Hutchinson Holiday World ou HH World Ltd, et le paiement de l’impôt bloqué

Beaucoup d’escroqueries autour de la revente de multipropriété, n’arrêtez pas après avoir demandé un paiement initial d’un dépôt pour traiter la vente.

Il arrive souvent que lorsqu’un consommateur paie le dépôt, la société douteuse continue le jeu et conduit le consommateur à d’autres paiements.

C’est le cas de la revente de Grupo Marcia.

Une fois le dépôt payé, ils confirment que la revente en multipropriété est en place.

Ils demandent au consommateur un compte bancaire où ils peuvent leur envoyer l’argent reçu de la vente.

Mais l’argent n’arrive jamais …

Le propriétaire de la multipropriété est expliqué que l’argent est bloqué dans le compte espagnol, car il y a un paiement de taxe de séjour obligatoire dû.

La personne qui peut débloquer l’argent et traiter le paiement est M. David Lopez

David Lopez travaille pour une entreprise appelée Hutchinson Holiday World (HH World Limited)

Il se présente comme travaillant au département “Service Francophone Hutchinson

Son adresse email est

Téléphone+34 877 08 75 01

La taxe de séjour est d’environ 2500 euros, mais le consommateur est assuré qu’ils peuvent le réclamer.

Après que le consommateur paie cela, on lui demande également 3000 euros supplémentaires comme frais de transfert de la semaine de multipropriété au nouveau propriétaire.

Assez étrange les consommateurs sont invités à payer des impôts espagnols supposés, en euros pour être versés dans les comptes bancaires du Royaume-Uni!

S’IL VOUS PLAÎT NOTE que tout cela est une fausse revente, il n’y a pas d’acheteur, il n’y a pas de taxe et pas de frais de transfert car il n’y a pas de vente!

Ne leur payez pas un euro, car vous ne verrez pas votre argent!

Si vous avez parlé à Grupo Marcia, Hutchinson Holiday World ou M David Lopez, s’il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir!

Vous pouvez remplir le formulaire CONTACTEZ-NOUS ou placer un commentaire sur ce blog.


*Nous nous excusons pour la qualité du texte français. Nous ne sommes pas francophones.
Mais nous pensons qu’il est important de prévenir les consommateurs!

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Hutchinson Holiday World or HH World Ltd, and the blocked tax payment

Lot of scams around timeshare resale, do not stop after asking for an initial payment of a deposit to process the sale.

It happens often that when a consumer pays the deposit, the dubious company continues the spiel and leads the consumer to further payments.

This is the case with the resale of Grupo Marcia.

Once the deposit is paid, they confirm timeshare resale is in place.

They ask the consumer for a bank account where they can send them the money received from the sale.

But the money never arrives…

The timeshare owner is explained that the money is blocked in the Spanish account, as there is an obligatory resident tax payment due.

The person who can unblock the money and process the payment is Mr. David Lopez

David Lopez works for a company called Hutchinson Holiday World (HH World Limited)

He presents himself as working in the department “French Customer Services Hutchinson

His email address is

Telephone+34 877 08 75 01

The resident tax is around 2500 Euros, but the consumer is assured they can claim this back.

After the consumer pays this, they are also asked for another 3000 euros as transfer fee of the timeshare week to the new owner.

Strange enough the consumers are asked for supposed Spanish taxes, in euros to be paid into UK bank accounts!

PLEASE NOTE that this is all a fake resale, there is no buyer, there is no tax and no transfer fee as there is NO sale!

Do not pay them a euro, as you will not see your money back!

If you have been speaking to Grupo MarciaHutchinson Holiday World or M David Lopez, please let us know!

You can fill in the CONTACT US form or place a comment on this blog.


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Who has received a call from TOMA Thomson Services?

One of the latest cold callers detected is TOMA Thomson Services.

This company cold calls consumers to inform them that there has been a successful claim against their Holiday club, which the Consumer did not know anything about, and they have been awarded money.

Ava Hoffman of TOMA Thomson Services explains to the Consumer that the money of this compensation award is held in an Escrow account with the Santander Bank in Spain.

In order for the Consumer to receive his part of the awarded money he will have to pay the VAT charge (IVA in Spain) and that is around £1000.

Strange enough this Spanish tax needs to be paid into a British bank account, which will go to Official Receiver.

The money awarded to the consumer will then be paid within 21 working days.

Ava Hoffman is using two different Telephone numbers, which are 03301240310 and 020334750256.

Ava does not send emails; she does all the talking, bank accounts and official notifications by telephone. How weird is that?

A clear connection between TOMA Thomson Servicesand dubious companies active in the past has been established.

Please be very careful when receiving (cold) calls from Ava Hoffman from TOMA Thomson Services, as there is no truth at all in this story of compensation payments, class actions. Etc.

Once paid the supposed VAT / IVA we can assure you that you won’t see a penny back.

If you have been approached by TOMA Thomson Services with a similar pitch, please do send us the details of the call.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment below this blog article.



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Latest news! Standon Mortimer Associates is in liquidation!


