Gr8stays a new brand name for Club Class Group and Leisure Alliance


A new name has been launched from the 1st of February 2015 by Club Class Group of companies. Already since some time, all communications from Club Class are coming from “Leisure Alliance” but the latest is now that they have changed names again…

Gr8stays has been launched as the latest brand of the Club Class Group and as mentioned in an introductory email from Leisure Alliance..” This exciting new brand has been designed to enhance your membership experience and ensure that you will receive our very best holiday and lifestyle savings and a more personalised service.

Over the course of the next few months all existing active Club Class membership holders will be transferred to “Gr8stays” for FREE…”

Yes indeed it looks like all Club Class Members will be transferred into Gr8stays.

The website for this new brand is (

The terms and conditions specify an obligatory payment of annual fees, although there is a mention about the fact that this rule does not apply to clients who have an existing membership with the club. Instead they will continue to pay their annual subscriptions as initially contracted.

As we have seen a lot with this Group of Companies, they seem to have made a habit out of changing brand names and launching new companies, websites and brands every now and then.

The question is why? Why would you change something that supposedly is working satisfactory for the members? Is it?

Time will tell.

If you have received any notification from Gr8stays about your Club Class Membership, please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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87 Responses to Gr8stays a new brand name for Club Class Group and Leisure Alliance

  1. Tina says:

    Wow here we go again, Looks like they are up and at it again!!!
    Back in april we got our letter as posted about saying we owed £645 and after a heated discussion was told no its gone up to £850. Was threated i would be receiving court summons which i told them please send. So nearly 7 months later no court summons but a new ourstanding Final Notice!!! ( how many final notices can you get?) well our outstanding is now £1,645 !!! as they have a new charge thats been added a new £20 a day late fee!
    Just wanted to say so you can all look out for your new scare letter

    • Ruth says:

      We have has ours. Yesterday and an awful conversation with Philip. Been threatened and told to in. What a diacusrong awful man. Also been threatened with bailiff. And being taken to court. Bring it on I say.

      • Ruth says:

        I meant to say, I was rung by a disgusting man, Mr P H, he is so self righteous, rude arrogant pig of a man, told me to wind my neck in and stop being rude to him, that’s a laugh, and if we didn’t pay the outstanding amount of 645 pounds in the next week we would be taken to court in Gibralter, I quite fancy a trip to Gibralter, if only to see the look on his face, how do these people sleep at night, it is beyond me, I have now had all their phone numbers blocked on my phone, and I will not be talking to them again or opening any of their letters, we have also been threatened with the bailiff, what a shocking crowd, why is this being allowed to carry on,

    • Gaynor says:

      I’ve had mine too and it’s about the same amount. Love how they quote British laws in their letter too! I’m not giving them another penny, total rip off merchants

  2. Carol says:

    Hi My friend has just rung me to say these pepe have contacted her by phone today in reply to the letter we sent, she hung up but they phoned again leaving a message. We did ask them in the letter if they could provide the contract for us as our solicitor would like it to pursue them, No mention to this was made in the message just that we owed them money.

  3. Carol says:

    My friend and I joined club class many years ago and after them never fore filling there side of the contract we stop any contact with them. We received a letter about 4 years ago, when club class changed its name the first time, demanding we pay the membership fees. With the advice from a solicitor we sent them a letter and never heard from them again. However we have recently received another demand from Gr8stays. I have written again using the same format as before and hope it will be the end to it. We did however receive most of our money back through a firm of solicitors herein the UK. They are **n artists and are trying to frighten people into paying

  4. Tina says:

    I have been on the phone with someone from their company telling me this is in the hands of their solicitors. And we will get a court order to apear in court in Gibraltar. Can this be done. I told them I was with club class not gr8 staysand he said I verbally agreed to be with them. Is this something I have to pay £850

    • Gaynor says:

      Don’t pay anything. I had the same conversation a few years ago and nothing has happened. Still get a letter every year with final demand printed across it. Not giving them another penny

      • Tina says:

        The guy was very rude telling me i had lied to him constantly! I informed him we had spoken 1 time and i said i wasnt interested but would look at the website, to which he told me it would have been polite to contact him and let him know i wasnt interested. He then told me he had tried calling me 26 different times! We had a heated discussion where in the middle i got cut off.( I had mentioned the cash back which suprise we never got and he said it was nothing to do with them but did i have all the paperwork. I said no as it was 10-12 years ago and realised 6-7 years ago what a scam it was and did bin it all about 8 months ago), so i called him back within mins to be told ohhh i didnt expect to hear from you so soon. I asked for documents to be emailed to me inc the contract I signed with Gr8 stays and he told me too late its gone to the solicitors already although it sounded like he was driving!!! He said i would be getting a court order to appear so i just told him i would see him in Gibralter!!!
        Also during the convo i said no way was i paying £645 which was on the final notice, and he informed me its gone up to £850 !!!! so in 24 hours of receiving the Final Notice it jumped by £205 wow!!!!

