bertrand sont:

Adresse: Boulevard Prince Allal Fassi Inmueble Yassine, 40000 Marrakech (Maroc) et numéro de téléphone 00212 604 217 437

Email: thierry.bertrandleadership1@laposte.net ou contact@propertyleadership.com

Le site web est http://www.propertyleadersip.com (Non activé)

S’il vous plaît noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent froid, évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les informations d’adhésion par une source illégale et quand ils offrent une revente garantie vous demandant de payer les frais initiaux … ils ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

Avez-vous été contacté par Property Leadership avec le numéro 00212 604217437?

S’il vous plaît, laissez-nous savoir. (CONTACT)

ENGLISH: https://wp.me/p1kmoi-2lX

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To Claim or not to Claim, Chapter 7, “We were told not to contact the resort…”

Many so called claims companies who also offer an additional service for relinquishment of timeshare; seem to cover all angles of this service in their agreement. More than the actual claims part the consumer attended the meeting for in the first place!

One of the clauses that are included in many of these agreements is the one where that say that you are not allowed to contact your timeshare or exchange company and discuss the agreement.

If the claims company has promised legal claims and /or a relinquishment service regarding your timeshare, check with your timeshare company whether they have received any correspondence from the company you signed up with or connected legal office.

Don’t wait until you receive another maintenance fees invoice and realize that nothing has been done!

Please note that there are a number of so called claims companies that have been misleading consumers regarding claims and relinquishment. Many of them using the following FALSE statements:

  • The company has 100% success in court claims & relinquishments
  • The liability for the timeshare will be forced upon the heirs of the timeshare owners (perpetuity clause)
  • All timeshares have been declared illegal in Spain
  • A “class action” is about to take place against your resort

If you have been told any of the above to persuade you to sign up and pay for their services, we recommend that you ask them to clarify such statements in writing.

Before making a decision, please always allow yourself a decent time to think things over (cooling off) which should be at least 14 days, with copies of the agreement you would be signing and sufficient time to read through it all in your own time and space, with your family lawyer and reconfirming certain statements made.

If you signed up already and think you might dealing with a company that is possibly not going to deliver any of the services, send us a message and we can advice.




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To claim or not to claim, Chapter 6, Are they really working on my file?

Once you have signed and paid a claims or legal business, or agreed a contract with a company to act on your behalf with regard to your timeshare relinquishments, claims and compensation / refunds, all you need to do is wait for news about further developments.

But in many cases this news takes a long time to be received if at all you receive anything.

Sadly a lot of consumers actually realize that nothing has been done on their behalf in relation to the relinquishment, when they receive the yearly maintenance fee request from the resort.

Or their timeshare is actually relinquished but then they never hear anything back about the supposed claim, or Class Action they were told about at the meeting and what they thought they signed up for.

When emailing or calling the legal / claims company in question, the consumer is assured they are working hard on the file, or they say the other part, the resort is not responding.

With the lack of results or communication it is difficult to know what is really happening.

Under the UK Law you as the consumer have the right to request anything related to your personal information from the legal /claims company.

You have the right to get a copy of the information that is held about you. This is known as a subject access request.

This right of subject access means that you can make a request under the Data Protection Act to any organisation processing your personal data. The Act calls these organisations ‘data controllers’.

You can ask the organisation you think is holding, using or sharing the personal information you want, to supply you with copies of both paper and computer records and related information.

Organisations may charge a fee of up to £10

You can find an example of a Subject Access Request on the website of ICO:


Use this example to request your personal Data to a claims or legal business that you have paid or agreed a contract with to act on your behalf with regard to timeshare relinquishments, claims and compensation / refunds.

On the same website you can also find information and sample letters in case the company does not respond to your request or if you think they are withholding information.

Please note that this is only applicable to those companies registered in the UK.

(Above information has been taken from the ICO website https://ico.org.uk )


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Did resell your timeshare with Verbon Services and got contacted by the Notary Pedro Morles-Rivas?

Verbon Services is yet again another dubious company offering Timeshare resales from Morocco.

Verbon Services contacts consumers mainly in France and Belgium and offers to buy their timeshare. In order to sell the timeshare, the owner must go to Marrakech and attend a meeting with an alleged buyer.

They explain to the consumers that there is already an agreed sale price and the price is surprisingly high for the sole purpose of convincing the consumer of the good deal.

They say they will get around 20.000 euros for each week of timeshare.

But when they supposedly send the money to the consumer, the Spanish authorities block the money in the account.

This is where the office from the Notary Pedro Morles-Rivas contacts the consumer. A lady called Mrs. Longué presents herself as employee of the Notary Office.

She explains to the consumer that they need to pay taxes first.

She mentions IVA and IBI both Spanish taxes but NOTHING to do with a timeshare resale!

The amount to pay is around 14.000 euros but the timeshare owner will receive this back together with the money from the resale of the membership.


Contact details for these companies are:

Verbon Services

Oficina notarial Pedro Morles-Rivas

If you have been in contact with any of these companies, please contact us!

Do not pay any money to them!

You can place a comment on the blog or send us your details through the CONTACT US form.


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