To claim or not to claim, CHAPTER 1, The cold calling Claims Company…

With so many “claims companies” around, it is difficult for consumers to separate the good ones from the bad or the genuine ones from the fake.

But obviously there are some signs that might indicate there could be something wrong…

First of all, we would say to always be very cautious with those companies doing cold calls. As explained in other posts, the call might be “cold” for you, but the telemarketer on the other end seems to know far much about you than you would wish for.

If a company does not take the Data Protection law very seriously, what kind of service and discretion can you expect from them onwards?

Second worrying sign is when the caller, (the telemarketer) seems to act as a “legal” professional and without seeing your paperwork and looking into your case, throws substantial amounts into the conversation which you can guaranteed get back through the court claim.

Some claims companies use third party companies for the initial contact. Check out the company’s website and if it purely states they are “appointment” makers, ask the caller who is going to be doing the claim. Full name and details of the actual claims company.

Appointment makers who cold call you and tell you that they can see straight away that you have grounds to claim should certainly not be taken serious!

The person calling you is a telemarketer who most probably gets paid on the basis of you agreeing to attend a meeting or receiving somebody at home. At no point this telemarketer has any legal qualification to “assess” your case in a 10-minute call and through a telephone line!

Statements such as we “have a 100%” success rate or “our lawyers only take on winning cases” are really not statements you expect to come from a genuine legal professionals and should make the alarm bells ring.

If the company that calls you has a website, check when this website was registered and also check if all information is in place on the web itself. Company House registration, full address, contact numbers, privacy police, terms and conditions, etc.

Companies with websites of recent registration that claim to have hundreds of successful cases and display numerous testimonials of happy consumers should really be looked at with caution.

If the company is registered at the Companies House, what have they registered as their business activity? We have seen so called claims or legal companies registered as “builders”, “Real Estates” and even “second hand car dealers”.

It might all sound very straightforward and logical. But we receive on a daily basis many inquiries from consumers who have been taken in by companies who act as described above.

Why would that be?

The most repeated phrase is, “she/he sounded very professional and had all my details”

Please don’t be taken in by a person who calls you out of the blue and knows all your timeshare whereabouts. Don’t just take this persons word for it when they say you can claim. They are paid to say this!

Do your homework, check the facts, check the company and don’t hesitate to ask us!


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To claim or not to claim….

Most timeshare owners are baffled by the avalanche of claims companies that have emerged in recent months in the Timeshare sector.

Mindtimeshare wants to shed light to the situation, because we see that many of the consumers are again deceived and given the uncertainty of the current situation this may lead to further deterioration of the timeshare owner’s situation.

We want to act with a sense of responsibility so as not to make the situation worse and in the light of recent examples of fraud in the field of claims.

Consumers need to know where they stand.

If they have a real possibility to make a successful claim against their timeshare company, and do this without being forced to take up any additional services with substantial payments upfront.

With the amount of (cold) calling companies and websites offering claims, most consumers cannot see the trees through the forest.

This creates a lot of stress, and not only are the consumers completely confused about the question if they can claim or not but they are also in the “dark” if the company they are talking to, is a genuine legal company and doing any claims at all!

How real are all these claims companies? Do we have a claim at all? What costs can we expect for legal assistance? How long will it take? Do we need to attend a meeting to discuss this? Do we need to relinquish first before the claim can be initiated?

Mindtimeshare wants to assist the consumers with all these doubts and help them to find the right answers.

Over the next days / weeks we will be posting different articles about the subject of Claims Companies and what you as a customer should be looking out for.

If you have any questions about a Claims Company that has contacted you, please do not hesitate to send us the details.


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Mindtimeshare Activity Report and Cold Callers for the year 2017

The Mindtimeshare Customer Care Department has kept up their daily activity in the year 2017 compared to 2016.

The amount of visitors of the blog is slightly less but still shows a total of 83.000 visitors throughout the year with 256.000 page views. The blog has over 2000 active followers.

124 blog articles were posted on the blog.

One of our most popular publications is the monthly Cold Caller List. A publication of company names, provided to us throughout the month by consumers who have been cold called, and who kindly outline to us the nature of the call, the company details, and the offers made.

For a complete report of all the cold callers of the year 2017 please click on the link: Mindtimeshare Cold Callers Year 2017

The total amount of companies on the list is 267.

From the 267 companies, 170 company names were added in the year 2017; the other 97 companies were already active before the year started.

It should be taken into account that often behind a cold caller there are other companies who are the ones taking the money from the consumer, named in the agreements the consumer sign, etc. They are not the “cold callers” but obviously they should be considered as part of the dubious set up.

The nature of business of the cold callers can be divided by the following activities:

Once again it is the Claims companies and Mediation Companies that are in the lead. Many of them offering claims that actually never take place at all.

Where the consumer is offered a no win no fee claim, most of the times it actually entails a large fee to relinquish the timeshare or even the purchase of another product. These no win no fee claims are usually the enticer, the promise of large sums to be returned, but then it turns out it is a claim under the Credit consumer Act 1974.

We thank all consumers who throughout the year have taken the time to inform us about all the cold calls received, and send us the relevant information about these companies.

Customer Care


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Who got the cold call from Centaurus Mediations?

New Year, new names. Cold caller Centaurus Mediations was brought to our attention last week.

This company is approaching Timeshare consumers with offers to claim against their resort.

Centaurus Mediations invites consumers to attend a meeting in Tenerife to discuss the claim, and all the consumer needs to do is pay for flights, as the company will cover the hotel costs.

In their follow up email they actually mention relinquishments of timeshares as the “main priority” of the consumers who visit their offices.

In the initial (cold) call from Centaurus Mediations the consumer is assured they have an 80% success rate in their claims.