    • Martin says:

      Hi Tina
      I wouldn’t bother contacting them again as they are using scare tactics to get you to pay money you don’t even owe. I’ve previously gone through all this myself and can inform you that if you originally signed up with Club Class who have since been made insolvent then your original contract is legally unenforceable. To transfer your old membership to Gr8stays you have to agree to their terms and conditions by clicking a box in their web-site or signing a contract with them. If you haven’t done this then you owe no money. Also if your alleged debt goes back more than 6 years from when you last made an annual subscription payment then it’s now ‘statute barred’ and cannot be legally collected by anyone.

      • Tina says:

        These people dont give up! In the last letter which was a last final notice (incidentally i think our 3rd or 4th) it said we had not maintained the fees since June 2016 and with those and if i wanted to terminate it was £645 which while in a heated discussion with the delightful Phillip Hill then told me it had gone up to £850! So for standing my ground he added on an extra £205….Well after him telling me the file had been handed to solicitors which was within 2 mins of being cut off and me calling back I now realize why it all happened so fast they are the office next door! Wow how convenient is that!
        Well today our letter from LRC arrived and another £20 has been added on. It also states on the letter that our debt stems back to June 2013, When will they give up !

  5. Susan says:

    Hi. Could you please help me. Is Gr8stays, Phillip Hills legal and above board? We have had a final notice from this company. Kind regards

    • Martin says:

      Hi Susan
      Gr8stays is the second reincarnation of Club Class who systematically contact ex-members of Club Class with stories of membership transfer and accrued debt. Firstly if you originally signed up with one of the Club Class companies that was made insolvent your original contract is now legally unenforceable. Secondly you have to actually sign up with Gr8stays to have your membership transferred, if you haven’t done this then your membership hasn’t transferred and you don’t owe any money.

    • ALAN says:

      We too have being chased for £570 from great stays we joined club class 2012 . we got our money back from capital one all £6480 and thought that was the end ofit.
      If we do not pay them can thay have us to court or send the baliffs in

  6. pete says:

    Did anyone ever receive the money back this company promised on signing up, My Mother signed up when they were called Club class I think and paid £8K they told her after 4 years she would receive £4k back, the heck did she they used the excuse the claim form sent back arrived to early, what a load of rubbish, Did anyone else ever get any money returned to them,

    • Gaynor says:

      It think I got about £800 back, nowhere near the amount they said I would!

    • Teresa says:

      I to was promised cash back after 4 years but tried to claim and they came up with some excuse that I never sent the correct form back to them, so ended up with nothing. Then towards the end of last year a firm of solicitors from Spain said they could claim my money back so thought I would go with it and followed their instructions which went on for a few months till such time when it was all being finalised and then it happened ‘ if you could send us I think it was approx £1000 which they said was for the tax we will then
      Send the money to you and then you can claim the tax back from the tax office in Spain that’s when we ended correspondence with them did they really think we were going to
      Hand money over to them knowing we would not get a penny back!!!! What a scam !!
      But now I have received a very demanding letter from LRC legal representatives saying we owe £650 for passed fees so thought I would have a conversation with them but still
      Waiting for them to call back, but no way am I paying, checked all my club class documents and like everyone else no mention of these fees having to be paid, have taken
      On board all comments made in this blog and can’t wait for a show down with them when
      They eventually call !!!!

  7. Gerry says:

    Gerry says
    I have received today a letter from LRC Legal Representatives and Claims acting on behalf of Gr8stays LLC stating that they are instructed to retrieve £330 in back subscriptions or further invasive action will be taken. We stopped paying some 6 years ago and in fact never did avail ourselves of the services of what was then Club Class. Looking at my documents, I cannot see anything that states we cannot stop paying the annual fee.

    We are pensioners and are not sure what to do as I feel that these people are not acting in any legal way in terms of the original contract that we had signed. It is a disgusting way to treat and threaten honest people.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Gerry

      I also received a similar LRC letter as we were members of Club Class and have not used them for a holiday for a number of years. I will be ignoring it as I did not ask to be transferred to their new company gr8stays.They will no doubt have sent this letter to many people, some of who will pay, I will not!

