The European Claims Centre, just another name for ITRA!

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Yes, we have once more a new name, and a brand new website for a supposed “new” company called The European Claims Centre (ECC). This once more turns out to be ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action.

We cannot ask too many times why this constant change of names and brands, when in reality the consumers keep on ending up in the same meetings with the same pitches at the same places.

If ITRA were really such a successful and straightforward organisation, why on earth would they not want to use the name of this brand when contacting consumers? Maybe they don’t like the matches on Google when searching for this name?

The European Claims Centre is based in Slough. Address: Churchill house,1 London road, Langley, BERKS, SL3 7FJ

On the website which was registered the 6th of February 2015, they claim as usual that they are “helping timeshare consumers”.

The logo used by the European Claims Centre is an eye catcher as this looks very familiar to the logo used by the ECC European Consumer Centre and could be interpreted as being a connected organisation, which obviously they are not!

If we are only looking at a name change and not an actual change in way of pitching and “helping” the timeshare consumers, we have no doubt that these meetings are once more not really focused on any action group or “help” for consumers.

The real reason to get a timeshare consumer at their Claims Centre is to offer their additional services to dispose of the timeshare at a cost around £6000

This service is often proposed to the consumer based on statements that their timeshare is in perpetuity or that although the resort has agreed with them already to a FREE relinquishment, the consumer should not believe the resort.

Surprisingly all consumers attending meetings at the claims centres from ITRA are qualified to do claims and actions against their resorts. They never seem to say no to anybody…

Our advice is certainly to be cautious when attending this meeting, and always double check these stated facts with your resort / timeshare company or independent solicitor BEFORE handing over any money or signing any paperwork.

If you have been invited to a meeting at the European Claims Centre in Slough we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog



About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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41 Responses to The European Claims Centre, just another name for ITRA!

  1. Owen says:

    Just returned from meeting with ECC at Slough where we signed a Client Contract Payment Schedule for £3480. They have original title deed but gave us photo copies.

    Expecting phone call tomorrow for initial payment and balance by bank transfer. This is to get shot of a Week timeshare with CLC for Canal time in UK. Having second thoughts about using their services. Should have researched earlier

    Any advice would be appreciated. Have spoken to RCI and cancelled our membership.

    Will try CLC in the morning to see what their response is

    • Derek says:

      Dear Owen
      Do hope you haven’t paid any more money to
      These people they are sharks
      Lots of phone calls but no results
      Relinquish you’re time through a solicitor
      May cost about 700 pounds
      This I have done myself. ..but I gave them no
      Money in the end.
      Not one person on here has been successful.

  2. GORDON says:

    HELLO, Went to meeting with ECC at Stirling Branch (Scotland). Claiming to get money back, from Spanish courts. Paid small deposit,but looking for over 5k for court fees, having second thoughts..

  3. Josh says:

    Has anyone actually had a successful claim?

    • Hi,

      Good question! So far we haven’t heard of any…

      kind regards

      Customer Care

    • Bob says:

      Well have had the follow up call from ECC, told them I was unsure about them, and that I couldn’t raise the £6,300 they wanted up front, was told she would speak to her manager and call me back the next day, that was 10 days ago, so me thinks they are sca*****

      • dean says:

        hi,bob i signed with ecc paid no money they want £5995,changed mind told them it was unaffordable to me they seemed fine asked me to put it in an email then 3 days later got a crappy email reminding me of the legally binding agreement,i have not been in contact since but have 4 missed calls and 2 voicemails the second of which is not so much a demand for money but was word more like “it would be a pity if you missed out on this opportunity”….seems more like an invitation than a threat ?,also offered me a reduced fee of £3995 but not with a 70/30 split no know a 60/40 split ?i will wait for a few more calls and see what transpires !

    • Derek says:

      Hi Josh
      Just don’t get involved with these people. .
      Don’t hand any money over.
      Relinquish you’re time share if you want out
      It’s the only way derek.

  4. Brenda says:

    Am still trying to get my paperwork back and finally got through to someone on the number on the website. Apparently they send all papers directly to Spain which we were unaware of and the lady on the reception desk that answered the phone in Spain (0800 058 8503) said she would try and locate our papers and phone me back. This is the first time that this has ever been mentioned and will not let is go.

  5. Brenda says:

    We attended a meeting with this company after being regularly being pestered by a lady called Rachel.

