Kersten Group, une autre fausse entreprise de revente ciblant les consommateurs français

La dernière société de revente douteuse qui nous a été signalée s’appelle Kersten Group.

Kersten group prétend acheter de la multipropriété en temps partagé pour le compte d’une grande multinationale appelée Leonardo Hotel (groupe Pandox AB)

Theo Kersten appelle les consommateurs en temps partagé français et leur offre un montant substantiel pour leur semaine.

Débordés par les sommes disponibles, de nombreux consommateurs ne se demandent pas comment cette société du groupe Kersten a obtenu ses données personnelles, et comment il est possible qu’ils paient autant pour une multipropriété-

Mais après l’accord initial et lorsque tout semble être en ordre, Theo Kersten explique que le consommateur doit payer une caution.

C’est tellement sécurisé la vente.

Une fois que le consommateur a payé, toutes sortes d’autres frais apparaissent.

Frais d’inscription, frais de notaire, taxes locales, frais d’administration. Il semble y avoir pas de fin.

La fin est lorsque le consommateur se rend compte que c’est une arnaque et cesse de payer.

Kersten Group utilise le numéro de téléphone +34 911984074 ou +44 2035147525


Les paiements sont également versés à Hutchinson Holiday World, une société mentionnée à propos d’autres appels à froid.

Si Theo Kersten de Kersten Group vous a contacté avec de fausses histoires sur la revente en temps partagé, veuillez nous le faire savoir.

Vous pouvez nous envoyer un email ou remplir le formulaire de contact.



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Kersten Group, another bogus resale company targeting the French consumers

The latest cold calling dubious resale company that has been brought to our attention is called Kersten Group.

Kersten Group pretends to be buying timeshare on behalf of a large multinational called Leonardo Hotel (Pandox AB Group)

A Mr. Theo Kersten cold calls French Timeshare consumers and offers them a substantial amount for their week(s).

Overwhelmed with the amount of money on offer, many consumers don’t ask how this company Kersten Group got their private details, and how it is possible they would pay so much for a timeshare-

But after the initial agreement, and when everything seems to be in order, Theo Kersten explains the consumer needs to pay a deposit.

This is so secure the sale.

Once the consumer has paid, all kinds of other charges appear.

Registration fees, Notary fees, local taxes, administration fees. There seems to be no end.

The end is when the consumer realizes this is a scam and stops paying.

Kersten Group uses the telephone number +34 911984074 or +44 2035147525


Payments are made as well to Hutchinson Holiday World a company mentioned in connection with other cold callers.

If Theo Kersten from Kersten Group has contacted you with the fake stories about a timeshare resale, please do let us know.

You can send us an email or fill in the contact form


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The Claims Assistance Bureau, cold callers with guaranteed claims.

A new strange cold calling company has been detected by the name of Claims Assistance Bureau.

Melanie Rhys is the agent calling and she is offering guaranteed claims for consumers who for example purchased from Regency Shores / Eze group.

Although Claims Assistance Bureau appears to be a company name registered with the UK Companies House, we have strong doubts that this real company is actually the one behind the cold caller.

The telephone call from Melanie Rhys is confirmed by email from the address

A Gmail account which is not normal for companies who usually have their own domain name.

In the email Mrs. Rhys assures once again that the money to be paid out to the consumer is already settled, and amazingly she doesn’t even need the paperwork of the consumer to do the claim.

In order to back up their offer they do another attempt to look even more “official” and state the following:

We are now giving you not only our company guarantee but that too of our contractual and fiscal arrangements with the Bank of Spain, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the High Court of Madrid. This means that all business is backed and covered by these three entities and ourselves. ”

So, this cold calling company from the UK with a Gmail account and court claims without paperwork, states the bank of Spain, the high Court in Madrid and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce backs them up!

The last one making no sense at all, and we have no clue why they mention Portugal in all this…

Obviously Mel Rhys and her company Claims Assistance Bureau are not working for free. So before the consumer can receive his guaranteed money into his account they kindly ask for an upfront fee of £875

Do we need to say more?

Please be careful with any cold callers for as much as they appear to be registered or display fancy websites or official stamps on their emails and paperwork.

When receiving a cold call, always ask them how they obtained your personal and private details? How do they do what you purchased years ago and from who, and how much you paid?

These details should never ever be in possession of anybody, company or person you don’t know!

If Claims Assistance Bureau has approached you already by telephone from 02920099129, please let us know.

You can reach us by email or fill in the CONTACT form.


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Toni Muldoon, the Spanish ‘Timeshare Conman’ dies aged 71

The self-confessed conman and scammer who was sentenced to seven and a half years in jail recently disclosed he was terminally ill with six months to a year left to live.

But he passed away earlier on the 5th of February just a month after he broke the news.

Although involved in numerous Timeshare scams, bogus resale companies and “recovery fraud” type companies, in the end Antoni Muldoon, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years in 2013 for his part in a internet fraud in which 17,000 people lost money by signing up to escort websites.

The real amount of victims from all the bogus set ups he used to defraud people, will never be known.

On his release from jail in 2016 Muldoon lived a lower profile life, setting up business in Lowestoft as well as writing several books.




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CA & M International the people from Dubai who are going to do your claim in Spain…

A new company has been brought to our attention by the name of CA & M International.

This company seems to be the ones running the meetings for which The Refund Action Group and Morgan Scott marketing are doing the invitations.

