Reclaim Experts, the website with familiar addresses..


A new website has been brought to our attention which was registered on the 15th of August 2013

As so many other “claims” companies websites, Reclaim Experts offers a service to do a claim on behalf of the Timeshare owner as long as they have paid by Credit card.

This means that the claim they are offering to do is the claim under the Consumer Credit Act. It is mentioned on the website that they do not charge a fee upfront and only take a fee after the money has been awarded to the consumer, then the charge is 35% over the awarded amount.

The worrying thing with this company though is not the service they offer, but the strange coincidence of addresses they use which are also used by other companies.

Reclaim Experts is not a UK Registered company. Reclaim Experts is a trading style for Perry Investments Ltd. Registration number 0008744 – 2nd floor, Allied Building Annex, Francis Rachel Street, Mahe, Seychelles.

This address in the Seychelles has actually also been used by Club Class for several of the companies belonging to their Group and also ITRA.

Reclaim Experts also provide other addresses a bit “closer to home”.

A UK Correspondence office at 483 Green Lanes, N13 4BS in London and also Corporate Inquiries Address at Garrison House, 3 Library Ramp PO Box 847 Gibraltar.

Exactly, the Gibraltar address is the SAME correspondence address for several Club Class Companies, ITRA and Voyager Travel / Lifestyle Holidays!

Contact numbers for Reclaim Experts are Telephone: 0203 475 6591 and Fax; 0203 137 3202

Although Reclaim Experts are not cold callers (yet), we do feel that consumers need to be warned about the strange way of registrations and the coincidence of course with the other companies. The fact that this company appears to be registered in the Seychelles is also worrying and does not seem to be very logical for a UK Claims Company. One would expect them to be registered at the UK Companies house and even with the MOJ.

If you have been speaking to or contacted by Reclaim Experts from 02034756591 then please let us know. You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

About mindtimeshare

Mindtimeshare SLU is registered Company reg number: B35957182 Mindtimeshare provides assistance to timeshare owners who have been defrauded by holiday clubs and bogus resale companies. The Mindtimeshare project was launched in February 2011. After dealing with timeshare members over several years who had been defrauded by numerous bogus companies and for large amounts of money, I considered launching an Organisation to help timeshare owners that have been targeted by bogus companies. On this blog you can find information about the different active scam companies and their “modus operandi” and also place comments, ask questions and see comments from other consumers who have the same doubts or have been through the same experience. Mindtimeshare has resulted in a huge success and has received the back up from not only timeshare consumers but also from the professionals in the timeshare Industry. Mindtimeshare helps timeshare owners who have been scammed by bogus Discount Holiday Clubs; bogus cash back companies; fraudulent timeshare resale companies; bogus class action companies and false lawyers and notaries. We offer professional answers and advice to Timeshare users. If you want to send an email instead of posting a comment on the blog please do so by emailing:
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13 Responses to Reclaim Experts, the website with familiar addresses..

  1. Tim says:

    My error; it is Green Lanes – plural.

  2. Tim says:

    And another thing, she claimed never to have heard of Sochalls…….

  3. Pathwalker says:

    They also request that any payment re-settlement / fees is made to Sochalls Chartered Accountants. Same accountants that took bank transfers on behalf of Club Class Plc etc.. As such, you may wonder how they even got your details in the first place! I also note that they are not regulated by the Ministry of Justice yet charge success fees for claims management services.

  4. Rachel says:

    I have been contacted this week by Reclaim Experts. They asked me details regarding my transactions with Club Class. I was purposefully vague with my answers, and yet the girl on the phone replied ‘you definitely have a claim’. Alarm bells started to ring when she continued with ‘just send us what ever paperwork you have and sign the forms I am sending via email and we can start your claim’. When I (again being vague) informed her that I may not be able to produce any paperwork she said ‘that doesn’t matter you still have a claim’. That did it. I am convinced that these are just another bogus claims company no better than the rest! For those of you already involved, I hope I’m wrong and best of luck!