    • Martin says:

      Hey Gerry
      This company ceases to amaze me as like myself I’m certain your contract doesn’t state an obligation to pay annual subscription fees. Also if it was club class then your company was likely closed down by the U.K government anyway, making any contract legally unenforceable. If you didn’t officially sign up with Gr8stays then you owe no money. Also finally there is a time limit on debt, which is 6 years from the last time you paid. Providing you haven’t agreed you are in debt with them it becomes ‘statute barred’ after 6 years from your last payment meaning that its no longer legally collectible by anyone.

  8. Martin says:

    I thought I’d add an addendum to my last blog added in Dec 2017 as gr8stays have now resorted to very unethical behaviour in a vain attempt to prove I owe them money.

    After my first email response contesting the legality of their claim I asked for some proof, such as a copy of an agreement I’d signed showing clearly that: –
    a). Provision was made to allow the unsolicited transfer of a contract, without my agreement.

    b). I have an obligation to pay the annual fees.
    c). I’d agreed to pay an additional sum of money to exit.
    I recieved their interpretation of my contract by email, with the most important page missing, the signatures. Their interpretation of my contract is of course very different from my original contract. Therefore the act of changing a contract in order to extort money is fraud, so I have reported them to Trading Standards using the online form in the Citizens Advice web-site.

    gr8stays are looking to extort £970 from me and now I have had a bit of experience with this very unethical company I’m certain they are capable of coming up with all sorts of bizarre excuses and reasons why you owe them money without being able to provide any real proof that its owed and that they can collect it legally. I’m aware that this can be very intimidating but we must stand firm with these types of companies, more people should be reporting them to Trading Standards and eventually they too will be closed down in the public’s interest.

    • john says:

      I was prowswaded to join club class whilst on holiday in Potugal the morning after i signed up i phoned to withdraw from it but non of the numbers they gave would pick up i gave up after a few years trying to get any compensation I now no that i could have got my money back from my visa card but it i did not have that information at the time .Anyway Gr8stays llc are asking me for £760 there Legal representatives have sent me a letter giveing me 14 days to pay up .I was a bit angery so i phoned them they imformed me that the false claims that had been given to me was not there responsabilityThat the premotion company who sold the product was to blame and they would send me the details of a company who could get my money back but 40% would go to that company and when i looked up the no win no pay company on the internet it is the same company that is there Legal Representatives .

      • Martin says:

        Hey John
        GR8stay’s cease to amaze me with all the drama’s they come up with in order to extort money from people, they really seem to be getting desperate. I’m lucky as Gr8stay’s have now cancelled my non-existent membership with them and stated no monies are owed. Basically in a nut shell they couldn’t provide any evidence that the debt was real and they could collect it legally. You should ask to see the document you signed agreeing to GR8stay’s terms and conditions as the old contracts from the Club Class companies that were shut down are now legally unenforceable. Contracts cannot be transferred without your authorization therefore unless you signed up with Gr8stay’s, no money is owed. Another important point to remember is that there is a time limit on alleged debt, 6 years from the last time you paid anything, makes it ‘statute barred’, i.e. it can’t be collected legally my anyone then.

  9. Martin says:

    I wanted to add my own experience’s to this web-site and hope that the Club Class group themselves read this blog.

    As we all know seven of the Club Class companies were shut down in the public’s interest in Oct 2012. Fortunately for me I had only paid two years membership fees with Club Class Concierge plc prior to finding out that I had signed up with an unscrupulous company. With hindsight I wish I’d heard about it, on or just after the petition date of 7th Feb 2012 as I would have cancelled my standing order sooner and saved £95. As far as I’m concerned my contract and subsequent membership with this company became null and void when it was shut down.

    Then unknown to me my invalid membership had been transferred to another unscrupulous company, Leisure Alliance, who then tried to extort money from me in accrued membership fees almost three years later (Letter in Feb 2015), they themselves were also shut down in the public’s interest. Then yet another company called Eurafic a brand name of ITRA, took up the mantel to extort this money (Letter in Jan 2016). Finally gr8stays continues this harassment (letter in Nov 2017) and believes that this old membership is still valid even though they cannot show any evidence that I have an obligation to pay it or that it isn’t void having travelled through two Club Class companies that were shut down in the public’s interest. Nobody in their right mind would want to sign up with a second unscrupulous company let alone a third.

    I have read much of the blog on the internet associated with these companies and what they are doing. I’ve also noticed that their combined efforts in harassing people for these accrued fees has been occurring for the last 7 years or so. Its been over 5 years for me, four letters and a few emails and I suspect that if they could collect this money legally they would have already done so.