    We also signed paperwork which was not very professional and difficult to understand. They wanted £5700 to get us out of our contract with Macdonalds. Did not receive a reply to how many successful cases they have had but virtually pushed us out of the door after we signed the papers. Was concerned so sent them a recorded delivery letter cancelling and asking for the return of our papers. They have received our letter and signed for this but no papers. The lady from Slough phoned yesterday and stated we cannot cancel although she will speak with her legal team. Glad some people have their paperwork back and will have to put pressure on them.

    • Jean says:

      I feel that we all have a huge problem on our hands. Maybe we need to go to the TV and get some help. Surely if we all just pack in paying maintanance fees they would never be able to take us all to court. Would they ????

      • Derek says:

        Hi Jean
        Do hope you didn’t pay the money. .
        Did you give them your certificate. .?
        You will not get it back. ..
        Please go to your time share people
        Relinquish you’re time share with them
        This I have done with the AnfI group
        It costs nothing.

      • Brenda says:

        I think this organisation do not care about us owners at all.

  6. Bob says:

    Went to a meeting in Manchester yesterday, during which my wife noticed a Webcam, behind the guy giving get us the pitch, pointing at us, folowed a similar path to previous comments and wanted £6392, for legal fees, stating I had a £20.000 claim, and the fees are normally part of the award, and the Finance gets quashed, has anyone else had any success with getting out of these Timeshares

  7. James says:

    After seeing the advertisement on UK ITV we went to a meeting in Birmingham, checked out the UK company ECC was registered at companies House, we paid up to release our membership and gain compensation for mis-selling Fractional Points ownership, then all our documents were actually “Notarized” by a bonafide UK public notary, “Apositillised” by the UK government then sent to Spain for processing there. so far so good??
    After much detailed submission of all stages of our membership and finances with CLC we are advised a lawyer is now preparing our case for court. If advertising in UK is properly vetted by Trading Standards Authority, we should NOT be at risk, or should we prepare some case against TSA too? I will update this site if any good progress does occur.

  8. Colin says:

    Colin we went to a meeting to get our money back from our time share to day they wanted 8ooo up front for fees have signed forms but have not paid any money yet company name is European claims center

    • James says:

      We have just done the same at some old stable block conversion in chesterfield. they wanted £6660 off us to get out of Anfi.

      • PAUL says:


        I’ve attended a consultation today at a Dartford Office with someone representing The European Claims Chamber, which maybe the same/similar.
        I’d originally contacted The Time Share Advice Centre, as I want to exit my Diamond Resorts scheme. From the information I gave them they said I’d not only be able to exit the scheme, but also be due a claim, in light of The Supreme Court Ruling, see this link:
        At The European Claims Chamber consultation today I was told I had a claim worth £38,800, but I’d need to pay £7800 up front for legal costs and an affidavit, which I’d allegedly get back. For some reason I had alarm bells going off, so I didn’t part with any money or documents, in fact they didn’t even check who I said I was, even though I was asked to bring proof of ID, passport and current utility bill. On returning home I’ve been trying to find out if they’re legit or not, with no success so far. No FCA of Government Company Registration. Having spoken to Trading Standards, they put me onto Citizens Advice who gave me TATOC’s (The Timeshare Association for Timeshare Owners & Committees) contact number. I’ll be onto them tomorrow to see if/how I can exit my scheme, any compensation being a bonus. Hope this is of help, bottom line if you’ve been miss sold a timeshare be doubly sure you don’t get stung again trying to leave or sell

  9. Trish says:

    We are in the same position as Jack. We signed, have not paid any money as within two hours of leaving office, we cancelled in writing. So very concerned and worried it is making us ill. Hope Jack posts how he gets on and if he has been able to cancel.

    • Donna says:

      We have done same today , only did the homework after signing and leaving our documents , thankfully not paid! Did you get your documents back?

  10. Dave says:

    We went to chesterfield. Signed all the paperwork whilst there and were asked for £6000 for court fees. We were going to send them money until we read your comments. We were asked to leave all our certificates, receipts etc with them, which we did. Think we’ve made a big mistake?

    • anonymous says:

      What ever you do don’t hand over any money. They are ITRA – same director!!!

      Unfortunately didn’t do my homework until i came back but thank god i did !!

      We did exactly the same, left all our paperwork with them, signed the contract but did not hand over any money. They claimed that we had breached our contract and could not change our mind. Was worried sick as they had my paperwork which we needed.
      Sent them a very stern email stating i was seeking legal advice with regard to them holding on to our property and holding us to ransom !!!!
      My paperwork arrived a few days later.

