The image of Gran Canaria badly damaged on the German Television

The second mayor TV Station in Germany, the ZDF, went to Gran Canaria for their holiday program called “Hello Germany” to film all things that can go wrong on your Holidays to the island.

Among these “holiday nightmares” they included a documental about the dubious holiday club, which is commercialized at the Club Puerto Atlantico in Arguineguín- Mogan, Gran Canaria.

Click here to see original video extract:

Those who are frequent visitors from the blog of the Mindtimeshare Association are perfectly aware that this is not the first time this holiday complex and especially the holiday products sold inside, are reported by the media.

In order to be able to see what really happens inside, the German television cannel provided a camera to a couple of German tourists.

These tourists were then approached by an OPC with a scratch card on the Beach promenade of the Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria.

The OPC handed a scratch card to each one of them and of course (no surprise) they won the main prize of the day. In order to pick up this prize, the OPC explained to the couple they had to go and pick this up but as from that moment they would be treated as VIP Guests. And they were popped into a taxi to the hotel Club Puerto Atlántico.

After 3 and a half hours of strenuous walks in the hotel grounds and a visit to a luxury equipped suite, and never ending explanations about the reasons why they should decide “HERE and NOW” they were presented with the purchase of the Holiday package. An unkind employee finally dismissed them, because they were not willing to spend this amount of several thousand euros.

Therefore, the star prize of the day was not given to the couple and neither did they receive any “VIP treatment”. The contrary because when they didn’t buy they actually received an aggressive treatment.

As they discovered later on, the free holiday week the couple of tourists received as their prize could only be submitted and used if they would have bought into the holiday package.

Afterwards the couple of German tourists informed the German television that obviously it was not a visit to a hotel as stated, but purely a sales event of dubious nature, and the fact that the tone of the sales representative became increasingly aggressive when the purchase was rejected.

The team of reporters then tried to get a statement at the hotel, but was not received. In an attempt to speak to one of the sales representatives, who left the hotel, the situation becomes even violent and the journalist is threatened by this man who tries to hit him and break the camera.

After the hotel refused to meet reporters, the German reporters addressed them in writing. They replied by fax to the questions made by the German TV Channel and point out the following: “The number of consumers who want to cancel the agreement after signing it is a private matter and we can not comment,” and also: “We do not exert any pressure on consumers to make them sign the agreement. ”

What else has to happen for the Spanish authorities to take action once and for all?



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6 Responses to The image of Gran Canaria badly damaged on the German Television

  1. June says:

    I had a call today from CRYSTAL MARKETING. They were offering me a claim against Beverly Hills Club Tenerife on a no win no fee basis. I put the phone down

  2. Iain says:

    I’ve said this many a time the European Parliament needs to take a lead here and outlaw all approaches by OPCs and these dubious companies, having been caught out I’ll never ever go back to Tenerife which is a shame as I love the place, but I know I’d end up taking the law into my own hands if I was anywhere near the Flamingo Hotel!!

  3. Dave says:

    So it must not be illegal for them to still be operating? The authorities would have shut these down along with their legal firm CLA if it was illegal – surely? Didn’t mindtimeshare lead an investigation that has been dropped against them as well – so how are they getting away with it?

    • Hi Dave,
      Your guess is as good as ours about why they are getting away with this. We do think it is illegal and we are still waiting for the outcome of what the authorities decide. But certainly it is not ethical en leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the tourists who all claim they won’t come back!
      Customer Care

  4. Jean says:

    I cannot believe this is still happening. i thought the place had been shut down after the arrest of some of the major players Eugene Kaiser for example.

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