  10. Adam says:

    This organisation is still mascarading as a bona fide company stressing that they are owed money by past clients, me included, even though they are being legally chased by another company on behalf of clients mugged in the past. It seems this whole shabby industry needs cleaning up.

    • Colin. says:

      Only just yesterday I received a voicemail saying, if I do not pay up bailiffs would be coming to the house.

      • John says:

        It is absolutely scandalous that this is allowed to go on, don’t know why it hasn’t been stopped, my sympathy,

      • Teresa says:

        Would like to know if you ever did get a visit from the bailiffs, as just received a final notice and don’t feel or want to pay it!!!

      • Gaynor says:

        I’ve received the same but I’m not giving them another penny. Ive had the same letter 3 times over the last few years with final demand stamped all over it. I cancelled my membership before it was changed to g8 stays. The amount I owe each time has actually gone down!! As far as I’m aware no one has ever had court action taken against them.

    • Martin says:

      Hey Adam
      Shabby is a good word as gr8stays are now getting desperate, this will amaze you. I was sent a signed transfer document between Club Class plc and Leisure Alliance plc, claiming to be evidence that the debt exists and can be collected legally. The document basically assigns the benefits/rights of a contract to a third party, dated July 2012. Firstly, I did not sign up with Club Class plc and secondly Leisure Alliance went insolvent, making this document completely invalid on so many levels so I’m really confused as to why gr8stays sent me this as evidence.

  11. William says:

    My mother in law has received a letter from Gr8stays demanding money for membership fees.
    It has wording that is rather upsetting to elderly people. (Unnecessary escalation)
    She believes that she has no such membership.
    Can she just ignore this letter?


    • Duncan says:

      Gr8stay letter received today with a note of my arrears. As I am a lapsed member of Club Class who no longer exist and I never agreed to transfer collapsed membership to Gr8stay. I will not be paying them a penny and will not respond to them in any way.

      • Martin says:

        Here, here, I agree with you as I got mine today, very similar to yours and I will not be contacting them of paying them this time either. This is now my second letter, which was from Eurafic two years ago.

    • FLORANCE says:

      I got the same letter on Friday – final notice for unpaid fees since 2009. Surely Leisure Alliance would have contacted me prior to Friday’s correspondence. They had sent me an e-mail about £55.30 due (annual fees are paid in December to Leisure dimensions). So what the heck is going on? I have e-mailed Muhutu (was Petchey) letting them know about gr8stays demands. Having been recently widowed this is the last thing I want.

  12. Maureen says:

    We have received a letter from Gr8stays informing us that the company has launched a brand new membership level called gr8stays and that all active Leisure Alliance and Clubclass memberships had been automatically transferred to the new product.
    They also advised us of the “no win – no fee” trial program. It says if they win the money will be paid into an account of our choosing. Their legal team will then invoice us for 30% of the amount recovered.
    Well first of all we have to try to remember if we paid any of the initial fee by credit card, we then have to provide them with the credit card statement proving the payment and the bank account statement showing purchase balance paid. No chance, we don’t have paperwork going that far back.
    So besides having already taken the payment we made they now want to take 30% on top of that and this is from the Credit Card co we may have used.
    I am sorry gr8stays but you have as much chance of getting anymore money from us or our credit card company as a snowball surviving in hell.
    A bit of good news though we did apply for the cashback and were “lucky” to receive just over £1000 despite being told when we took out the membership that we would receive over £5000.

    • Mandy says:

      Hi my father has received an email from them today notifying him he owes money. He is worried that they are genuine and can take further action.against him. He didn’t hear from them for a few years thinking he had notified them that he was cancelling the timeshare. Should he talk to a solicitor?

    • Maureen says:

      Further update
      Still getting letters, latest threatened court action if we didn’t pay. Well here is some good news for GR8Stays your shredded letters makes lovely bedding for our grandkids rabbit.

      • Maureen says:

        OMG! just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse with these people, we got a letter from them this morning with FINAL NOTICE stamped in red ink on it!
        The letter is headed Annual Subscription Arrears and Cancellation Charges: £380
        It goes on to say that “in Feb 2015 the club unveiled a new membership called “Gr8stays” (pronounced Great Stays) and launched a fantastic website to boot”. So condescending of them to think that we are incapable of understanding the text speak of their company title.
        It also states that “all Club Class & Leisure Alliance memberships have endorsed this name changed” well that is incorrect as we didn’t endorse it.
        It also states “you are contracted to maintain your agreed £95 annual subscription for the full duration of your membership”, not so as we are not members of Gr8stays.
        However they go on to state “as we would prefer to seek closure of this matter we are willing to offer you a one-off contract release charge of only £250, Upon receipt and clearance of this final payment all annual subscription arrears will be waive and your membership terminated”, No membership equals no fee.
        We are advised that we have a further 21 days to accept this offer a make the payment to avoid any further unnecessary escalation.
        The letter is signed Henry Thornton Gr8stays LLC Collections Department Manager.
        Well all we have to say is Mr Thornton manage this, we are not paying, no way, no how.
        Ah well at least the rabbit has some more bedding.

