The dubious cold call from European Central Notary and ES Gonzalez Abogados

A new (fake) lawyers office has been entered on our cold caller list by the name of ES Gonzalez Abogados.

This company appears after the consumers receive a first call from another fake and dubious company, European Central Notary.

This company has been much longer on our books and early 2017 we already posted a warning on our blog.

The link is

You never know if it was a mistake of the caller mentioning European Central Notary and then change to ES Gonzalez Abogados or they did this on purpose…

In any case the story the called gives the consumer is that they can help them with getting out of their timeshare membership.

Something they recommend to do the sooner the better, as “it would be a lot harder after Brexit”

That is the first time we hear Brexit will impact on timeshares….

For the upfront payment of around £2495.00, the consumer will be out of their timeshare in no time.

The money has to be paid into the bank account of a private individual.

The company ES Gonzalez Abogados who will be handling the exit procedure of the timeshare, claims to be based on the following address: Calle Martinez Maldonado 2629007 Malaga

The email address used is admin@esgonzalesabogados.comthe domain name for the website www.Esgonzalezabogados.comwas registered in June 2018.

No website has been set up though.

Telephone number for ES Gonzalez Abogados is 0034 951242867

There is no company house registration in Spain for any company by the name of ES Gonzalez Abogados or European Central Notary.

If European Central Notary or ES Gonzalez Abogados have contacted you with the Brexit story on timeshare relinquishment, please do let us know.

You can email us at or fill in the CONTACT US form.



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Donaldson Bruce Associates, cold calling claims handlers

The company Donaldson Bruce Associates or DBA has been brought to our attention this week again by a consumer who received a cold call.

We heard about this company a couple of months ago, but now they seem to have come back with their offers to claim.

The caller who said he was working for DBA – Donaldson Bruce Associates, asked if the consumer was an owner at any of the resorts he had listed, and yes among the names given the resort of the consumer was included.

The pitch was then that they had been doing claims for the resorts on their list and as the claims had been successful they were now looking for more owners at the same places to offer them claims as well.

Mentions or evidence about these successful claims done by DBA cannot be found though…

With a bit of research it became clear that the actual company behind this DBA is another one, Hardwick Chancery.

This company was mentioned at the end of 2017 on our blog, as they actually were also cold calling and offering claims, which turned out to be Section 75 claims.

You can find the full story on the following link

The pitch used by DBA and also the informative brochure send out after the initial cold call, are very similar to the one used by Hardwick Chancery.

DBA does not seem to be registered at the Companies house so it is a trading name for Hardwick Chancery.

Why if you were so successful would you start using a different company name?

Of course if consumers want to do a consumer act claim they can chose to do this themselves or use a third party company for this.

But it seems very odd that a company is cold calling consumers clearly with their private details and membership details in hand when the consumer has not asked for this call.

Companies should give a clear and acceptable explanation on how they obtained such private details.

There are also comments from consumers who state they said straight away they never used a credit card and still they were offered a claim.

Contact details fro DBA – Donaldson Bruce Associates are:

Telephone number 0114 303 0678 and an email address:

If you have been offered a claim against your resort by DBA, please do let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or email to




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Have you received a call from Canongate Marketing?


When we receive inquiries about cold callers, sometimes you don’t need much information to know straight away there is something dubious about them.

This is the case with the new company Canongate Marketing.

This cold calling company is contacting timeshare consumers and offering No win No fee claims without any upfront payment.

Claims, which they don’t really explain in detail, and certainly there is no indication on which legal company would take on, such claim on behalf of the consumer.

Neither is there an explanation on how they obtained the private and personal details of the consumer.

This is in breach with the current Spanish legislation on Privacy protection the LOPD.

Canongate marketing is a supposed multi-lingual Marketing company based in Malaga at Calle Leopoldo Alas “Clarín” 4, 29002, with a website which is only available in English.

Looking at the address of Canongate marketing, it appears to be a residential apartment block in Malaga with a “mailbox” office in the lower part.

