Cold caller alert for LEGAL office Juridico Cuatro Asesores (FAKE) from Madrid.

A supposed lawyer using the name of the company Juridico Cuatro Asesores has started cold calling Timeshare consumers and for the moment it looks like he is targeting mainly Dutch and German speaking owners.

There is a real company by the name of Juridico Cuatro Asesores in Madrid but research has shown that there is certainly no lawyer by the name of Georg Schaub who is doing these cold calls, and neither do the telephone numbers and email address coincide.

The fake lawyer Mr. Georg Schaub calls from the number +34 910 914 191 and they also have a fax +34 910 914 192

Email address is again as usual with dubious callers like this a free email server:

The offer from Juridico Cuatro Asesores is to help the consumer with an upcoming court claim in the Madrid Courts against a timeshare company the consumer has dealt with in the past.

The consumer is assured they won’t have to pay any money upfront as the lawyer fees will come out of the money awarded through the courts.

After the consumer agrees to join the claim, he receives official looking paperwork through the office from Juridico Cuatro Asesores, translated conveniently into his own language and stating a substantial amount has been awarded.

From not having to pay any fee the issue escalates quickly into a payment of taxes over this substantial amount that is waiting in the courts account to be send off to the consumer.

But the taxes need to be paid first….

Please note this all is not true, there are no upcoming court claims you can just join by saying yes over the phone to a cold calling lawyer…

If you already had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Georg Schaub and he has offered you this claim and money into your account, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us by email or fill in the CONTACT US form.



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Careful with the cold calls from Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake)

A new cold calling and fake Lawyers Company has been spotted by the name of Euroforo Abogados Madrid.

There seems actually to be a company in Madrid using a similar name, but the contact details do not coincide.

As with many other fake lawyers that pretend to be calling from Spain, this company Euroforo Abogados Madrid also claims the consumer has been awarded money through a court claim the consumer had no idea about.

They pretend they have been appointed by the court to contact the consumer, as there is a claim against his resort.

Once the consumer shows their interest they will be asked for court fees and after a couple of days the good news breaks through and they consumer has been awarded money and apparently a substantial amount!

All that separates the consumer from the receipt of the money in their account is a sudden tax invoice of 21% over the awarded amount….

Please note that if ever you are identified by the police and judges as a victim of a set up that is going through the courts, you will be officially notified by the court through recorded delivery letters in Spanish and translated and stamped by registered translators.

You would then be given the option to confirm the fact you are a victim of the set up and the option to join the court case in order to claim compensation for which you need to appoint a Spanish lawyer and notify the court accordingly and through the official channels.

There is no such thing as courts appointing third party companies and sharing your private and personal details with them to contact you!

The contact details for Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake) are as follows:

Telephone: +34 91 091 3396
Fax: +34 91 0913397

Surprising as well with a long standing lawyers office as Euroforo Abogados Madrid claims to be that they do not have a website or a domain name for their emails and they actually use the email address from the free service. This is a free account, which can be set up in 5 minutes and where no proper identification is requested.

If Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake) have approached you with the exciting news of an upcoming court pay out, please do let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on the blog.



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Don’t fall for the email message from the FAKE Banco de España!

It has been reported in the past weeks that consumers are receiving cold calls and emails from people pretending to be working for the Bank of Spain or Banco de España.


The fraudulent message goes as follows:


From: Banco De España <>

Dear Mr & Mrs XXXXX,We wish to inform you that we have tried contacting you via telephone call as we have received a notification from the court in Malaga. Translation of notification:

‘The bank of Spain wish to inform you that we have received a document from the court of Malaga, Juzgados de Malaga, Calle Fiscal Luis Portero García, 0, 29010 Málaga, Spain, regarding a compensation claim from the director of the company “European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

In your case it showed that you had paid money in to account/s of the company/s in mention. May we inform you that your information was found among their bank statements as having paid them money.

May we also remind you that they traded under many company names, if you have paid any other company it is most then likely linked to this company.

The document states that the director of aforementioned company has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering in Europe.

The Judge at the hearing ruled that all remaining funds in accounts linked to the aforementioned company is to be divided equally amongst claimants, as there was insufficient evidence of how much each client of theirs had paid, as they traded under many different company names, they used many different payment methods and many different bank accounts.

May we inform you that we have heard from other victims of fraud that they have been contacted by third parties in other countries, claiming to be courts, or companies that can claim money back, this information is wrong, please may we advise that you be very careful with whom you deal with and if any company or any third party asks for your credit or debit card details, DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO THEM. Since 2011 it has been illegal for anyone to request that information and take payment when the matter has anything to do with timeshare.

In the case of XXXX XXXXX & XXXX XXXXX, contact number 0044XXXXXXXX, a total of £31,386 is due to be remitted.’