    • john says:

      This is another way of getting more off you they will use your visa transaction to claim it back off your visa company which we all pay for in our visa payments they claim it back through there owan legal representatives the same ones that are sending you and me and all the otheres threating letters .So they get the money back for you and they get a 30 or 40% commission on it so they con more money out of you and visa company .I think if it is within 6 years you can phone your vesa provider then there will be no fee or get a no win no fee coy to help.I think they may be able to go back further than 6 years.

  13. Barry says:

    I just wanted to add my experiences of Gr8 Stays! – I was “given” an indefinite free membership of Club Class / Leisure Alliance following me succumbing to agreeing to complete a “questionnaire” at the airport whilst awaiting my flight back from Tenerife. We boked a few cheap holidays through it and it was ok and we also took out the “EUROCASHBACK” deal. Not surprisingly – when the 3 years elapsed and it was time to claim back our cashback – I completed all of the paperwork religiously and submitted it all on the EXACT date …only to hear 2 weeks later that I had “failed in my claim” because I sent the scanned agreements, documents etc in PDF format ….and they had asked for it in some weird format that my computer / scanner couldn’t do anyway. So, thinking that PDF is the global standard… I sent the claim off and it got rejected and was told that I could not appeal or re-submit…even though ALL of the paperwork was presented to them correctly on the correct date…they rejected it because I had emailed it to them in PDF format!. Several weeks of emails & phone calls ensued until I finally agreed that life was too short for all of the angst…so I gave up all hope of getting any of my £3k back. we still continued to books a few breaks through Club Class and pay £75 annual membership fee to Leisure Alliance. Then I was advised that Club Class was changing to Gr8Stays and that my membership would be transferred automatically. I read the small print and noticed a change in the membership clause – now stating that there would be a 3 year cancellation fee charge. So I wrote to them asking for clarification and I received an email from Justin Gilson, Customer Relationship Manager at Gr8Stays – stating that “because my membership was transferred – I would not have to agree to the 3 year cancellation fee and the Club Class contract would still be intact for transferring members.

    Earlier this year – I received the phone call from Gr8Stays offering to get my EUROCASHBACK £3,000 back!!…. erm …hang on…wasn’t it THEM that took it from me in the first place??! …ah “yes Sir…but we’re now working with a 3rd party to help you get your money back…oh and we want a cut of the money we get back for you…!”. – I went along with it for 2 weeks…essentially they claim the money back from the Credit card insurance company (money that they took from me originally!) – they take their cut and send me what’s left. Yet more highly undesirable ethics – so I withdrew my interest to re-enter the CASHBACK battle.

    Following a disastrous holiday booked through Gr8Stays in May this year where they put us in a hotel room which wasn’t “as per the photo on the brochure” (nor was the hotel) – we called them from Lanzarote for their assistance – and they wouldn’t assist us or get involved in anyway – we had to do battle with the hotel manager ourselves. So I quit my membership over the ‘phone with them there and then.
    We have just received 2 letters from Gr8Stays demanding a £285 cancellation fee (gr8Stays contract agreement) from Henry Thornton – Collections Manager and despite me reminding them that I’m on the Club Class agreement and not the new Gr8Stays one – they are now refusing to acknowledge the email from their own Customer Relations Manager Justin Gilson stating that we’re still contracted under the Club Class agreement…and they’re adamant that I need to pay up … “or else”….
    I read in the blog that other people have received similar requests / threats from Henry Thornton (who I tried to call today on an crazily expensive 0870 number! – only to be told ‘he wasn’t in the office’ …does he actually exist??) – has anyone got experience of what happens of you just ignore their demands? … and how long before they give up asking? (…DO they give up asking?)

