Have you been cold called by Averglade from Torremolinos?


Important note!! 

Please note that in some forums “Averglade” is erroneously named as “Everglade Law”

The company Averglade is a name that has been mentioned numerous time over the past week, and it seems they are on an active cold call campaign.

In their telephone calls the agent from Averglade claims to be a “para legal” person.  Averglade is contacting Timeshare owners, who have been victim of different companies, and they seem to hold all the information about this, and against whom they have won a “huge” court case.

The offer from Averglade is that if the Timeshare owner pays €1000 for the solicitors fees, they make sure he is paid out a compensation from the funds awarded in this court case. They go as far as guaranteeing the Timeshare owner that he will receive all the money back he has ever paid out to the Timeshare companies and all this within 21 days!

They are even as “helpful” to say that if he pays by credit card, if something goes wrong the money can be claimed back under the Consumer Credit Act.

The whole story becomes even stranger if you actually visit the website of Averglade www.averglade.com

On this website there is no mention at all about legal staff or court cases…NO! They present themselves as a Claims Company who specializes in Consumer Act claims! So how does this work then? They take money for solicitor costs and then when the Timeshare owner realizes the story wasn’t true, he can use Averglade again but to claim back the money?


Contact details for Averglade are 0034 958 405130 and email admin@averglade.com

* Contact details seem to have changed and are now info@averglade.com   Their address has changed from Torremolinos to Averglade, Buzon No 8, Local 4, 29004 Malaga, Spain

From telephone conversations they mentioned they are based in Torremolinos. No address or any company identification or registration is available on their web though.

Seen the above total lack of information on the web and contradictive information on the cold call, plus a request of a payment…we certainly feel this company should be handled with extreme caution.

If you have been contacted by Averglade from 958405130 in Torremolinos or Malaga, then please let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing: customercare@mindtimeshare.com
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24 Responses to Have you been cold called by Averglade from Torremolinos?

  1. Linda says:

    I had a phone call from a Richard Sellen from Enterprise formerly aver glade, claiming me and my husband had £29,000 to claim back. Said he was going to court the next day to sort it out and that the tax payable would be taken out of the £29,000. And said he would call the next day, as I said we need time to think. He didn’t call the next day but he did the following, saying he had been in court all day and for us to get the refund we would have to pay £1,500 up front, gave me all the bank details, the directors name etc etc. But after reading all these comments I think we will steer clear, I did already have a gut feeling that it didn’t seem above board. But you have all confirmed what my suspicions were, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  2. mrs m says:

    I was contacted by a notary who tried to get me £1600 to get me a temp Spanish NI so that he could send me £16700 that I was due from several timeshare companies.Luckily I checked this site . HE WAS HORRIBLY PERSISTANT. I cannot disconnect my phone as I have a helpcall

  3. S & T says:

    dec2013 i was contacted by averglade with an absolute promise that they would send me info on all companies that we had previously promised to get returns on our timeshare which we no longer own as we gave it back to wimpey homes hopefully to avoid further harassment from scam companies i sent them 1000 euros and received templates relating to my payments and sent them to my bank just one payment was made by the bank and i heard despite tel. no response from them until nov/ 2014 and they are now back on the case i told them to go away and not to call me again as i would be taking further action against be more careful than we have been

  4. Phil says:

    I was called this morning by a Rebecca Smythe of Averglade Solicitors offering me the money back from the company who sold me ‘Sapphire’ Club Class Membership in 2009.

    I informed her I was wary of engaging in this type of activity because I knew there were many scams out there and what guarantee I had of knowing that her company was not among the scammers. She became a bit agitated at this suggestion and claimed her company is sound and they record all their phone calls – as if that is an endorsement of their worthiness!

    I then asked her how much I am expected to pay up front to participate in this exercise. Her response was that it depended on how much money I was claiming. I then told her, due to the vagueness and questionable purpose, I would not be taking her offer any further. At that point she became very aggressive and, before putting the phone down on me, called me a jumped-up Jock. I am Scottish after all!

    I am of a mind to contact her company, since they record all calls, and ask them to play back the recording of the telephone conversation.,

    Philip McMahon

  5. helen says:

    My parents have been contacted and have payed 445€. I am now contacting the credit card company to try and stop payment.they have been sent paper work. But I am getting no answer from on phone!! I am very angry that people can con pensioners out off there money!!

  6. Dave says:

    Hi, i also have been contacted today promising i will get all my money back that i was tricked out of by blue chip SL. if i paid them 995 euros but it had to be paid up front. I may have been a fool once but you wont get me twice. I told Karen Stanton to phone back in the morning – just so i had time to check them out. She wouldnt leave her phone number and insisted it was to save my phone bill, that made me suspicious. Glad i have had the chance to find your site. Everyone stay well clear of these evil vultures. Im wondering if she will call back! what do you think?