      These are timeshare release sharks.

      • Karen says:

        HI – we went to ECC on Monday and signed a Client Service Contract but on returning home and after reading various reviews have decided not to go ahead with the contract . Haven’t handed any money over and have called this morning to cancel but they are insisting contract legal – how long did it take to get your paperwork back and how did you term your email?

      • Amy says:

        Hi , to be honest I put all my concerns that I had read over the internet and asked them directly about them ….. they didn’t reply so I sent an email threatening legal action if I didn’t receive my paperwork back as they were holding me to ransom with my documents . At this point they didn’t have copies of our passports so they couldn’t verify our identities legally. Don’t hand over a penny !!!!!
        They have recently been in touch apologising for the previous customer service behaviour and are wanting us to carry on with them. They claim they have 100% success rate and have won cases with club la Costa !!! My response is prove it !!!!!
        With regard to the legal contract you signed !!!! My advise is that it’s worth nothing !! Ironically they have never chased me about this contract …….. it’s worth nothing without the money
        Good luck getting your documents back ….. persevere and you will get them, they legally can’t keep them

      • Donna says:

        We are still awaiting our documents to be returned, ECC are just ignoring us …I will keep on at them and reading above will contact TATOC

      • Derek says:

        I did very much the same. .with the same results. .
        If you are with the anfi group. .you can relinquish your contract with no cost at all. ..
        It’s the only way forward. …all the best Derek.

  11. Helen says:

    Has anyone heard of the “consumer claims”? Are they best avoided as well!?

  12. Sandra says:

    Have been asked for an upfront fee of five thousand pounds not paid. But worried as they are now classed as european claims centre

  13. Peter says:

    Hi but do they get out you paying years you owe on the time share mine is forty odd years.
    They need five k help….

  14. steve says:

    who are theses companies what are the laws on timeshare in spain I’m so confused with it all and i don’t won’t its

  15. kevin says:

    Been having calls from timeshare release, all sounds good except you have to go to their office and they wont tell you what it would cost to get out of the contract untill they see you.Think i will pay the solicitor the £700 to get rid of this timeshare once and for all the legal way ( ref compo lol state of Spain’s economy you have no chance and prob same people who sold you it now on the claim game )

    • kevin says:

      The £700 is the cost of a uk solicitor they suggest i use in my location! its the only way to GET OUT OF the fee’s being passed onto my children! we signed in 1996 when wimpen was uk house builder WIMPEY we have only used the timeshare approx 5 times and the fee’s now exceed £400 a year so its got to go.Make you laugh when you think back to Esther on tv saying what a *** timeshare was just when we came back from signing.

      • Jim says:

        Hi Kevin, who is the ‘they’ who suggested the U.K. Solicitor? Have you managed to ditch the timeshare yet ?

  16. Mark says:

    Went to a meeting today, having been lured in by the telesales team who promised it was no-win, no-fee claim. The slimy sales guy then told me I was mistaken, persisted in shouting me down and had to get his boss in to back up their lies. He told me that it would be no trouble to get a recording of the call, but this has not been forthcoming. These guys are sharks and not that good at it either, stay away.

  17. David says:

    Just had a call from Sherlock Marketing wanting me to register in person in Spain before the end of September to be one of 30,000 then they will go to the Spanish courts and get a lawsuit against the timeshare industry, this is on a no win no fee basis, but if they win its 60/40% split. Does this sound familiar to anybody else?

  18. CT says:

    I have received e-mails from a Resolved Claims Ltd., Phone No. 01908 303655. Needless to say I have ignored these e-mails.

  19. Mickey says:

    What is the Timeshare Consumers Association doing being associated with theses guys?

  20. Dave says:

    Roger same company and from a link on the above website they are now working with Canarian Legal Alliance CLA

  21. ROGER says:

    Do you have any information, good or bad, about a company called “Timeshare Release”Any information would be very welcome Regards Roger

    • R B says:

      Yes – they are a bogus Company – wanting money up front -shisters all of them. Do not get involved.

      • Jack says:

        Hi we went to a meeting with ECC signed the papers as they said they can get our money back we paid and get it cancelled. But the want £8k upfront for court fees. But these are claimed back? It all sounds a bit too good to be true. We have signed but not paid yet.

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