VRE Travel or Vacation Rentals Europe on a cold call campaign!

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This week we have heard several times of cold calls received from VRE Travel.

Cold calls to timeshare consumers who are invited for a 3-day break in the UK including breakfast.

Although the agent of VRE Travel does not really supply a lot more information on the call, we thought that being it a cold caller we should investigate.

They have a website vretravel.com which was registered in the summer of 2015.

On the website they identify themselves as Vacation Rentals Europe SL, with address Avenida del Albir 73, Spain.

Contact number 0203 769 5351 and Email: info@vretravel.com

As mentioned before, cold callers are always to be handled with great caution.

No person or company should have your personal details without your prior consent. The fact you own timeshare or you purchased accommodation offers before, does not mean you are somewhere on a “public” register.

Before taking up any offers made on a cold call, make sure you get a copy of the terms and conditions and the details of what the offer consists of PRIOR to providing your credit card details!

If you received a call from 02037695351 belonging to VRE Travel – Vacation Rental Europe then please let us have your feedback.

For an updated article about VRE Travel please click on the following link http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1Pw

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18 Responses to VRE Travel or Vacation Rentals Europe on a cold call campaign!

  1. Andrew says:

    Just had a call from VRE Travel Services and so before she could start I asked it was another ‘con’, she said not it was about my entitlements as a DRI member, I immediately said just like the non existent bonus weeks, good morning there is no point in continuing with the call and hung up.

    It all sounded like the saga of Go Tenerife / Mohawk Marketing and other connected names of a year or two ago.


  2. Anthony says:

    I just had a call from a male who mumbled something about VRE Travel and tried to give me the usual spiel about why we hadn’t used the bonus holidays we were entitled to. I said it was because he was a sca**** and his company was a sc**. He didn’t seem to understand this so I asked him if he knew what F*** Off meant. After thinking about it for a while he seemed to remember what it meant and hung up.

  3. chris says:

    I’ve had regular calls from VRE for weeks and they are really getting on my nerves now. Free holiday offered in the uk, Hilton in Bournemouth I think it was, but only for 2 adults so we would have to pay extra for the kids. I wouldn’t commit to a date without my consulting with my wife, they said i would lose my week if i didn’t book now, but i could change the week to a different one if it didn’t suit. They then told me I had to pay a registration fee of £99 to book a slot, so i said no, what happened to it being free. They then tried to offer me a better price, I said no, Eventually the woman on the phone got stroppy and said my week would be deleted from the system and hung up on me. Guess what, I’ve had 3 phone calls from them since trying to sell me the same week. It may or may not be a scam, what it definitely is though, is a hard selling, pressure selling, bullying pain in the a**.

  4. Dave says:

    Had cold call today, 11/03/2017. Offering 3 holidays over the next 3 years for up to 5 persons, flights not included.. 7 nights self-catering per holiday in Europe or 3 or 4 nights in the UK. Only £399 up front. Dream on VREtravel. They’re calling back next week for my decision. I shall have fun wasting their time.

  5. evearoo says:

    Had a call from them saying they were honouring Lets Go Tenerife client holidays as the latter had gone under. Stupidly paid for one of those. Rather walk away than have to deal with any of these companies or their plain rude pushy salespeople. If its too good to be be true…. it not true!

  6. John says:

    Had a call from VRE Travel (02037695351) saying that they had taken over from Estrella who were no longer in business. They offered holidays in the UK and overseas for £75 per holiday (or £99 if we delayed).

  7. Terry says:

    Had a call from them today saying they had taken over from great getaways who we paid some money to earlier in the year for two short breaks in the UK and 3 overseas trips.they said they would fulfill the promises of great getaways .we told them we had already taken a UK short break,and they said that would give us another short break to replace the one taken.Sounded ok but then they said they wanted £199 admin fee!! Only gave a phone number ( Tenerife number),and no e mail address currently. Said I would like at their web site before making decision,but will not be putting good money after bad without more investigations. Other great getaway tenerife customers are no doubt getting similar calls.

    • Christine says:

      Very similar experience. Phone call today from them saying that Great Getaways had folded and that VRE was picking up from them. They stated that we had to use the allocation we had bought within 9 months or pay to keep them! I told them I wanted some detailed information by email before I even thought about booking anything with them. I wish there was some protection for getting money back from these people who cold call convincing you that their offer is linked to your genuine timeshare/ holiday points system.

  8. Lindsey says:

    Ive had the same they said that they are taking over from Gold Crwone Tenerife and offered us a choice of 3 different breaks. We would need to attend a presentation but that we could get 2 nights in the Hilton in York with breakfast for free. Does sound a bit strange though but i stupidly spent £350 a few years ago when i thought they were related to Diamond (who we have points with) and then i get this call last week about taking a free break away? What to do?????

  9. richard says:

    Had similar experiences to the above. Very suspicious. They had my CLC details and, like David, I was told details had been passed by CLC.

    • David says:

      I had the followup call from VRE travel company but in between their initial call and this call I had contacted CLC who categorically stated no information on members details have been given to this or any other company.

  10. David says:

    I had a call, told me because I had CLC points and my maintenance had been paid I was entitled to a free break, he told me that my details had been passed to them by CLC. I had the choice of either 3 to 4 days in the UK at Sterling, Warwickshire, Stratford upon Avon or York or a holiday abroad. There was to be no request for payment and I was to be contacted by one of their team and receive an email clarifying details. Caller name Chris telephone number he gave me 02037695351, but number recorded on my phone 0034 672321241.
    I have checked out their website and it reflects what he told me. IS THIS A GENUINE COMPANY?

  11. Heath says:

    Just received a call from a number 0034 672 320986, they say we have a free week, have looked at the website but unsure about them. Have agreed to speak to them this Friday. Are they lagitimate? Any advise appreciated and has anyone else ever been on vacation with them?

    • Hello,

      Did they say they were this company from the article VRE Travel or who did they say they are?

      The number is a Spanish mobile.

      Kind regards

      Customer care

  12. Arthur says:

    They called me this morning saying I was owed a week in Tenerife and would I like to claim it ,said I can’t waiting for an operation so they said they would ring later in the year. I am sure there is a mugs list, I used to get a lot of calls from people who knew I had a time share in tenerife, I sold it back to the company who wanted to sell it for triple to the russians.When someone rings about timeshare and I say I no longer have one they say we will take you off the list then.

  13. carol says:

    I have received a call from them last week and they have been chasing me constantly almost every day. They say visits to their resort are free. Offering Tenerife and also stays in the UK. They have been asking for my date of birth but this has not been provided, they did however have my home address and wanted to know both mine and my partners earning for the year.

    • malcolm says:


      I had a call today from VRE travel saying we had 2 free weeks holiday and would offer us a 4 night stay in Barcelona. when i asked how they got our details the agent said they have taken over from Estrella vacations.

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