Police warning about cold calls with offers to recover money paid to Monster Travel / Rewards!


This week many consumers who have been dealing in the past with the Monster Travel Group of Companies have received an email from the UK Police about certain cold calls.

As pointed out in this email, many consumers are receiving cold calls, unsolicited calls from companies who are pretending to be doing court claims against Monster Travel / Monster Rewards.

We cannot stress enough that NO COMPANY should have your personal details and details about purchases you made in the past unless you provided these to them!

There are no court clerks handing out this information, judges ordering companies to call victims to give away awarded money, or class actions by companies that are registered as real estates or builders!

For your information, you can read the text of the email from the police below.

Dear all,

We are aware that some people are being contacted in relation to their timeshare and/or their purchase of Monster Credits by UK, Spanish & other international companies offering to obtain compensation on their behalf. This contact is often unsolicited, and the company may be in possession of personal information and details of previous transactions/dealings with timeshare companies or holiday credit schemes. It is possible that in order to obtain this compensation, the company may ask for an upfront fee to cover legal costs.

As a criminal investigation team, we cannot advise you to ignore or decline services from any company. However, please be aware that this method is sometimes used by fraudsters when operating a “Recovery fraud”. There is no reason that these companies should have access to your personal information and your timeshare details unless you have given consent. In the event that you are contacted by a company offering any of the above services, please remain cautious and consider obtaining advice from an agency such as Citizens Advice before proceeding.

Below is a link to the Trading Standards website offering further information of “Recovery Fraud”.



If you received cold calls from any company who claims they can get you all the money back through a court claim, class action, etc. Please let us know.

Obviously, this advice is not only for consumers who dealt with Monster Travel/Rewards, but this is also about other cold calls offering recovery of any money!


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Have you been invited (AGAIN) to Tenerife by Sue from customercare@holidayinfo.com?

We published last month the news about the companies Claim your Claim, Refund my Funds, Island Breaks, etc. closing.

This has not only left many people behind who paid thousands of Euros for some cheap accommodation weeks and the “promise of a claim”.

But there are also consumers who already booked flights to go and sit through one of these meetings in the near future.

Still, it looked like they were going to be the lucky ones, as obviously they would now not be cheated out of their money.

We were wrong! When you think something has come to an end, well not always it is like that.

As it seems, from the long list of companies that have closed their doors and run off with the money, it seems there are still employees left who are resisting to the fact they are redundant.

Instead of “packing up and go” they have now come up with what looks like a very strange offer…

In this past month, and ever since the news came out, consumers who visited these offices in the past months and paid, received an email from a woman called SUE.

SUE has no surname and she neither signs with her company name.

All you get is: Sue,  Tel 00 34 922 927532 and Email customercare@holidayinfo.com

The email she sends out states the following:

“RE: telephone conversation.

We have, unfortunately, been advised that the company with whom you signed your original agreement here in Tenerife has in fact ceased trading.

This does mean that the services and benefits provided under this agreement will not be

honoured.  If you have holiday accommodation booked, then you will need to contact our offices as a matter of urgency to see if you are still able to travel.

On a positive note we do have a team of advisers in place to assist you with this current situation.

First and foremost this will enable you to recoup the monies that you have originally paid, answer any questions that you may have, and of course discuss the options available to you moving forward and in respect to future holiday plans. 

Appointments are being offered to clients who would like to travel to Tenerife to resolve this situation and of course we will organise and cover your accommodation cost. You will of course need to pay for your flights however we can help with booking flights if you so wish.”

Yes, you are reading this right. First, you traveled to Tenerife under the fake and false statements of a guaranteed claim and ended up with 4 to 6 cheap accommodation weeks booked, at a cost of close to 10k and INCLUDING the week you supposedly got for free to attend the meeting in the first place.

A promise of a claim that would be done on your behalf by a company that is not mentioned anywhere and with a pay date of 60 days which is IMPOSSIBLE!

And now these people have done a runner and you are invited again, by apparently the same people who were there when you were cheated out of your money but now, they are going to help you?

And again you will get a “free” week which in the end you paid for and more than paid for?


Are they really expecting consumers to fall for statements such as “an advisor will explain how to recoup the money”, “A Spanish administration company is handling the claims” or “you need to visit a Spanish notary” …?

What is this?

If this is a genuine offer, let them explain with ALL DETAILS who they are, where they are based, which company they are working for and who these people are who are going to help, the advisor, the Spanish company, the notary.

SUE without a surname is not an answer or explanation. A domain as holidayinfo.com without a website is not the answer.

Demand full names, registration numbers and proper contact details of all involved!

If Sue or anybody from the companies you dealt with before in Tenerife has contacted you with a similar story, please let us know.



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Opnieuw een valse advocaat uit Granada, nu heten ze Suarez Aleman!

Deze week stak een nieuwe en frauderende advocaat de kop op onder de naam Suarez Aleman.

Zoals we hebben gezien met andere valse advocaten die ook Nederlandse Timesharing eigenaars hebben gebeld, de naam Suarez Aleman is overgenomen van een echte advocaat.

Maar de contact gegevens, adres en de taal op de website heeft niets te maken met deze echte advocaat.

De heer Andre van de Weerdt van Suarez Aleman uit Granada belt eigenaars van een Timesharing zomaar ineens op.

