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Avez Kourtesis Real Estate contacter vous de vendre votre temps partagé à Astra Airline?

Une nouvelle société de revente bidon a été portée à notre attention sous le nom de Kourtesis Real Estate soi-disant basé à Athenes, Grece. Kourtesis Real Estate contacts multipropriété parlant français propriétaires par appel à froid et leur raconter une … Continue reading

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Has Girni Real Estate cold called and offered to sell your timeshare to Aegan Airlines?

A new bogus resale company was brought to our attention under the name of Girni Real Estate supposedly based in Athens, Greece. Girni Real Estate contacts French-speaking timeshare owners by cold calling and tells them a story about a corporate … Continue reading

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Have you been awarded money through the Greek Court of Cassation?

In September 2016 we warned for the first time through this blog about a fraudulent set up called Minfin-gr, Court of Athens or the so-called Supreme Court of Cassation, Areios Pagos Although they seem to keep a low activity, we … Continue reading

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Have you heard of Areiospagos in Athens? Beware of this scam!

  Cold caller Areiospagos is contacting timeshare consumers who have been defrauded in the past by dubious companies selling discount travel club memberships or bogus timeshare resale companies etc. The fact is that the caller from this Areiospagos knows about … Continue reading

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Who has received a call from Greece, from Minfin-gr or the so-called Court of Cassatio?

Yes, the latest cold caller is now supposedly calling from Athens, from the Cassatio Court. The lady who makes the call presents herself as Anna Bakas whose phone number is +306955852399  or +30 2111988686 and she works for the Court … Continue reading

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The notary office in Corfu has processed your timeshare resale…

A new dubious cold caller has been brought to our attention, which apparently is the “notary” office in Corfu. Although the timeshare owner never had any dealings with anybody in Corfu, it appears all of the sudden that their timeshare … Continue reading

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