Warnung! Der Anwalt Jose Suarez vom Ministerio de Justicia ist NICHT echt!

Eine unaufgeforderte gefälschte Anwaltskanzlei wurde mit dem Namen Jose Suarez entdeckt.

Dieses Büro, das angeblich von Jose Suarez geleitet wird, meldet sich bei Timesharing-Verbrauchern und teilt ihnen mit, dass sie von den spanischen Gerichten Geld erhalten haben.

Die Geschichte ist, dass es eine gerichtliche Klage gegen das Verbraucher-Resort gab und jetzt auf der spanischen Bank noch Geld zur Auszahlung ansteht.

Es scheint, dass Herr Jose Suarez hauptsächlich deutsche Timesharing-Verbraucher anspricht.

Die Telefonnummer wird nicht bekannt gegeben, aber auf den Unterlagen, die sie per E-Mail senden, sind die folgenden Nummern angegeben:

Telefon (0034) 91 1230013 und Fax (0034) 91 1414215

Email: ministerio_de_Justicia@minister.com (dies ist ein kostenloser Server Account!)

Adresse: Ministerio de Justicia, Calle de la Bolsa 8, 28012 Madrid

In dem Dokument, das sie beifügen, behaupten sie, dass der Verbraucher mit dieser gerichtlichen Entscheidung nicht länger Mitglied ihres Resorts ist und dass sie keine weiteren Verpflichtungen haben. Dieses Urteil deckt angeblich alle Rechtskosten, Gerichtsgebühren usw. ab.

Der Verbraucher muss lediglich seine Bankdaten senden, damit das Geld auf sein Konto überwiesen wird.

Ein weiteres Dokument, das von einem “Dr. Fernandez Gullero” unterzeichnet wurde, ist als angebliches Urteil beigefügt. Dieses Dokument ist voll von Tippfehlern und scheint nicht von einer spanischsprachigen Person verfasst worden zu sein.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies ein Betrug ist!

Gerichtsverfahren sind eine ernste Angelegenheit. Geld wird nicht einfach so vergeben!

Wenn Jose Suarez oder jemand anders Sie angerufen hat, der vorgibt, für dieses Ministerio de Justicia zu arbeiten, lassen Sie es uns wissen.



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Warning! Cold calling lawyer Jose Suarez from Ministerio de Justicia is FAKE!

A fake cold calling lawyers office has been detected by the name of Jose Suarez.

This office, supposedly run by Jose Suarez is contacting timeshare consumers telling them they have been awarded money through the Spanish courts.

The story is that there has been a court claim against the consumers resort, and now there is money waiting in the Spanish bank to be paid out.

It appears that Mr. Jose Suarez is mainly targeting German timeshare consumers.

The telephone number is withheld but on the paperwork they send through by email it mentions the numbers:

Telephone (0034) 91 1230013 and Fax (0034) 91 1414215)

Email: ministerio_de_Justicia@minister.com (this is a free server account!)

Address: Ministerio de Justicia, Calle de la Bolsa 8, 28012 Madrid

In the document they attach they claim that with this court ruling the consumer is no longer member of their resort and they have no further obligations. This ruling supposedly covers all legal fees, court fees, etc.

All the consumer needs to do is send their bank details to get the money transferred into their account.

Another document is also attached as the supposed ruling, signed by a “Dr. Fernandez Gullero“. This document is full of typing errors and does not appear as to be written by a Spanish speaking person.

PLEASE be aware that this is a SCAM!

Money is not just set-aside for consumers who have never been informed before about a claim, which they supposedly could join.

People don’t get money awarded out of the blue.

If Jose Suarez or anybody else has called you pretending to be working for this Ministerio de Justicia, do let us know.



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Did you receive a call from Arley Associates (fake) to recover money paid to WTC Admin?

A cold calling company using the name Arley Associates is contacting consumers who previously paid to WTC Admin.

A Mr. Paul Lambert from Arley Associates explains the consumer that the Class Action claim they joined through WTC Admin has been successful.

But as WTC Admin has gone into liquidation they are now unable to take this further and pay the awarded money to the consumers.

Arley Associates can though complete this procedure for the consumer and all they need for their services is an upfront fee of £400.

This money is to be transferred into a UK bank account for which they don’t provide the account holders name.

The telephone number from Arley Associates is: 0208 076 0161

They arrange all by telephone and none of their statements are backed up with any documentation, email or proper company information.

Companies House does have companies registered by the name of Arley Associates but none of them is based in London and nothing indicates these could be the same people as these strange cold callers.

WTC Admin or Willard Thomas Claims has never done court claims or class actions against any company. The company is indeed dissolved / in liquidation as per the Companies House record.

Consumers dealings with WTC Admin is certainly not public knowledge, or available at a “court register” etc.

Receiving a cold call from people who know all about the dealings a consumer had with mentioned company is certainly NOT a good sign.

If Paul Lambert or any other supposed agent from Arley Associates contacts you with a similar story, please do let us know.


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Consumer Action Line, a cold calling timeshare exit company

A new company, Consumer Action Line has been brought to our attention by consumers who received their cold call.

Explanations on how, where and when they obtained the consumers private and personal details to make such cold call are not being provided by the caller.