Het excuus dat hij gebruikt om te verklaren dat hij de persoonlijke gegevens heeft van deze timeshare eigenaar is dat de gegevens uit het Timeshare Register komen.

Klinkklare onzin en uiteraard bestaat dit register totaal niet en zou illegaal zijn gezien de wet van privacybescherming.

Andre, legt uit dat er veel rechtszaken lopen tegen de verschillende resorts waaronder ook het resort waar de consument een lidmaatschap heeft.

De eigenaar van de timesharing kan nog net meedoen aan een lopende aanklacht.

Het duurt niet lang voordat Andre opnieuw terugbelt en verteld dat de rechter meer dan 40.000 euro heeft toegekend aan de consument.

Het enige wat de timeshare eigenaar nu moet doen zijn de gerechtelijke en administratiekosten van een 9,2% over het uitbetalende bedrag.

Dit moet de consument storten op een fiduciair bankrekening waarop ook het resort het geld stort. De rekening staat op de naam van mevrouw Louiza Ochan, de fiduciair ambtenaar.

Die naam hadden we al eerder gehoord!

Om het allemaal geloofwaardig over te laten komen heeft Suarez Aleman een website opgezet in Juli van dit jaar: https://suarezaleman.com

Contact gegevens van Suarez Aleman zijn:

Bovenstaand bedrijf is een oplichterij. Als u het geld stort in de naam van Louiza Ochan zijn we bang dat u dit nooit meer terug gaat zien, dus BETAAL NIET!

Mocht u al zijn benaderd door Andre van de Weerdt of Louiza Ochan van Suarez Aleman, laat het ons dan zo snel mogelijk weten.




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Timeshare Cold Callers October 2019

Dear All,

Attached the latest cold caller report for the month of October 2019.

We counted a total of 45 cold calling companies of which 7 are new companies in this list.

Most of the cold callers are offering claims.

For a complete list of the 45 cold calling companies please click on below link:

Cold Callers October 2019

The 7 new company names added to the report are:

Please note that the calls might be “cold” for you, but these are certainly not random calls when the person on the other end of the line knows perfectly well what you own, where you own and how much you paid for this!

These private and personal details are not open to the public, there are no registers these companies can access and take out names and contact details, it is just not true!

Your personal details are protected by the Data Protection Law, and any cold calling company is not complying with this law to start.

The fact these plausible people on the line have all your details, should not create a sense of “trust”, it should be the complete contrary and alarm bells should be ringing immediately!

If you receive cold calls about your timeshare or holiday ownership, do let us know.


Customer Care

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VRC Claims or Viking Real Estates and Consultant, offering claims and relinquishments.

The company Viking Real Estate and Consultant is one of the latest claims/relinquishment companies that have been brought to our attention.

Viking Real Estate and Consultant is based in Tenerife.

The initial contact is made with a lady called Melanie Hill who presents herself as the company consultant.

Melanie explains the consumer about the possibility to claim back the money paid to the timeshare resort and she follows this up with an email including a draft of the agreement the consumer would enter.

The agreement seems to be for what they call “legal consultancy services” where the consultant (Viking Real estates) will provide advice about a relinquishment or claim.

In this agreement, there is no mention of any lawyer or legal company with a full name and registration number.

Although it mentions that this consultancy agreement includes “Filing of Demands” it appears to be strange that the client would not know which lawyer would be representing them.

The agreement is made out in the name of Viking Real Estates and Consultant, which as the name already indicates you would expect to be a registered real estate company, not a legal company. But checking the Spanish Companies House, this company is registered with activity: Food services.

Upon signing this agreement the consumer is expected to pay a 49.45% over the amount that will be claimed.

Contact details from Melanie at Viking Real Estates are her email: melanie@vrcclaims.com

And telephone numbers: +34 922945126 or 0203 0265 738

The strange thing is that the kindly refers to the company website www.vikingrealestaes.es

But this website has not been built yet and the domain was registered at the beginning of September 2019.

If you look at the website www.vrcclaim.com there is more information about the supposed relinquishment and claims services, but again the website has not been finished and a lot of text is missing.


Seen the above it seems rather strange that the company states on their website that they have done already 587 successful claims…

If Viking Real Estates and Consultant or VRC Claims have approached you with their offer for claims and relinquishment services, please do let us know.


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Timeshare Termination Team UK offering relinquishment services

Another cold caller has been brought to our attention this week, this one by the name of Timeshare Termination Team UK.

This company is not to be mistaken with a company by the exact same name which has been doing business in the USA for years.

The one that is cold calling mainly UK consumers is Timeshare Termination Team UK with their website  timeshareterminationteam.co.uk

On the website, it is mentioned that Timeshare Termination Team is a trading style of Exit My Timeshare Group.

The website seems to be full of inconsistencies. They claim to have been around since 2014, but the web was registered in June 2019.

So far, they say they have terminated over 500 Timeshare contracts, and recovered over £600,000 in claims for their clients. Which seems an awful lot of money in only 4 months’ time.

In the different sections of the web, it looks like there is a lot of information, but we were unable to find, for example, a Companies House registration number for Timeshare Termination Team or Exit my Timeshare Group.

Contact details from the web are:
Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8PN

Email: info@timeshareterminationteam.co.uk
Telephone; 01872 308699

If Timeshare Termination Team UK has contacted you with their offer for relinquishment services, please let us have your feedback.


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