  14. Alex says:

    Recd letter today demanding arrears for club class from Henry class&leisure alliance collections dept. letter heading was gr8 stays phoned &stood them they were in liquidation & I wouldn’t be paying a penny & hung up before they could spout more lies and threats

    • Gordon says:

      Ditto. I received my letter yesterday and probably many more other ex members have received theirs. I never asked to be a member of gr8stay or to have my original membership with Club Class Concierge transferred. I consider my membership with CCC ceased when they were wound up in 2012. I have not paid a subscription since 2010. Apparently my subscriptions are £380 in arrears and I am invited to pay this sum to continue my membership, – I don’t wish to continue my membership with a defunct or dubious company.
      The letter is from Henry Thornton, CC & Leisure Alliance, on gr8stay letter head paper, strange!! It states ” All existing active CC & LA memberships have been automatically transferred to this new product” Well Mr Thornton do you not understand that I am not an existing active member.
      In desperation they have now come up with another con trick – Membership Resale Programs. For an enrolment fee of £895 they are offering to sell your membership, what a farce. Why would any new client buy a membership when they could just simply join directly? It’s another con to get the outstanding dues paid.
      I noticed that no reference has been made Sochalls Chartered Accountants, the company that previous fees were paid to.
      Anyone know what has happened to EURAFRIC, they appeared on the radar twelve months ago?
      Mark – please don’t pay anything but if you are tempted to do so use a credit card not a debit card. I hope the many letters on this blog will convince you to “go with the flow/us”
      Until the next time and remember we are very lucky to have the support of Mindtimeshare.

  15. Mark says:

    Does anyone know anything about Gr8Stays resale program. They are asking for a one off fee of £895 to sell on my membership which they say is guaranteed. I’m tempted to pay by Visa but I have read problems in trying to reclaim the money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  16. John says:

    We have also received a letter from Eurafric, demanding money from us, even offering a monthly payment to clear our so called arrears, since reading all of the comments on here, they won’t be getting a penny, like a lot of people say sue us if you can,

  17. Clare says:

    Has anyone heard of Andrew Goodyear from Gr8 stays, he sent us email and talks a very good story

    • Teresa says:

      Yes had a very brutal conversation with him today, very rude man and tried everything to confuse me, at the end of conversation told me that after 10 yrs you will not be changed the cancellation fees so my debt went down from 685.00 to 190.00 bit of a difference but they still not going to get anything from me ! Let’s all stand together on this !!!!

      • Martin says:

        Hey Teresa
        I was wondering when you were going to talk with them. More people should report them to BEIS, the department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, they changed their name, but it is the same government department who put the previous eight Club Class companies out of business ‘in the best interest of the public’. Gr8stays made a monumental mistake with me because they sent me a doctored copy of my original contract in response to my continued insistence on evidence being sent that the alleged debt was legally, could be legally collected by Gr8stays and that my membership could be transferred to Gr8stays without any legal novation.

  18. Gaynor says:

    I have received a letter from Eurafric an administrator for club class apparently asking for fees after I cancelled my membership last year, having been paying a yearly subscription for the last 10 years .apparently I owe them £220 ! Not sure what for as I was only paying £75 per year. I’ve got the usual to reactivate my membership =£55, to cancel £165. Considering I was told I’d only pay the. Subscription if I took a holiday with them they’ve had £750 out of me for nothing. I hadn’t even heard of gr8tstays or been contacted by them for a few years now!
    They’re not getting another penny out of me!

    • Gordon says:

      Sorry to hear you have been paying a membership for the past 10 years. IGNORE them.
      Suggest you view the link below for a further take on the situation. I posted a comment on 1st April.
      Gr8stays and their connection to Legal Representatives and Claims SL.

  19. Alexander says:

    They are now trying a different tack , I received an email from gr8stays today saying they have now recruited an independent company to get your money back from them .
    duuuh !!! How does that work ?
    It would appear that they are saying “we missold you timeshare and if you want your money back call this company”
    It then goes on to say “no win no fee” and in the last week alone they have recovered £8000 for one customer and £8500 for another
    We’ll have I got news for you gr8stays “you ain’t getting unpaid fees , you ain’t getting me joining another of your scams” and if you want to sue me BRING IT ON !!!

  20. Robert says:

    We have had same experiences as all other club class holdings members.with threatening letters from Maxwell Hamilton etc. demanding we pay up our outstanding membership fees.after many threatening phone calls in 2012 eventually gave in an paid with the promise our membership would be cancelled,so after paying tried to contact Maxwell and funny could not cancel membership so now receiving same letters but from eurafric this time so just ignoring them as yet again share same address as club class,euro cash back etc. l have lost enough money to their s**** and c*** and telling me that all our details have been stolen by an ex employee so other companies can phone me with a buyer for my timeshare,e.g. holiday homes direct,Excalibur the worst thing I ever did was buy into timeshare

  21. Rob says:

    Ive just received a letter from Maxwell Hamilton this time as Gr8stays/Eurafic. Again threats of legal action due to unpaid fees of £665.00 with a option to pay £250.00 to reactivate the membership or a one off payment of £380.00 to release me from the contract. I have 21 days to decide.
    This is the same threatening letter that he sent last year, and the year before that going back to 2008.
    This is what I replied.