  7. IAN. says:

    I was contacted by a Rebecca Smyth from Averglade saying they could get monies I had paid to Blue Chip by means of a scam,. She gave my details of the credit used at the time and said the monies were held by the court, and the monies would be paid back to my card minus £750 solicitors fees,I thanked her and she said she ring me later. As soon as she put the phone down I rang my bank and informed them to cancel my credit card and informed them of the reason.I wonder wonder what she will say if she rings again.

    • Sandra says:

      I have just put the phone down after a call from Rebecca Smythe, exactly as described above, the only difference being the name of the company who scammed me in the first place. I told her I needed some time to think about it and she is supposed to be calling me back tomorrow. Thank you so much to this site and all the comments as it has confirmed what I suspected – just another low-life set of people trying to con people who have already been conned in the past. (They must think that makes us easy targets)

  8. Ruth says:

    We were contacted by aver glade, please don’t touch them, if they ring you put the phone down, they took. Money from our account without our permission, nothing but the **** of the earth, please be very careful,

  9. Mike says:

    Hi I have received a phone call this week one of many informing me that I have £1500 waiting for me to claim but only if I send £800 up front this has happened to me on several occasions but I’m not falling for this crap anymore so would advice everyone to do the same and tell this firm to get lost

  10. Mike says:

    i have been contacted by averglade numerous times they say they have already been paid but thay need 800 plus more to pay the barristers in spain when I asked for the phone number to the barrister I was asked if I could speak to them in spainish when I proved I could by talking to him in Spanish he hung up don’t trust these people mike united kingdom

  11. Sean says:

    Contacted today by Olivia White from Averglade saying we can claim back money paid to Excaliber marketing.after informing me they would like a one of payment of £822 I said I would contact my bank to verify what she had told me about the 1974 consumer credit act under section 75.She said I will get the bank to contact you with details I have passed on to them. Within two minutes I received a. All from Oscar Newman who claims to be from the Visa / MasterCard dispute menegement team ( Visa / MasterCard are two seperate companies). I challenged mr Newman by saying I will contact my bank and ask to be connected to you and we can carry on this conversation. With this Oscar Newman hung up!!

  12. HL says:

    Called by them stating we can claim back miss sold time share/holiday fees where we have been paid fees back till 2008 if used a credit card. I recognise the ladys voice from similar cold call a few years ago! Im not entertaining the idea!

  13. Mike says:

    I was contacted this morning……..same old story….when I told him I’d been repaid by my credit card people he hung up!!

  14. Denis says:

    yes we also have been contacted by this company by Alison .She informed us that she could get our money back from Connect Travel.She also informed us that we could get our money back in
    8 weeks. But we had pay 995 euros up front this was for there lawyers to carry out the works. I told her that I needed to check out there company . so glad I checked out your website it will save money ,I know no want to say when she rings back next week.

  15. Ann says:

    We’ve been contacted by Phillip Green from Averglade last week and I asked him to phone back when my husband was in so I could check it out; so glad I did; so when he is phones back I now have a good idea of what to say to him

  16. steve says:

    Just to let you know I was called today by Duncan Moore of Averglades who even states that Alberto is a crook and was put in Jail.


  17. anthony says:

    I have been contacted by a Mr Jacobs working for Averglade law, who states he can claim money back for me that i paid to Connect 6, and blue chip. this to me seems like another scam, they always seem to know my credit card number which makes me think they are all the same people using different names, Half moon holdings,Holiday rentals,etc.I’m an honest person who trusted other people, not any more.Trust no one.

  18. Mel says:

    Contacted this morning by a Mr Cohen from Averglade. A very short tempered man and sensitive to any intimation that he may not be legitimate. Had to cut him off as he was getting very irate said he was a solicitor, “don’t think so”

  19. Chris says:

    I’ve received 3 extended phone calls from someone called Sarah at Averglade today. Same sort of scam as others listed above I think! She seems to know a lot about problems I’ve had with Blue ChipSL and by dint of lots of “chatting” gleaned other info about the said company scam. money promised but as I’ve been diddled twice before I was extremely skeptical. I asked for paperwork to be posted out first but was told that they didn’t do that but would email me a basic invoice for 990 euros. Still awaiting the email so started trawling the web for info on the company. Found this site and have decided not to touch them with the proverbial bargepole.!!

  20. barbara says:

    my parents have just been sc***** by this company, they are trying get their money back from their credit cards. has anyone had any moneys from ” Averglade”. My parents were told that the individuals involved in selling their “blue chip sl time share” were in prison and Averglade had all the info and would help my parent to get the moneys they had payed. we need help please, i have two parents at their wits end………

  21. Karen says:

    Yes we have been contacted by these people! Martin Howard is a
    persistent man!

    He said money was held in a court in Malaga for compensation for our
    Full Circle Holiday club compensation.

    I told him how I thought the ‘sc**’ would unfold. He said I was calling
    him a criminal and he wouldn’t waste any more breath on me! Phew

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