Fraud Trial started in Madrid against 10 associates of John “Goldfinger” Palmer.

Ten associates of Palmer, once believed to be the richest criminal in Britain worth £300million, are charged in connection with his Tenerife Timeshare scam.

The trial, being held in Madrid, focuses on the scam Palmer allegedly ran while serving eight years in prison, the Sunday Express reports.

It is alleged he sold non-existent timeshares in holiday apartments from inside HMP Long Lartin and fleeced customers of their money.

Palmer was charged with fraud, money laundering and firearms offences alongside the others in May 2015, just weeks before his assassination.

The Public Prosecutor counted 205 victims of this network that Palmer ran in the Canary Islands and consisted of ” scams with the sale of timeshare apartments” between 1993 and 2002, date in which they were arrested.

The trial will see the following defendants appear:

  • Richard Cashman, who is attributed to be Palmer’s lieutenant
  • Keith Peter Davies, head of the organisation on Gran Canaria
  • Dean Lawrence Wells, the promoter of the operation
  • Darren John Morris, Palmer’s nephew
  • Paul John Murry
  • Christina Ketley, Palmers wife
  • Ramonon Solano Perez
  • Jorge Maximiliano Gallart
  • Neil Campbell
  • Jacoba Klazina Visscher

Darren Morris, Palmer’s nephew, said that after his uncle was jailed for eight years for fraud he continued running a timeshare business in Tenerife.

Darren John Morris, who faces 12 and a half years in jail, had authorized signatures in the companies of Palmer, which he attributed to the fact that he asked him to replace him in signing documents when he was outside Spain, but without knowing what those papers were about.

One of the defendants, Jacoba Klazina Visscher (Coby Visscher), who had the exclusivity of the sale of some of these timeshare packages and was the owner of a hotel in Tenerife, La Pinta, has acknowledged before the court that she deceived the clients and has committed herself to return the money.

In the absence of the prosecutor specifying the final requests, Coby Visscher faces 8 years in prison as administrator of two companies that sold the vacation packages.

Paul Murray, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office asks for 12 years in prison for helping to launder money for the organization, has said that he did not remember that when he declared before the judge he assured that Richard Cashman was the one leading the money transfer operation through checks for, allegedly, “white wash” the funds.

Jorge Maximiliano Gallart (faces 8 years), who was a shareholder of several companies related to Palmer, stated he was not involved in any of palmer’s businesses and has argued that he worked since 2001 for him as a Spanish liaison with the directors of the resorts.

Due to these facts, the Office of the Prosecutor seeks fines of 2 million euros and jail sentences of between 8 and 12 years for crimes of conspiracy and fraud. In those cases in which he asks for more punishment, he does so by adding another crime of illegal possession of arms.

We will be keeping you updated on the trial!


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Careful with cold calling Mc Bain Legal Consultancy (fake) from Nottingham.

New cold caller for the lists, using the name of Mc Bain Legal Consultancy although on their dodgy paperwork they say the name is Mc Bain Consultancy and property Specialist.

Always strange if a company cannot get their facts right about their own name…

The cold call comes from an agent called Carol White who happily explains to the consumer that he is entitled to a refund of £18,000 from a firm the consumer has been dealing with years ago and which turned out to be a Scam.

Carol White clarifies that the individuals involved are now in prison and Mc Bain was sorting out all the refunds.  Her call is only a short call and she states the consumer will be contacted soon with more details.

The next call from Mc Bain is from a lady called Victoria Wilson giving the exact amount the consumer is due and what happens to be the exact amount they lost to the previous scammers.

In order to get the awarded money, the consumer will have to pay the legal fees, which are £850, and provides the consumer over the telephone a bank account in order to transfer the fees to Spain.

The bank account is in the name of a completely different person!

When asking for proof of the story, Mc Bain Legal Consultancy send the consumer an invoice for the fees, where they all of the sudden are called Mc Bain Consultancy and Property Specialists and the name of the director is on there a Mr Daniel Hemingway.

This story is completely fake and fraudulent!

Please note that the contact details for Mc Bain Legal Consultancy are:

Telephone: 0044 01158719620


If Mc Bain has approached you already with their fraudulent story, please let us know.