Contact details are: Tel: +34 952 06 20 30 and Email:

Calling the number the call is attended to without any company name and you go straight to a recorded message, which seems to be on throughout the 24 hours of the day telling you that the lines are busy and please leave a message.

There is no company registered at the Spanish Companies House by the name of Canongate marketing.

If you received a similar dubious call from Canongate marketing offering you a claim, please do let us know and forward all the information you have about them.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by sending us an email to



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Timeshare Cold Callers October 2018

Dear All,

October this year has turned out to be a very active month for all cold calling companies, especially new ones or at least new names.

The month of October counted 71 Cold callers and on this list there are 28 new company names included.

For a complete list of all cold calling companies with offers related to your Timeshare or Holiday membership please click on the following link:

Cold callers October 2018 Mindtimeshare

The new company names that were added in October 2018 are all below.

There are many names belonging to the Fake Lawyer set up in Tenerife who seem to invent a new name on each call, with the corresponding website and fake documentation.

The 28 new company names are:

  • Abogados Litigacion España – JDD
  • Alberto Diendro Nabalez – Litigacion España
  • Alejandro Omross Procuradores
  • Alpine Assessors
  • Ashcroft Kennedy
  • Canongate Marketing
  • Chreightons and Reis Associates
  • Claims Advisory Service
  • Gemini Claims & Holdings
  • Hutchinson Holidays
  • InterVacation Club
  • Kersten Group
  • Litigacion Abogados
  • Manuel Diralam Abogados
  • Marco Gravinal Procurador
  • Morgan Scott Marketing
  • My Positive Outcome
  • Notaria Emanuel Hernandez Perez
  • Overseas Management Consultancy
  • Procurador Ramon Juanco Comez
  • Procuradores Omross – Alejandro Omross
  • Select Cheshire
  • Sim Legal Services
  • Timeshare Advisory Board
  • Timeshare Advisory Centre
  • Timesharekonsultant
  • TM Consulting

Please remember that with the European legislation on Data Protection it is impossible for a company to justify a cold call and they are certainly in breach with this legislation.

Even if the company offering the services is not the one that contacted you initially on the cold call, the fact they accept customers who were approached by cold call doesn’t leave them in a very good daylight!

Please do your homework. There are no offers or tax discounts only valid on the day.

Legal companies offering claims should be able to provide you without any hesitation the full details of the lawyers they work with and these lawyers should be contactable.

A cold calling telemarketer is certainly not the right person to assess or assure you that you have a claim!

If you have been cold called with offers of resale, disposal, court claims etc. please let us know.

You have the CONTACT US form to send us all the details or place a comment on the blog.


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Hutchinson Holidays, the holiday club included in your timeshare resale.

Different cold calling (bogus) resale companies that have been active over the past months are giving a little twist to the resale of the memberships.

Cold calling bogus resale companies, such as Ashton Group are offering timeshare consumers a guaranteed resale.

They come up with stories about large multinationals buying timeshare for their employees or holiday clubs that want to increase their inventory.

But for some strange reasons, the timeshare consumer needs to sign up to this Holiday club membership if they want their timeshare sold.

This Points based holiday club is called Hutchinson Holidays.

A nice looking website has been set up

Registration of this web was done in June 2018, seems a bit recent for a company who on their web claims to be “Europe’s largest independent management holiday operator”

Contact details on their web are:

20-22 Wenlock Road

Phone +44 20 3868 2489


They have an impressive list of beautiful destinations, but in reality it is all pictures and nothing more.

You cannot even book on this website or request a booking…

But the timeshare consumer called for the sale of his membership is supposed to pay thousands of euros to access the club.

Money he supposedly will recover with the sale of the timeshare….yes well…

Needles to say there is no sale at all, and there is no holiday bookings either.

If you have been in contact with this Hutchinson Holidays after being promised a resale of your Timeshare, please do contact us with your feedback.

You can fill in the CONTACT form or place a comment on the blog.



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Resort Management Direct confirming clearly they are calling from Club La Costa!

