Intervacation Club the latest bogus reseller asking for deposit and taxes!


A new bogus resale company has started their cold call campaign. The company acts under the name of Intervacation Club and pretends to be based in Madrid.

The person calling from this company is called Isabel From and apart from English she also speaks Nordic languages and is targeting consumers from Nordic countries.

Inter Vacation Club pretends to be a large resale company and they have clients waiting with money ready to be paid towards the week(s) they are looking for.

An they just happen to be looking for that week and resort the timeshare consumer has…

Intervacation Club is willing to pay a substantial amount for this transaction and consumers can count on amounts of around 30.000 euros per week.

The official looking purchase agreement even has the name of the potential buyer.

But to make it all official and to make sure all will be done correctly the owner of the timeshare needs to pay a deposit the same as the potential buyer has done. 2.800 euros is requested by bank transfer.

Once the transfer of the deposit is done, the processing of the paperwork commences.

Another official entity gets in contact with the seller, Notarios y Depositos.

Another company based in Madrid and in charge to make sure the seller is paying the taxes due for this resale transaction.

This is a 21% non-resident tax over the purchase price….again to be paid by bank transfer.

This entire story is backed up with paperwork that looks very real, especially for those who have no experience with Spanish documentation and tax invoices etc.

The company details of the bogus resale company Inter Vacation Club are a Spanish mobile +34 603 108 836 and Fax +34 911 642 857

The address they quote is Gran Via Nº46, 28004 Madrid


The contact details of the fake Notary office Notarios y Depositos is again a Spanish mobile +34 634 0092 912 and Fax +34 911 019 593


The address they give for their offices is Calle Francisco Rojas Nº10, 28010 Madrid

The person sending emails from this office is called Emanuel Hernandez Perez.


There is no such resale company as Inter Vacation Club, there are no people waiting to buy your timeshare and there is no such thing as taxes to be paid through a company Notarios y Depositos.

Paying an upfront deposit for a timeshare resale is illegal!

If you Isabel From or Emanuel Hernandez Pérez have been speaking to you already, please let us know.


If you have any further information about Intervacation Club or Notarios y Depositos, please send us an email to or fill in the CONTACT FORM

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Marco Gravinal, the fake procurator from Tenerife

Another name to highlight in the saga of the fake and fraudulent lawyers from Tenerife. The so-called “procurator” Marco Gravinal.

These procurators come into the story once the fake lawyers have notified the consumer of the “successful” claim and money that has been awarded.

Even though everything was supposed to be on a no won no fee basis, after the money has been awarded all of the sudden the consumer will have to pay procurator fees.

The procurator or the name of this fake procurator is usually the name on the bank account where the fees need to be transferred.

So Marco Gravinal is not a procurator but a person who is allowing his bank account to be used by this fake and fraudulent set up.

In order to make it all look more credible they elaborate a website in the name of Marco Gravinal Procurators: and set up an email address for future correspondence:

Office address mentioned on the web as to be for the office of Marco Gravinal turns out to be completely fake: Calle Las Calbas 36, Edificio Bala, Oficina 418, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

If at all you have been in contact with Marco Gravinal or you have made a payment into his account, do let us know.

You can CONTACT US through the blog or by email

*PLEASE NOTE that if you select FAKE LAWYERS TENERIFE in the CATEGORIES on your right hand side, you will see all blogs posted on the fraudulent set up so far.


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Did you speak to Manuel Diralam, one of the many fake lawyers?

With so many names and so many websites, it is not surprising we do miss out on certain names. But we don’t want to leave the names unmentioned, as it could suppose the difference between consumers paying or not to this fraudulent set up.

The name that has been brought to our attention is Manuel Diralam Abogados

This is yet again a supposed “lawyers office” in Tenerife, which we can assure you is NOT.

Another cold caller with stories about upcoming claims where consumers can join in and where after 15 days the consumer receives the news from Manuel Diralam about a substantial amount awarded.

As from there on the requests for fees and other payments will not cease until the consumer realizes they have been completely defrauded.

The webiste is just one more proof this belongs to all the same fraudulent set up:

Contact details for Manuel Diralam are just an email address:

If you recognize the name of any conversations you had with a cold caller or even worse, if you paid money to Manuel Diralam Abogados, do let us know.

CONTACT US through the form or leave a message on this blog.

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Juan Drimals Deolaro the fake lawyer from JDD or Abogados Litigacion España

Busy week on the front of the fake lawyers in Tenerife.  Names are all over the place and today it’s another FAKE and FRAUDULENT lawyer called Juan Drimals Deolaro.