    Dear Mr Hamilton

    Once again you are trying it on again, has it been a year already since your last communication that threatened legal action?
    Why do you keep doing this? As you know that I will not pay you a penny. My contract was with Club Class Concierge, which has ceased trading. I have no contract with Gr8stays.
    I notice that you have a new company name, how many do you need? But I see that you are still trading as Club Class, I’m sure your aware of it but check this link out
    As you can see your winding up order was in 2012, if your company is legitimate you would not be associating yourself with Club Class, would you?
    I have sought legal advice from a very reputable ‘No win, no fee’ company who having viewed the contract that you attached in our last discussion, and having tracked your various incarnations are very keen to respond when you launch your threatened legal action.
    As I am sure that much like 2008,2009,2010,2014 and 2015, we will hear from you again in 2016 with a new company name and new threats of legal action.


    Please don’t fall for it this is a s*** he will keep trying but we’ve all got to stand strong.


  22. David says:

    It’s always the same c**man in charge, Maxwell Hamilton, apparently he is a xxxxx sc***** and should be incarcerated for this c** that he has been running with for a long time. I have just received another email from them offering the latest sc**, if I pay my arrears. I have informed them many times that my contract terminates if I miss an annual payment and that there is no mention in that contract that says I have to maintain payments. They threatened me 3 years ago and all they do is issue the same threat periodically. They cant do anything because they have been wound up, but they reinvent themselves with a new name ( Gr8stays) is the latest. Why is their bank accounts still active in the UK, why don’t the authorities close them down and stop their finances, that would finish them off once and for all. I am still waiting for them to take action against me, bring it on I say I have a Barrister waiting for them.

    • brian says:

      Why don’t the authorities investigate Sochalls who act as their accountants,and who have a very strong link to these fraudsters.

  23. diggerthedog says:

    We have received another demand for annual subscriptions Arrears of £665.00p, or a one off contract release charge of £380.00p. We have never used this holiday club and have been ri**** off by this company of over £6000 seven and a half years ago by the so called Cash Back Promise when on holiday in Portugal.. We have been informed by letter that further action will be taken if we do not pay this outstanding amount ? Do they have any clout or jurisdiction for legal action against us in the United Kingdom or do we pay up and get rid of them.

  24. graham says:

    We also got another letter asking for £190 for back payment or £150 or £350 to cancel
    Or They will take action in 2 weeks what can they do our Contract was not with them

  25. Jolly says:

    Have just received a letter from Eurafric asking for outstanding balance of £380 but giving the option of £150 to reactivate membership (?) with Gr8stays or £250 one-off contract release to cancel.

  26. Tony says:

    Have received letters and emails saying that our membership fees were due. The original package with Tenlanz said no further fees were required. I have contacted Mr Hamilton and explained that we do not wish to pay what is an optional membership fee on new memberships. I am still receiving letters and emails requesting payment so have taken to sending multiple copies of previous emails to give them something to do and hopefully jam their mailbox. Latest letter from Eurafric.

  27. Ian says:

    just received a demand with an option of a one off payment or risk further action,
    in the bin as they have used thuggish behavior and don’t deserve the respect of a reply.

  28. mikee says:

    they are trying to get money with plenty of phone calls to ask for money,is this a crook company
    or legit with the comments so far not sure

    • Gordon says:

      Definitely. Leave well alone. The Group of Companies have been in liquidation for many months. Last week I received another demand for overdue membership fees and threatening further action if not paid. These letters arrive about every three months. If you read the posts below I thinks you will get the message.

      • Very concerned says:

        We are also being threatened by leisure alliance. Today we have received letter from Miguel Angel Jimenez! From Eurafric. A few months ago we showed all our paperwork to our local Trading Standards Office who told us that it was a scam and we should not pay them anything.

  29. John says:

    I’ve received the same letter asking for arrears or a one off payment to close the account. Not paying it!

  30. diggerthedog says:

    Was ripped off in 2008 and used my credit card to pay £7500 which took us nearly two years to pay back, Received just over £1000 36 months later for cash back.. We have never used Club Class and are continuing to get demands for outstanding membership fees. We have now received a letter for a one off contract release charge of £370.00p. Or else they will take further action. I want some sound advice on what we should do and can they take us to court for a service we never used and being ripped off of £5500.