Timeshare consumers who have been cold called by either The Refund Action Group or Morgan Scott Marketing, attend these meetings with the understanding they are going to discuss a claim against their resort on a no win no fee basis.

Once at the meeting a claim is discussed, but not with a lawyer! The person meeting the timeshare owner is a representative from a company called CA & M International who apart from a “maybe claim”, offers a relinquishment of the timeshare.

They use the fancy word of “desist” the timeshare agreement but the end of the story is that they are cancelling or relinquishing the agreement, without any monetary return.

This desisting of the timeshare agreement has a price tag, and this needs to be paid upfront. Prices around 8k are mentioned and the consumer is expected to pay part of this on the same day.

Nothing in the paperwork guarantees the consumer though that they will actually be doing a court claim against their resort. So there is a chance there might never be a claim and they have ended up paying 8k for a relinquishment.

Time will tell.

But who are CA &M International?

CA & M International have a website which actually only talks about real estate and investments. As a matter of fact you can buy into a project in Brazil.

Their addresses mentioned are: CC Elviria, Oficina 7, Marbella, which happens to be the exact same address of RA Consultants or RA Marbella.

Block C1, Office. Ajman Free Zone. Ajman. United Arab Emirates, which is the actual address where the company is registered.

Contact details are a Spanish telephone +34 951121854 and an Email:

If you have attended a meeting where representatives from CA &M International welcomed you we would like to have your feedback.

Please send us an email at or fill in the CONTACT form.


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Latest update on John Palmer Trial!

The Prosecutor’s Office reduces to 24 months the maximum penalty for the Timeshare fraud.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has reduced to 24 months the highest penalty for the defendants of the timeshare fraud in the Canary Islands that is being tried in the National Court.

The defendants will have to face, however, a subsidiary civil liability of 1,890,000 euros. It concerns a macro timeshare scam that has left 182 victims in Spain since 1993 and for which a total of 10 people have been sitting on the bench, among whom was not the leader of the organization, John Palmer, alias Goldfinger, already deceased.

The Prosecutor’s Office initially requested up to 10 years in prison. In fact, the Chamber exempted two of the defendants by prescription of the crime, the lawyer of Palmer; Ramón Solano and his wife, Christine Ketley, who was sentenced with him in a London court in 2001 to two years in prison for conspiracy to commit fraud.

In addition, the Office of the Prosecutor has withdrawn the accusation against Jorge Gallat, administrative and manager who from 2001 on replaced Solano. Of the seven finally tried, the Public Ministry, which has presented its report on Monday, asks for 8 months in prison for Jacoba Visscher, who ran the headquarters of the company Dinastía Resort, which is now confirmed. Only she accumulated 44 complaints for fraud and initially, the request for punishment was over eight years in prison.

The highest penalty has been requested for Darren Morris, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office has requested 10 months for unlawful association, 10 months for fraud and another 4 months for money laundering, plus a year in prison for the weapon with the erased series number that was found during the search of his home.

As for Richard Cashman, considered Palmer’s lieutenant as he ordered him to direct “all business” when he had to go to prison, the Prosecutor’s Office asks for the same 24 months for illicit association, fraud and money laundering the same as Darren Morris.

During his statement, he denied having held any position of responsibility in Palmer’s organization.

Meanwhile, Paul Murray, Keith Peter Davies, Neil Campbell Lockie and Dean Wells, all men of Palmer and involved in the support of their business in the Canary Islands when he entered prison in the United Kingdom, face 10 months for illicit association and another 10 for the fraud. Among all, they will have to face fines amounting to 1.8 million euros.

Source Canarias 7:

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Gemini claims, cold calls and “refundable” upfront legal costs…

The company Gemini Claims & Holdings has been on our cold caller list since October last year. But as we didn’t receive many inquiries about them, it even looked they ceased their activities.

But no, this week Gemini Claims have contacted already a lot of consumers out of the blue, and with a fantastic story about claims.

Gemini Claims seem to be focusing mainly on those consumers who bought into DWVC from ILG or paid money to bogus resale companies such as Half-moon Holdings, Excalibur, etc.

The agent from Gemini claims, Ms Sarah Paige, states that the company owners (father and son) have recently been jailed for timeshare fraud and that the Spanish authorities have transferred their money / assets to the UK along with a list of potential claimants for UK companies to handle the refunds.

Sarah Paige explains that they have a list of claimants and that as the case has been proved it is just a case of putting in a claim for a refund of between £14,000 to £18,000 with a possibility of 6% compound interest which could be added, they will take 7.5% as their fee and all is on a “no win no fee” basis.

No win No fee with a fee that is, because they ask for a payment up to £1200 supposedly to cover paralegal costs which will be refundable.

Gemini Claims & Holdings is actually registered with Company House with a classification of the company business as 96090 – “Other”

As far as we understand, this does not include anything associated with any legal or claims professions it includes companies such as Artist Models, Escort Agencies, Pet Grooming, Porters and Tattooists…

They have a website –


Telephone: 0208 419 8821

Cold calls and a story about Spanish government or Courthouse passing money to the UK and a private company appointed to contact people for a claim and asking money upfront…it just doesn’t sound right!

If Gemini Claims, or Sarah Paige has approached you for a claim against ILG or a dubious timeshare resale company you paid in the past, please let us know.

You can contact us by email or through the CONTACT US page.

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