This fake lawyer is supposedly working for a Legal company JDD or Abogados Litigacion España.

Both names are mentioned on their recently created website

What more can we explain about this set up that hasn’t been explained already in the previous blogs with the numerous other names they are using?

Cold calls, fake court claims people can join, no win no fee but then there is a procurator fee, and if you go as far as paying all the legal fees as well the cheque with the awarded money will be lost in the post and you will need to pay another lawyer to recuperate the lost money.

It will possibly never ever end if you keep on paying.

Contact details for Juan Drimals DeolaroJDD or Abogados Litigación España are:

Calle de San Francisco, 6, 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

  • Freephone: 0800 862 0036
  • Tenerife Telephone: 0034 822 684 562

And emails:


If Juan Drimals or any of the supposed employees from JDD or Abogados Litigacion España have already contacted you, please let us know.


You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog.

If any other legal company has approached you and the names, telephone numbers and logos look worryingly similar to the above ones…please do let us know as soon as possible.

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Walker Morris cold calling (fake) lawyers from Coin on the Costa del Sol

A strange “legal” company has been brought to our attention by the name of Walker Morris.

They seem to be the follow up on dubious cold calls received from people pretending to be calling from a Spanish bank.

The initial call received is from a person called Ben Anderson who gives the consumer all kind of details of a police raid of fraudulent companies on the Spanish coast and a court case that came as a result of this raid.

Once again the consumer is surprised to learn they are actually identified as a victim of these scams and as by miracle they even have been awarded money through the Spanish courts without even knowing this.

In order to receive the awarded money, the consumer will have to pay the legal costs of the lawyers involved in this case, which are Walker Morris.

The amount to pay to Walker Morris is 2500€ but that is “nothing” compared to the substantial compensation pay out the consumer can expect.

Walker Morris is a company registered at the Spanish companies house about 3 months ago in June 2018. That seems rather recent for a company involved already in governmental court claims.

Their address is at Calle Acero 6, 29100 Coin, Malaga, Spain.

Contact person at Walker Morris is Miguel Diaz and his telephone number is (0034) 951 203 065

The email address used by Walker Morris is a Gmail account

Please note that the story this Walker Morris is telling consumers on cold calls is completely fake and certainly there is no money waiting for you in any account.

If Walker Morris has approached you already we would appreciate your feedback. Please do CONTACT US through the web or by placing a comment.

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Fake procurators Alejandro Omross, same logo different name…

To continue with the publications of yesterday, another name on the list of the fake and fraudulent lawyers set up in Tenerife; this time it is Alejandro Omross Procuradores.

Yet again a fake name of a so called procurators office in Tenerife, which simply does not exist and who ever sends money to these fraudsters will most probably never see it back.

Contact details for Alejandro Omross Procuradores are:

Address: Calle Nemada, Edificio Ferlante, Oficina 502, 38001, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

And email:

Website to make it all look a bit more credible is

If a lawyer’s office supposedly based in Tenerife has contacted you with a story about a claim and money awarded, and consequently asked you for a procurator’s fee in the name of Alejandro Omross, please let us know.



You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on this blog.



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Ramon Juanca Comez, BOGUS procurator part of the FAKE lawyers in Tenerife!

Possibly when you see this publication you think we have duplicated the same blog. But no, this is yet another one, with almost an identical name and by the logo on their web you can see they only changed the name slightly.

Procuradores Ramon Comez is yet again another name these fraudsters use for the payments of the so-called procurator fees. Fees that are requested after a supposed court claim has taken place where the consumer has received a compensation award.

Ramon Juanca Comez is the account holder, a private and individual bank account which these fraudsters try to disguise by calling him procurator and even setting up a website.

On this website the text and nonsense they explain about this (bogus) company are more less the same as on all the other websites of all the other fake procurators they invented over the years.

Contact details:

Calle Tortieras 3, Edificio Juntas, 323, Santa Cruz 38004, Tenerife

And email:

Don’t bother going to Tenerife and looking for the office, it simple doesn’t exist!

Ramon Juanca Comez or Procuradores Ramon Comez are all part of this fraudulent set up of lawyers, for which you can find a never ending list on the following link:

If you have been asked for money by a lawyer in Tenerife in the name of the procurator Ramon Juanca Comez, please let us know!

If possible send us all the details received so far and please DO NOT pay them a penny!

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on this blog.



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