Is u een verkoop aangeboden van uw timesharing door Services Juridico Reservations?

Een nieuw verdacht verkoop/aankoop bedrijf “Services Juridico Reservations” is begonnen met ongevraagde belletjes naar Timesharing eigenaars, en zeggen dat zij een koper hebben voor hun lidmaatschap.

De heer Serge BONAVENTURE en nadien per email mevrouw Jeanne BONFILS, dringen erop aan dat zij een koper hebben die bereid is een flinke som geld neer te leggen voor het lidmaatschap.

Zij zeggen dat de consument zeer zeker niet hoeft te twijfelen want alles wordt correct en veilig in orde gemaakt.

Het verkoop bedrijf Services Juridico Reservations heeft hun kantoor in Marrakech.

Maar de consument hoeft niet naar Marrakech te komen, alles kan worden afgehandeld via mail en telefoon.

Het enige wat de consument moet regelen is om alle documenten van het lidmaatschap op te sturen naar Services Juridico Reservations. Ook is er een belasting toeslag die betaald moet worden wat een percentage is dat over de verkoop prijs wordt berekent.

Omdat de klanten die willen kopen zeer zeker zo een 25.000 euro gaan betalen voor het lidmaatschap, is deze belasting 2500 euro’s voor de timeshare eigenaar.

Contact gegevens voor Services Juridico Reservations zijn een telefoon nummer: +212 609 158 457 en een email adres; services.juridicoreservations70@gmail.comDat is dus een Gmail account wat in iedereen dus gewoon gratis aan kan maken.

Heeft u al gesproken met Serge Bonaventure of Jeanne Bonfils van Services Juridico Reservations in Marrakech?  Neem dan contact met ons op.

U kunt on bereiken via het CONTACT formulier of door middel van een commentaar onder dit blog.



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Have you been offered a sale of your timeshare by Services Juridico Reservations?

A new dubious sales / purchase company “Services Juridico Reservations” has started cold calls to Timeshare owners, and say they have a buyer for their membership.

Mr Serge BONAVENTURE and then by email Ms Jeanne BONFILS, insist that they have a buyer who is prepared to deposit a considerable amount of money for the membership.

They say that the consumer certainly does not have to doubt because everything will be processed correctly and safely.

The sales company Services Juridico Reservations has their office in Marrakech.

But the consumer does not have to travel all the way to Marrakech; everything can be handled via mail and telephone.

The only thing the consumer has to arrange is to send all related documents of the membership to Services Juridico Reservations and pay a tax surcharge that is calculated on the sale price.

Because the buyers will certainly pay around 25,000 euro for the membership, this tax is 2500 euros for the timeshare owner.

Contact details for Services Juridico Reservations are a telephone number: +212 609 158 457 and an email address;  This is a Gmail account, which can be set up for free by anybody.

Have you already spoken to Serge Bonaventure or Jeanne Bonfils of  Services Juridico Reservations in Marrakech? If you have, please contact us.

You can reach us via the CONTACT form or by placing of a comment under this blog.



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Anybody heard from Reclaims Yard?

New cold caller, and as most of them lately, yet again a company offering claims and compensation…

The company Reclaims Yard cold calls consumers who have bought into a dubious Holiday club in the past or were defrauded by a bogus resale company.

The caller whose name is Bob Cosgrove explains the consumer the money is already reserved to be paid out to them.

Even if the Consumer doesn’t have any paperwork from the purchase, Reclaims Yard says that this does not matter and that they are dealing with all compensation payments no matter the documentation.

They reassure the consumer that no money is expected from them and the consumer will be paid by cheque and they get paid direct from a fund.

Surprisingly the company seems to be a registered company.

But Companies House records show that Reclaims Yard Ltd is a building company and their profile is “Architectural Activities”, nothing to do with claims!

We are afraid the real Reclaims Yard has no idea these people are using their name…

The email address they use is also a sign of something not quiet right as this is one of the free email providers many dubious companies us:

Telephone number from Reclaims Yard: 0115 8242 356

If you received a call from Bob Cosgrove or anybody working at Reclaims Yard wanting to send you thousands of pounds in a cheque, please do let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on the blog.












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Timeshare Cold Callers July 2018

Dear All,

Welcome to the month of August 2018

We have elaborated a new list of all actively cold calling companies in the month of July 2018.