  5. Graham says:

    We were contacted last night by a Ryan Mitchell representing RECLAIM EXPERTS..Giving similar details as other people have had..Phone number 02031377425..This cold call came a few days after I told FAST LINE LEGAL we were not interested in their deal..Is this a coincidence????

  6. mary says:

    ok so are these people to be trusted RECLAIM EXPERTS i have been contacted by them they say they can get our money back has anyone had sucess with this company

  7. Alan says:

    Been contacted today 14 Feb 2014 by by phone to my mobile who were trying to contact my wife after sending an e-mail to her with details on there service and the potential claim we have.
    The woman seemed to have information that could only be known if: 1 we gave it to them, : 2 they have the records already (now how would that BE!.
    The holiday club were with don’t life up to there expectations where we were told we could get business class flights at economy prices (NO NOT HAPPENED YET)
    Anyway the tel number they used: 02031375107.

  8. Louise says:

    I have been contacted by reclaim experts this week stating their “no win, no fee” policy with them taking 35% of the final payout.

    It all sounds good in theory but having been financial stung when I bought and sold my timeshare understanably I’m extremely cautious when approached by such companies.

    My main concerns are 1) they are not a registered UK company and 2) you have to pay them the 35% rather than them paying you. There is an 8 page T&Cs document to read through and sign and if you’re no legal expert, which most of us aren’t this sounds like it could potentially lead to all sorts of legal action against me if I don’t pay my part of the fee, which in turn causes additional cost …. Also not very reassuring when I asked the girl on the phone “how do you know I would pay you?” to her reply “it’s all about trust”….trust is not a word I would associate with these people!

    I would be interested to hear of any other experiences with Reclaim Experts

  9. Lynn says:

    My parents have been continually been contacted by reclaim experts on a London number 02031378750 claiming the same as a lot of other people no win no fee only 35% unless the claim is cancelled 6-8 weeks in then they may charge for that. Otherwise no money will be taken from them unless they win the case and they wouldn’t take it on unless they thought they could win it. So hmmm am somewhat sceptical now.

  10. Don says:

    They were on to me last week “No Win–No Fee” just 35% of any award.Same London tel no..
    want me to provide docs.Having checked this blog I’ll give them a miss.They seem to be very active at the moment

  11. Simon says:


    I read an interesting article on the mindshare website regarding the ITRA Claim

    I had numerous conversations with a lady called June from the ITRA

    They said that as long as the a deposit was requested and given at the time of the purchase within the last six years then we are entitled to claim back the full cost of the timeshare under the consumer credit act simply because it was illegal for credit card companies to pay for such a deposit

    All we needed t do was pay £500 for them to undertake the claim on our behalf and there would be a further 40% fee once the claim was successful

    Unfortunately I paid the £500

    They requested copies of contracts etc so that they would review the claim and promised that within 12 weeks we would be paid.

    The first issue I had was that the paperwork had to be forwarded to the ITRA 15 days after payment

    All the paperwork was sent and three weeks later it was returned to me because it was never delivered to their address as the doors were closed and it was not picked up from the post office

    During this time I contacted them to ensure that they received the documents, they told me they had!!!

    When it was resent back to me I re delivered it to a different address that they gave me

    When I called them again to confirm whether they had received it they said they would get back to me, as yet they haven’t

    I questioned why they told me they had received the paperwork when clearly they had not, they said my surname was confused with another’s whose documents they did receive

    They do sound very convincing and I believed them but I must admit I’m starting to worry!

    I would be interested to know if anyone shares similar stories.

    • Lindsey says:

      Hi Simon,
      Was the address that was found to be closed, Green Lanes, London?

      • Tim says:

        Interesting that their website actually has it as Green Lanes (sic) and if you Google Map it the building in question has ‘To Let’ signs all over it. No sign of them. Not really very reassuring is it especially with the coincidence of Gibraltar and Seychelles addresses.

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