NewmoorClaims, cold calls and surprising offers

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Latest cold calling Claims Company is Newmoor Claims who seems to approach consumers who already were trying to claim a refund in the past with the help of other (dubious) companies.

Newmoorclaims contacts the consumers and yet again they promise that the consumer will have a successful claim through the Consumer act if they let Newmoor do the paperwork.

Issues such as not having paid by credit card which is one of the main requirements to be able to do a consumer act claim or the fact that the payment was made longer than 6 years ago, do not seem to bother this company and they insist the claim can be done.

Once they have the consumer’s attention, they do point out that to initiate the claim they will need the payment of a fee.

This fee is around £1000 and can be paid into the bank account of Newmoor Claims in the UK.

The payment does not really add up to their statement that all their claims are done on a no win no fee basis.

Newmoorclaims is a registered company in the UK, a registration done in June this year the same month when they registered their website

Contact details are 0161 3006790 and email

As it seems rather strange that this company has all the details of the consumers, including those details of having spoken to other similar companies, and the cold call itself, we are inclined to recommend caution when dealing with Newmoorclaims.

If you have been approached by Newmoorclaims or if they have done a claim on your behalf we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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7 Responses to NewmoorClaims, cold calls and surprising offers

  1. Karen says:

    I’m in the same boat as others, it appears! Got a payout from WTC last year and was then contacted by their legal team advising they could press for compound interest and compensation. After waiting a few months, nothing. I was then contacted by Newmoor Claims in November 2016 who had all my details and promised to settle within 12 weeks. I thought I had nothing to lose (except the £1111 REFUNDABLE legal fee) as WTC were not very forthcoming and I had already got my money back that we had paid out initially. Newmoor kept in regular contact until February 2017, when I got a call to say that all my paperwork had to be re-submitted to the bank as they were saying some bits were missing, “it will be quicker this way!” and also that if I wanted updates on my claim, I had to e-mail them. I agreed for them to do this and wait another 12 weeks. My payout dates were between 25th May to 5th June.
    I have e-mailed and phoned on regular occasions since – NOTHING! It is so frustrating that you can’t get to speak to anyone.
    Yesterday I had 414 e-mails come back to me from MAILER DEMON……
    That tells me everything!
    Steer clear!

    I somehow had a sneaky feeling that they have kept my £46000+ claim (and their £9272) and are just ignoring me!= – until I read all the other reviews above!

  2. Derek says:

    It looks like myself and my wife have been duped they caught us when my wife was going through cancer treatment. We paid £500 pounds which we know now was stupid and it is really getting us down, because we had to borrow the money and we have not got any money now. We have left loads of messages and had no reply its really depressing that they get away with this we just don’t know what to do.they need to be stopped

  3. George says:

    I was contacted by Newmoor Claims in July 2016. They promised that they could move things on faster than another company that was working for me. I was asked to pay an up front fee of £1000 but I could only manage £800 which was accepted..Within days I had a letter from the previous company explaining that Newmoor had taken over my case and I would loose the £350 that I had pre paid to them. I contacted Newmoor several times and spoke with a David Scott about updates. In November I was contacted by Newmoor again and asked to pay another £500 as the case was nearing conclusion. Around Christmas time I was contacted by phone and told that they would keep me informed of developments by e-mail. This was the last correspondence I had with them.

    Recently I have tried to phone and e-mail them and guess what: nothing. I have reported the dealings through my bank and their fraud squad. They have tried to retrieve my money but they have been unsuccessful. I have also reported Newmoor to Action Fraud and a long statement has been made to them for the Police.

    I realise that I have been the victim of a scam, and have given up any chance of getting any money back from these retched people. To anyone reading this, please do not go anywhere near Newmoor Claims as they are a complete fraud… If like me, you have had dealings with them, I urge you to move fast and report them before other innocent people are ripped off.

  4. Jo says:

    I was contacted by Newmoor yesterday, who knew the password I had with WTC. They claimed I could get my money back in 12 weeks or less (they knew how much I had paid) plus an extra award and compound interest, as per previous comments. They claimed I had been awarded money (25k) already 2 years ago and that WTC are just not telling me that as they will get more money due to the compound interest building. They wanted over 1000 even though they claimed no win no fee, and said they could get any money I paid WTC back too. I do wonder if WTC is in some way connected to Newmoor. I asked to see a copy of the contract and Newmoor said they can’t send me that or they would be breaking the law. I found the guy condescending, if he could have the entire conversation in words on one syllable I feel sure he would have done. He asked if I have lost sleep or if I had difficulties in my relationship due to Club Class as apparently I can claim more for that too. The justification for the upfront refundable deposit is apparently to protect them in case I change legal representation before their 1weeks are up. They claim they were on GMTV a few weeks ago and have needed to move people from their other office to help with the work load – amazing since they were only registered as a company in June that they are already at more than 1 office and needing to distribute staff! I am being turned into a cynic by these people!

  5. William says:

    Hi , been called by Newmoor Claims, they say they will save me a lot of money, as they only charge 20% as against the company I have a claim with , which is WTC, who charge a whopping 30% + VAT and according to Newmoor a further 20% from the bank… Newmoor say’s I can change under the switching rules, at no cost…. Newmoor are supposed to be No Win No Fee, but then they want a £1000 (so say refundable when claim completed, to cover work they will do) So it’s not NWNF. Also they have stated how much that suppossidly has already been awarded but is being held by the bank, how would they know this? WTC are only claiming what I paid to Incentive Leisure, as at the time I wouldn’t agree to paying them upfront to claim for compound interest and the lost Cash Back, so both of these companies are similar with their hidden upfront fees, But within the £1000 Newmoor are asking for they say they will get the payment + compound Interest + %age of the Cash Back……… Any thoughts please.

    • David says:

      Hello, I’ve also been contacted by Newmoor about a similar claim. They say I will get a total of £12,000 (original claim of £3,000 +interest +compensation +the up front fee I forked out to WTC. They want £711 pounds paid into a Natwest bank account or sent by cheque as a ‘secure bond’ in case I am approached by another claims company and get a better offer, in which case I would forfet the £711. My feeling is they are yet another money grabbing company who will fail to deliver. They will not accept a payment by credit card -no surprise there then. I’ve even got it in writing from them assuring me my £711 will be refunded when the claim is processed. Forget them!

  6. Kathryn says:

    Hi. Contacted yesterday by a lady calling from Belfast working for Anderson read. Usual timeshare rubbish so cut her off. Regards.

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