WARNING! Cold callers Spice Morgan Associates the latest bogus dispute mediators.

This warning goes out for a company called Spice Morgan Associates, which is cold calling victims of previous scams from bogus timeshare resale companies.

Spice Morgan Associates seems to hold all the information about what the consumer paid in the past and what has happened. Makes one wonder how or where they obtained this information.

A range of all kind of employees are mentioned in their paperwork and calls. Starting with the  lovely Sophie Moore to a Cheryl Bernard in the accounts department, George Attwood as the Senior Dispute Manager and Alan Farthing in the Administration department.

Spice Morgan Associates is supposedly based at Calle Cano de Herrera 5 in San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain.

The phone calls only come from one Spanish mobile 0034604376446

There is no other phone numbers for any of the companies mentioned.

The money the consumer has to pay to initiate the dispute is due by bank transfer and into the account of a company called Ayudar y Soluciones por Compra Venta SL.

The supposed dispute negotiator but with a name that has nothing to do with disputes or legal services (?).

The first payment is of around 1000 euros. But once this is paid, Spice Morgan Associates comes back to the consumer with the news that they managed to get around 50.000 pounds from the negotiations!

All the consumer has to do to get this money into his account is paying a 10% over this amount, so 5000 pounds in taxes and the money will come their way.

Sounds right?

Please note that this is all fake, and the company Spice Morgan Associates is a bogus company, there are no disputes negotiated, and certainly is there no money recovered!

Do not pay companies that cold call and say you have money waiting for you!

If Spice Morgan Associates approached you with above story, please do let us know!

You can contact us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on the blog.



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Avez-vous reçu un appel de la société de revente, Ashton Group?

Une nouvelle société de revente a été reportée sous le nom Ashton Group soi-disant installé à Nottingham.

Ashton Group contacte les Membres de multipropriété par téléphone et leur raconte qu’une société est intéressée par l’acquisition de leurs semaines et le prix offert est bien au-dessus du prix du marché actuel.

Selon les témoignages reçus de certains Membres, l’acheteur qui soi-disant serait intéressé par le rachat de leurs semaines, est une entreprise importante internationale, Novum Hotels group, Germany et Ashton Group fournit même aux Membres un contrat qui semble confirmer cela.

Comme à l’accoutumé avec ce genre d’affaires, Ashton Group demande au Membre to payer des frais à l’avance, et encore une fois, nous nous posons la question de savoir comment est-il possible que ces personnes ne soient pas au courant de la Directive Européenne en matière de multipropriété qui confirme clairement que les demandes de frais à l’avance ne sont pas permises lorsqu’il s’agit de revente de semaines en temps partagé.

Cela ressemble aux agissements de toutes les autres compagnies de revente qui se créent et disparaissent continuellement, et nous déconseillons vivement de payer de l’argent à ce genre de société.


Détails de la société:

Ashton Group

  • H5 Hash Tree Court, Nottingham Business Park, NG86PY Nottingham, UK
  • Tel. 0044 203 519 23 38 
  • Représentant légal Sir Drummond McFadzean et Conseillère clientèle Paul Menard.
  • Email: p.menard@ashtonagency.co.uk

Si vous avez été contactés par Ashton Group avec cette offre ou une offre similaire, merci de nous le faire savoir.

Vous pouvez nous envoyer un email à customercare@mindtimeshare.com ou laisser vos commentaires ici sur notre blog. Dans les deux cas, nous vous répondrons avec davantage d’informations.


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Have you received a call from the resale company Ashton Group?

A new resale company has been reported under the name Ashton Group supposedly installed in Nottingham.

Ashton Group contacts the Timeshare Members by phone and tells them that a company is interested in acquiring their weeks and the price offered is well above the current market price.

According to the testimony received from some Members, the buyer who allegedly would be interested in buying their weeks, is an important international company, Novum Hotels group, Germany, and Ashton Group even provides Members with a contract that seems to confirm that.

As usual with this type of business, Ashton Group asks the Member to pay fees in advance, and again, we ask ourselves how is it possible that these people are not aware of the European Timeshare Directive which clearly confirms that Pre-paid fee requests are not allowed when it comes to reselling timeshare weeks.

This is similar to the actions of all the other resale companies that are constantly forming and disappearing, and we strongly advise against paying money to this kind of company.


Company Details:

  • Ashton Group
  • H5 Hash Tree Court, Nottingham Business Park, NG86PY Nottingham, UK
  • Tel. 0044 203 519 23 38
  • Legal representative is Sir Drummond McFadzean and Customer services employee is called Paul Menard
  • Email: p.menard@ashtonagency.co.uk

If Ashton Group contacted you with this offer or a similar offer, please let us know.

You can send us an email at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or leave your comments here on our blog. In both cases, we will answer you with more information.