    • Dave says:

      Did you know that if you paid by credit card you can claim it back. When I upgraded my statues with Club Class I paid a £750 deposit with my card, made a claim and got the total amount of £3, 000 back. I used a no win no fee company. Will not post there name now, not sure if this forum permits it.

      • Jon says:

        If you got some back from them can you let me know how as we paid the initial fee by credit card and to get anything back would be great.

  31. Dave says:

    Just this minute had a call from Club Class International with regards the demand letter. I said Club class Con’ was closed down, she said I owe Club Class International the money that,s who my contact is with, not Club Class Con’.

  32. Peter says:

    I received a letter from Leisure Alliance now GrStays for annual subscription November
    2014 of course I didn’t pay,since then I have received a number of letters asking me topay my arrears until last month when I received a call from Maxwell Hamilton telling me the benefits of Gr8Stays and asking me to pay my arrears of continue with the holiday club.I told him I would think about it and have since been called 3 times where he left a msg on answer phone which wasn’t very pleasant so now I wont be paying anything.

    • Rob says:

      Just received a letter from Leisure alliance asking me to pay my arrears as a one-off payment and contract release. 14 days to accept. Or they will take further action. Have you heard anything else.?

  33. Dave says:

    On the 29th April I received a letter from Leisure Alliance with the same wording as with Gordon. What do we do? Pay and be done with it or hold tight.

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Dave and others – Ignore it as we have been doing for some years. As I said before ‘united we stand’. If by some strange way we are all pursued we should ask Alberto if it would be possible for him to – with the individuals permission – provide a list of email addresses of all concerned so we can communicate between ourselves. An action group maybe! Please voice your views on this suggestion.

      • David says:

        Do not pay. Repeat do not pay.

        They are not trading and were shut down for their dubious business activities. They have no jurisdiction and cannot enforce anything, you have no membership or agreement as Club Class were shut down, in fact if you paid a deposit or fully by credit card get a section 75 claim in you will get your money back if you fit the criteria.

        You have a right to claim as they cannot provide what you paid for. Don’t be fobbed off by your finance or card companies you will get all your money back. If you need help I will advise.

    • dave a says:

      Hi Dave, like you we are tempted with the option of paying up and hoping thats the end.Have you heard any more from anyone

      dave A.

  34. danny says:

    Danny 27/04/2015, Received the same letter today from these robbers,but i am sorry they are getting no more from me.Ba——

  35. Kevin says:

    As others have said, these people duped us with lies into there holiday sc** several years ago and are still asking my wife and l for fees. They’ve changed names several times, been taken to court but still seem to carry on with it. Rather than shutting them down in order to restart under new names jail those running the business.

  36. Gordon says:

    Club Class/ Leisure Alliance NOW gr8stays.
    They are doing the rounds again by, in writing asking for overdue subscriptions or a one off contract release. Failure to pay will leave them with no alternative but to commence further action in order to recover the deficit.
    Interested to hear or read if other lapsed members have been pursued.

    • brian says:

      On 2nd April I received a letter from Leisure Alliance with the same wording as Gordon ie a threatening letter that if I didn’t pay up my “arrears” they will commence further action.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Gordon you received letter on 2nd April, 14 days now elapsed have you heard any thing else from them?

    • Cyril says:

      Hello Gordon and others on here

      I have just received a threatening letter with two options on it Option 1 Pay £255.00 to restart membership Option 2 Pay £370.00 to be released from a contract that i don’t even have the total demand is for £570.00 or further action would be taken. I rang the company and they confirmed that action would be taken but after research on here and other sights I will not be Paying another penny.

      • Cyril says:

        the letter came from GR8STAYS AKA CLUB CLASS AKA CLUB CLASS CONCIERGE AKA CLUBCLASS HOLIDAYS AKA Leisure Alliance AKA What the heck next……….

    • Michelle says:

      I have just received another call from M H making threats again. Can i claim the £8000 back that we had to borrow from the bank for the company?

  37. elaine says:

    i have been contacted Gr8stays for subscription fees

  38. Kroakie1 says:

    Yet another email from these sc******. Same old crap, change of name, asking for fees. Same numbers, same addresses, same sc******.
    New website says free membership, but terms and conditions say its £95 per year, yawn.
    Anyone booking and paying for a holiday through Gr8stays is asking to lose their money.
    It amazes me how they can keep springing up with new names etc.

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