Can you trust a firm that says it can get rid of your timeshare — for a price?


Today’s Daily Mail has published an article about ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action.

Yet again, the subject about the services ITRA offers and the many consumers they leave behind without getting this service, in spite of having paid large amounts of money for it, has hit the newspapers.

You can read the full article on the following link: ‪ 

For all the information about ITRA and connected companies, published on our Mindtimeshare blog please go to

As mentioned in the Daily Mail’s article, one of the latest set ups seems to be the company European Claims Centre or ECC.

European Claims Centre is active in the UK but they also opened an office in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Although they don’t mention their links to ITRA, sharing the same addresses and inviting people through the same companies such as Timeshare Release doesn’t leave much space for doubts.

If you have been in contact with ITRA, the ECC / European Claims Centre or any other connected company and need help or advice, please email us at or place a comment on the blog

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8 Responses to Can you trust a firm that says it can get rid of your timeshare — for a price?

  1. Jean says:

    Hi! Can you recommend ECC?

    Im really careful because of many scams around.

    Thank you.

  2. Martin says:

    We are seeking advice from ECC regarding being released from our CLC fractional timeshare, have booked a consultation in several weeks. Worryingly, i have now seen this website that casts doubt on ECC. I have made one bad decision (signing up to CLC) and dont want to make another. I have legal cover on my house insurance, will this cover the ECC legal costs?

  3. Karen says:

    I have just sent you an e.mail. Stating my deep concerns with eec and my parting with £3,500 Their fees for releasing me from a contract in usa. Im of the impression the contract is water tight. The person i have been speaking to is sure he can get us out of it plus compensation. I dont want anything back just out. Is this company trustworthy enough? Yes/No

  4. Kellie says:

    Hi all. I feel very stupid but I went to meet one of the ECC consultants last night as I’d been reading about the ‘wins’ in the Spanish courts for people who owned Timeshares at Anfi. The expected happened and he was very keen to get me to hand over £6k in order for them to get me compensation and court fees back etc… wasn’t happy when I said I’d like to go home and think about it. Now I’m reading all of the comments etc on here and on ASA website and thanking my lucky stars I didn’t sign on the dotted line! My only concern now is that they have all of my personal details, including my passport number!! Should I be worried? And I guess I am better off just writing to Anfi and asking them to relinquish my floating week without any further ado, and see what happens? Thanks for any advice, Kellie

  5. Clare says:

    Hi Suze. Same thing happened to us. We were given all the chat and they took us to a notary in Fuengirola. The deal was done and it cost us £6000. Having said that,we no longer own the timeshare and feel a sense of release from the noose that was round our necks otherwise known as the annual maintenance fees in perpetuity.
    Yes,it was a lot to pay but that is now 6 years ago so we have cut our losses because we are now free to see the big wide world having the extra £1200 in our pockets every year instead of it going to pay maintenance.

  6. julie says:

    my husband has been called again by Tenco mgm with regard to getting back his missold timeshare money they did not ask for money the 1st time but then on second call asked for a sum upfront to get a lawyer involved just another sc** company again julie

  7. John says:

    I stupidly went to a meeting with a rep from ‘timeshare release’ on what i thought was on a ‘ no win no fee’ basis in Stirling. When she told me i could get my timeshare released by them for a fee (huge) and i could get at least £20000 back for mis-selling and like you i needed to sign papers for a poa in Spain alarm bells started to ring! I refused to pay them a penny. Unfortunately like you I could have quite easily paid money over as They are very convincing with their talk. You should have had time to retract from that, but like me they may not have not have supplied you with the appropriate paper work, you may be able in Britain to get them for that.

  8. Suze says:

    Hi am a time share owner I have been approached my ITRA 2015 they took £6000 from me took me to a notary in Fuengirola made a power of attorney am scared the power of attorney is in Spanish please advice

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