Do NOT pay them, as obviously you won’t see a penny back!

You can CONTACT US through the web or by email to



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New scam! Hundreds of car owners paid thousands of pounds to repair their car when it really belonged on the scrapyard…

It seems that hundreds of car owners in the UK have been scammed out of thousands of pounds when they tried to get their car fixed and the garage took money upfront, knowing the car was beyond repair.

The car-owners were assured by the receptionist of the garages that they would get the car fixed. The receptionist assured the consumers he knew a lot about cars as he had sold them in the past.

Car owners met up with this man outside the garages and he even went to their homes. Many consumers signed up for repairs with payments upfront up to 10.000 pounds. They also handed over all the original paperwork and the keys of the car to this person so he could take the car with him.

After paying, it turned out their car could not be repaired at all and they were notified the garage took it to the scrapyard. When reviewing the paperwork the car owners realised that it actually stated in the agreement that in case the car would be beyond repair, the garage would dispose the car in a nearby scrapyard. Something that would have cost the owner probably a couple of hundred pounds…


Do you think the car owners should have asked a qualified mechanic about the real possibilities of a repair, the costs and then decide what to do?

Well, maybe the news about the cars above is FAKE but we can assure you that on a daily basis hundreds of timeshare owners actually go through a very similar story with their timeshare and pay over and over again for legal services that do not exist or cannot be fulfilled!

Every day timeshare consumers receive phone calls from nicely speaking persons, working for supposed “marketing” companies and they invite consumers to a meeting in order to discuss a claim against their resort. On the phone these agents guarantee them that they are qualifying for a claim.

But at the meeting the consumers don’t see any legal professional. The so-called “legal advisers” are most of the times ex-timeshare sales people. Nothing wrong with that, but for sure they have no legal qualification to assess if the consumer can claim or not.

It goes beyond believe though that so many people do pay at these meetings a substantial amount of money upfront and commit to balance payments of so much more money, without even knowing for sure if they can claim or not…

They hand over the original deeds and paperwork, and leave copies of their ID”s…

For many though the only service received (if you are lucky…) is a relinquishment of the membership, which often could have been done for free with the resort or against a payment of a couple of years of fees.

If you think a car owner should have a mechanic to look at a car that needs repair, and get a proper estimate of costs first, to see if it is worthwhile to repair….

Why do you pay cold calling companies for a legal service that can only be done by a genuine lawyer???

Genuine lawyers offer free assessments!

That is not dubious, that is how genuine legal professional works!

If there is a claim, you get a proper estimate of costs and a payment schedule and then you decide if you want to go ahead.

And if there is no claim, you are the one that decides if the timeshare goes to the “scrapyard” and you don’t owe the lawyer anything!

If you want more information about the claims against resorts, please CONTACT US and we explain it in detail.

More information about the claims can be found in the article: Are you a timeshare owner?  Then it is time to claim!”



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Careful with the cold calls from the FAKE Resolve Solicitors!

A new cold caller has been detected and they are using the name of Resolve Solicitors or Resolve Contract Disputes. These names are very similar to real existing companies in the UK, but please don’t be fooled, these cold callers are not from a genuine company!

A Curtis Thornton contacts timeshare consumers and explains that the purchase of their holiday package was fraudulent and the company has been taken to the courts.

Consumers seem to have been awarded a refund through the courts and the money is waiting to be transferred into their accounts.

Resolve Solicitors (fake) has been appointed by the Spanish courts to contact the consumers and arrange the money transfer.

In the call, they explain that the Head of Transfer Department (Mr Thomas Fielding), Central Bank of Europe, Berlin, will be calling the consumer back in order to make arrangements for the money to be transferred into their bank account.

Just like that! No ID requested, no paperwork, no court documents, nothing…you receive a call, give your bank details and the thousands of pounds will flow into your account.

Yes right!

The conversation with Resolve Solicitors is reconfirmed by email from the address:

Once again an email address set up on the free server, which is certainly not usual for a legal company!

A lady called Caroline Barnes who states in the email that she is the “Junior Secretary” explains to the consumer the following transaction:

In order for you to receive your payment you MUST have the correct documentation in place. This being a TIN number (Tax Identification Number).