The company Standon Mortimer Associates is in liquidation and the liquidators have been appointed.

The official notification is in The Gazette and you can find the details on the following link:

Many consumers will recognize the name of Standon Mortimer as the company who received them at the meetings about claims, to which they were invited by a range of cold calling companies such as:

Standon Mortimer presented themselves as “legal consultants” and were the ones explaining everything at the meeting to the consumer about the supposed “no win no fee” claims.

But in order to join such claim they convinced the timeshare owners they first had to relinquish their timeshare.

The relinquishment services had an expensive price tag though and consumers ended up paying thousands and thousands of pounds to get their timeshare cancelled.

Most of these consumers actually never got this done at all, and neither did a claim happen.

Yet again a cold calling company offering claims has left the consumers helpless and with a substantial loss of money.

If you paid Standon Mortimer for their services, please contact us and we can explain if you have the possibility to claim back the money.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or place a comment on this blog.

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Timeshare Cold Callers May 2018

Dear All,

A new cold caller list has been elaborated with the cold calling companies from the month of May 2018.

In total we counted 61 cold calling companies, and included in the 61 companies there are 13 new company names.

For a complete list of the cold callers in May 2018 please click on the link below:

Cold Caller List May 2018

The 13 new company names are as follows:

  • 3 Easy Steps
  • Alberto Rogalvera
  • Burnley Consultants
  • Claim Back Solutions
  • Claim Traders
  • Elias Elisa SA
  • Grupo Marcia
  • Harrison Moorcroft
  • Hidalgo Villa Lobos lawyers
  • Oficina notarial Eva-Maria Boluda Lopez
  • Spanish Legal Reclaims
  • Thompson Law
  • Timeshare Owners Support Group

We sadly continue with the fraudulent and fake lawyers in Tenerife, who continue to come up with new names and new twists in their stories to consumers.

If before they were cold calling about claims against bogus companies who took the consumers’ money in the past, their claims now seem all to be against the timeshare resorts where the consumers own. (

Please do not fall for this fraud!

Any cold call you receive should be treated with extreme caution. It is always questionable why a company is holding your private and personal information when you did not provide this to them.

Always double check, and do your research.

And please continue to let us know about each and every one of these cold callers so we can do our research and warn other consumers.

Customer Care

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Did Grupo Villar contact you to sell your timeshare to the company Bimbo in Spain?

This week has seen lots of complaints and enquiries about another cold calling resale company by the name of Grupo Villar Inmobiliaria supposedly based in Seville.

Inmobiliaria Doncelcontact French speaking timeshare owners by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer which they have already waiting, keen on purchasing their weeks, and the price offered is well over the current market price.

The company that supposedly would buy the timeshare weeks is Bimbo S.A., but the fact is that this company does not know anything about all this.

The timeshare owner is asked for a payment.

Grupo Villar sends the consumer a copy of a (fake) letter from the Town Hall.

The consumer is requested a payment of the non resident tax, which is a 10% over the sales price. This is all a lie and just an excuse to make the consumer pay.

Contact details of Grupo Villar Inmobiliaria:

  • C/ Pedro Muñoz Torres, 41006 Seville, Spain
  • Telephone +34 954 05 07 00 / +34 954 05 07 15
  • Legal representative: Vicente Moreno Madrona

Please note that companies that cold call you, obviously got your contact information and membership details through an illegal source and when they offer a guaranteed resale requesting you to travel to another country and pay upfront fees … they are not trustworthy!

Please contact us by e-mail or leave your comment here on our blog, and we will get in contact with you.



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Avez Grupo Villar contacter vous de vendre votre temps partagé à Bimbo Espagne ?

Cette semaine a vu beaucoup de plaintes et demandes de renseignements concernant une autre compagnie vocation de revente à froid par le nom de Grupo Villar Inmobiliaria soi-disant basé à Séville.

Grupo Villar contacts multipropriété parlant français propriétaires par appel à froid et leur raconter une histoire au sujet d’un acheteur d’entreprise qu’ils ont déjà en attente, vif sur l’achat de leurs semaines, et le prix offert est bien sur le prix de marché actuel.

La société qui étaient censés acheter les semaines à temps partagé est BIMBO S.A., mais le fait est que cette société ne sait rien de tout cela.

Le propriétaire de temps partagé est demandé un paiement.

Grupo Villar envoie au consommateur une copie d’une (fausse) lettre de la mairie.

Le consommateur est demandé un paiement de l’impôt des non-résidents, qui est de 10% sur le prix de vente. C’est tout un mensonge et juste une excuse pour faire payer le consommateur.

Coordonnées de Grupo Villar Inmobiliaria :

  • C/ Pedro Muñoz Torres, 41006 Seville, Spain
  • Téléphone +34 954 05 07 00 / +34 954 05 07 15
  • Représentant légal: Vicente Moreno Madrona

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent sans vous demander un appel, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

S’il vous plaît nous contacter par e-mail ou laissez votre commentaire ici sur notre blog, et nous prendrons contact avec vous.


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