As discussed, issues surrounding money laundering problems in Spain mean that amounts over €10,000 are to be checked for money laundering and fraud purposes.

Having run all checks against your payment it has been approved as it has been classed as a ‘compensation claim’ and will be sent directly to you from the courts.

Spanish tax laws dictate that amounts greater than €10.000 relating to compensation payments are subject to a temporary tax payment which must be paid in advance of authorisation being granted to release your funds.

The temporary tax payment is 4%.

If you are a pensioner or over the age of 65 the temporary tax is lowered to 2%.

As a British resident you are not liable for Spanish tax and therefore this is classed as a temporary payment which will be refunded to you within 14 working days of receipt.

The amount payable is £1,255.44.

The amount payable if you are a pensioner is of £627.72.

Upon receipt of funds we will apply for the necessary authorisation on your behalf, this is a formality after-which you have two options to receive your payment, either bank transfer or cheque.

Please note that should you decide to proceed and claim your compensation you will no longer be able to take any further legal action against the aforementioned company.

Should you require any further clarification you may reply to this email with any questions you have, if proceeding you will need to inform us in advance which method of payment you prefer.

You may contact your case handler on the following number 0034 603 142 583, please ask to speak to English department office.

If you wish to receive via e-mail information with regards to how to protect yourself against fraud please notify us.

With kind regards.
Bank of Spain, Banco de España.
Overseas DPT.


If you received this fake and fraudulent email, please do let us know.

DO NOT PAY! There is no money waiting for you.

You can contact us through the CONTACT form or by email

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Timeshare Atonement, de allernieuwste valse advocaten uit Madrid

Er is een nieuw bedrijf op de lijst gezet deze week onder de naam Timeshare Atonement. Op dit moment lijken ze zich voornamelijk op Nederlandstalige timeshare-bezitters te richten, maar dit kan natuurlijk nog veranderen.

Timeshare Atonement biedt de consument aan om hen te helpen met een juridische procedure via de Spaanse rechtbanken om hun lidmaatschap te annuleren.

Klinkt heel officieel en de agent van Timeshare Atonement legt ook uit dat de consument in dezelfde procedure aanspraak kan maken op een compensatiebetaling.

Om deze procedure te starten hoeft de consument niets vooraf te betalen. Als de rechtszaak verloren is gegaan, is de consument niet aansprakelijk voor de advocatenkosten, maar in het geval dat hij wint, zijn er wettelijk verplichte administratiekosten van 9,2% over het toegekende bedrag.

We hebben nog nooit gehoord van zulke verplichte administratiekosten en dit is ook nergens terug te vinden!

Timeshare Atonement heeft een website die werd geregistreerd op 11 augustus 2018, dat is heel recent voor een verklaring van “wij helpen duizenden consumenten met hun claims”

De contactgegevens van Timeshare Atonement zijn email

een telefoonnummer +34 911 236 169 en hun kantoor adres in de Calle de Sta Engracia, 38, 28010 Madrid

In de Spaanse KvK Kamer van Koophandel is er geen bedrijf gevonden die is geregistreerd onder de naam Timeshare Atonement en evenmin is er een registratienummer op hun website vermeld.

Er worden ook geen namen genoemd van advocaten die voor Timeshare Atonement werken. Op de website wordt vermeld dat zij werken met een van de ‘leidende Spaanse advocatenkantoren’ die gespecialiseerd zijn in reclamaties betreffende timesharing.

Dit bedrijf bestaat niet en zeker doen ze geen claims.

Hun documentatie ziet er nogal bekend uit en lijkt heel veel op de documenten die wij hebben gezien van andere dubieuze juridische bedrijven in het verleden.

Wat u kunt verwachten is dat ze na een paar weken het nieuws zullen breken dat uw zaak is gewonnen, en ontvangt u een (nep) document van de uitspraak waarin een groot bedrag wordt vermeld dat u is toegekend en vervolgens wordt van u verwacht dat u de 92%  betaalt over dit bedrag VOORDAT u uw geld kunt ontvangen.

Dat is uiteraard een FRAUDE en zodra je ze het geld via een bankoverschrijving betaalt, zullen ze verdwijnen en kunt u niets terugvorderen!

Als Timeshare Atonement u al heeft benaderd voor deze gerechtelijke claim, en u gebeld heeft van 0034 911236169, laat het ons dan weten.

U kunt contact met ons opnemen via het formulier of door een reactie op ons blog te plaatsen.


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Timeshare Atonement, the latest fake lawyers based in Madrid

A new cold calling company has been detected by the name of Timeshare Atonement. At present they seem to be targeting mainly Dutch speaking timeshare owners, but this can change of course.

