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Emilio Leyes Catillianos and Litigious lawyers, are they for real?

The question if Litigious Lawyers, or their appointed lawyers Mr. Emilio Catillianos are for real, is something we hear a lot recently. The answer is no. This is not for real, and consumers should be extremely careful with providing any … Continue reading

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Tenco Management paying out compensation claims through the Bank of Spain.

The company Tenco Management has been cold calling actively over the past weeks, with a lot of information by phone but really not much by email or any other ways. The agent from Tenco Management explains that they are compiling … Continue reading

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Who has received a call from Greece, from Minfin-gr or the so-called Court of Cassatio?

Yes, the latest cold caller is now supposedly calling from Athens, from the Cassatio Court. The lady who makes the call presents herself as Anna Bakas whose phone number is +306955852399  or +30 2111988686 and she works for the Court … Continue reading

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#Timeshare Cold Caller list for July 2016

Dear Readers, Summer is here, and we have just finished the complete list of cold callers for the month of July 2016. This month we counted 72 active cold calling companies and from the 72 company names there are 22 … Continue reading

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Time-Share Stockmarket or TSM, cold calling resale company from Marbella

  Cold caller Time-share Stockmarket or T.S.M. as they like to call themselves, has started to approach timeshare owners around Europe. Contact number is a Spanish mobile: 0034 634352326 and email: tsmstockmarket@gmail.com This company T.S.M., which seems to be based … Continue reading

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Have you received cold calls from Maraccord based in Marrakech?

This alert goes out for a company called Maraccord which is a timeshare resale company, based in Marrakech and with a very familiar pitch. Maraccord contacts consumers mainly in France and Belgium and offers to buy their timeshare. In order … Continue reading

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Did you receive a cold call from Inmobiliaria Carbonell for a Timeshare resale?

A new cold calling Resale Company has been spotted by the name of Inmobiliaria Carbonell. Inmobiliaria Carbonell contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer which they have already … Continue reading

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