A clear and perfect recording of a cold call from Resort Management Direct – RMD has been send to us by a consumer.

Resort Management Direct is a so called Fly Buy company selling accommodation packages over the phone. In these calls they don’t seem to have any problem with “confusing” timeshare consumers about who they are.

Main complaint is that the consumer is completely convinced that the caller mentioned to be connected to his home resort. This sense of trust that your resort is calling has pushed many into taking up the offer from RMD and only after paying and receiving the confirmation it becomes clear they have nothing to do with the resort at all.

How many of you have tried to cancel and have written a letter to RMD stating you were completely misled on the call?  And what was the reply? “You must have understood this wrong…. we never make such a statement”.

The recorded call we have now, leaves all this without a shadow of a doubt.  This is a short description of the call…:

The call starts with a lady called Angelina who presents herself as calling from the Resort Management of Club la Costa.

When the consumer asks her again, where she calls from she reconfirms that she is from the Resort Management of Club la Costa!

She then continues her pitch, about the offer of an allocation and Bonus weeks through Resort Management Direct in connection with Club la Costa. This is an offer of 99 Pounds for the consumer.

The consumer then asks Angelina is these bonus weeks are offered at the CLC resorts, and after a bit of hesitation she states these are all weeks in 5 star Luxury Accommodation, all 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and sleeping up to 6 people, in the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

The offer has no expiry date once you bank the weeks (whatever that means…bank where?)

Angelina in another attempt to reassure the consumer asks him if he didn’t receive any of the information by email they send out? And no, the consumer did not, and he kindly asks her to resend this.

Angelina then puts him on hold, as she realizes now this needs the help of a manager…

After a couple of minutes listening to the noise and loud music in the background of the call center, a lady called Claire Reynolds comes on the phone.

Claire presents herself as the Administration Manager.

She explains straight away that there is no information to be send out to the consumers (should Angelina not know this?) and the offer is actually only valid TODAY!

Claire with apparently more experience with overcoming objections on cold calls, continues her pitch with saying they are calling all past and current owners from Club la Costa with this special offer and it will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

And if the consumer wants to receive more information he will have to pay the 99 pounds first and then they will email him the confirmation and all the information.

But only TODAY!

This is where the consumer starts to ask a bit more questions and the first one is about where they are located. In Alicante says Claire.

…So you are not based at CLC?

And she reconfirms that no, they are not at CLC but they are the Booking Agents from CLC.

“We service their bonus weeks”  “We work in connection with the resort”

After listening to this call, there is actually no doubt at all that consumers are being mis represented about who they are and clearly are being told this is from their home resort!

It is unacceptable that companies such as RMD are completely ignoring the new European Legislation on Data Protection (LOPD) and continue telling consumers over and over again, loud and clear that they are working or directly connected to their resort.

This needs to be reported and not only by duped consumers, also by the resorts who are as well affected by these companies selling packages over the phone in their name!



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The Fake lawyers in Tenerife mis-using our name for their fraudeulent set up!

We can only suppose they must be upset with us for our continuous warnings on the blog each time they come up with a new name for one of their FRAUDULENT and FAKE Lawyers offices.

So the latest one from the FAKE lawyers in Tenerife is an office called Mindtimeshare.

A woman claiming to be Joyce Adams is cold calling from 0034822684554 and she states she works for a law firm called Mindtimeshare, which has been established for over 30 years.

The consumer is informed that they have won a claim against the resort where the consumer owns, and money has been awarded to the members. In order to pursue the claim the consumer needs to pay for the procurators fees into an Escrow Account with the Court in Tenerife.

The account, which is supposedly from the Procurator, is in the name of Alexander Bawross.


They are using the logos from Mindtimeshare and mention the web but if you look closely at their email address you can see the difference!

Email; (they actually spelled our name wrong…)

Telephone: 0034 822 684 554 or 0800 802 1982

If Joyce Adams or anybody else called you claiming to be from Mindtimeshare, please let us know!

You can contact us by filling in the form or by placing a comment on this blog.


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