Has Thomas Gordon from Overseas Management Consultancy contacted you already?

An apparent elaborated scam from yet again a cold caller has come to light this week. The cold caller is using the company name of Overseas Management Consultancy and the person calling presents himself as Thomas Gordon.

Thomas Gordon works together with Olivia Price and they take their time to “prepare” the consumer and in the beginning everything is very plausible and by the looks of what they explain by phone and email, the consumer is going to receive a large amount of money.

The consumer is explained about a very big court case that took place against the directors of companies that defrauded the consumer before.

Money has been awarded to the victims and the amounts have gone up to close to £25.000

This will be paid out by cheque but first the consumer needs to pay a so called “Surety fee” of around £1000

Gordon explains the following by email: ‘As specified this settlement will be paid in the form of a “named cheque” which will be sent along with a “disclaimer” stating that you relinquish your right to claim any further monies.

This “disclaimer” has to be signed, dated and returned only when the cheque is cashed and showing in your bank account.

When this process has been completed the “surety” of 1000 pounds sterling will be returned to you either in the form of a “named cheque” or via a “bank transfer” ending our dealings.’

This all sounds very good, too good probably and taken into account this company Overseas Management Consultancy calls out of the blue, does not provide any documentation to back up their statements and neither asks the consumer to do so…makes it all really dubious.

This “Surety fee” is expected to be paid into the bank account of tax employee called Nikolay Ivanov Lyubenov who holds a bank account in Fuengirola.

There is indeed a company registered in the UK by the name of Overseas Management Consultancy but we seriously doubt that the people calling are actually working for this company.

The telephone number they use is 02034754724 and the email address is one of those set up with a free server and certainly no domain attached or website: overseasmanagementconsultancy@consultant.com

Please note that this is all a SCAM!

We cannot stress enough that there is no court claim done on your behalf where you get a call out of the blue and over £20.000 is awarded to you….it is just not going to happen!

If you have been on the phone already with Gordon or Olivia from Overseas Management Consultancy please let us know!

Contact us through the form or place a comment on this blog

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Litigacion Abogados, more of the same…fake lawyers in Tenerife!

As soon as the name is published on the web, the fake lawyers set up in Tenerife changes to a different name.

So if last week we had Litigaciones SL (https://wp.me/p1kmoi-3ap) this week we have a new name which is Litigacion Abogados.

A website that looks very familiar www.litigacion-abogados.com was created on the 5th of September 2018, and the lawyer mentioned on this website is called; Juan Drimales Deolara.

Address and contact details:

6, Calle de San Francisco, Santa Cruz, 38001-38002, Tenerife

Freephone: 0800 862 0036

Tenerife Tel: 0034 822 684 562



Litigacion Abogados contacts consumers in respect to making a class action for mis-selling against their resort or holiday club. They claim one of the directors has had all his assets seized by the Spanish government. They are offering to take this class action on a no win no fee basis.

After the initial call the consumer receives an email with all kinds of explanations on who they supposedly are, all the fake names of the supposed lawyers and stamped all over with official logos from legal entities to make it all look more credible.

The letter is signed by Manuel Selbon Vamilos from the “claims department” /Departamento De Reclamaciónes.

Please note that this is all a scam, there is no class action done by this (fake) lawyers office, the names of the people are all fake, and all they are looking for is your money!

For a complete list of all the names they used before please go to the following link:

Have you received a call from a lawyer in Tenerife to join an upcoming claim?

If Litigacion Abogados has approached you and offered to join this claim on a no win no fee basis, please do let us know and DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY!

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog.

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Juzgados de Malaga, the fake Spanish Courthouse cold calling from a UK number.

Sometimes you just wonder how certain dubious callers think they can get away with everything.

Latest one being the “Juzgados de Malaga” pretending to be the Courthouse in Malaga.

A Mr. Russell Edwards among others cold calls timeshare consumers who have been defrauded by dubious resale companies in the past and claims to have an official notification from the judge regarding the frauds.

After the initial call an email is received from informacion@juzgadosdemalaga.com with the following text:


Dear Mr and Mrs  XXXX

Further to our telephone conversation today please find the summary confirmation below.

Translation of notification:

‘The Malaga Court, Calle Fiscal Luis Portero Garcia, 0, 29010 Málaga, Spain, wish to supply you with information regarding a compensation claim from the director of the company “Keable Consultants, European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Times Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Continental Connects, Incentive Leisure Group, Club Class, Pueblo Evita, Fairways.

The document states that the director of aforementioned companies has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering in Europe.