  1. You can travel to the country of origin where you purchased your product/membership and obtain your TIN number legally and correctly at a police station, this will incur costs for travel, accommodation, translator fees etc.

2: Resolve Solicitors are able to obtain your TIN number via the CBE (Central Bank of Spain) on your behalf within 24 hours, Your funds are then released within 48 hours.

  1. We can close your file and your funds will return to the country of origin.

So, it wasn’t that easy and straightforward after all!

Obviously the best option seems to be number 2, but Resolve Solicitors won’t be working for free and in order to obtain this TIN number (something nobody ever heard of) the consumer will have to pay their fees, upfront.

Please note that this is NOT TRUE!

There is no such thing as court claims in Spain with UK companies appointed to contact the victims and the money being posted into a German, Berlin bank account!

If the FAKE Resolve Solicitors agents have contacted you from 01273761719 with a similar dubious story, please let us know.


Contact US



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What really happens at the meeting with Claim Your Claim in Tenerife….

Claim Your Claim is a company, who has been present on our cold caller list for ages.

Each month we receive numerous enquiries from consumers about the cold call received, the offer to travel to Tenerife and the guarantee to get money back from a claim.

More than once people actually tell us they agreed to travel, as after all, what can happen?

The following story is the descriptions we received from a consumer who attended the meeting, and fell into the trap of Claim your Claim and is regretting it dearly…

Judge for yourself if a “free week” holiday is worth this stress…. and money!

The initial call:

When I responded to the initial call I was responding to the fact that we once bought a timeshare type package, this didn’t work out, we paid our money over 10 years ago now; we put the loss down to a bad decision and moved on. The company, Claim Your Claim explained to me that they would be able to recoup my money back based on a no win no fee basis. The first question asked was how they responded with:

“Come to Tenerife as you have to be in the country to register your claim. We will put you up in a hotel with no expense, all you will have to pay is your airfare.”

I then asked: “Is it likely that our claim will be successful?” We were told they have never lost a claim yet. I then asked what would we owe you and they said “20%”. We agreed to do this and they booked our flights.

The meeting:

In Tenerife we met a man called “Andy”, no surname and a woman called ‘Debbie’ (supposedly a Lawyer) …no surname. Andy told us that they could claim our money back but since there is nothing in it for them, all they asked is that we would give them a go and book more holidays with them in the future. He said you would not be buying into anything, just promise to book a holiday with us to the tune of at least £150 as a deposit initially.

Andy then proceeded to show us a website that had tons of holidays on there and prices that we severely reduced. Of course, this was designed to entice us and make us believe that this company was legit. He then proceeded to use pressure sales techniques as well as confuse us in order for us to sign paper work. Sadly, we signed the paper work due to the information they gave us.

We were told that we do not need to pay anything apart for a £4,000 fee on the day but that we would get this back. The only reason that we need to pay it is to register our claim due to the tax advantage in the UK. When we questioned page one of the document that says 4 weeks accommodation, we were told that that does not relate to you, this is just for the week you have had in Tenerife, and you will get this back.

As we didn’t have our credit card on us, they said no problem as they retained the information from the flight booking they made on our behalf. The £4,000 was charged to our credit card moments later.

Then they explained that in order for our claim to be worthwhile, they would use £8,000 on our behalf. In order to get this £8,000 they would put 8,000 into our account, I will then need to use that £8,000 to pay them back, therefore I am not arranging a loan, money is being moved in order to avoid tax and because the claim was claimed in Tenerife.

I asked him if this was legal and of course, he said yes.

We were told a person from the finance company would contact us about the £8,000. When this gentleman from the finance called, he said I understand you have required a household loan for £8,000. He also explained the loan would be under the agreed terms and conditions and you would need to pay an early repayment fee if you want to pay the loan off early, in addition, the loan was subject to interest charges. None of this was explained to us we were told £8,000 would go in and £8,000 would go out. NOBODY MENTIONED A LOAN!

What did we sign in the end?

Looking at the paperwork, there is no mention at all of a company called Claim your Claim. The supposed accommodation agreements signed are in the name of two different companies; 7 Island Experience and Alternative Travel.

