International Clearance and your embargoed money

A new cold caller has been spotted by the name of International Clearance.

The agent Steven Packwood of International Clearance, stating he is based at Canary Wharf in London, advises consumers they are about to receive a large sum of money.

This money is the result from a successful group court case in the Spanish courts instigated by WTC, and which has now been sent into the UK for clearance out to the consumer.

For some reason the money has been blocked and in order to find out the reason why, the consumer is asked to call a Spanish lawyer called Rebecca Carlos on 0034 604 342 033

For sure Rebecca Carlos will know how to unblock the money.

Rebecca explains that an embargo is placed, as the consumer needs to pay a 10% tax over the awarded amount first.

This money needs to be paid by bank transfer into the UK bank account of a company called Ridgway Advisory Consultants.

Strange enough the same Ridgeway Advisory Consultants were the account holders for a similar transaction proposed by another bogus company called the Juzgado de Primera Instancia (First Instance Court) and about whom we placed a warning on our blog recently.

Telephone numbers used by Steven Packwood from International Clearance are 0203 6037660

And Rebecca Carlos the lawyer in Spain not only uses a Spanish mobile 0034604342033 but also a UK number 07906709956

Please note that in Spain there are no group court claims and if at all you would be included in a court claim you would have known before the hearing takes place and you would have appointed a lawyer to represent you.

Companies such as WTC Admin cannot be considered legal representatives, and as a matter of fact, they have gone into liquidation.

Not only is a cold caller untrustworthy, it is not normal they would know about your dealings with other bogus companies in the past and have details such as how much you paid these companies.

If you received a call from Steven Packwood from International Clearance, or maybe you spoke to any other similar company and was requested a payment into the account of Ridgeway Advisory Consultants, please do let us know.


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WARNING! Fake notary Maria Mesa from Tenerife!

More names to add to the endless list of names used in the Fake Lawyer’s set up in Tenerife.

Maria Mesa or Maria Hernandez Mesa is the name given to the supposed notary handling the documentation for those consumers who lost their cheque in the post.

After paying the procurator fees consumers are told they will receive a cheque in the post.

They even receive a copy of this cheque; signed and stamped to make it all look real.

But the cheque is lost in the post…

This is the second part of this very elaborated scam, and now the consumer is placed in hands of even more (fake) lawyers, procurators and notaries.

Maria Mesa, the supposed notary handling this robbery, explains to the consumer about the complicated process to recover the money from the stolen cheque, and the costs involved.

Yet again a procurator is looking for a fee, this time it is Svetlana Ruben Skirah.

Please note that these people are all fake, there are no claims, there are no cheques and the money isn’t lost in the post as there was no money at all!!

The notary Maria Mesa does not have a website.

All she has is an email address, a telephone number 0034 922986701 and a fake office address, 4 Calle el Pilar, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

PLEASE do NOT pay these fraudsters. You won’t see your money back!

Maria Mesa does not exists, and Vetlana Ruben Skirah does exist but she is not a procurator, she is part of this scam and is providing her bank account to receive the money they are requesting from their victims!

If you have been dealing with any of the people mentioned above, or are speaking to a lawyers company such as Legalizalos, Legal Izalos, Izalos Legal, etc, be aware you are talking to fraudsters!


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ATTENTION FRAUDSTERS! Olga Gema Kaya, bogus procurator for Legalizalos


The fake lawyer’s company Legalizalos is continuing their calls and they’re offering their fake and fraudulent services.

Consumers, who are falling for this scam, are going from a No win No fee legal service to paying fees over and over again without receiving anything back in return.

One of the fees to be paid is the procurator fee before the consumer will receive a substantial amount awarded through the courts.

One of the procurators is Mrs. Olga Gema Kaya.

To make it all appear even more genuine, they have gone through the trouble of setting up a website:

This web lacks all kind information, there is no company registration, no telephone number and the address turns out to be fake: Calle Nortalda 9, Edificio Folleros, Planta 6, Oficina 623, 38001, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

We suppose that only the email address is correct in case a consumer tries to do research and goes through this web to ask questions.

The email will lead straight back to the fraudsters obviously!

The reality is that this woman, Olga Gema Kaya is purely used for her bank account, which she provides for the payment of these fake procurator fees.


If you have been in contact with Legalizalos, Legal Izalos or whatever lawyers company that cold-called you from Tenerife and told you about an upcoming claim you could join, please let us know.

Genuine legal companies do NOT cold call!



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Has Kourtesis Real Estate contacted you to sell your timeshare to Astra Airline?

A new bogus resale company was brought to our attention under the name of Kourtesis Real Estate supposedly based in Athens, Greece.

Kourtesis Real Estate contacts timeshare speaking French owners by cold calling and telling them a story about a corporate buyer they already have on hold, keen on buying their weeks, and the price offered is of course above the current market price.

The company that was supposed to buy timeshare weeks is Astra Airline. This is all a lie!

The timeshare owner is asked for payment.

