New cold calling “Claims Company” by the name of Claim Traders

Claims companies seem to be very popular at the moment, everybody offers claims, everybody has had already many successful claims and almost everybody needs you to travel to a meeting place or want to visit you at home.

This time we have Claim Traders, and they are not different from all the others in this matter and surprisingly identical to a company called Claim Tracers about whom we posted a blog article in November 2017.

The website from Claim  –was registered at the end of April 2018, which means not even a month ago at the time of writing this blog article.

That seems a very short time for a company telling consumers they had many successful claims already…

Contact details are: per the website, which apart from this email does not offer any telephone number.

Neither are there any further company details on the web such as Companies House registration or at leas tan office address.

Their offer from Claim Traders is compensation claim on a no win no fee basis. 30% if the action is successful including all taxes and VAT.

Funny enough, the person who cold calls, who certainly is not a legal professional of any kind, can already tell the consumer how much the claim will be and insists decisions have to be made quickly as the “claim date” is closing soon.

In order to join one of their many successful claims, the consumer will have to receive a “ senior claims advisor” at home who will complete the “EVI”.

EVI is an extended verification of identity, and all titleholders of the timeshare should be present at the meeting with their Passports to identify themselves correctly.

They state the claim will be based on mis selling. So even before actually knowing the consumer’s story or having seen the paperwork, they already know what the claim will be about and how much he can claim. Interesting!

(Especially taking in mind that in all this process no qualified lawyer or solicitor has been involved so far.)

In spite of what is confirmed by Claim Traders in their email and on the phone, the small print on the website mentions that Claim Traders are a web based service, introducing you specialist companies and their services within the timeshare and holiday club claims sector.

So how can the person calling from Claim Traders make statements about amounts to claim and how the claim will be done, if they are a purely intermediary?

When submitting your details to Claim Traders with how many companies will they share your contact details? How many companies will be calling you as from there onwards?

If you have been approached by Claim Traders from telephone 03332 127 055

Please send us a message through the Contact Us form or place a comment on the blog.

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Avez-vous affaire avec le notaire Eva Maria Boluda Lopez pour une revente de multipropriété?

Nous avons déjà informé via le blog d’une fausse société de revente appelée Verbon Services ( qui proposait des reventes supposées de multipropriété.

Cette entreprise de cold calling propose une revente pour des montants aussi élevés que 15.000 € +

Une fois que le consommateur a montré son intérêt, la vente a été censément traitée par un bureau de notaire appelé Pedro Morles-Riva

Après avoir placé cet avertissement, il semble que Verbon Services continue ses fausses offres de revente, mais ils ont changé le nom et les détails du «notaire».

Les consommateurs qui ont été appelés à froid et sont intéressés à vendre leur temps partagé, sont maintenant contactés par le bureau de notaire d’Eva-Maria Boluda Lopez.

Boluda Lopez se met rapidement au travail et commence à demander des paiements d’impôts supposés. Et comme les (faux) acheteurs de la multipropriété sont basés au Portugal, la taxe doit être payée sur un compte dans une banque portugaise.

Les coordonnées de ce faux notaire Eva-Maria Boluda Lopez sont:

Calle Sacramento 3, 28005 Madrid

Téléphone: 00 34 615 020 096


S’il vous plaît noter qu’il n’y a pas une telle revente de temps partagé, et certainement pas de tels frais.

Si vous avez parlé à Verbon Services ou au bureau de notaire d’Eva Maria Boluda Lopez, s’il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir.

Vous pouvez nous contacter en plaçant un commentaire sur ce blog ou en remplissant le formulaire CONTACTEZ-NOUS


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Are you dealing with the notary Eva Maria Boluda Lopez for a timeshare resale?

We already notified through the blog about a fake resale company called Verbon Services ( who was offering supposed timeshare resales.

This cold calling company would offer a resale for amounts as high as €15.000+

Once the consumer showed his interest, the sale was supposedly handled by a notary office called Pedro Morles-Riva

After placing this warning, it seems that Verbon Services continues their fake resale offers, but they have changed the name and details of the “notary”.

Consumers who have been cold called and are interested in selling their timeshare, are now contacted by the Notary office from Eva-Maria Boluda Lopez.

Boluda Lopez quickly gets down to business and starts to request supposed tax payments. And as the (fake) buyers of the timeshare are based in Portugal, the tax needs to be paid into an account in a Portuguese bank.

Contact details for this fake notary Eva-Maria Boluda Lopez are:

Calle Sacramento 3, 28005 Madrid

Telephone 00 34 615 020 096


Please note that there is no such timeshare resale, and certainly no such charges.

If you have been speaking to Verbon Services or to the notary office from Eva Maria Boluda Lopez, please do let us know.

You can contact us by placing a comment on this blog or filling in the CONTACT US form


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Timeshare fraudster jailed for more than 3 years by Bournemouth Court.

As already informed in a previous article on the blog (, in the week of the 19thof April the Bournemouth Crown Court started a trial of four people charged in connection with an alleged timeshare fraud.

The main responsible, Francis Madden has now been sentenced with 40 months of jail.

Francis ‘Frank’ Madden – who first appeared before the courts charged with similar offending in 2001 – had his staff cold-call hundreds of members of the public every day and invite them to presentations for holiday club companies Central Marketing Ltd, Glenleigh Ltd and Reco Corp Ltd.