The agreements are for supposed “rental weeks” including the “FREE” week we were using at the moment of the meeting. Against each week they put a value adding up a total of £4,000 for each agreement. (So in the end we paid the week of the invitation, nothing was FREE.)

These 4 rental weeks from the Alternative Travel agreement are pre-booked through a booking website called Altura.

The value though of these 4 weeks are certainly not what they state on the paperwork and the same weeks can be booked on the internet for 3 to 4 times cheaper.

The agreement of 7 Island Experience is supposedly for a “holiday membership” with no explanation of what this includes or how to use this and 5 worldwide accommodation weeks, and 2 return flights at the value of 250 Pounds.

The weeks are to be booked through 7 Island Experiences and with no apparent expiry date.

Other documents signed are for the refreshments taken at the meeting, a certificate for “Sovereign credits” with no further explanation on how to use these and a document stating we were picked up from the airport.

There is NOTHING about a claim, no mention of any Claims company or Legal company that will handle such claim…

We feel cheated and are trying to get a refund through the credit card company for the £4,000 they took from the card.


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Avez-vous reçu un appel avec une offre de revente de Castillo Properties à Elche?

Une nouvelle société de vente à froid a commencé à contacter les consommateurs français en temps partagé.

Castillo Properties, supposément basé à Elche (Alicante) en Espagne, lance un appel avec des offres très attractives.

L’agent de Castillo Properties informe les propriétaires de multipropriété qu’ils achètent des semaines de multipropriété pour le compte de la société Port Aventura World.

Ils sont très intéressés par la semaine de multipropriété et sont prêts à payer plus de 20. 000 euros par semaine.

Une fois que le client en multipropriété a manifesté son intérêt pour Castillo Properties, il a reçu un courrier électronique d’introduction de la part de

Dans cet e-mail, le consommateur en temps partagé est informé de certains frais et indique que l’acheteur et le vendeur doivent déposer une somme d’argent avant que la revente puisse être traitée.

Ils joignent même un prétendu contrat de vente signé par Castillo Properties et Port Aventura World sans aucun nom! Juste un tampon et un logo.

S’il vous plaît noter qu’il s’agit d’une arnaque!

Il n’existe pas d’entreprise telle que Castillo Properties qui achète pour le compte de Port Aventura World.

Même si les noms des entreprises sont réels, nous pouvons vous assurer que les personnes qui appellent ne travaillent PAS du tout pour ces entreprises.

Le numéro de téléphone utilisé est le +34 (0) 910 762 761.

Ils n’ont pas de site Web et pour l’e-mail, ils n’ont même pas de nom de domaine et créent simplement un compte gratuit sur @

Ce sont tous des signes que cet appel ne peut pas être approuvé.

Si un agent faisant semblant de travailler pour Castillo Properties vous a contacté pour lui raconter l’histoire de la revente du Port Aventura World, veuillez nous en informer.





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Have you received a call with a resale offer from Castillo Properties in Elche?

A new cold calling Resale Company has started to target French Timeshare consumers.

Castillo Properties, supposedly based in Elche (Alicante) Spain, is calling with very attractive offers.

The agent from Castillo Properties is telling Timeshare owners that they are buying Timeshare weeks on behalf of the company Port Aventura World.

They are very interested in the timeshare week and are willing to pay over 20.000 euros per week.

Once the Timeshare consumer has shown their interest to Castillo Properties, they receive an introductory email from

In this email the timeshare consumer is explained about certain charges and that both the buyer and seller need to deposit an amount of money before the resale can be processed.

They even attach a supposed sales agreement signed by both Castillo Properties and Port Aventura World without any name! Just a stamp and logo.

Please note that this is a SCAM!

There is no such company as Castillo Properties buying on behalf of Port Aventura World.

Even if the names of the companies are real, we can assure you that the people calling are NOT working for these companies at all.

Telephone numbers used is +34 (0) 910 762 761

They don’t have a website and for the email they have not even a domain name and simply set up a free account under

These are all signs this call cannot be trusted.

If an agent pretending to be working for Castillo Properties has contacted you with the story of resale for Port Aventura World, please let us know.




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