Court trial for alleged timeshare fraud to start in Bournemouth.

The Daily Echo from Bournemouth has published the following information.

The crown court trial of four people charged in connection with an alleged timeshare fraud is likely to start in Bournemouth this week.

Prosecutors claim the alleged fraud spanned around five years and involved “hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

Last Monday, defendants Francis ‘Frank’ Madden, Claire Garland, Keith Furneval and Jean Furneval, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court as the process to select jurors in the case got underway.

The quartet were charged in July 2017 in connection with the alleged fraud. The trial is scheduled to last at least six weeks.

Jean Furneval is charged with participating in a fraudulent business carried out by a sole trader and carrying on the business of a company with intent to defraud creditors or for other purposes.

The charges relate to a time between August 2011 and September 2014 and refer to the company Central Marketing Limited.

Keith Furneval is accused of a single charge of carrying on the business of company Glenleigh Ltd with intent to defraud, namely by offering free weekends in return for attending a presentation, taking advance fees for accommodation which were not refunded, selling holiday club memberships with no discernible value and requesting additional fees to administer credit.

Both Garland and Madden are charged with participating in a fraudulent business carried on by a sole trader, three counts of carrying on the business of a company with intent to defraud creditors or for other fraudulent purpose, between May 2012 and September 2014, relating to Central Marketing Ltd, Glenleigh Ltd and Reco Corp Ltd.

The pair are also facing seven counts of being a trader and failing to draw the provisions to the attention of a consumer, and seven counts of accepting consideration from a consumer before the end of the withdrawal period, and concealing, disguising, converting, transferring or removing criminal property.

Source Daily Echo:





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Beware! New fake lawyer’s office in Tenerife, Legalidades Abogados

Yesterday we already published an article about a fake lawyer from Tenerife by the name of Alberto Galvera.

Cold calls have been received over the past week from somebody pretending to be thisAlberto Galvera and with the story about an upcoming claim where the consumer can join in.

More information has been received, and it appears that the same company Galvera Abogados is also acting under the name Legalidades Abogados.

Legalidades Abogados presents themselves through a website which was registered in March 2018.

On the website there is a picture from the supposed lawyer called Alberto Kalimro Galvera.

Address details: 4, Calle de S. Francisco, Santa Cruz, 38002, Tenerife

Telephone numbers are Freephone: 0800 862 0995 and Tenerife landline: 0034 822 250 502

Emails used: and

Legalidades Abogados is yet again a name to be added to the long list of fake lawyers and legal offices in Tenerife.

You can find the list on the following link:

For sure there will be even more names…

Please note that Legalidades Abogados and the same Alberto Galvera are all fake and this is all part of a SCAM!

If you have been contacted by this FAKE lawyers office Legalidades Abogados or by Alberto Galvera, please let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a message on the blog.


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Warning! Cold calling fake lawyers Alberto Galvera!

A new fake lawyer supposedly based in Tenerife has been brought to our attention. The name they are using is Alberto Galvera or Galvera Abogados.

Again the story of upcoming claims and money to be recovered for payments made to dubious companies in the past or even for timeshare purchases.

The company name is new, but the story of claims on a no win no fee basis, but procurators fees to be paid and join the claim now as they start next week, is all very familiar!

So far we have 2 email addresses for this company: and

Telephone number: 08008620995



If you have been approached on a cold call by the company Galvera Abogados, or the same lawyer Alberto Galvera, please do let us know.

You can contact us through the CONTACT form or place a comment on the blog.

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Avez-vous reçu des appels par la société The Golden Holidays ?

Cette alerte aux consommateurs sort pour les entreprises de revente The Golden Holidays, basée à Marrakech.

Cette enterprise avec un pitch (argument commercial) très semblable lorsque elles contactent les clients avec des appels à froid.

The Golden Holidays contacte principalement les consommateurs de France et Belgique et leur offre de racheter leurs multipropriétés. Afin de vendre la multipropriété le propriétaire doit se rendre à Marrakech et assister à une réunion avec un prétendu acheteur.

Ils expliquent aux consommateurs qu’il existe déjà un prix de vente convenu et que le prix est étonnamment élevé dans le seul but de convaincre le consommateur de la bonne affaire qui est offert.

Leur Adresse Boulevard Mohamed V Immueble Youssef A1, 4000 Marrakech(Maroc) et numéro de téléphone 00212 603 571 389;

adresse email :

Site web

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent à froid, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

Avez-vous été contacté par The Golden Holidays par le numéro 00212 603 571 389? S’il vous plaît, faites-nous savoir.