Instead his victims endured five hours of hard-sell techniques during which loud music was constantly played.

Some ‘exhausted’ participants were even escorted to cash machines to hand over their money.

They were unable to cancel and many holidays were very difficult to book at all.

A court heard the accommodation offered was ‘virtually worthless’ as those who attempted to book breaks in Spain and Portugal found they were unable to do so or there was limited availability.

The breaks offered through Madden’s various companies were also sometimes available more cheaply on the open market.

Those who attempted to complain found the companies had changed addresses and their calls and emails went unanswered.

Prosecutors said he set up a series of businesses, “phoenix-like, one after the other”, although his victims had no idea the companies were run by the same man.

In 2012, he was sentenced to six months in prison suspended for 24 months after admitting eight counts of unfair trading.

The offences related to company Hotweeks. Those he scammed were subjected to a four-hour presentation in Southampton and told to pay a sum of up to £2,000 to get discounts on accommodation, flights and cruises.

Sentencing Madden, Judge Stephen Climie said: “His behaviour was commercially inept, and on occasion morally irresponsible, if not reprehensible.


Bournemouth Echo

Daily Mail






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Timeshare Cold Callers for the month of April 2018

Another month has finished and we present as always the cold callers that have been active in the past month, April 2018.

We counted 64 cold calling companies of which 18 are new company names.

It has to be pointed out that some companies actually use 2 or 3 different names!

For a complete list of the 64 cold callers please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Cold Callers April 2018

The new company names are:

Apart from many companies cold calling and offering claims against the resorts, or even the exchange companies, we also see an increase in the so-called Recovery Room Fraud.

This type of fraud is a method where scammers contact victims of previous frauds (often by cold calling) and claim to be able to recover previously lost funds.

When these fraudsters target victims of timeshare frauds they usually claim to be a legal professional or a representative of a government agency (normally within the country where the original timeshare property was based) in order to appear legitimate.

Fraudsters already know personal information 

The fraudsters know personal details about the victim and their previous dealings with other bogus companies, which gives them credibility. They claim that the advanced fees requested are for “local taxes’ or ‘litigation costs’ incurred during the recovery of the funds.

It is suspected that the persons behind these kinds of fraudulent set ups are often the same people involved in the original scams even though these crimes may have occurred years earlier.

Please do not fall into this trap!

If you receive a cold call, with whatever offer related to your timeshare or Holiday ownership, do contact us and we can provide information about the company or check them out.


Customer Care

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Beware of cold calling Ross & Harper from Malaga

A new cold caller has appeared on the list by the name of Ross & Harper who seems to be based in Malaga.

The agents calling from Ross & Harper are using different names and so far we have a

The story given over the phone is once again about the (fake) Court case that took place and where consumers in absolute absence and knowledge of this Court case.

And of course the Consumer is supposedly awarded with a large amount of money, ready to be transferred into the account of the Consumer.

Ross & Harper even give the Consumer a “reference” number over the phone, a date when the court is paying out and the amount awarded, which is close to £20,000

The plausible sounding agents from Ross & Harper give the consumer 4 options for getting the money.

But as always the best one to go by is the one where the consumer uses their solicitors, as this will be the “cheapest and quickest” way to get the money in the account.

Still the Consumer will have to pay an initial 2,500 euros by bank transfer and another balance of 6,000 euros when the Consumer receives the cheque from the Spanish Bank.

Obviously there is no Court case, there is no money awarded, Ross & Harper are not solicitors, and after you pay the 2,500 no cheque will ever arrive…

Contact details of this company are telephone numbers: Spanish number 951203065 and UK Number 02035827586.


If they have approached you on a cold call with a similar story, do contact us and let us know the details of the call.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on the blog.



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Court trial for alleged timeshare fraud to start in Bournemouth.

The Daily Echo from Bournemouth has published the following information.

The crown court trial of four people charged in connection with an alleged timeshare fraud is likely to start in Bournemouth this week.

Prosecutors claim the alleged fraud spanned around five years and involved “hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

Last Monday, defendants Francis ‘Frank’ Madden, Claire Garland, Keith Furneval and Jean Furneval, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court as the process to select jurors in the case got underway.

The quartet were charged in July 2017 in connection with the alleged fraud. The trial is scheduled to last at least six weeks.

Jean Furneval is charged with participating in a fraudulent business carried out by a sole trader and carrying on the business of a company with intent to defraud creditors or for other purposes.

The charges relate to a time between August 2011 and September 2014 and refer to the company Central Marketing Limited.

Keith Furneval is accused of a single charge of carrying on the business of company Glenleigh Ltd with intent to defraud, namely by offering free weekends in return for attending a presentation, taking advance fees for accommodation which were not refunded, selling holiday club memberships with no discernible value and requesting additional fees to administer credit.

Both Garland and Madden are charged with participating in a fraudulent business carried on by a sole trader, three counts of carrying on the business of a company with intent to defraud creditors or for other fraudulent purpose, between May 2012 and September 2014, relating to Central Marketing Ltd, Glenleigh Ltd and Reco Corp Ltd.

The pair are also facing seven counts of being a trader and failing to draw the provisions to the attention of a consumer, and seven counts of accepting consideration from a consumer before the end of the withdrawal period, and concealing, disguising, converting, transferring or removing criminal property.

Source Daily Echo:





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