There are 53 names on the list of which 10 names are completely new.

Surprisingly we also had entries of companies that seemed to have disappeared some time ago such as European Central Notary or Ministry of Justice who all of the sudden have started again their annoying calls.

For a complete list of the 53 companies names go to the link below:

Mindtimeshare Cold callers July 18

The 10 new names mentioned throughout the month are:

  • Apollo Travel
  • Ashton Group – Ashton Agency
  • Campany Travel Atlas
  • Carlos Igraim Procurador
  • CLC BS Intergroup
  • Procuradores Alexander Bowross
  • Procuradores Igraim
  • Procuradores Golmerz
  • Procurador Ramon Josardo Golmerz
  • Spice Morgan Associates

Please always be on guard when receiving an unsolicited call from companies who seem to know all about you, your timeshare or your unfortunate dealings with fraudulent companies in the past.

Thanks as always to all the consumers who took the time to send us all the information about these cold callers.

Customer Care

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Has Martinez Notarias contacted you already?

A new cold caller by the name of Martinez Notarias has been brought to our attention.

A lady called Victoria Holmes cold calls timeshare consumers who have been dealing with other dubious companies in the past such as Ramirez & Ramirez.

She knows exactly what the consumers paid to these companies and how they paid.

Victoria Holmes from Martinez Notarias claims she can recover the money for the consumers and on top a substantial compensation as well.

After the initial conversation she sends the consumer an email asking them to complete a ‘Non Spanish residents tax exemption form‘ that they should then fax (not post) back to her.

The form she sends is actually a copy taken from the Internet for the refund of VAT paid by non-residents in Spain. Nothing to do with any Court claim or compensation pay out.

But it looks official and this confuses the innocent consumers.

Victoria is emailing from the following address a Gmail account with no domain attached, no web, no nothing!

Telephone numbers used for Martinez Notarias:

(+34) 603208693 and Fax: 070 1197 2107

Please note this is a SCAM!

There is no such thing as money recovered out of the blue, and notaries contacting you asking where you want the 20k!

If you also received a call from Victoria Holmes acting on behalf of the fake Martinez Notarias, please send us the information.

You can reach us through the CONTACT form or by placing a comment on this blog


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Procuradores Igraim, the fake attorney from Tenerife

Another new name on the never-ending list of fake lawyers and attorneys in Tenerife.

This time it is a so called attorney office in the name of Procuradores Igraim, named after the supposed attorney Carlos Rihom Igraim.

With over 40 years of successful handling court cases in Tenerife, it seems surprising this name was never heard before.

A website, with a more “modern” touch than all the others of this same set up explains the offices were opened in 1973, that is 40 years of experience.

In the text it actually mentions 60 years of experience, which means this man is at least 80 years old!

Office address:

Calle Yamun 23, Edif. Ifuami, Oficina 328D, Santa Cruz, 38009, Tenerife

Strange enough, they don’t seem to have telephone… 

Mr. Carlos Igraim comes into action once a Consumer has been dealing with another fake office called Legalidad or Legalidades.

Carlos Igraim is the title holder of the bank account where they kindly ask the consumer to pay the fees when joining a No win No fee claim.

Please note that the above are all fake offices, they are not lawyer, they are not Attorneys and any money send to this set up of associated offices will be very difficult to recover!

If Carlos Rihom Igraim or Procuradores Igraim has been in contact with you already, we would like to know.

Please contact us through the CONTACT-FORM or place a comment on the blog.



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Have you received cold calls from Campany Travel Atlas for a timeshare resale?

This alert goes out for a company called Campany Travel Atlas which is a timeshare resale company, based in Marrakech and with a very familiar pitch.

Campany Travel Atlas contacts consumers mainly in France and Belgium and offers to buy their timeshare. In order to sell the timeshare, the owner must go to Marrakech and attend a meeting with an alleged buyer.

They explain to the consumers that there is already an agreed sale price and the price is surprisingly high for the sole purpose of convincing the consumer of the good deal.

Telephone number 00212 693 400 654


Web :

Please note that companies that cold call you, obviously got your contact information and membership details through an illegal source and when they offer a guaranteed resale requesting you to travel to another country and pay upfront fees … they are not trustworthy!

Have you been contacted by Campany Travel atlas with the number 00212 693400654? Please, let us know.


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