The Judge at the hearing ruled that all remaining funds in accounts linked with aforementioned company’s are to be divided equally amongst claimants.

In the case of Mr & Mrs XXXXX a total of £22,563 is due to be remitted.

As discussed, issues surrounding money laundering problems in Spain mean that amounts over €10,000 are to be checked for money laundering and fraud purposes.

Having run all checks against your payment it has been approved as it has been classed as a ‘compensation claim’ and will be sent directly to you from the courts.

Spanish tax laws dictate that amounts greater than €10,000 relating to compensation payments are subject to a tax payment which must be paid in advance of authorization being granted to release your funds.

Upon receipt of funds we will apply for the necessary authorization on your behalf, this is a formality after which you have two options to receive your payment, either a bank transfer or cheque.

Please not should you decide to proceed and claim your compensation you will no longer be able to take any further legal action against the aforementioned companies.

Should you require any further clarification you may reply to this email with any questions you have, if proceeding you will need to inform us in advance which payment method you prefer.

May we also inform you that if you require any advise with regards to other companies or timeshare please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you as much as possible.

Kind Regards


Juzgados De Málaga, Malaga Courts.

TEL: 0845 132 1057



On top of this they call from a UK number and pretend for the consumer to pay around £900 into a UK bank account.

Right, Spanish taxes for a Spanish court claim paid into the account at a UK bank and in Pounds…

Do not fall for this!

There are no compensation pay outs, no judge is setting aside money for victims of scams that don’t even know they are included in a court claim, and no Spanish court houses are directly contacting the victims by telephone!

If you spoke to this Juzgados de Malaga, do let us know and send us all the feedback you have.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on this blog.


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Key legal Claims, and the incredible awarded amount of money…

Key Legal Claims is contacting consumers offering to be their representative in the Spanish Courts to obtain a reimbursement for the consumers who signed up for a membership with Club Class Concierge.

Even though they say the courts pay them directly, they need a 5% release fee, which will be paid back on transaction.

The lady that calls on behalf of Key Legal Claims is Emily Carter who seems to sound very professional and convincing and surprisingly knows a lot of details about the consumer.(This is worrying…)

Although Emily Carter insists that Key Legal Claims is a Companies House registered company, the name does not exactly coincide and apart from this there are simply NO COURT CLAIMS against club Class.

Neither is there any other claims going through the courts in Spain where money is awarded to victims who have no knowledge at all about such claim!

Key legal Claims does not seem to have a website, they are not keen on sending emails and the telephone number they quote 01212852941 seems to go to voicemail all the time.

If Emily Carter has approached you already from Key Legal Claims and she gave you the story of this tremendous amount of money waiting for you, please do let us know.

You can reach us by filling in the CONTACT US form or by just placing a comment under this blog.


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Help! Which cold calling Claims Company or lawyer can I trust?

After publishing the cold caller list for September 2018, it has become clear that the activity of the cold callers at this time of the year is rising.

More and more so called claims companies and “lawyers” are approaching consumers by telephone and throw all kind of fantastic offers to them.

For many consumers it is really difficult to detect the good ones from the bad ones and very often we receive inquiries from consumers asking, “who can we trust?”

One of the main things a consumer should keep in mind is that any cold caller should be treated with extreme caution!

First question should always be:“where did you get my private and personal details?”

And really, explanations like your name being taken from a “general timeshare register” cannot be taken serious and are strong indications that the caller cannot be trusted at all!

Most consumers have come back from their holidays and started working again and are facing now an upcoming maintenance fee invoice from their resort.

In many families the issue of what to do with the timeshare next year is yet again on the table.

Cold callers know this as well, and that is why they are becoming so active at this time of the year.

But please do not let all these incredible offers blind you, and make sure you continue to do your homework!

When you get any company on the phone, a claims company or supposed legal, do take note of their contact details, and if possible website and email address.

Don’t give too much personal information away, they already have far too much on you probably and as you don’t know whom you are talking to, the less you tell them the better.

After asking them to start where they got your contact details from, please check them out on the following as well:

* Where are they located, how long they have been in business and what is their company registration number? When did they register their website?

* What are the full names of the legal professionals that are connected to the company and handling the cases and their registration numbers in order to verify them with the corresponding bar association.

* If attending a meeting, whom will you be meeting up with at the meeting? For which company are they working? Is the person who is calling you in the first place also present at such meeting? If not, why not?

* Will you have to take up any additional service or purchase any additional product at the meeting in order to be able to “join” a claim or get your claim assessed?

* Will there be any upfront payment in order for a lawyer to start looking at your case?