On their website offers an overview of their 2017 figures which show over 300 mediations and 97 successful claims.

All very impressive numbers if it wasn’t for the fact the company was only registered 2 months ago on the 30th of October 2017 and a week later they registered the website.

The company is registered as a company with Real Estate activity, and there is no mention on their web who the actual legal professionals are who would do the claims.

Contact details of Centaurus Mediations are:

Address: 237/3 Royal Palm, Calle Santa Rosa 1, Arona, Tenerife, Canarias

Telephone: +34922927643


As with all cold callers, we always recommend caution when taking up offers from companies calling just out of the blue and who seem to know a lot more about you than you about them!

If you already received the telephone call from Centaurus Mediations 0034 922 927643 and was invited to Tenerife, please let us have your feedback.

You can write to us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on this blog.

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Timeshare Cold Callers December 2017

Dear All,

First of all, Happy New Year to all our followers and readers of our blog!

We have prepared the last cold caller list of 2017, the one that corresponds to the month of December 2017.

In spite of all the holidays, the month of December still gave is 49 active cold calling companies of which 11 company names are new ones.

For a complete list of the 49 cold calling companies please click on the PDF:

Cold Callers December 2017

What we have seen happening more and more over the past months is that cold callers are starting to use names of real and genuine companies. In reality they don’t have anything to do with the real company. But if the consumer tries to do some research they find a registered company and may think all is in order.

PLEASE NOTE that this is not always the case, so apart from just checking if a company is registered, you should also compare the contact details!

In case of doubt, contact us and we can do the research for you.

The 11 new companies added to the list in December are:

  • Accor Maroc
  • Advice Law Firm Maroc
  • Britanica Consumer Consultancy (FAKE)
  • CCSL Paralegals & Client Contract Services
  • Centaurus Mediations
  • Collins Harper
  • Cooper Burgess International
  • JD Hicks
  • JW Hinks (FAKE)
  • Language Service and Solutions (LSS)
  • Ministry of Justice

If you are approached on a cold call with whatever service or offer related to your holiday ownership or frauds you suffered in the past, please let us know.

Although you may not fall for the scam, your information will be important for us and for all the other consumers that are approached by the same companies and think it is a genuine offer.

Together we can continue the fight against all these dubious companies!

Customer Care

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The returning dubious cold calls from Collaborative Returns

Sometimes we get an inquiry about a cold calling company, but then we don’t receive any other inquiries and we leave the company for what it is. They enter that month on the cold caller list, but afterwards they seem to “vanish”.

Every now and then, you do get companies mentioned, who’s cold calls seem to happen with gaps of several months of in-activity.

Collaborative Returns is one of those companies. Mentioned for the first time around 2 years ago, and all of the sudden again in the spotlight this week.

Collaborative Returns are cold callers, and the person calling on their behalf, seems to know all about previous scams the consumer has suffered.

The agent from Collaborative Returns states they can check on the companies who scammed the consumer, and if the police have closed down these companies, they can claim back the money, which the consumer lost.

Collaborative Returns works on a ‘No win No fee’ basis, and they only charge a 10% over the claimed money when paid out.

But the story is of course not as straightforward as it sounds….

Once the consumer has submitted copies of all payment receipts and agreed for Collaborative Returns to claim this back, an “un-expected” charge comes up.

Collaborative Returns states to the consumer that they have settled the case.

The sum they say to have reclaimed through the courts in Spain is equivalent to over £50,000 but before the consumer can receive the money he will have to pay taxes in Spain which amount to over £8,000.

Collaborative returns explains that once the consumer pays this tax, he will receive a certificate that allows him to reclaim the tax as a non resident of Spain and the money will be credited to my bank.

And that brings us back to yet again a cold caller, who knows far too much about the scams the consumer suffered, and is asking for money upfront that makes no sense, no documented evidence…nothing.

So far Collaborative Returns has used the telephone numbers (+34) 04604376446 which is a Spanish mobile and UK number 01604 300032

Email and

This company is NOT registered at any companies’ house, not in Spain nor UK.

If you received a call from Collaborative Returns please do let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on this blog.

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Britanica Consumer Consultancy, another company with money waiting to be paid out…

Incredible how much money there must be blocked in spanish bank accounts to be paid out to consumers, if we believe all the strange cold calls received over the years.

We now have a new company Britanica Consumer Consultancy, who yet again, without any previous knowledge of the consumer, has been claiming through the courts and managed to get money awarded.

Britanica Consumer Consultancy with an address at 130, Old Street London, EC1V 9BD cold call the consumer and tell them over the phone that they have £65,000 waiting for them from Spain.

Although they say the money has been awarded already, so we assume the “judge” ruled in favour of the consumer after going through the case…BCC says the payment of the awarded money can only be done after all the paperwork is duly translated.

There is though a translation fee of £2,500 as there are about 55 pages to be translated.

But who would not pay £2,500 if it is to get £65,000 back?

On top of this, Britanica Consumer Consultancy explains to the consumer that they need the money urgently so that the translator can get to work and he will get my money before Christmas.

Britanica Consumer Consultancy telephone number is 0207 100 9649 and their email is

Please note that there is no such thing as court cases done on behalf of consumers without the consumer knowing and without the consumer providing the official paperwork to appoint a legal representative who can act on his behalf.

Translating paperwork is done PRIOR to the case, not afterwards.

A court ruling from a Spanish court is obviously in Spanish, but it is up to the legal representative of the client and the client himself if they want to have it all translated and by whom.

If Britanica Consumer Consultancy has approached you from 02071009649 with an urgent payment request for translations…please don’t pay them a penny and do let us know.

You can write to us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on the blog.

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