This company Consumer Action Line is brand new, as their website was registered only just 1 month ago and so far we have been unable to find any Companies House registration for them.

Consumer Action Line offers a straightforward relinquishment service on a No win No fee basis.

On their website www.consumeractionline.com they state proudly on the front page: THE CONSUMER ACTION LINE EARNED 4.7 STARS IN THEIR FIRST YEAR CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR HARD WORKING AGENTS 

We wonder what kind of stars these are and how they came to this result in view of the fact the website has only been online since mid May 2019.

We have not found any privacy policy or statement on this web, which is obligated by the law on Data Protection.

Contact details for Consumer Action Line are:

OFFICE 24844
PO BOX 6945
W1A 6U

Telephone:0333 3441271

Email:  info@ConsumerActionLine.com

In their follow up email they attach the draft of the agreement the consumer would sign for the relinquishment service.

In this agreement there are some clauses that seem to be quiet contradictive as all of the sudden they could decide to hand over your case to a solicitor, and they would stop communicating with you, but you would have to pay the agreed fees at that moment when your case is handed over.

So although you did not receive the services from Consumer Action Line, you do have to pay, which does not really sound as a No win No fee.

Please note that cold callers are obviously never a good sign and we cannot repeat it too often.

Relinquishment from your timeshare membership can be arranged with most resorts directly. Some even do this for free as long as the fees are up to date or others will charge up to 3 years of fees.

It is always recommendable to speak to the resort first when you are only looking to exit the membership and walking away without monetary return.

If Consumer Action Line has approached you we would like to hear from you.


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Resort Link, accommodation offers without any terms or conditions

The latest cold calling fly buy company is Resort Link or Resort Link Concierge as most of the agents present themselves.

Apparently the caller from Resort Link explains to the consumer that they are contacting them with regards to a previous purchase they made from Resort Management Direct – RMD.

Resort Link states that RMD is soon going to cease trading and the only way to retain the package that was purchased from RMD is to pay and continue with Resort Link.

Resort link are now offering a travel agency package with no expiry date, no presentation to attend and no age restrictions.

In order to have your Resort management Direct package transferred to Resort Link the consumer will have to pay £199 per week.

Looking at their website www.resort-link.com it calls the attention that they don’t display any company information such as registration, no privacy policy or statement and neither are there any terms and conditions on the web.

Contact details are:

Telephone (+44) 0141 280 7885

Address: Suite No. 512, Calle Corbeta 10, Calpe, 03710, Alicante, Spain

Emails: reservations@resort-link.com or customerservices@resortlink.online

Obviously a cold call is never a good sign. If they know you purchased from RMD this can only be because RMD provided them the information or they are the same people…who knows?

Telling people over the telephone there are no restrictions or conditions might sound great but you need this in writing PRIOR to making any payment!

Always be cautious when receiving these calls and make sure you have everything in writing before you give out your credit card details.

If Resort Link Concierge called you with an accommodation offer, please let us have your feedback.


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Fake procurator from Tenerife spotted by the name of Sergio Arito Morrero

One more name on the endless list of names of fake lawyers and procurators in Tenerife.

The name is Sergio Arito Morrero supposedly from the company Sergio Morrero Procuradores.

Looks like they cannot be bothered with creating another website for this one, so there is only a name and a fake address:

Calle Golada 16, Edif. Baresha, CGPE, 433, 38002, S. Cruz, Tenerife

Sergio Morrero doesn’t use a telephone or email, all he provides is a name and a bank account number for the payment of the “procurator fees”.

This procurator is mentioned after the first dealings with Legalizalos, who assure the consumer that there has been a court claim where money has been awarded.

All the consumer needs to do is pay the procurator fees and by miracle they will receive thousands of pounds awarded through the Santa Cruz Court in Tenerife.

For as much as one would like this to be real, it is certainly a big SCAM!

So please do not pay to Sergio Arito Morrero because you won’t see the money back.

If you have been speaking to the company Legalizalos or any other company pretending to be legal professional from Tenerife, and their fees are to be paid through Sergio Morrero Procuradores, please do let us know.


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The strange letter from Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid

Consumers have asked us about the company called Ayuda legal Abogados Madrid who seemed to have contacted them by letter.

Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid states in their letter that their office has been approved by the Las Palmas Court to aid all agreement holders residing in the United Kingdom.

They are supposedly the appointed mediators for the contract cancellation / reimbursement of the agreements signed by the consumer with Palm Oasis, Tasolan s.l.

The covering letter from Ayuda Legal Abogados state they do not charge for these mediation services. There are no plaintiff fees and their cost is supposedly recovered from Tasolan SL

However the consumer is not exempt from court fees. Court fees are payable once the demand has been accepted and paid directly to the court. Fees do not exceed 15% of settlement.

Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid require for all information and forms to be submitted by email or fax.

That sounds familiar!

Contact details used by Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid are telephone number: (0034) 910 91 46 47 and email address of ayudalegalabogardosmadrid@post.com

Emails set up through free servers such as @post.com, @consultants.com or even @gmail.com should always be treated with caution. It is not normal for a genuine legal company to use free servers and not have their own domain and website.

There is actually a registered company by this name in Madrid, but the contact details do not coincide.

We recommend caution when speaking to this company and we certainly do not recommend paying them!

If Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid has send you this letter as well, we would like to hear from you.


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