Timeshare Atonement cold calls the consumer in order to assist them in the Spanish courts with the legal procedure to cancel their membership.

Sounds quiet official, and the agent from Timeshare Atonement also explain that in the same procedure the consumer can claim a compensation pay out.

In order to start this procedure the consumer won’t have to pay anything upfront. If the court case is lost, the consumer won’t be liable for the lawyers fees, but in case they win, there will be a legal obligatory administration fees of 9,2% over the awarded amount.

We actually have never heard of such obligatory admin fee!

Timeshare Atonement has a website which was registered on the 11th of August 2018, this seems a bit recent for a statement of “we are helping thousands of consumers with their claims”

The contact details of Timeshare Atonement are email

A telephone number +34 911 236 169 and they also put an office address as Calle de Sta Engracia, 38, 28010 Madrid

We have not found any company registered at the Spanish companies house by the name of Timeshare Atonement and neither is there any registration number mentioned on their website.

There are no names of lawyers / solicitors working for Timeshare Atonement mentioned on their web in spite of their statement to be working with one of the “leading Spanish law firms” that specialise in mis-sold timeshares.

This company does not exist, and certainly they are not doing any claims.

There documentation looks rather familiar with documents seen from other dubious legal companies in the past.

What you can expect is that after a couple of weeks they will break the news your claim has been awarded, you receive a (fake) copy of the sentence which will mention a large amount awarded to you and then you are expected to pay the 9,2% over this amount BEFORE you can receive your money.

Please do not fall for this trap, as once you pay them the money by bank transfer they will disappear and you won’t be able to claim anything back!

If Timeshare Atonement already approached you for this court claim, calling from 0034 911236169, do let us know.

You can contact us through the form or by placing a comment on the blog.


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Timeshare Cold Callers August 2018

Dear All,

With the end of the month of August we have yet again we have elaborated the list of cold calling companies with offers related to timeshare and holiday products.

We counted 52 cold calling companies of which 11 companies are new.

For a complete list of the cold callers from August 2018 please click on below link:

Cold Callers August 2018

The names of the new companies that entered the list are:

  • ACS Claims management
  • Assured 4u – Assured For You
  • Claims Advice Bureau
  • Club La Costa Advice Network
  • General Legal Associates
  • Juwai Investments
  • ML Advisory
  • Services Juridico Reservations
  • SPS Carrington Associates
  • Timeshare Advice Network
  • Timeshare Resorts Rescue

Yet again, most of the cold callers and new companies detected in the past month are those offering some kind of claim.

This can be a straightforward offer to do a claim against your resort, or companies who offer supposed claims against others who defrauded you in the past.

Any cold caller should always be treated with extreme caution.

Those cold callers who say they are calling directly from or on behalf of UK legal companies, are acting contrary to the ethical guideline of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and by doing so, it is very unlikely that any credible Lawyer or legal company will take on your case if given to them by this cold caller!

If you received any cold call, from a known company or a new one, we always appreciate you let us know. (CONTACT US)

And the more information you can provide us about the call, (name of company and person calling, telephone number, website or email, and the type of offer), even better!

Customer Care

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Claims Advice Bureau and the mystery of the Green Membership certificate…

The company Claims Advice Bureau, supposedly based in Middlesex has started this week doing some strange cold calls.

The initial call comes from an agent stating they work for Claims Advice Bureau and instead of really explaining what the call is about or what kind of service or item they have on offer, the only thing they say is that there will be a follow up call.

The follow up call is done a day or two later, and this time the agent presents himself as John Parker of A&S Claims Management.

Mr. Parker has an amazing story to say the least, because he brings the news that there is a substantial cheque waiting in the amount of £20.800 ready for dispatch to the Consumer on the same day today as long as he can present his “green Club Class membership certificate”.

Mr. Parker asks the Consumer to find the “green” certificate, as this will allow him to send off the cheque.

Obviously nobody seems to have a GREEN certificate from Club class.

When calling back and telling Mr. Parker that unfortunately the certificate is missing the consumer is passed to yet again another person of A&S Claims Management, the director Mrs. Remington.

Mrs Remington explains again that there is £20,000 waiting for the consumer, but because the Consumer does not have the correct certificate he will have to pay “a bond for the trustees” of £2,000.

How does that sound? Calls out of the blue, substantial cheques written out in your name, the missing Green certificate and just pay the bond and you get the cheque…

Please be careful with cold callers because these people really think consumers will believe anything!

The only contact details known so far are the telephone numbers for each company;

Claims Advice Bureau: 0203 5820593

A&S Claims Management 01926 800169

If you have been approached by any of the two companies mentioned and you are also looking for your Green membership certificate…please contact us.

You can do so through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on the blog.



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