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Timeshare Cold Callers June 2018

Dear All,

The cold caller list for June 2018 has been elaborated.

This month we counted 50 cold calling companies of which 10  new companies.

For a complete list of the 50 Cold Calling companies please click on the following link:

Cold Callers June 2018

The 10 new company names on the list are as follows:

  • Claims Advisors
  • Elinabeta Yessica Elierz Procuradores
  • ES Gonzalez Abogados
  • Hutchinson Holiday World – HH World
  • Legalidad Abogados S.A.
  • Martinez Notarias
  • Reclaims Yard LTD
  • The Timeshare Register
  • TOMA Thomson Services
  • Victoria Services Legal

We continue to see the numerous calls from all kinds of “Claims” companies who offer their services and insist consumers need to attend meetings in the UK, Spain or receive so called “claims advisors” at home.

But not only are the calls from claims companies, there are fake notaries, fake Court houses in different countries and bogus lawyers in Tenerife, Madrid and Malaga.

Please note that cold calls are never a good starting point and make sure you do your homework before sending any personal details or money to such cold callers.

If you receive a cold call please send us all the information, as with your help we can warn others and avoid many scams happening.

Customer Care.

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Elinabeta Yessica Elierz, the procurator from the fake lawyers in Tenerife

More names to be added to this scam set up in Tenerife

The cold calling lawyers using all kinds of names, latest being Galvera Abogados, Legalidades or Legalidad Abogados.

After the consumer has been contacted on a cold call with the story of the upcoming court claim, Alberto Galvera or Rogalvera moves on quickly from a No win No fee claim to “you need to pay procurator costs”…

The procurator is called Elinabeta Yessica Elierz, which most probably is the name of the bank account holder where they want the money to be paid.

As with all the other fake and fraudulent procurator names they come up with, they also put together a website for Elinabeta Elierz: http://elinabeta-elierz.com

A website identical to all the other ones, only the name and address changes.

The address is completely faked and made up: Calle Abierta Numero 6, Edificio Cerebro, 228, 38001, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Elinabeta Yessica Elierz does not seem to have a telephone in her office and they only provide an email address: procuradores-elierz@europe.com

We cannot insist more on the fact that all these lawyers and procurators are FAKE and their only purpose is to get money from you and eventually disappear!

There are no claims; there are no cold calling lawyers like this, procurators and missing cheques stolen by a “Croatian gang”…

If you received a phone call from this or a similar set up, please don’t pay a penny and let us know as soon as possible.

You can write to us through the CONTACT form or place a comment under the blog.



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New cold caller! Careful with ES Gonzalez Abogados!

A very recent set up indeed; a company called ES Gonzalez Abogados only just started their cold calling campaign.

This company is approaching Timeshare consumers with vague stories about claims.

The most surprising detail of their initial pitch is that they claim to be part of the 254 Notary offices in Spain, but they are not conventional notaries.

No, they are actually “educated law professionals” whom are holders of public offices. Highly qualified lawyers who deal with both criminal and civil cases.

So a lawyer who is called notary but in reality is a lawyer…?

Their follow up email and document are full of this nonsense and signed with a scribble and stamps to make it look more professional.

The website of this company Gonzalez Abogados was registered on the 16thof June 2018.

This website http://esgonzalesabogados.com consists of a picture of an almost empty office and the image taken towards the ceiling.

There is no further information, only the name of the company nothing else.

Contact details of ES Gonzalez Abogados are:

A person called Jenifer Goulding makes the initial contact

Please note that there is no such company in Spain by the name of Gonzalez Abogados, and we certainly recommend extreme caution when speaking to these people.

If Gonzalez Abogados or Jenifer Goulding contacted you already from their mobile phone 602657670 please let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on the blog.



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Warning! Another fake lawyer in Tenerife, Legalidad Abogados SA

Yes it seems to be that time of the month again where the fake lawyers set up in Tenerife have decided to change their name.

This time the name chosen is Legalidad Abogados S.A. and the supposed lawyer connected to this office is Manuel Midan Embalori

The telephone numbers used are:

  • Freephone:0800 802 1938 
  • Tenerife:0034 822 684 515

Emails are sent from the following address: legalidad-uk-claims@email.com

And signed by Laura Multeor Gahmica

Although the name changes, the fake story of court claims is still the same.

Once you show your interest in joining the “no win no fee” claim, all of the sudden there are procurator fees to be paid and no doubt that once you start paying a whole range of other fees and costs will be thrown at you for payment.


Do not pay them and please do not send them documentation from your membership, bank statements, and passport copies.

You are talking to a fake company with people using fake names.

Whatever information you provide to them, you will never know where this might end up.

If you have been speaking already to Legalidad Abogados or Mr. Manuel Midan, please let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on the blog.


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