* How many successful claims has the company done so far and can they actually show documented evidence of these successes?

* If they offer a No win No Fee claim, who is funding the claim?

Most probably none of the cold callers will be able to give you any satisfactory answer to all this.

If you have doubts about any cold caller offering claims and the possibility to join existing court claims, please send us a message with the company name and the details you have so far, and we will give you the answers.

Remember, genuine lawyers and legal professionals DO NOT cold call and there is no such thing as a public register of Timeshare owners!!

You can reach us through the CONTACT US page or by sending an email to customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Cold caller warning for V B Ballesteros y Asociados, fake lawyers from Madrid

A (fake) lawyers company supposedly based in Madrid and by the name of VB Ballesteros y Asociados has been detected this week.

The company belongs to the lawyer Virginia Benitez Ballesteros whom supposedly is the successful main lawyer running this business from the offices based at Doctor Fleming s/n
28032, Madrid, Spain.

PLEASE note that there is a genuine lawyer by this name, but she has nothing to do with this set up that is cold calling!

This cold calling company seems to be running on only one mobile number which is: +34 634 066 899 | and an email address: info@vbballesterosyasociados.com

Strange to say the least, if you call the number, nobody ever picks up…they must be extremely busy!

On their website which was created in June 2018, so only a couple of months ago, they claim to have done over 2622 cases already.

At the moment the agents from VB Ballesteros y Asociados, Mr. Luc Everaerts and a Ton DeKlerck are both cold calling mainly Dutch speaking timeshare owners.

They explain that the Spanish courts have deemed all timeshares illegal and they are now claiming back for all the consumers.

All the consumer needs to pay is a 9,2% Legal and Admin fees which have to be transferred to the account of a man called Jan Gerrit Meijer who seems to be employed at the court house in Madrid.

This means that if supposedly VB Ballesteros y Asociados has claimed back 20.000 euros for the timeshare owner, the legal / admin fee is 1840 euros.

But once the admin and legal fees are paid, there seems to be another “hiccup” in the story because VB Ballesteros explains that timeshare is actually considered a real estate property in Spain. This means the timeshare consumer has to pay as well a 21% of taxes over the awarded amount. But, thanks to VB Ballesteros y Asociados, the amount can be reduced to slightly less.

All these payments cannot be taken from the actual awarded amount, so the timeshare consumer needs to pay all this upfront…before he can get the awarded sum from the courts.


If you have been speaking to Mr. Everaerts, Mr. DeKlerck or maybe even to Mrs. Ballesteros in person, please let us know.

This company does not exist, there are no awarded amounts waiting for you in the courts, there are no lawyers companies appointed to send you money out of the blue…it is just not true!

You can send us your message through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on this blog.

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Timeshare Cold Callers September 2018

Dear All,

September has been a very active month for the cold callers with all kinds of offers related to timeshares or holiday ownership.

We counted a total of 52 cold calling Companies of which 19 companies were new entries on the list.

For the complete list of all cold callers from the month of September 2018 please click on the following link:

Timeshare Cold Callers September 2018

The names of the 19 new companies on the cold caller list from September are:

  • ALG Ltd
  • Arrow Solutions
  • VB Ballesteros y Asociados
  • Bonotime
  • C&D Solicitors . C&D Abogados
  • Calero y Delgado Abogados
  • Euroforo Abogados Madrid (FAKE)
  • Harlow Consultants
  • International Reclaims
  • Joint Claim Victories
  • Juridico Cuatro Asesores
  • Key Legal Claims . Key Claims
  • Litigaciones SL
  • Midlands Legal Services
  • Nabalez Abogados – Alberto Dilendro Nabalez
  • Procuradores Gomerz – Ramon Josema Gomerz
  • Reclaim in Spain
  • Timeshare Atonement
  • Universal Consulting

Main type of offers are coming from supposed claims companies, and fake legal companies who are dedicated to the so-called “recovery fraud”.

As mentioned by Action Fraud in a report last month:

“Fraudsters are luring people in with attractive offers of compensation or an early exit on a holiday property, only to then stop all contact once the victim has paid an advance fee.”

“As with all victims of fraud, our reports show that timeshare fraud victims are vulnerable to recovery fraud. Callous fraudsters will often attempt to defraud people who have already fallen victim to fraud by offering to return what they have lost.”

Please be cautious with any cold call you receive.

Your personal and private details should not be in hands of strangers!

If you are contacted, before sending any further private details and certainly before any payment, do you research and contact us so we can inform you about the company or do the research for you.

Customer Care

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