Kourtesis Real Estate sends the consumer a copy of a (fake) resale contract and they claim money for resale rights and land registration.

Contact details for Kourtesis Real Estate:


Telephone +30 21 1989231

Please note that cold calling companies obviously got your contact details and membership details through an illegal source!… they are not trustworthy!

Please contact us by e-mail at or fill in the CONTACT form.


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Avez Kourtesis Real Estate contacter vous de vendre votre temps partagé à Astra Airline?

Une nouvelle société de revente bidon a été portée à notre attention sous le nom de Kourtesis Real Estate soi-disant basé à Athenes, Grece.

Kourtesis Real Estate contacts multipropriété parlant français propriétaires par appel à froid et leur raconter une histoire au sujet d’un acheteur d’entreprise qu’ils ont déjà en attente, vif sur l’achat de leurs semaines, et le prix offert est bien sur le prix de marché actuel.

La société qui étaient censés acheter les semaines à temps partagé est Astra Airline, mais le fait est que cette société ne sait rien de tout cela.

Le propriétaire de temps partagé est demandé un paiement.

Kourtesis Real Estate envoie au consommateur une copie d’une (fausse) contrat de revente et ils réclament de l argent pour les droits de revente et l inscription au cadastre.

Coordonnées de Kourtesis Real Estate:


Téléphone +30 21 1989231

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent sans vous demander un appel, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

S’il vous plaît nous contacter par e-mail ou laissez votre commentaire ici sur notre blog, et nous prendrons contact avec vous.


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Martinez Notaries or Notarias Martinez, as fake as it can get!

This cold caller already had their dedicated space on our blog last year, but as they seem to have made a “come-back” after several months of no calls, they deserve again a mention.

A lady called Annie Tyler is cold calling from this fake and bogus notary office Martinez Notaries.

The story is about a court claim against a fraudulent company the consumer has been dealing with in the past, and the judge has ruled against the company and they have to pay back all the money to their victims.

Each victim will be offered a settlement and Notarias Martinez has been appointed by the courts to contact these victims and agree on a settlement and process the transfer of the awarded money.

The services from Martinez Notaries are not for free though and Annie Tyler kindly sends the consumer an invoice for their legal services. These invoices do not include any company address.

The services from Martinez Notaries are a legal requirement for the transfer of the consumers’ settlement. Once Notarias Martinez has received this payment the settlement will be dispatched within 12 working days.

All they mention is their telephone: (+34) 634173099 and Fax. 07011 973 213

Previously these numbers were (+34) 603208693, (+34) 634173099 and Fax: 07011972107

They also display a supposed Spanish Company Registration number a so-called CIF number in Spain; B82685245. Surprisingly, in previous correspondence, they used a completely different CIF number: B92785054.

Neither of these numbers actually exist.

So far the only thing that remains unchanged is the email address:

Other names of staff members used throughout the documents are James Watson and Juliette Sinclair.

Bank account holders are in different names but the ones standing out are Natalia M. Martinez, Geraldine Martinez, and Jordan Francisco Martinez.

So apparently an entire family is acting as a notary?

Please do not fall for this scam. This is a bogus notary, no court settlements have been offered to anybody out of the blue, and no notaries are involved in court settlements anyway.


It is not normal a cold caller has all your private details and knows about your dealings with scam companies in the past!



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Be careful with the cold calls from Brookfield Associates

More of the same really this Brookfield Associates.

Cold calls and an agent with far too much knowledge of personal and private details from the consumers. Not a good sign!

Names used for these agents are among others, Alan Farthing, Sophie Moore, and Andrew Makin.

The first call is about an upcoming claim in the Spanish courts against ILG/DWVC, Eze Group, Club Class, etc.

The consumers can join this claim, and Brookfield Associates is going to act on their behalf. Just like that. No paperwork, no verification of documents, nothing. You just join the claim over the phone.

After a couple of days, the agent from Brookfield Associates calls back and brings the good news that the claim has been heard and the consumer is awarded a substantial amount of money. Amounts between £38,000 of the £48,000 are mentioned.

The consumer has to confirm he agrees with this settlement.

Once confirmed with the court in Malaga, he is asked for a 10% admin fee into an escrow account before Brookfield Associates would be able to process the paperwork to release the money. It isn’t possible to take this 10% of the awarded amount.

For the payment, they provide a UK bank account in the name of “Our One Club”.

A company that appears to be a holiday club and based in the UK.

When asked how legal fees for a supposed Spanish based company have to be paid into the UK bank account of a holiday club, the agent explains they outsource the payments.

Please note that court claims cannot be joined just like that, and neither is there any claims going against DWVC, ILG, EZE Group or Club Class.

Contact details for Brookfield Associates are:

Telephone: 0034 603 200 760

We couldn’t find a website for Brookfield Associates.

The website of Our One Club mentions in the Contact details the company O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions S.L.

That explains the story about the court claims then.

If Brookfield Associates has contacted you with a similar nonsense story, please do let us know.



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