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Have you received cold calls from The Golden Holidays for a timeshare resale?

This alert goes out for a company called The Golden Holidays which is a timeshare resale company, based in Marrakech and with a very familiar pitch.

The Golden Holidays contacts consumers mainly in France and Belgium and offers to buy their timeshare. In order to sell the timeshare, the owner must go to Marrakech and attend a meeting with an alleged buyer.

They explain to the consumers that there is already an agreed sale price and the price is surprisingly high for the sole purpose of convincing the consumer of the good deal.

Their address is Boulevard Mohamed V Immueble Youssef A1, 4000 Marrakech(Maroc) andtelephone number 00212 603 571 389


The website is

Please note that companies that cold call you, obviously got your contact information and membership details through an illegal source and when they offer a guaranteed resale requesting you to travel to another country and pay upfront fees … they are not trustworthy!

Have you been contacted by The Golden Holidays with the number 00212 603 571 389? Please, let us know.



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Heeft u een vreemd telefoontje ontvangen van Peninsula Legal Agents?

Er is een nieuw dubieus juridisch bedrijf aangetroffen, die zichzelf Peninsula Legal Agents noemt.

Dit zogenaamde “legale” bedrijf belt vooral Nederlands / Vlaams sprekende Timeshare eigenaars zomaar ineens op.

De persoon die belt is Robert Vermeulen.

Het verhaal dat hij de consumenten vertelt, is dat ze actief timeshare weken verkopen aan een “Chinese investeringsgroep”.

Na het gesprek stuurt hij een “koopovereenkomst” en een formulier waarin de consument al zijn persoonlijke gegevens moet invullen.

Hun website werd geregistreerd in juli 2017. Ze zijn zelfs zover gegaan tot het opzetten van een Facebook-pagina in juli 2017, en tot nu toe zijn er helemaal geen volgers of publicaties behalve de afbeelding van hun logo!

Ze verklaren dat ze zowel in het Engeland als in Spanje kantoren hebben.

Telefoonnummer is een Brits nummer: + 44-1617130528

Op de website van Peninsula Legal Agents wordt geen adres vermeld en ook geen bedrijfsregistratienummer  uit Spanje of Engeland.

In principe ontbreken alle officiële bedrijfsgegevens op de web, iets wat ze onder de wet verplicht zijn te melden.

Ondanks dat zij een “legaal” bedrijf zijn, tonen zij geen privacy verklaring of algemene voorwaarden.

Bedrijven die zomaar ineens opbellen zijn nooit een goed teken, vooral als het gesprek niet zo ‘onverwacht voor hen lijkt te zijn en ze meer informatie over u hebben dan u zou wensen!

Wees voorzichtig en geef vooral niet nog meer persoonlijke gegevens aan dit soort dubieuze bedrijven, omdat u niet weet waar de gegevens terechtkomen.

Als u gecontacteerd bent door Peninsula Legal Agents, laat het ons dan weten.

U kunt ons bereiken via het CONTACT-formulier of door een reactie te plaatsen op ons blog.


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Have you heard from Peninsula Legal Agents?

A new dubious legal company has been detected, by the name of Peninsula Legal Agents.

This cold calling “legal” company seems to be targeting for the moment Dutch / Flemish speaking Timeshare owners.

The person calling is Robert Vermeulen.

The story he tells consumers is that they are actively reselling timeshare properties to a Chinese Investment Group.

After the call he sends over a “purchase” agreement and a form where the consumer should fill in all their personal details.

Their website was registered in July 2017. They have gone as far as setting up a Facebook page as well in July 2017, and so far there are no followers at all or publications apart from the picture of their logo!

They state they have offices both in the UK and Spain.

Telephone number is a UK number: +44-1617130528

On the Website from Peninsula Legal Agents there is no mention of any address, no Company Registration number from Spain or the UK.

There isn’t really anything anything that duly identifies the company which is obligated for all company websites.

In spite of being a “legal” company they neither display a Privacy Statement or Terms and Conditions.

Cold callers are never a good sign especially when the call doesn’t seem to be that “cold” for them and they hold more information about you that you would wish for!

Please be careful when disposing even more personal details to cold callers like this, as you do not know where the data will end up.

If you have been contacted by Peninsula Legal Agents please let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on our blog.



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