Aegis Direct, the claims company which was selling holiday accommodation before.

One of the most active cold callers at the moment is a company called Aegis Direct. Not always are they using the name of Aegis Direct on the first call, it can also be Marketing Solutions Group.  But straight after the first call the consumer starts talking to Aegis Direct.

Aegis Direct offers cancellations of timeshare memberships with a refund claim which will be done by their “legal partners”.

For this service they ask around the 10.000 Pounds.

In order to explain the services to the consumer they arrange for a zoom meeting, and if the consumer is interested a deposit of 1000/1500 pounds is taken straight over the telephone.

Consumers commented that the people on the call are very knowledgeable and the calls can take a couple of hours. By taking the deposit straight there and then it does mean it doesn’t leave the consumer with much time to do any further research of verification of all the facts they were given during the call.

One of the things that caught our attention with Aegis Direct is that they seem to target the people who previously dealt with companies such as Planet Sunlight, Claim your claim, Debenesse, Poplis, Pantare, etc.

A dubious group of compnaies offering claims to consumers, who had to travel to Tenerife to discuss their claim but who ended up after hours and hours of meeting, signing for accommodation agreements and paying close to 10.000 Pounds.

This group disappeared a couple of years ago, leaving behind a large group of consumers who only then realized their money was gone. (Read what happened:

With a bit of research, we found that Aegis Direct is registered at the Spanish Companies House. And they have been since April 2019. But surprisingly they didn’t start with the name of Aegis Direct, but it was Poplis AZ. This was one of the companies mentioned above who disappeared and never delivered the services to all the consumers travelling to Tenerife for a claim.

And now we have Aegis Direct, offering claims.

Another detail of the company’s house registration is the nature of their activities, or “sector” of their business. This is registered as PRODUCTOS / ACTIVIDADES DE OCIO / PELÍCULAS. This means, Products, Leisure activities and Movies.

Not really an activity you expect from a company offering claims and timeshare disposals.

Going back to the services offered, the agreement received by the consumers, states clearly that the services are for “nullification of timeshare membership”.

Nullification obviously means cancellation or disposal.

Although in the paperwork there is a mention about a possible claim through a third-party legal company, there is no guarantee at all there will be a claim.

A resume is included of all the money paid by the consumer to the different holiday clubs/resorts and dates on which they paid. This document is called the Owners Purchase Timeline and in bold they state clearly there is no guarantee and work will be undertaken on a speculative basis. If the claim is successful, and paid out to the consumer, there will be a charge of 25% plus VAT over the awarded money for the legal partners in the 7 days of receipt of the refunded.

This might sound very re-assuring and creates the sense of not taking any risk, after all if you don’t get a refund you don’t pay the legal partners. But please don’t forget you already paid around 10k upfront!

And paying all that money for a simple “nullification” (relinquishment) seems rather expensive.

Obviously, the consumer is the one to decide but reading through an agreement and checking on everything that the agreement commits to and what not, might be recommendable before paying.

If you have been in contact with Aegis Direct and want to share your feedback with us, please let us know.

You can reach us at:



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2 Responses to Aegis Direct, the claims company which was selling holiday accommodation before.

  1. Tina says:

    This firm are a bunch of cro*** and something needs to be done about it , we have lost a lot of money , and we are ******* for them !

  2. Rob says:

    Aegis are a sc** company tied up with Claim Solutions Group. They took over £1000 from me for nothing

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