Can Bueno Asesor recover the money of your Cashback Europe Certificate?

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Cold calling claims company “Bueno Asesor” is approaching consumers who received a Cashback Europe Certificate.

Although Bueno Asesor knows the claim failed, they inform the consumer that the reason for the call is that they can now recover the money that was supposedly due to them.

A court claims against Cashback Europe has been won and here is Bueno Asesor to pay out all the awarded money to the “duped” consumers.

Finally some good news!

All the consumer needs to do is fill out a “claims form” which the agent from Bueno Asesor forwards by email and wait for the money to come in.

The story of Bueno Asesor is also backed up with very “real” looking receipts from the bank, with amounts in accounts under the consumer’s name.

Unfortunately these things are never as easy as they seem, and soon after filling in the claims form, the consumer is informed about a small problem. Before the Spanish bank BBVA can release the money to the consumer, a Spanish tax declaration needs to be done by the consumer.

This declaration is quiet complicated and the best way to do this would be an “emergency tax” declaration issued by a solicitor, which would avoid the consumer having to travel to Spain.

The agent from Bueno Asesor has been so kind to get several estimates of local solicitors who could do such claim for the consumer, and she recommends to take the cheapest option (£800) as of course the work will be the same. She never mentions any solicitors name or contact details. Bueno Asesor will liaise between both parties…

Sounds like a clever and “new” way to get money from consumers, for claims and pay outs that never existed or took place.

The contact details of Bueno Asesores are two different email addresses and

Their address is Calle Nogal 9, 11640 in Cadiz, but we have been unable to find any such company at this address neither in Cadiz nor in Spain.

If you ever received a Cashback Certificate you are very likely to be called by Bueno Asesor, so we certainly recommend caution. There is no such thing as money set aside by liquidators or awarded through court cases to the duped consumers.

Should you receive such call from BUENO ASESOR or another company with the same story, then please let us know, and do NOT pay anything to them for whatever credible reason they might come up with!

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6 Responses to Can Bueno Asesor recover the money of your Cashback Europe Certificate?

  1. Chris says:

    Have just received a letter from AC Moya and Associates promising to get my money back from Cashback Europe. Had to fill in a claim form and send a copy of the Voucher to Will be interesting to see what comes back. Have done a company search and they exist, set up 3 years ago for a 3000 euro charge..

  2. pam says:

    This is happening to me right now I have paid monies to them for the tax and court fees and I am waiting for a phone call to tell me when my money is available hoping its not a scam as its been going on for months

  3. Karen says:

    This is happening to us right now and not a happy person as I am now 2000 out of pocket

  4. Steve says:

    Have been contacted by Bueno Asesor and strung along for months and right up until the payment was due. Then a banking problem as the central bank of Spain had allegedly seized our funds and there were tax implications to resolve. All sorts of text documents and splurge are attached, none of which have been mentioned before, and all put together to make it all look very hard and complicated again Not surprisingly you are then offered two impossible scenarios to address this yourself ( all of which would be a waste of time as it all looks part of the con) or, you employ this supposed liquidator to act on your behalf, ( for a fee) We have noted several email addresses being used, and the common theme is that they all end In… Clearly no company is going to use such an email

    • Sreve says:

      Persistent buggers are on us again assuring us of their best intentions. Reading the small print we find that only 45% of our vendor fee was ever paid to Cashback Europe, and this has, by some miracle, doubled in three years. This supposed level of performance is a joke, but these guys harassing me isn’t. Supposed email address is bueno, but they also use Has anybody tried to do a formal company search for this mob ?

  5. Barry says:

    Hi we have been contacted by Sherlock Marketing based in Spain. They have offered us a deal
    which they say they can get compensation for us regarding miss sold fractions. Its on a no fee
    no win basis but if they do get compensation back they would require 40% of total. Has anyone
    else had cold calls from this company and are they as good as they say.
    Many thanks

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